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The Scars we Hide; The Tears we Cried

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It’s been ingrained in Jungkook’s head since he was young.

“Gay’s are wrong. They’re not meant to exist.”

“Never become one, like your useless older brother. He’s a shame to the whole family.”

“You should never date someone of your own gender. It’s disgusting and degrading.

“They’re spawns of Satan.”

It was normal for Jungkook to hate homosexuals. It’s been taught to him like a soldier is taught to defend and fight in the military. He’s never had any choice whether to hate homosexuals or to accept them. The answer had always been in front of him. Jungkook’s parents despised homosexuals and could come up with endless ways on how to rid them from the world. They taught people in public about how homosexuals should never be trusted, that they were disgusting pieces of trash that would sleep with anyone including people of their own gender. People rarely listened to them, homosexuality was accepted in this country and there were quite a lot of people that were dating people of the same gender. Yet scars from the past stayed, and many homosexuals preferred keeping their relationship discreet. There were occasionally some people who listened to Jungkook’s parents speeches. There was even once incident in which a person who listened to their speech became so inspired that he attacked a homosexual couple in broad daylight, leading to the death of the couple and his execution.

Jungkook hated homosexuals. It was part of his body. Yet the hate he had for them wasn’t as fierce and burning as his parents. It was more of an instinct, something that was so natural. Jungkook didn’t accept homosexuals and thought it was wrong that they had to date people of the same gender. Yet he couldn’t help but feed the small sapling of curiosity that kept on growing inside of him. He wanted to know what homosexuals were like and how different they were from the normal human being. Were they even human?

“What are they like…?”

Jungkook couldn’t help but mutter that to himself as he sat alone in his family’s extensive library. He was usually alone here since there was rarely any presence of human life. His parents were too rich for their own good, always buying things with a flick of their wrists. Jungkook’s parents had always wanted Jungkook to stay heterosexual and wanted him to learn how bad homosexuals were. Especially his mother. His father was quite strict as well, yet he kept to himself often and was much quieter than Jungkook’s mother. His mother had a burning hate for homosexuals. She hated them with her being. She even went as far as to telling the workers to look for any books that contained homosexuality and to “burn them like they will in hell” quote unquote, if they found one.

Jungkook couldn’t help but hum as he walked through the library’s sections. He popped his head inside the fantasy isle before he quickly popped back out. He wandered over to the romance isle and passed through the dictionaries without a second glance. Nothing seemed interesting today, the weather was exceptionally good, azure skies with only wisps of clouds here and there. The bright sunlight shone through the extravagant window panes located at the top of the library. Jungkook fell into his armchair in front of the fireplace once more as he let out a disgruntled huff.

He had no idea what to do as he fiddled with the edge of his cravat. Jungkook didn’t know why he had to wear formal clothing even though he was staying inside all day. His parents had strictly told him that even when inside, Jungkook should look presentable at any time. Yet the clothes that the maids had chosen for him today was a little too formal for Jungkook’s tastes.

The collar on his starched white shirt was raised high and bent at the edges. It was a little looser than normal and Jungkook appreciated the small freedom that he had. There was a Victorian Style Ascot tie cravat that was a deep maroon, wine color. It was made of Dupioni silk and it was tied like a bow. Jungkook was also wearing a single-breasted waistcoat that was a dark, midnight black with a notched collar. On top of the waistcoat, he was wearing a black frock coat that had patterns of swirling flowers. ( )He felt like he was over-dressing and he had complained when the maids were dressing him. He would have preferred to wear something much more comfortable.

Jungkook was extremely bored. Usually, he would be busy, studying with his tutor and having long lessons that lasted for hours. But now, he was sitting all alone in the library because all of the other servants and the people who worked in the house were too busy fussing over Jungkook’s mother, Jeon HeaJung. His mother’s birthday was right around the corner on March 11th. Everyone was too busy getting ready and preparing for her birthday to notice her son who was left all alone. Jungkook wasn’t relatively close with his parents, or anyone in general. He tended to keep a stone-faced mask on that kept people away from him. The only person that he could call a “friend” was his personal servant, Jung Hoseok.

Hoseok (or J-Hope as Jungkook and many others called him) was a ball of energy. He was always smiling and joking around with others. Maybe that’s why it was easier for Jungkook to open up to him than the other servants who never approached him. Once, when Jungkook had wondered aloud why he had no friends, Hoseok had told him that maybe it was because Jungkook was too shy. He never talked to anyone and kept to himself often. Thinking of Hoseok brought a smile to his lips as he chuckled lightly, remembering his bright friend.

On cue, a loud, cheery voice echoed around the library as Jungkook stood up straighter in his chair.

“Jungkook!! Jungkook!”

Hoseok kept on calling him as Jungkook hid behind the chair. Hoseok was the only one who dared to drop any honorifics when calling Jungkook’s name. Other people often called him ‘Jungkook-nari’ or ‘Jungkook-nim’ even if they were older. Status was more important than age.


Hoseok’s voice echoed around the empty library once more, he was using the nickname that he had given Jungkook.


Jungkook answered back with his nickname for the older. Even though Hoseok was in a lower class than Jungkook, (a servant nonetheless) he always made sure to add -hyung at the end whenever he was talking to him. He felt like he needed to add honorifics even if his parents looked down at him for it. But… Well, sometimes he left out the -hyung. Especially when they were playing around.

“Kookie! Are you hiding from me? Your hyung?!”

Hoseok tried once more to get Jungkook but to no avail, he didn’t come out. Hoseok huffed as he surveyed the room, looking for Jungkook. He strained his ears and the edge of his mouth curled up into a smile when he heard snickering behind the chair that Jungkook liked to sit in. Hoseok tried once more as a brilliant idea came to his head. He smiled as he opened his mouth,

“Oppa! Where are you?”

Hoseok heard the laughing stop as Jungkook’s head of brown hair quickly popped out from behind the armchair.

“Yah! What did you say?”

Jungkook yelled as he ran out from the chair to chase after Hoseok who was already leaving the room. Jungkook didn’t mind the nickname Kookie, but he hated it when people older than him called him ‘oppa’, it frustrated him. Hoseok had found out that Jungkook hated being called oppa when they were playing around.

“Calm down!”

Hoseok yelled behind him at Jungkook who was chasing him with anger evident on his face. He giggled as he watched Jungkook stop and pout as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Don’t call me oppa!"

“I won’t, I won’t. Sorry.”

Hoseok smiled sheepishly as he walked back toward Jungkook.

“Anyhow, Jungkook. I went looking for you because I wanted to ask you if you want to go out?”

Jungkook stared in feigned shock at Hoseok as he took a step back. Hoseok just stared at him, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.


Hoseok said as he stared at Jungkook who was still staring at him.

“Hoseok-hyung… I didn’t know you swung that way.”

“Yah! Jungkookie you little brat!”

Hoseok blushed a beet red, all the way to the tip of his ears when Jungkook said that. He yelled at Jungkook as raised his hands in anger.

“I’m sorry, sorry.”

Jungkook giggled, then it turned into a full on laugh, clutching his stomach as he doubled over when he saw Hoseok bowing and apologizing to a passing by maid. The strange looks the maid was giving them and the flustered face on Hoseok’s face was enough to make Jungkook start another round of tear-jerking laughter.


There was a threat underlying his voice and Jungkook had no intention to test it. His laughing dyed out as he brushed the tears away from his eyes, his jaws and stomach ached from laughing too much. Jungkook knew that Hoseok was no homosexual, his parents wouldn’t let someone disgusting like that work in their mansion. It would sully their reputation.

“Sorry, sorry. I already apologized. Plus I know you don’t… You know. Like boys.”

Jungkook apologized once more at his hyung who was glaring at him, his face still flushed a deep red.

“I won’t take you outside if you keep that attitude up!”

Hoseok snapped at Jungkook as he crossed his arms and walked away, obviously fuming. Jungkook laughed once more at his hyung’s attitude as he chased after him, lightly clasping Hoseok’s shoulder and turning him around.

“Sorry. I’m sorry Hoseok-hyung. Please, please take me outside. Mother never lets me go out these days.”

Jungkook stared at Hoseok with his puppy eyes that he knew the other couldn’t resist. Hoseok kept on staring at Jungkook, keeping his guard up. Jungkook knew he won when Hoseok’s eyes softened, he dropped his arms to his side and sighed in defeat.

Hoseok was talking with Jungkook as they were walking down the streets. The stares and glances thrown their way were endless and Jungkook couldn’t help but stare back at them. He hated being stared at and found a satisfaction when they quickly adverted their eyes from the nobleman. Jungkook’s family was not royal descent, but many said that they were close enough. The Jeon’s were an extremely influential family that held power and wealth over many people including the royal family. Jungkook’s father, Jeon Gi-Nam was close to the king of the land and they were friends since young. His father had supported the king during tough times and the king had supported his father during hard times.

One thing that soured their relationships was the fact that the king was a believer in homosexual couples, the opposite of Jungkook’s father. Jungkook knew that his father would never talk bad about the king, but he knew for a fact that his mother disapproved the king’s opinions.

Hoseok nudged Jungkook as they walked past a particular girl,

“Isn’t she pretty? I would totally go for her… I think she has the hots for you! Do you see the way that she looks at you? That’s love at first sight…”

Hoseok sighed dreamily as he stopped in the middle of the street, edging closer to the girl and leaving Jungkook.

The girl had soft, brown hair that was tied in a loose braid over her shoulder. By her clothes, you could indeed tell that she was a commoner, but her beauty was exceptional. She had a stunning figure with large, green eyes that were speckled with gold. Jungkook followed Hoseok as he warily watched the girl who had looked away when Jungkook met her eyes. She nervously sorted through the vegetables that she was selling at a stand with another elderly woman.

A man approached their stand and as Jungkook noticed, he looked quite wealthy. He had golden rings on his fingers with an outfit that screamed ‘rich’. From Jungkook’s guess, that outfit would most likely cost thousands of dollars. He had black hair that was tied back, from his appearance he looked around 40 years old. He definitely wasn’t bad looking but… There was just an air around him that Jungkook didn’t like.

“Hey. You there, girl.”

The girl’s head snapped up at the voice from where she was messing with the vegetables. She trembled in fear as she replied to the man who stood towering over her, a smirk evident on his face.


Her meek voice rang around in Jungkook’s head as he watched the exchange between the two. Jungkook, Hoseok, and the old lady next to the girl were the only people who had noticed what was going. Jungkook had a sickening feeling in his chest, he knew what was going to happen. Nobles did it all the tome and it disgusted Jungkook.

“Give me 3 tomatoes, and make it fast.”

The man ordered gruffly as he kept his eyes on the girl who fumbled around the stall in a panic. She picked up a bag, then carefully placed three, ripe tomatoes inside. She turned around and clumsily sealed the top, she looked nervous. Jungkook noticed the man staring at the girl’s body without any shame. The old lady beside the girl glared at the man, keeping her gaze even when the man glared back. Similar to the old lady, Jungkook was disgusted by the man’ actions and he could tell that Hoseok was as well by the way he bristled next to Jungkook.

Just in case, Jungkook held his arm in front of Hoseok to keep him from doing anything dangerous. Usually, it was Jungkook that was affected easily, but this time Hoseok looked like he was about to pounce on the other man.

“What are you staring at you imbecile.”

The man snapped at the old lady who kept on glaring at the man. The defiance that was burning in her eyes make Jungkook open his mouth in awe. The woman was foolish for glaring at a nobleman, yet there was a sense of bravery and valor in her actions that made Jungkook look at her in respect.

“I said, what are you staring at!”

The man raised his voice toward the end as if to emphasize the woman’s foolishness for daring to defy him. He growled as he walked closer knocking into the girl who held the sack of tomatoes. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stood, her feet shaking in fear. She flinched away when the man had brushed past her and the nobleman definitely noticed it.

“What, am I too scary for you?”

The man taunted the girl as she took a step back, backing into the brick wall that was behind the cart of vegetables. Jungkook looked around and noticed that the people who were passing them weren’t passing them because they didn’t notice it. They were ignoring it, on purpose. They didn’t want to get involved and they certainly didn’t want to get on the bad side of a nobleman. Jungkook scowled, disgust curling in his stomach as he watched how the crowd would stay away from the girl’s cart and purposely avoided any eye contact, rushing their steps in the process.

“Leave her alone, here are the tomatoes. Please leave.”

The old lady had decided that she had enough, taking the tomatoes from the girls’ hand and shoving it toward the haughty nobleman. She narrowed here eyes as she said this and stressed the word ‘please’ as if she was taunting him. Jungkook winced as he watched the exchange, this wasn’t going to end well for the other party. The nobleman stared down coldly at the woman, but anyone could see the anger smoldering behind his brown eyes.

“You little—”


The man was quickly cut off as Hoseok shouldered people as he crossed the street, his eyes burning in anger. Jungkook snapped out of his haze as he noticed a little too late at the fact that Hoseok was missing from his side. He quickly made a grab for Hoseok’s wrist to stop him but it was flung off. Jungkook knew what he was going to do and it was going to make the situation even worse.


Jungkook was cut off with a sharp word from the older male.


Hoseok was seething and he was definitely going to let it out on the rude man that was so openly (and disgustingly) staring at the girl like she was some kind of object. Said man had turned around at Hoseok’s voice and was staring at him in surprise, which eventually turned into a deep glare. Jungkook groaned, exasperated with Hoseok’s sudden urge to ensure that justice was handed down to the man. As he said before, usually it was Jungkook who was hotheaded and barging into things. Not Hoseok. No, definitely not his hyung who was literal sunshine. His hyung would never swear. Or so he thought.

“You fucking bastard! I can’t believe you stared at her like that. You’re the same as a pig, disgusting. That nice, old lady just wanted you to leave. There’s no need for you to act like that!”

Hoseok was yelling at the man, curse words were indeed tumbling out of his mouth and Jungkook widened his eyes in surprise. Then in panic. Hoseok was definitely causing a scene, a scene that his parents would not welcome and more importantly, a scene that would get Hoseok fired on the spot.

“I’m sorry, very sorry. He didn’t mean anything he said. He’s a drunk, honestly.”

Jungkook rushed beside his hyung, bowing his head in apology. His hair hid his face and he gritted his teeth as he clenched his hands. Why did he have to apologize to this bastard?

“Hmph, I guess I could let you go. Since I’m such a kind man…”

A sneering tone was entering the others voice as Jungkook kept his head down, mainly because if he looked up he may or may not have punched the nobleman in the face.

“I meant every word I said.”

Hoseok butted in as he crossed his arms, staring indignantly at the man across of him. The nobleman just smirked, and amusing smile crossing his face.

“Oh, did you?”

Jungkook groaned in exasperation, he was feeling tetchy, mainly from the scene that this was causing that would most likely make his parents ground him for weeks. Maybe months. He wanted to yell at Hoseok to ‘please keep his mouth shut’ but he knew that it wouldn’t solve the problem.

“Just, please. Let it go. He’s a little drunk, he doesn’t mean any harm.”

Jungkook apologized one more time, his patience was wearing thin and he would have left this place already if it weren’t for his hyung.

“Hmm… That’s some rich clothes your wearing. Show me your face.”

The man commanded Jungkook in an authoritative tone and there was a small bubble of satisfaction that bloomed inside him because he knew that once the man saw his face, this would all be over. No one dares disrespects the Jeon’s. Jungkook looked up with one eye brow raised in mocking. There was a curl of a smile on the corner of his lips and defiance glittered in his eye.

“Once again, I’m sorry for everything my hyung said. Now will you please let it go?”

Jungkook stressed the please and his smile grew even wider with apparent smugness as he watched the man’s eyes widen in horror. The realization that hit the man’s face and contorted it into a mask of trepidation and fear as he stared into Jungkook’s cobalt blue eyes. He turned pale and his hands started to shake.

“Y-Yes… I’m extremely sorry it was my fault. I-I’ll never d-do it again!”

The elderly woman and the young girl turned their way when they noticed the change in the man’s tone. The brown-haired girl with doe eyes curiously watched Jungkook’s face, she flushed when he looked back at her. As Jungkook turned back to the nobleman who had a sudden change in personality, he failed to notice the elderly woman’s face change into one of recognition. Hoseok looked warily at the elderly woman since it was his fault Jungkook was caught up in this mess he didn’t want him getting into trouble. If the woman recognized Jungkook and started spreading any rumors, his parents will definitely scold him.

Jungkook approached the man as his shoes clicked on the stone street. He leaned into the man’s face as his eyes flashed a dangerous blue,

“Tell anyone about what happened—“

He used his hand to gesture their surroundings and narrowed his eyes,

“And you’ll regret it.”

The man whimpered, whimpered. As he nodded his head vigorously. Jungkook pressed something into the nobleman’s hand and he flinched as Jungkook slowly backed away from him and patted Hoseok’s shoulder.

‘Let’s leave.’

He mouthed as he started walking away from the scene. He wasn’t worried about the villagers who had passed them, though some stayed to watch, they weren’t brave enough to spread rumors about a Jeon. Their existence would disappear from the world as soon as they spouted anything that disgraced them out of their lips. Noblemen were a different matter, they didn’t look kindly upon the power the Jeon’s had and they would do anything to drag them down. But Jungkook knew, that with the intimidation he implanted in the man’s brain, he wouldn’t dare say anything. But bribing didn’t hurt, did it?

The nobleman opened his hand and in his palms were a crushed wad of bills. His eyes darted to Jungkook as he understood the meaning. Just in case, Jungkook left a wad of bills on the vegetable stand as well. When he looked into the eyes of the elderly woman there was soft compassion in her gray eyes. He trusted the woman to not say anything. As he left with Hoseok by his side, he felt eyes digging into his back and he couldn’t help but glance back. But all he saw was the rushing of people and the nobleman standing there with the money still clutched in his hand. As he turned back, he didn’t notice the blonde-haired figure turn away and slip into an alleyway.

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Jimin scurried away as he hid inside an alleyway. He couldn’t believe what he just saw. His heart was beating extremely loud, blood rushing to his hands as they trembled in excitement. He was undeniably giddy because seeing that one man had made his day. The blue-eyed nobleman whom he knew was kinder than he let others let on. Taehyung had always told him that Jungkook was just a “cold-hearted asshole” but Jimin knew better than that. He saw the kind side that appeared when he thought that no one was looking. Not that Jimin was stalking him… No. It didn’t go that far. It’s just that his eyes unintentionally followed Jungkook whenever he saw him at meetings. He also occasionally saw him and witnessed sides of him that softened Jimin’s heart.


Today had been a tiring day for Jimin. He had to attend a meeting with his elder brother and his husband. All he wanted to do was sit under the tree with Taehyung and talk about his problems all while eating cookies that his brother’s husband had baked. When the meeting continued with sporadic flirtatious glances from young noblemen, he had left. He hadn’t shown up at the second meeting either. Homosexuality was accepted in this country, and Jimin was glad that it was, but he had eyes for only one person. Jeon Jungkook had been his crush that he had been pining after for 3 years. Taehyung had said that his love was vacuous since Jungkook was very obviously straight. And homophobic.


Jimin made his way around a dumpster, lost in his thoughts. He squeaks when he suddenly crashes into a wall. The wall grabs him, and steadies him with his hands. The wall was not a wall, it was a man. As Jimin looks up, he was met with dark, swirling depths as he freezes in the man’s arms. The man shakes his head disapprovingly before letting go of Jimin as he dusts himself off. Jimin is unable to move as panic grips him.




Jimin stutters as he collects himself and straightens up. The man looks into Jimin’s eyes once more as he sighs exasperatedly.


“Jimin. What. Are. You. Doing.”


Yoongi punctuates each of his words with a pause, a threat underlying his words. Jimin shakes as panic starts to settle in his veins.


“I-I swear I wasn’t looking at Jungkook or anything!”


Jimin stampers as the words come rushing out of his mouth. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to be here and he also knew the kind of temper that Yoongi had. He definitely didn’t want to get on his bad side today. Yoongi sighed once more, as Jimin looked closer in the dark shadows of the alleyway he noticed that he had bags under his eyes. His pale skin was also a sickly color and his black, straight hair was a mussed pile on his head.


“Are you okay…?”


Concern seeps into Jimin’s voice as he realizes in his carelessness that he failed to notice how tired Yoongi looked.


“I’m fine Jimin. Just tired. It’s been a hard do you know? You were supposed to be at the meeting today and the other nobles seemed pretty pissed of about the fact that you were missing. Again. It didn’t help that you left during the first one either.”


Jimin guiltily realized that his absence has cost Yoongi his precious sleeping time and made him receive the brunt of Jimin’s absence. Jimin apologizes as he walks closer to Yoongi and cups his face in his palms. He rubs the pad of his thumbs under Yoongi’s eyes as he apologizes once more.


“I’m so sorry Yoongi… I know how much stress you’ve been under ever since you moved here. I promised to help you and Tae but here I am bringing you down… I’m so sorry. Next time I’ll attend. I promise.”


At the assurance and warmth in Jimin’s tone, Yoongi’s eyes soften as he leans into his touch.




He mutters softly,


“It’s been such a pain having to take care of Taehyung and the business. I love that kid but I swear he’s  set on wearing me out someday. There’s also the problem of dealing with the company. My parents are pressuring me that I can do better and that the profit better go up. And I’m trying, I am. It’s just that things haven’t been going well for me and whenever it does the other assholes give me these, these glares and I don’t know… I-It’s just so… Tiring.”


Yoongi rambles on, occasional stutters entering his sentences, he finishes with another defeated sigh. Jimin nods in understanding as he hugs Yoongi, pulling him in closer.


“I understand. I know what you’re going through and I want to help you. But… How about we talk about this in a locations somewhere else? Maybe somewhere except an alleyway with stinking trash and waste?”


Jimin jokes and a smile stretches across his face when he hears a small chuckle from Yoongi. He can hear him muttering something along the lines of ‘idiot’ but he ignores it. He carefully pulls Yoongi an arm distance away from him as he smiles at him, his eyes crinkling into crescents.


“Come on, don’t we have a meeting to attend?”


The only reply he receives is a:


“The meeting already ended you idiot.”


But he knows that Yoongi doesn’t mean it when a smile break across Yoongi’s face as well.


~~~Time Lapse~~~~


Jimin sat in his brother’s garden. He watched the wind create rippled on the water, he can hear it whispering in his ears softly. Today was supposed to have clear weather yet white, wispy clouds are blocking the sun. He can feel it shining on his back warmly as he sits on the ground touching the grass softly, feeling it prickle his palm. He removes his hand from the grass as he stares at the fishes in the lake. The fish swim in beautiful, circular patterns as they glide freely. Their scales shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight as the sun shines through. The gazebo in the lake stands starkly white against the green and blue surroundings.


Namjoon’s garden was always so empty, it mainly consisted of trees and three large lakes that took up most of the space. He had insisted his brother plant more flowers or at least make it more scenic but ht gazebo was the only thing that he let Jimin add on. Jimin was glad that he added the gazebo, it made the garden much more appealing if he said so himself.


Jimin stretches in the warm sunlight as a yawn escapes his mouth involuntarily. He stands as he brushes of his pants, patting his front and his backside. He gets ready to head inside when a voice cuts through.




A deep, baritone voice crashes through the serene silence as a tall, handsome, chestnut-haired man with sharp features crashes through golden gates and runs toward an unsuspecting Jimin. He has a large, boxy smile with silky looking brown hair. As the brown-haired man crashes into the other, a smile breaks across the shorter’s face.




Jimin exclaims as he hugs the taller. It is almost comical the way their height is so different but the passing maids make no comment on it as they respectfully keep their eyes down. Everyone knows how sensitive Jimin is about his height.


“Where were you? I though you’d be at the meeting but you weren’t there… I asked Seokjin-hyung but he said that he didn’t see you all day either!”


Taehyung scolds Jimin as he pulls the other away from him, noticing the dreamy expression on his face. Suspicion enters his tone as he looks at Jimin unbelievably.


“Wait… Were you stalking Jeon again?! I told you that that asshole isn’t worth a second of your time!”


Jimin sputters as he shakes his head.


“D-Don’t call it s-stalking! It’s no even that far. I just occasionally see him. That’s all! And he’s not an asshole Tae! Stop calling him that. He’s actually a soft, caring, shy, bunny inside! You should see him when he smiles.”


Jimin rambles on about Jungkook as his gaze drifts off once more. Taehyung sighs as he shakes his head.


“Jimin, if he was as kind as you say he is then he wouldn’t be an asshole.”


Jimin glares at Taehyung as he crosses his arms in defiance.

“Well, define the term ‘asshole’.”


“‘Asshole’ as in he ignores people and acts extremely rude towards them. Asshole as in degrading homosexuals. Asshole as in punishing innocent people when they make a small mistake. And,”


Taehyung takes a deep breath as he adds a pause for effect. He glares back at Jimin as he finishes in sentence.


“Asshole as in behaving like an impudent, insolent, cantankerous brat. Plus, when he doesn’t get things to go his way he gets petulant.”


Jimin pouts at that as he crosses his arms, jutting his bottom lip out. He opens his mouth, ready to tell Taehyung how much of a sweetheart Jungkook really is.


“Oh no. No you don’t. I don’t want to listen to you blabber on about Jungkook and how ‘sweet’ he is.”


Taehyung cuts in as he shakes his finger disapprovingly in front of Jimin’s face. He bats his eyelashes and fakes a high-pitched voice as he imitates Jimin.


“Oh Jungkook, he’s so sweet. He never does anything wrong! He’s so handsome and perfect. He has this cold exterior but he’s just a sweet, gooey bunny inside. I wish I could marry him. And have you seen he smiles!”


Taehyung imitates Jimin’s high-pitches squeal,


“He’s so~ handsome.”


Jimin glares at Taehyung as he mumbles something along the lines of ‘I don’t sound that stupid. Plus my voice is not that high!’. Taehyung crinkled his nose in distaste at Jimin as he frowns at him.


“Jimin, you seriously sound like that. I’m your best friend so I didn’t want to point it out but… You’re pretty annoying when you talk about Jungkook. Seriously.”


Jimin pouts once more as he slouches in surrender. He did’t know that Taehyung found him that annoying whenever he talked about his crush. Taehyung exhales deeply as his eyes soften, gazing down at Jimin’s pouting form.


“Jiminie, I love you. I mean seriously, I would marry you if I didn’t see you as a platonic brother of mine. I’ve seen you go through all of your crushes like a girl with clothes. Honestly, I don’t think that Jungkook is a good guy for you to date. I mean Yoongi was better than him! And he’s a lazy, short guy!”


Jimin’s heart fills with warmth at that as he realizes just how close Taehyung and him are. He certainly had his fair share of crushes but Yoongi was the first male that he dated. Before that, he tried convincing himself that he wasn’t homosexual, that he was heterosexual. Yet he just wan’t able to get attracted to women as he was attracted to men. He was glad that his parents accepted him as who he is.


“Yoongi may like to sleep a lot but he’s not lazy. He’s kind, caring, and so sweet! I’m glad that Yoongi was the first person to date and that we broke up on good terms…”


Taehyung scoffs,


“Jiminie, if you still love Yoongi that much you should just get back together with him. Not like he would refuse. I mean I don’t understand why you guys split up! You were so cute, the short couple in town that everyone loved.”


Jimin glares at Taehyung when he mentions his height as he opens his mouth to object.


“Taehyung, you know why I split up with Yoongi.”


Another heavy sigh,


“It didn’t work out. We both knew the relationship wasn’t mutual and we knew that we both had someone else in mind. Yoongi had someone whom he wanted to date and had romantic feelings towards, as do I. The relationship wouldn’t have worked out. We started dating because it was comfortable, there were no feelings involved. It was kind of like a friendship to distract ourselves…”


Taehyung clucks his tongue as he shakes his head disapprovingly.


“You mean distract yourself from your stalking obsession with Jeon Jungkook?”


Taehyung interjects acerbically.


“Jiminie, Jiminie, Jiminie. I understand that you didn’t romantically love”


Taehyung punctuates his point by adding air quotation marks when he mentions the word  ‘love’.


“Yoongi. You weren’t even sad when you guys broke up! You didn’t shed a single tear. You guys were getting along pretty well and you guys evened each other out. Your annoyingly bright and sweet attitude was evened out by Yoongi’s quiet yet bitter personality.”


Jimin opens his mouth,


“I am not-“




Taehyung cuts him off as he continues with his rant.


“I know that you love”


More air quotation marks.


“Jungkook but seriously Jimin. I won’t repeat what I said before but I honestly think that you should give up. I’m your best friend, I know what’s good for you and what isn’t. I know for sure that Jungkook is not someone that you should be with. I don’t want you to discourage you but… Jungkook is one of the things that I seriously don’t want you to get involved with. You know how homophobic his family is…”


At that Jimin sighs in agreement. He knows the hate that brews inside the Jeon family. He had always naively thought that the youngest Jeon would be more kinder. After all, he was the kindest in the family and he was different from his parents in a way that Jimin couldn’t describe…


“Boys! What are you doing in my garden?”


A broad-shouldered and handsome man with soft, pink hair comes walking up to them. His hair walls over his eyes perfectly in a princely-manner and the ends are fading into a pale pink. He has pretty, bow-shaped lips and soft, brown eyes that gaze at them in a friendly manner.




Taehyung and Jimin exclaim at the same time as they run up to greet that man. Once they reach him they hug him jovially as wide smiles spread across their faces.


“My favorite dongsaengs!”


Seokjin exclaims with a smile as he hugs them back as tightly as they hugged him. He pushes them away slightly an arms length away so that he can look at their faces properly.


“Where were you two?”


He chides at them with a disapproving frown on his face. Jimin and Taehyung could tell that Seokjin was upset with them by the way his eyebrows furrowed. There was kindness shining in his eyes but there was also an underlying strike of concern.


“I’m sorry Seokjin-hyung…”


Taehyung mourns as he hangs his head in shame. He had attended the meeting in the beginning when it had started but left half-way through in search for Jimin.


“I’m sorry as well Jin-hyung. I should have attended the meeting, I’ve skipped enough as it is. Yoongi told me how he took bared the brunt of it…”


There is true apology in Jimin’s words and Jin’s eyes soften as he gazes down at the two. He makes a soft tutting noise with his tongue as he clasps his hands on their shoulders.


“Don’t be so down! I wasn’t that mad. It wasn’t such an interesting meeting anyways. I was just worried that something may have happened to you two. Just make sure to attend the next one okay? Yoongi’s been having to take over most of the time and even if I’m okay with you two now attending, the other nobles aren’t.”


Jimin and Taehyung vigorously nod their heads as they hug Seokjin once more.


“Thank you so much hyung! We’ll attend next time for sure.”


“Yes, we will! You’re the best hyung!”


Seokjin chuckles at the two’s enthusiasm.


“Come on let’s go, this garden is making me depressed. Let’s go to my garden!”


Jimin giggles at that because he knows that Seokjin had also disapproved of Namjoon’s taste in decorating. This is precisely why Seokjin had decided that he needed to change his husband’s garden and make it prettier.