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Despicable me

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"You did not Hill !! Oh my god , you stupid bitch! How did you let this happen? Are you going to tell Bill?". Hillary wiped her tears that had been flowing copiously and pulled her hair up into a messy bun and huffed out her red puffy cheeks. "Oh bets what am I going to do , how could I actually have sex with another man? I can't tell Bill , he'll fucking kill me !and then it'll kill him. The guy was in his early 40s ,Bills already having a hard enough time- "hard being the operative word" grinned Betsey. Hillary ignored her "coping with getting older, thinking he can't satisfy me "- "obviously he can't " "Betsey ! Stop this is serious , I'm eaten alive with guilt, I don't know what to do ! Help me please!" . Betsey saw the horror and guilt etched on her best friends face and reached out her hand too her ." Oh darling I'm sorry , I was only trying to lighten the mood. Look just try and put it out of your mind , I know it's tough but it's only been ten days since it happened,your bound to still feel guilty but it will fade in time. Look you were drunk , you were in Cartegena , you and Bill were fighting the last couple of weeks ,and a part of you probably wanted to test the water , hilly your husband is the only man you've been with in what  40 years? Your husband can't say the same darling , I adore Bill, I'd do anything for him but I think your allowed one indiscretion to make up for all of his." "But that's not me Bets ,  he's always been enough for me , I don't know what came over me , oh god what if Chelsea finds out?" "Hillary just stop! She's not going to find out because there's only three people who know , the guy you banged , me and you , none of us are going to tell . Now what was the world summit like in cartegena and did you get your world rocked ?? " "Bets!" Hillary yelled , but she couldn't stop from giggiling. "He- paulo was very sweet , he's the President of Colombia s right hand man and -"and how was Paulo's right hand " Betsey asked grinning . "Bets I swear if you don't shut up I will stick this bottle up -".  The front door opened "Hillary are you home ?" "We're in the kitchen Bill" shouted Betsey while nudging Hillary telling her  to act normal.                          Bill walked in to  with a big bouquet of red roses, and enormous box of chocolates. Hillary walked over to him "oh darling , theyre beautiful , you shouldn't have !" "Anything for my dancing queen" he placed the flowers and chocolate on the counter so he could hug her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in for a long squeeze. He pulled back when he heard her sniffle and saw her red eyes. "Baby what is it ? Is something wrong?" "It's her hormones Bill , I think she's getting a second menopause , she's like that all day, anyway I better hit the road before I see any makeup sex" she kissed them both , winked at Hillary and walked out to her car.                                             "Is that what's wrong my beautiful baby? Ate you sad because we've been fighting a lot ?" Hillary nodded her head her lip quivering. "Oh darling I'm sorry , I know I've been a dickhead the last few weeks and I'm sorry" . She cut him off by crashing her lips to his , grabbing his shirt and pulling him upstairs to their bedroom.