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Interlude M2

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God frowned as He studied the picture before Him. It looked fair enough but He was always suspicious of coincidences. As a Supreme Being He knew that they happened a lot less than people thought.

“What is wrong, dearest?” Mrs. God asked materializing behind Him. He sighed when He saw the sheer number of shopping bags that She was carrying.

“Paris again?” He asked.

“Such wonderful shops”, She said. “Although it is not what it once was. I can see why someone once questioned that you made such a wonderful country and then filled it with the French of all people!”

He tutted at Her and turned back to His screen.

“A lady has been murdered”, He said. “The lady who in our redrawn timeline helped Lady Holmes through a certain event in 1854.”

She saw his point at once, if not sooner.

“You think that someone is trying to meddle with the timeline?” She asked. “They are not threatening my sweet little cutesy-wootsy, are they?”

God had to make an effort not to roll His eyes.

“I do not think so”, He said. “There was motive for the killing and the killer did not know of the victim's ties to the Holmes family. But I do not like it.”

“And the killer?” She asked. He smiled sourly.

“One of those High Church types who thinks that a little church-going will secure them a place in Heaven”, He said. “When Pete pulls that lever and they disappear through the trapdoor they will realize just how wrong they were! Which reminds me; I must remember to get him to record it.”