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2013/08/14 Word of the Day: Dither

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The toast's going, "Wait till he looks at the Cup-A-Soup."

"Cup-A-Soup, Pot Noodle, Cup-A-Soup, Pot Noodle..." mutters the comedian.

"But it's hot! Can't we--" complains the other slice of toast.

"No, no! Go for the buuuurn!"

"This is going to give us cancer, this is," says Slice Two.

"We can't get cancer; we're toast!" says Slice One.

"We're going to be charcoal at this point," mutters Two.

"Oh no it's burning!" cries Eddie.

"BUGGER IT!" exclaims Slice Two and pops up. Slice One stays low.

"Oh, no," bemoans Eddie, picking up Slice Two. "In the bin."