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She is in the midst of peaceful slumber, nestled securely under the sheets that contain her in an essence of warm comfort within her canopy bed. Dreams of wild free horses fill her head, their bodies galloping across grassy fields, their beautiful rainbow manes glittering in the sunlight.
The first cry doesn't break her from sleep neither does the second or third. Until the rapid thud of footsteps resound close by… she also does not stir when the doors are flung open and neither does she awake when the yells and shouts resonate in the house, thick with urgency. The maid has to shake her body with a violent shove.
“Wake up, Miss Attaway.”
The girl’s eyes flicker open and focuses on the maid’s bright eyes set against a face that is tight with worry and alarm. “Nadia, what happened?” She mummers, wiping sleep from her eyes.
“It's your father, my lady!” And even in the silver light pouring through the window and the dim flicker on the candle, she could make out the frightened tremble to her lips. “Your father..” she continues softly, “My lady, he has been gravely injured.”

Pearl immediately pushes away the covers and slips out of bed. Her cold clammy fingers find the hand of Nadia, and her eyes stare into her worried eyes.
“Nadia, what has happened?” Cold fear bubbling to sweat on her skin.

“Your father's ship was attacked by some terrible creature. Most of the sailors died, but your father – he managed to escape but was badly hurt.” A quake in her voice. “Where is he? where is he? Pearl cries, with a rising hysterical edge as a sudden cold wave washes over her body.

“He is in the living room..” That answer prompts her to run as fast as she could, her bare feet making a loud slapping sound as she moves through the hallway. Her heart hammering in her throat.

‘Please be alive..please be alive.’

She burst through the doors; her eyes immediately caught the figure of her dad placed across the seat. She runs to him, and nearly steps on a fallen sailor on her way to him, nearly toppling over the fallen crew member. Apologies fall her lips, and she spares a sad glance at the poor bodies littering their spacious living room. Then, she gingerly stepped over them to seek out her parent.

His skin is sallow and rubbery, stretches thinly across his skull as sweat drips from his clammy forehead. His breathing is labored. Eyes quickly take in his body and gasp of horror is emitted from her pink lips, as her orbs land at the bandaged stump cut off at his right knee.

“My poor father,” She sighs piteously, running her fingers through his filthy clump of matted hair, the gesture leaving residue on her pale fingers.
“What has happened?” She looks to the captain, who watches her with mournfully sad eyes, hooded with despair. “We were attacked.. Miss Attaway,” He croaks, and with a groan he straightens up in the seat.

“By some creature from the deep..” There is an ominous edge to his story, wringing his hands together in fear. Anxiety etches deep lines on his weathered face, while her brow furrows in confusion.
“What kind of creature?” Pursing her lips, and keeping her gaze focused on him. She didn’t want to miss one detail of the horrific story of a killer whale or murderous shark if it was indeed true. “What could have hurt my father so badly?”

Captain Jack swallows hard, his patchy, discolored lips trembling slightly, and shadows move across his face. His white eyelashes twitch nervously. “Assassins Miss.. they call themselves assassins off the Templars.” He repeats. Her green eyes sharpen, boring into the captains weak ones that are strained visibly strained with guilt and exhaustion. On noting the disbelief coloring her gaze, he explains weakly, his voice cracking in some areas, “A sudden fog came upon us-,” his tone rising just a little bit, “- and these creatures with a hundred hands just appeared from the water. They started killing our crew and we just managed to fight them off.” He coughs and hacks snort from his nose before continuing in a raspy tone, “I could hear one of them tell the other that they were to go after Templars- a woman I think or …it could be a siren or a mermaid - I don't know what happened..It was so fast.”
He wheezes a dry, painful-sounding cough, and Pearl tightens her fingers until they bunch her nightdress. She can hear her heart hammering against her chest, and her breath slowing to a frightened whisper.

“They were so vicious,”
Suddenly, fingers seek out her father's hand to feel the fading comfortable warmth, and the weak pulse of his wrist beneath his cold skin.

“These creatures,” she said slowly, struggling to process the information in her mind that felt thick and suspended in inanimation, like she was underwater, slowly drowning.  “They chopped off his leg,”

 “No, Miss. He ripped it off.”  His eyes were swallowed by a dark shadowy shock , and she has to nudge him a little. He jerks awake, color and life returning to his features. Droplets of water roll off his body, and darken the carpet. His mouth began moving without any prompting.

“He fought them – we fought as hard as we could..Your father gave him a good whacking –gave it everything – we would have been dead. All of us would have died if not for the dog.”

Another hacking cough shakes his body, and spittle drips from his mouth. “The dog slowed the creatures down; they didn’t want to hurt the animal. Liam attacked them, but he was unable to battle the creature .”

He stops for a breather, and Pearl swallows the acidic taint coating her tongue.

“The creature ripped off his leg with his bare hands. We did everything for him – bandaged the wound, and bought the survivors back.” He relapses into a cold silence, and his eyes roll into his head, as his eyes shut closed.  Pearl moves her gaze to rest on her sick father, and then jumps, as one sailor positioned near the window is stricken with a sudden coughing fit. Immediately, the servants are by his side and they tend to him, trying to ease his suffering.

The noise wakes Captain Jack, and he shifts his weight, but the movement is difficult and his face contorts with pain.  Pearl has to drag her body to stand on unsteady legs, and she walks to lean over the poor suffering man.

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault,” She whispers softly, hoping she can reach him in drug induced stupor, chocking back tears. Just looking at her father writhing in agony is just too much to bear, and the suffering that surrounds her tears at her heart. They were loyal men, they didn’t deserve this. Bile rises from the back of her throat, the stench of putrefying sickness, iron blood and rotting flesh assails her nose.

“Did you call the physician?” she turns to the head servant. Standing up to brush a few strands of hair from his feverJustin Martyr touches she could feelthe heat from the feverbacking his body. Yes another sailor spoke he was standing beside his friendwho was paid on the floor.The man was covered with a heavy blanket endthere was obviously no movement was still sorehe was still as a A stone. Thank you Pierre She says if you would like I crossed Lucille to fetch some water or coffee. he shakes his head and she catches the movement in his crowded in darkness . Cumis I want to wait till my friend wakes up , we always take a cool glass cup of coffee late this night at this hour. But then but then pearl felt her heart crack into a million pieces and she collapses into despair. night was filled with heart-wrenching sobs.


The next morning, sitting at her father’s desk, where books and papers
are neatly arranged as if for décor, her eyes catch the sparkle of
sunlight on the ocean waves. ‘Everything seems so peaceful?’
Reluctantly, she tore her eyes from the peaceful sight, to confront a
more darker, and dangerous one. Rupert Clayton was speaking in his
clipped tone that carried a patronizing edge, and his dark eyes had an
accusatory light. “Miss Attaway, this matter of the loan has to be
resolved at the earliest. The bank of Coutts is expecting payment and
we do not like to be kept waiting.” “I understand, Mr.Clayton.” She
says politely, though internally she was seething, the man had no the
audacity to make such demands barely a few days after her father was
lying on his deathbed. “We will seize this house and the land, and any
interest you will

women are not allowed 20 property but I shall inherit my father's death of white fiery twist to her lips eyes narrowed ever so slightly
. He adjusted his glasses and looked down his nose knows I talk miss at the way he adjusted his glasses and looked down his long nose at heart . Miss at the bank will get the money and as your father is indisposed . The Boster didn't have the decency to look apologetic . She observes with a sudden spatks of anger mouth into an angry pucker.
it is unfortunate that you will have to bear his financial burden . Now he folded his hands across his lap do things a young woman like you can do to help with their fathers finances tuition . Forsaken ballboy sure she saw something ugly moving his masquerade of r man . and what do you suggest says with icy coolness that could have chilled a polar bear. he blows his throat and said all that stacked off Bankle a slippery vicious one at that .
When you undoubtedly marry and she gritted her teeth against things something vicious when she saw thecorner of hi smouth shifted to a cruel smirk. I am sure you dory he will be substantial you are not that far along in age and I was quite pleasing to the eye . Oh how I'm glad glad to have your honest opinion .I sometimes stay a week at night wondering if any man can see my work thankfully you assuage me and now I will have a peaceful night sleep was dripping with sarcasm . . Raws the back-office neck and by that nought she should havebit down on any further words . Are you curious about my wrinkles. The consequence of the sun. That is all. The redness spread to the rest of this rest of his face and he stared at her simmering rage at her impudence .
This fings clench into a tight ball in as as unavering stare attempted to borrow a hole into her head. Clearly unsure of how to respond to a frank nature. my advice is me (steel merely to assist you he says with icy calm annoyance twitching on his chin. the why don't you start by providing eyes with the correct information she sent , choose us a beeper towards him accorded agreement the lawn isn't due in three months and even then we have a grace period. Pleased with the way his face puckered like a lemon.
Clearly he assumed she would be a pushover, Pearl was more than happy to prove him wrong. “That is true,” He says slowly, ‘But from what I have gathered from your circumstances, you have no means to pay the
loan or the interest due in the coming month.” “And you just thought
your could come early to save yourself a later trouble..” She guesses,
anger thrumming through her blood, fingers curl into fists but her
face remains placid. ‘A lady doesn’t reveal her true feelings.’

He nods in the affirmative, evidently sure that the end was neigh and
he had to remove the fleshiest meat from the carcass before the hounds
came upon it. “There is no need to be delay the inevitable. News of
the accident has spread far, and Pearl Hunting Corp, is finished. You
have no means of recovering what you have lost in the accident , I
happen to meet with your financial advisor for a show now and again –
he was very forthcoming with the details about your business dealings.
Alll positive of course, but one can read between the lines.” His
expectant look was met with cool, simmering quiet, her anger carefully
hidden under a soft mask of a lady. “It appears you are more aware of
our financial dealings than I am, I would offer you the post of Head,
but I doubt you have any vested interested in preserving a stalwart
company and own any loyalty to the people that built it.” The ice in
her tone was chillier and frosty than the wind that blew across the
artic. “QAnd a lack of loyalty has made it so that you have and never
will build anything in your lifestime.” His face turns red as he
attempts to sputter some indignant response to her words. “I do talk
with my financial adviser Mr. Montgomery too, and his thoughts on you
and your conduct are woefully unpleasant. “ He chockes out an angry
and unhappy ‘See miss” But she simply raises her hand for his
attention. “You will get the money when it is due according to the
contract, and if you have any further inquiries you may direct them to
your so-called friend.” Finished with a flourish, feeling a wave of
triumphant, feeling she had just josted with a violent beast. His face
changed from a bright red to a deepening purple, and his lips keept
crimping like a fish. “Finally, he said with forced cordiality, “Miss
Attaway, while I understand it is a difficult moment for you, I will
ask we remain civil even in the face of difficult circumstances.” A
thin vien began throbbing at he the corner of his forehead. Pearl
swallows imperceptibly, head dips in apology. “I am sorry for any
offense I might have caused.” Voice softens under humility, and rings
with honesty. Mr.cobalt was a man she dared not offend, maybe when she
had a status that could negate any negative consequnces of her sharp
tongue, until then she needed every timber of support for her father’s

“His shoulders visibly relaxed and he puffed out the air he held in
his lungs in a small bellow. ;Its fine. I understand you women are a
sensitive bunch. He laughs, ‘and men are sensitive cads1’ came the
thought. “We will resume the matter later, and perhaps at time your
father will be well.’ He meant to sound encouraging and hopefull, but
they just echo with a hollowness that makes her chest tighten
uncomfortably. “Goodday, Ms. Attaway.”
Master the art she took a deep breath summoning father's secretary with by ringing a small bell. Miss Francis please ask Mr d'Ivoire for a meeting . Captain donor was a fit 42 year old who had captained many of her father company's ships for years. He left behind a wife v and 5 kinds for the latest venture, and now he appeared before her with a weathered face and eyes hollowed with horror . Mr denote she said in a patienT and calm voice please talk me what happened while you were out sea.
Aol clear his throat and v said in a voice that falters v over every other words n . We were sailing out west island. Everything was calm . Then out of nowhere a thick fog swept across sea blinding us. We were forced to slow down our ship. Henson small dinghy ahead of us . and he swallows a lump in his throat. ten a scream retesounded in the night air. was such a horrible scream like a man having his tongu torn from his mouth. We heard the crunch noises like bones breaking and F left ripped from skin . The crew ordered to attack and the rest of the source of noise and some invoices join the screams and it was . Kekahuna me yelling and screaming it was awful and then silence followed by a sudden icy chill.leaned closer , nerves on edge and waited on bated breath.

Something crashed into the ship he chokesWe couldn't see what smashed into a million pieces. Water pours Into the deck , no sooner had some men went to deal with the problem . until their heads were separated left their body. they were not even granted up a second to scream.
His hands begin trembling fingers digging into his palms.

His hands begin trembling fingers digging into his palms. info notices that which of Shame. She wanted to hold his words to give him some reprieve and offer consolation as he said that when her father had taken a lonely far away from home. But she kept this island I gave the orders to my men to fire the Cannons but no sooner had we ain't in One Direction we were besieged by another it was chaos it was as if he was alive but the Thousand dead soldiers were brought from their watery grave. What is appear to be subdued by the heavy burden of guilt I carried from failure. usually he as stronger from having face the sea so many times but now it wavered. the water turned at our feet and we hook the ground like a pack of rabid dogs over the screaming and shouting and the stench of death a pack of wolves in the city also credibility must have been visible on her face because he image of Lee broke took a breather to offer her a lot of reassurance. Japanese massage she couldn't possibly be lying field cascaded down her spine and food like lead in her belly they were alive flesh and Bone for I saw one dogs had been blown apart by the bullet from a musket you can see the blood yourself and a few of men managed to drop off some tentacles. No they were injured something terrible. he broke off to compose himself nose causing his body to tremble like a leaf in the Wind.

“It came foR ME eyes glassy and fingers digging into his thighs as the
bitter stench of memories washed over him. into fists, and my men died
to defend me..” He chokes out. “Her ears perf with interest, “How do
you know they came for you.” His face had grown considerably white
throughout his speech, and his breathing became labored. “I heard a
voice call ‘Jacob, get the templar’ – I assumed it was its master.”


“So, thhe creature knew you were working for the Templars.” Sweat
beaded his forehead, “Yes-I was saved..only by my faithful companion-”

“-Your dog-Bernard! How is he?”

“Yes, He is doing well, the most faithful creature you have ever
met-saved me by but by a hair’s breadth.” With a weary sigh, his
fingers pull the collar to reveal a strip of bandage around his neck.
‘Ah, so that was the reason for his hoarshness- the poor man was in
pain.” Sympathy was beamed at him and she was quick to clal the
interview to a close. It would do her no good or the company if one of
the best captains fell over in exhaustion. His shoulders slumped
forward as his eyes flutter close, briefly his fingers touch his neck.
“The thing had the strength of the devil. Miss Attaway – and he seemed
to wish nothing but murder upon your family.”Pearl ignores the
trembles that rack her body and the lump that jumps into her throat.
‘The ocean is a dangerous mistress. Unsuited for a lady..and worse for

gentleman.’ Her father’s voice of reasons caresses her ears from a far
distant memory.


“Thank you for your words of warning. Mr. Please do take rest.” He
bowed in respect and walked out theroom, his captain hat cluitched
tightly in white fingers, the broken feather fluttering uselessly.


Pearl rested her forehead on her steepled fingers, and let her mind
swirl as a water spout on the ocean surface. Every thought that formed
was pulled in one direction or the other, until her mind was a mess.
The Templar Order. The company. The monsters. The injured soldiers.
‘What was she meant to do with all these problems? They stacked on top
of her head, until for sure; she felt it would bend under the

Fingers massage weary temples, as her brain attempted to focus on one
clear thought. She retrieves a blank paper from within her desk drawer
as well as an ink well and quill. Straightening her back, she steels
her mind with singular attention and intent; while her quill nub
etches into the paper with purpose.

One letter will be sent to the Templar Order, seeking out their aid,
another would be to her cousin Crawford Starrick while the final would
fall into the hands of the notorious captain hardock, a creul man who
had undergone dangerous voyages on her father’s behalf to rid the
oceans of carnivores in the interest of profit. Ink stains her
fingers, but her mind is calmer and her body lighter. For the sake of
the man caught in the throes of fever and the company that saw her
well-fed and satisfied, she would ensure their survival.
The next day both decided it was in her best interest to see the extent of the damage to her ships . The doctor's orders were full of it with a dozen extra beds forced into the empty space. It was at maximum capacity all the beds were occupied with an injured man face pale and pained lines drawn on their faces. bandages for wound tightly around stumps some have lost their own another the leg. a few cloth cloth draped a man's tormented face across one eye.
In one bedroom and laid his legs ending in bloody bandages. They have been cut to his ankles she did not go further into the room the stench of blood for sheets and vomit made nausea arise the back of the throat.
She stepped back with heart hammering in her chest. as the terrible sight burned itself into her memory. Those poor men never had they gone on a mission like this. Their injuries were worthy only of soldiers. Ikea deep breath she focused her gaze to the coastline of the sea. Whatever it is was lurking there, whatever Creature From Hell she would deal with it. next she went over to the port shipyard where the diamond shape that made it back was laid to rest. That resembled auto shop that have been smashed by an angry child. The wood was splintered in areas they were huge who's in the. Miss Attaway if she works at the shipyard Captain came to her. He was a loyal man with bulging eyes are deep down and a friendly Geneva always whistling as he woeked. message Jeremiah Mr Jeremiah she she greets him as he bows down to her with respect. I hope your family is doing well. She sent us politely. A smile of his life yes they're doing fine quite like the new lodgings you should give my thanks to your father. I hope he gets better . She pushes aside the twitch of Pain and continues on full he can question into her father's house any further. Tell me how is the shipCould you kindly tell me the extent of the damage. he shakes his head sadly a worried furrow on his brow and his fingers play with the tool between his hands. she had repeatedly seen the look when he had to deliver bad news to her father wrote at 7 to ship it had it had to be replaced certain sections of the holy water damaged it needed new boards for sale had to be patched up before the next voyage. Keolis deliver the news with apple in his hand and a thoughtful friend on his lips. Do you know what could have caused the damage? Yes it was a direct attack and a letter to wear pieces of splintered wood while they're under investigation is see the cracks in the wood. Something smashed into it and it was obviously flashy because he can see bits of skin. And he showed her under a piece of white paper that tiny colorless flakes. I think it's some kind of squid creature.. It is a little sticky.
I have seen this type before usually under the ship after the ship sailed over a cloud of jellyfish.
So you are saying the creature Bears resemblance to a jellyfish. her eyebrows knitted in thought.. Ashley carefully process the information his head pushing a lock of hair from his forehead. Something similar to the jellyfish fish but then look at this. We went over to the pile of splintered wood and remove the plank and set it down on top of the book table work table. see these furrow marks in the wood pointing it out with a finger. They are different sizes and shapes she says aloud her observations running her fingers over the indentured . what are they? These are teeth marks pointing out the three smaller lines. That one is a knife mark made with a sharp blade and this here was obviously done by someone are human nails. How is this possible. Staring at an open bottle shock the blood drums deadly in her ears and she took it all in this absurd insane idea that there were some old mismatched creature lurking in the sea.
I am saying that something was definitely off to your ship and I don't think it might be human. Maybe a screen sea creature or a man's crazy invention I don't know but from what I've seen of the ship he turned his head to give a pile of splintered wood a glance none of the attacks missed your father's ship was a Target. Fulfill her blood run cold and a heart run against her chest. . Thank you mr. Then she said finally I will let you finish your work. He tipped his hat and watch to the woman walk back to the house. He turned his attention back to the broken pieces of wood then shook his head. It was time like this when he saw the worst of what the secret spit out that he was glad he chose occupation on the land.

A vicious scream threatens to pour out of her throat it itches in her neck and shaking her vocal cords. finger Sandra Lee crumb crumble the piece of paper ripping at the flimsy material. How dare they she thought anger burning in her body and capable of being released in long vicious howl. her birthday the Templar order refused to send any assistance sing the dial function of the ball driving distance rest solely with the mail with her father then to his male Heir or son-in-law. Easily wiping her from consideration in their arrogant narrow Minds. for no other reason than by virtue of her sex. what was she to do now. did the Templar order refusing to help her and the banks mopping at her heels...
Also on the first night and the second she like passed by but the third one she barked out an enter. the door open and his secretary dr. hedden I poked her head in post-op mastectomy you have a meeting captain Harlock.
She noted please send him in. The door open and Captain haddock a what up with all the stuff sea hunting captains walked in. His eyes were shop and then as soon as he entered he fixed on her this guy's problem scrutinizing. His tanned hands War was rough stick with calluses probably from working on the ship on many of her dad's expeditions post office at the way he treats her and takes her seat. She forces a smile on her lips and tries to appear calm and assured. missy mr. haddock I have summoned you here for some urgent business. You need something that needs a killing he guessed and the barest hint of excitement colors his gaze. She knows yes see there is this creature the one who destroyed your ships and injured your crew I saw I took a gander at the damage on my way here. And I met some of your Sailors and the bar drinking away your Sorrows after the horrors they seem. buffalo twinge of annoyance she hoped they want going around town speaking about what happened it might hurt the company's reputation then why didn't she think of issuing a gag order or something. He must have read my mind he said empathetically his voice angela a lowered a notch . the people here are superstitious, a few more crazy stories will not change the people's opinion of you.and he let let out of hoarse cough. pearl winced at the truth hit her in the face. . I am well aware of people's opinion of me my father's company post-op but that is not the issue here? Business is booming we can fix the people's opinion. So now you think yourself as as my boss do you thank you can fill in your father's breeches . a loud coarse bark of Iaughter that emerged from his chest.
Both struggles to keep marengo and reserved other than snapping in Italy at 10 which he feels he deserves which he feels he is quite deserving of. But she needs him he's probably the only one who can help her. She reigns in her anger and God and the sharp words in her throat. I understand but seeing as there's no alternative I'm I will have to lead the company in my father's absence. Is he all right paul had to smile at the only issue of concern farAtlantic than anyone else has ever met recently. Yes he's doing well, ? The lie comes easily. but her voice catches a little and she thinks of her father she just visited that day. his health failing face white and sweat dripping from his brow and bleeding Hollow. Everyday she would wake up wondering if you would ever survive the night holster the life. What he battled for his life she would have to fight got his legacy.
I hope he fairs well . may the gods of the sea nurture his spirit for years to come. She know it's great for me thanking him for his concern. Then she says, if you like to eat some of my father's suffering perhaps you can help them rid of the problem. I believe that she called you noticed noticing his interest and the way her body his upper body towards the devil table. First attacked our ships are clearly some form of living entities and they can be damaged. She reached into her lower drawer and pulled out a jar. Setting it on the table. The singer released a small wizard of appreciation the sunken hea. the wolf stared back at him in beady eyes. also this is from Syclpa
.What pray tell is a Scylla pearl questioned sparing a glance at the head in the jar. lips stretch into a small smirk and his eyes twinkle with intelligence. This is not the first time such an attack has taken place. I frequented many of our to meet with other sailors who were on the seat and there have been rumors that creatures from the deep have girls from crawled from the underworld to attack their masters to attack their masters. 0pearl felt a cold frisson through her, these creatures were they like what I described her hand touched the jar with tentacles and wolves on their bodies. Hi it is rumored that they had the body of a Man 3 words on your waist foaming and smiling at the judge and a leg so full and instead of legs they were tentacles. The ancient Greeks used to call them scyllas. looks like one of the monster is missing his head sneakers ever slightly his eyes dropping to the snarling facile of the wolf. we captured a little few of his tentacles as well she will most likely have mine processing the information going over the information definitely p
iecing it together like a puzzle. You said they attacked a specific group of mastwrs why? y hot dog scratched the shadow of his beard before answering. from what I could tell of the Masters they used to frequent this house. I think your father knew them well. his eyes captured her and held up in a long hard stare rooftop they belong to a very particular group one that had dreams of grandeur the normal man wouldn't understand. The color drained from her face as she understood the true extent of his words. Templars the monster was after Templars. This face is as exmpressive as a mask as she keeps her breathing steady. , and without the Demblon order on her side backing her claim to the western region as a band screaming at her door with no hope of alone with her being a woman one of the major disadvantages . future dog install me with a violent hurricane in the rising threatening to swallow up under a large tidal wave . Thank you for sharing this with me Adoke it is very fortuitous that you have some knowledge with the creatures. hope you will be successful in the capture.
He shook his head no And Regret I'm sorry miss are away. I need have unfortunately retired from my captaincy. that is unfortunate she agrees anxiety trickling into her veins without him what else would she do I hope you have the name of replacement ready what's up I would appreciate the help. And he laughs carefree friendly sound that was soothing to her ears. of course I wouldn't think of leaving deactivate family without any assistance. Meet my daughter lucy Stone you will find her to be good and worth your weight in gold. is she as good as you refusing to take the chance. not when her entire kingdom was at stake. I have trained her since she was little. he stretches out his palm the show an imaginary girl of about 3. She is as feisty on the see as she is on land. she will have that big head on a bike ready to be served for supper if you so wish. Who studied him in quite condensation temptation as an idea began forming in her head taking shape twisted obscene idea that when spoken
sounded absurd. what if I decide not to take a life but to to ensure the creature was Captain captured. the lines of his mouth n stretched unturned undertow a whole row of roytten darkened teeth gleamed at her. I would have to say you have brass balls as big as your father's booster and I can tell you a few stories. boca Raton the game with their own small smile, and congratulated herself on the idea. this worked out she could maybe save the Templar order.

The next weekThe next week was spent dealing with various matters pertaining to the business. Don't move forward and difficulties every second Wing heavily on her mind.