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Why? (A Haikyuu!! Poem)

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Why did he leave me?
Why would he stick around anyway?
It's not like I'm worth anything.
Tsukki I thought you were my best friend.
But you leave me here instead.
And yet I wait for you to come back, just so you could tell me, "Shut up, Yamaguchi."
And for me to reply, " Sorry, Tsukki."
Like we used to.
But in the end you left me you left me for HER!
Some girl you met in homeroom.
And yet you never thought to tell me before you got swept away like she was the broom and you were the dirt.
But for me to figure it out on my own.
Hurts the most.
Though it wasn't hard to figure out.
After all you wouldn't hang out with me anymore.
Not a text.
Not a Phone call.
Not even a glance.
I sat in our spot at lunch.
You didn't show.
Now I sit here writing my feelings.
In some SHITTY notebook.
In the form of some SHITTY poem.
Just like my life has been without you.
Maybe it was just pity when we became best friends.
Hope your new life with your "girlfriend" is great.
I won't be there for you.
Like you weren't there for me.
Why did you leave me?