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S-Laid Hanging

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I woke up early so I could arrive at my sister's house. I wanted to ask Luke what he decided to chose. If he was going to come with me, or if he was going to stay with Ezekiel. When I finally arrived, I parked my truck outside of my sister's home and I already felt like something was off. I shrugged it off and went to knock on the door. I heard things falling on the other side of the door and then it was silent. I stood in front of the door for 2 minutes before it opened to reveal Pa. I immediately noticed that his eyes were red and that his hair was a mess, I found it sort of strange since I've never seen the man cry. We stood there for what felt like hours until I broke the silence with a nervous smile and said, " Good morning Ezekiel. Is Luke still home or did he go to school? I need to ask the kiddo a question." I don't know why but when I mentioned Luke, his Pa broke down sobbing and whispering "I'm sorry" s. I raised an eyebrow, waves of concern and confusion crashed unto me. My eyes widened, "is something wrong? Did someth- "
"Micah!" I heard my sister scream from upstairs. I gave Ezekiel one last glance before I rushed upstairs. And, my lord, my sweet lord, the sight that greeted me.... it was terrifying. I couldn't believe what I saw. I thought it was some sick joke Trooper was playing but when I saw my sister sobbing next to the kid, I knew it was real. I slowly walked up to the bed and tried to shake Luke awake, just in case some miracle would happen and bring the innocent boy back. There was a long moment of silence. Then I fell to my knees and cried. No, I didn't cry, I sobbed. I thought about the day before and how I should of brought Luke with me. I thought about the ways I could talk to his father to prevent this from happening. I sobbed harder when I realized he hanged himself with the lefty rope I gave to him as a gift. I can't believe it. I refused to believe that someone this young and innocent could be taken away from us.