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The Room Was a Mess Anyway

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The door to Katsuya's bedroom slipped closed behind you as large arms wrapped around your waist and quickly pushed you against it. Warm, chapped lips captured yours in a hungry kiss. You had been visiting your childhood friend in his home for about a year now. It started after curiosity and the discovery of an old classroom address list led you to send him a letter. The last you had heard, he'd been spending the past twelve years locked in his bedroom, refusing to leave and rarely seeing anyone. To your utter surprise, he remembered your kindness as a child and invited you to visit. After months of innocent trips, exchanging laughs and stories, the two of you found that you shared deeper feelings than just the friendship you had years ago. You held him through his emotional outbursts (and subsequent psychic energy flare-ups) and helped him clean any resulting broken objects. The supernova that is Katsuya Serizawa became the most precious thing in your entire universe. You also watched him blossom from a man who shied away from a kiss on the cheek, to one who loved to make you squirm beneath him.

Parting his lips from yours with a groan, Katsuya gazed into your eyes, watching the way the strip of moonlight from the window danced across your features. You held eye contact for a moment, before he murmured something about how it had been too long and kissed you once again. His lips moved slowly and with purpose this time, as he pushed his body flush against yours. He slipped his large hands, calloused from years of hobbies, under the hem of your shirt. You reached both hands up to card through his thick black curls, tugging lightly on the soft strands.
"Beautiful." Katsuya paused to gasp out, panting. He looked at you as if you held the stars in your eyes. You loved the way he got so flustered just from kisses. Bringing your lips back together quickly, you pulled a surprised squeak from the large man. Tiring of the light touches, Katsuya gripped your hip with one hand and pulled it towards his, firmly planting the other above you on the door. Running his tongue against the opening of your lips, he begged to be let in. You relaxed your bottom lip, feeling his wet muscle run along the backs of your teeth and along your own. Katsuya's own mouth opened and closed a few times, as if he were trying to take all of you in. Overcome with desire, you ran a hand down to grab at the hem of his t-shirt. You felt a low chuckle rumble against your mouth as he helped you remove it, stopping to admire his torso. He had spent some of his free time messing around with weights, and he had a soft bulk to him. The kind that looked strong and protective, but warm and cuddly. The space between your legs felt increasingly warm as you threaded your fingers through the soft black hair that covered his chest. You traced your finger down the light trail that thickened toward the waistband of his sweatpants. Taking hold of your hips, Katsuya moved you away from the door. He stumbled backwards until he was falling onto his open futon, you landing on top of him. Giggling, you righted yourself, straddling his hips and sitting up. The unforgiving material of his sweatpants made his erection impossible to ignore. With a roll of your hips, you hurriedly removed your shirt, Katsuya's dark brown eyes like saucers the entire time.

"You know," he began, reaching out to caress your shoulders, "every time I see you like this, it amazes me. I don't understand how one person can contain so much beauty." He gives a nervous giggle, still shy about voicing his adoration. By this time, Katsuya's wandering hands had reached the clasp of your bra, and he frees your breasts. As soon as he flings the offending garment across the room, he gently flips you onto your back and immediately latches onto your right nipple. You let out a small cry as he brings his large hand up to cup the left, his scruffy beard leaving light red marks along your sensitive skin. You relish in the sounds he makes, both the wet suckling of his hot mouth on your nipple and his humming and small moans. You smile as you imagine Katsuya to be like a kid enjoying their favorite ice cream on a summer day. He lets a sharp grunt as you grab at his hair once more, tugging harder this time. Switching breasts, he begins to grind himself softly into your inner thigh, squeezing your right breast tighter with each small thrust.

"You all right, Katsu?" you question, sending him a mischievous smile.

"Nggh. Wanna touch all of you. So beautiful. I love you, so much." He emphasizes this last sentiment with a bite to your breast, running his tongue along the flesh up to your jaw. Katsuya peppers kisses to your forehead, then locks eyes with you once again. You smile, gliding your hands along his soft tummy, dipping the fingers of one below his waistband. Toying with the thick patch of hair just below, you reach up to kiss his swollen lips and begin sliding off the black pants. Once they're down as far as you can reach, he kicks them off and reaches up to brush a stray lock of hair from your eyes. You return your attention to his lips, licking along the bottom and nipping slowly at it. Teasing at his mouth, you reach back down and palm at his now fully hard cock. A sudden crash behind you tells you that he wasn't expecting the sudden wave of pleasure. A few books have been thrown from the tall mahogany shelf. Ignoring it, Katsuya continues aggressively giving attention to your reddened lips. After months of being together like this, with this nearly ethereal man, you've come to accept the small accidents. Knowing what he is fully capable of, and knowing how much he has grown, is enough to satisfy both of you. Giving him a moment to recover, you begin to slide your palm against his clothed erection. He moans into your mouth, closing his lips around your bottom one and then dragging his tongue down your jaw. Katsuya lightly kisses down your neck, and between your breasts to stop at your bellybutton. He swirls his slick tongue around it, bringing his shaking fingers to your button and zipper. The way he slowly slides your jeans and panties off, almost unsure of himself, has you worried.

"Hey, Katsuya, are you all right?" you can tell the dam inside of him wants to break.

"I just- I can't hold them. I really want you. I'm so afraid of letting go, though." He pulls your bottoms off over your ankles and lifts one of your legs. Kissing at your calf, Katsuya looks up at you.

"Well, this place is already a mess. So..." you trail off, surveying the room. Nearly everything is on the floor. "I don't see what it would hurt if you do lose control. I want you to let yourself go." His eyes grow larger and he crawls back up to his place between your legs.

"Really? Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

"Don't worry. I know you won't." You gave him a reassuring smile, returned by one of his own. Grasping onto the top of his nest of curls, you pulled his face down level with yours. "Please, Katsuya. I need you. I need you so bad." Voicing your desire for him seems to flip a switch in the usually timid man above you, and suddenly he's on you once again. Grunting, his hands reach down and hook under your thighs. Nipping along the inner junction of your legs, he wastes no time in delving into your core. You shout, feeling his tongue swirl and flick at your swollen clit. Each moan from you elicits a hum from Katsuya. You drag your nails across his back, causing him to lift his head from your soaking center and let out a deep moan. Along with the sound, a few articles of clothing and a dumbbell fly across the room. Reaching up to cup your breasts, Katsuya sucks your clit into his mouth, sending shivers through your pelvis.

"I can't take it." He shoots his head up, pushing himself back up onto his knees. "I need to." Katsuya hooks his thumbs in the waistband of his boxer briefs, sliding them down his legs. Kicking his feet out, he pulls them off all the way. He crawls up to the head of the futon, and reaches under a pile of clothes. Producing a condom, he tears the packaging open and begins to roll it down over his swollen dick. You watch as it bobs against his stomach while he maneuvers back to hover over you. Taking in the sight, you appreciate the way his fat cock curves upward, the foreskin slightly covering the head even when he's hard. Katsuya settles himself between your legs, kissing one knee. he places a hand at your hip, and looks at your eyes. Given a nod of approval, he slowly pushes his thick girth into your entrance. You both let out low moans in tandem with one another. He bottoms out inside of you, eyes squeezed shut.

"Katsuya. Let go." You remind him. "I love you." You stroke a collection of curls from his forehead. He lets out a breath and pulls out nearly all the way. Slamming back in, he grunts and shudders. Objects begin to float as Katsuya finds a steady pace. The head of his cock hits the perfect spot inside of you, and you cry out his name.

"Ngaahhh!!!" He shouts, still squeezing his eyes closed as he pulls you closer to his body. "Ahh, I love making l-love to y-ou. A-and I just really- really- really- love you!" He emphasizes each "really" with a slow, powerful roll of his hips against yours. A nervous laugh is stuttered by his thrusting and cut off by a cry of ecstasy. Lips find yours and your tongues slide against each other as he speeds his motions back up. Letting out something between a moan and a whimper, Katsuya blindly reaches his hands up behind you. Taking hold of your shoulders, he pulls your body down to meet his frenzied thrusts. You reach up and pull him down for a sloppy kiss, eyes screwed shut in ecstasy. A book flies past your heads, but neither of you notice. You're both swept up in the hurricane. Katsuya reaches a hand down to draw circles around your clit with his thumb. Shallow pants spill from you as your climax nears. The speed of the objects' flight increases with his thrusts. You can now hear things hitting the walls, but it only seems to spur you on that much more.

"Oh, G-od, sh-shit, I'm gonna-" Katsuya is cut off by his own low, guttural moan as he thrusts forward harshly and spills into the condom. Everything crashes to the ground, a book landing on his legs. Seemingly oblivious, he gives a few more harsh thrusts and continues toying with your clit, but you're already tipping over the edge. Crying out his name, you clench around his cock, gaining a satisfying sound from his throat. Collapsing onto you, Katsuya kisses your neck. He hugs you close as you softly grind through the last waves of your orgasm against his pelvis. He rolls over, pulling his softened cock out of you and removing the condom. After tying it off and tossing it towards the trash can, he wraps his arms around you and pulls up the blanket.

"I love you. So much." He breathes into your ear.

"I love you too, Katsuya." You pet his damp curls. "I'm very impressed with how little damage was done. I really think you can get out of this room soon." At these words, you felt him tense up at your side.

"No. I'm only safe with you," was all he said before burying his face in your neck again and drifting off to sleep.