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S-Laid Hanging

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I walked into Luke's room to apologize. I knew that what I had done was not what Jesus would had done, so all night, I had pored over the Bible, looking for an answer. I hesitated with my hand on the knob, then turned it slowly and pushed it open. The first thing I saw was an empty bed, and I thought Luke had run away. Then I looked up and realized he had done so much worse. I fell to my knees as a realized I had been such a bad father and made such bad decisions that my son had hanged himself rather than face me in the morning. I felt a sharpness behind my eyes, and felt tears roll down my face. Chastity walked in behind me and dropped her plate of food. The plate of food Luke would now never eat. She gasped and immediately started sobbing, tears of pain and , and whispered "No more riddles..." I left the room. I had to. I went down to the kitchen and told Ma what had happened, and she looked at me with fire in her eyes. "THIS IS WHY YOU DO NOT BEAT YOUR SON, NO MATTER HOW BAD OR DIFFERENT YOU THINK HE IS!" She cried at him before running up the stairs. He could hear her screaming sobs from the floor below as she mourned her only son. He heard a thump as Ma pulled the body from the light and heaved it toward the bed. He went back up to the room of his now dead son, and it looked like Luke was only sleeping.