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Herited curse

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The story of a boy
Who thought his heart was frozen for good,
To whom they only taught hatred and cruelty;
A boy who didn't realized that his childhood has been stolen
But only saw blood and rage.
And still you gave your hand
To that boy who didn't know what mercy and kindness was,
And who didn't have or need any reason to pursue what he was due to do
Nor to assent and give up to you.
You accepted him,
You taught him life, and that granted you devotion in return.
For many years one meant little thing without the other;
That boy grew to be your half
He gave you everything, as you brought him to life
But the skies haven't been so kind with yours
And you abandoned that little boy.
You left me alone,
With that burden which weighs as much as your curse.
I told you that I will follow you until the end
And yet I can't reach you from where you are now.
I must continue, even though you're at light-years away
Because that is now my duty,
To live with a grief I didn't ask for
And make live your memory eternally.
I told you a long time ago that my heart has frozen;
Yours still lives in this country, replacing each beat of mine.
My heart is unfrozen and now bleeding,
But I could not ask for more.