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Forbidden Rapture

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If this was what his last meal would be, then it was nothing short of the simplest of all meals he had been served at the manor growing up. 


A cup of freshly cut fruits, a cup of nicely-beaten and cooked eggs, 2 pcs of toasts with butter and jam on the side, a platter of bacon, a small plate of grilled shrimps & fillet of fish, some sausages, a platter of what looked like delicately roasted chicken, some tenderly cooked beef and a bowl of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. 


He almost laughed at the menu in front of him. 
This was the last meal of any prisoner in Azkaban and was varied should there be any requests or if the prisoner came from a well-framed family. 


He wondered for the first time of his father, Lucius Malfoy - if he had not gone insane and if his fate was also the death penalty, would he have made special requests for his last meal? 


"Any whisky or vodka?" he asked with a smirk as the guard finished setting his table up. 


The Aurors looked at him for a moment. 
Severus Snape is known to be a very quiet prisoner who never made any requests of sorts and barely ever spoke. 

Guess a dying man would always have a say, the last wish, the last word. 


"Alcohol is prohibited for all prisoners both awaiting their sentence or if about to be sentenced." 


Draco nodded curtly without another word. 

The Aurors quietly left the prison cell. 

He wondered for a moment what time it was but then remembered that he would be reminded for every hour that ticked. 

Visitors would usually arrive at each hour for the prisoners as he learned in his first year in the university when he studied to be a Defense Council. 
Everything he studied was coming to life in front of his eyes, only from the perspective of a prisoner himself. 


This would be an irreversible decision once done but he didn't think that he could live another day with another truth in his conscience. 

He would never truly know everything that possibly took place in all the ten years that Hermione was in that cottage in Beltane but he was sure of one thing - he loved and would always love her. 












"I'm Remus Lupin," Lupin announced in haste as he arrived in his formal dress robes at the hospital. "I've been summoned here by both St. Mungo's and a Ministry official from the message you sent them. "What's going on?" 



He looked around him as Healers stared at him in both confusion and relief. 


"Mr. Lupin, we believe you urgently need to see a patient. He's been taken here several hours ago.. but he's out of it and all we could reach is you. He has been screaming for your name for hours." 


Lupin walked to the Healer who nodded at a file. 


"I'm no Healer." Lupin immediately clarified, his breathless stance making the Healers concerned for him. "But I will help if I could, but I couldn't stay long. I'm supposedly the best man for Mr. Harry Potter's wedding - " 


"Draco Malfoy seeks you." one of the head Healers said. "He's been saying things that are - not possible - but all he could say is that if we couldn't reach Miss Granger we should reach you. We chose to reach for you because... his other request is to reach for Mr Draco Malfoy. I know it does not make sense." 


A crease appeared in Lupin's head as he was ushered to the elevator as they handed him the file. 


The elevator doors opened and closed with a small ding. 

It led several floors up and as the Healers explained the situation to Lupin, the further nothing made sense. 

He glimpsed at the gold pocket watch he had. 
He still had time as long as this doesn't take so much of it. 







He called out the moment he was led quietly to a corridor with other double doors. 


There had been chaotic sounds in the room that was silenced at the moment Lupin's voice came. 

His blue eyes met his hazel ones. 
Relief and desperation collided from one to the other. 




His voice urgent, he clung to him for his dear life. 


Lupin was taken aback, completely aghast at the sight that greeted him, at the hands that grasped him. 


Draco Malfoy was wearing hospital robes and it looked like he had been struggling against some restraints placed upon him. 


His eyes were red in panic and tears, his usually fairly brushed hair looked nothing of the sort. 


"They have him." his voice raspy from his throat, different but the same as Lupin would take notice. "They have the wrong man. Lupin, you must at all cost listen and believe in me - they have the wrong man. I'm here, not him and he's out there - he's about to die." 


Lupin's eyes met Draco's, but there was something in there that wasn't always so or something in there was amiss that had always been there. 


He stared back at the man clinging madly and desperately at him. 
He didn't understand and yet something about him was making sense. 


"He's been like this since he woke up, Mr. Lupin -" 
"Please leave us," Lupin said breaking eye contact for the first time and trying to compose himself. "Please give us a moment. I would like to privately my...former student.


Silence generated again in the room and as everyone left the two of them. 


The moment the door closed, he grasped Lupin's arms painfully again. 


"Please, Remus." he begged him. "You have to believe me when I tell you that they have the wrong man in those cells right now and he is about to die in a few hours." 


He looked at the man in front of him dressed in hospital robes and with madness in his eyes. 

He was reluctant, doubtful or maybe suspicious but his heart was telling him otherwise. 



It took Lupin all the courage, composure and intellect in him to weave all the facts he was being told right now. 


With nothing and everything making sense at the same time, he wasn't sure who to believe anymore but he had never been wrong with his instincts even at the time when he switched places with Pettigrew to make him the Secret-Keeper, he had felt terrible even after he made that decision knowing something was still wrong. 


And today was no different as he faced this man before him. 


His eyes moved from his blonde hair, his estranged yet beautiful eyes and his hands on him, piercing him painfully as if calling him to reality. 


He moved closer to him and held back his arm, gently making him look deeper at him. 


"Severus?" he asked in grave fear and concern. "Severus Snape?" 


An undeniable cry came from the other man. 

His blue eyes widened in relief and with all sense of hope coming back to him, he nodded urgently.  


"Draco's about to die." he whispered, "He's at Azkaban. I don't know how he did it, I don't know what he did.. but.. but please..Please, get my godson out of there." 


Lupin's horrified expression was met with a man masked in fear.

As he took Remus by the arms & embraced him as if they were brothers, Lupin could almost swear he saw tears linger at the side of his eyes.