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On the bus stop

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"Do you really want me to stop?" man asked, bringing Mizuho closer to him. His hands wrapped around her, making her round breasts touching his chest. She could feel his breath on her face. Yes, she wanted to escape, to leave this place and return to her beloved Kei. She had a feeling that if she won't, there something very bad might happened. That was the moment when this man brought his hand on her hip. A thrill went down her spine, like an electricity.

"Yes..." she said, but there was uncertainty in her voice. Something in his look was making her feel weak and submissive, despite her natural cool attitude. Her eyes sparkled as she looked into his face. "I really should.... return home".

"I can see something else in your eyes" he said and kissed her. Mizuho was way too surprised to resist, his tongue sneaked inside her mouth. She felt her strength suddenly leaving her body, her muscles loosened as the kiss continued. To her own surprise, she found herself returning the kiss. It was bad, she knew that she should do this with a stranger. She had no idea what was his name.

He finally broke the kiss and looked at her blushing face again.

"You liked it, don't you?"

"Yes... yes... but it was wrong, we shouldn't... I have a husband..."

Yes, there was a Kei somewhere there, waiting for her. She knew she should hurry home. Was it her fault that she missed the bus and had to wait for another. She was standing in the bus stop when this man appeared. He was tall and strong looking one, but there was nothing dangerous in his look. He sat on the bench and started checking his iphone, paying little attention to her.

There was a half an hour for the next bus. She finally broke the silence asking him about time. He took his eyes on her, smiled and told her. The the wind came and Mizuho had to walk inside the bus stop, sitting next to this man. She couldn't really remember if it was her who started the chat. Everything went so quickly. There was something strange in his voice and look, she found it mesmerizing. Moments later she on his lap, sharing the kisses. How could this happened, she asked herself.

The man wasted no time, undressing her top. Mizuho was powerless, she moaned when his fingers played with her body.

"Seems your husband is not taking a good care of you" he says as he started to kiss her full breasts. His palm worked between her legs. Mizuho was so close to the climax, but he finished before she came.

"Bus is about to arrive soon" he said as she broke the foreplay. She was panting hard as he helped her to dress herself back. Mizuho was shocked of her actions, she had no idea that she might fall so easily to the stranger. Somehow she wanted him to make her cum, but she dared not to say this loudly. She finally noticed the bus.

"I live nearby" said the man, "You can return home to your husband, if you like... or you can go with me".

Bus stopped. Mizuho saw the man still sitting on the bench. She made a few steps to the bus, but right before the entering, she stopped and turned to him. She looked into his eyes again.

Bus left the station without any new passengers inside.