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Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter Twenty Two 




“Damn it!” Hermione angrily banged her fists against the laboratory door.

She had been trying for minutes now to use wandless magic to open Snape’s potions laboratory but to absolutely no cause. The wards upon the door were too strong and would only submit alliance to its master.

Panic was written all over her face as she walked back to the kitchen opening drawers after drawers looking for some tools or anything at all she could use to help him.

He had come back within the perimeter of the magic he casted around the cottage and Hermione had found him literary dying by the doorway.

Hermione had a few moments to decide what she had to do – her freedom or Snape’s life.

Without second thoughts, she had tearfully but not grudgingly chose the latter.

She had picked up his wand that had been abandoned next to his bloody figure on the floor and casted the protective charms back around the cottage and had literary dragged his professor back inside the cottage.

Staring longingly at the outside of the door, Hermione closed the door and warded them back again knowing that once done, there was no undoing that magic again once Snape awakens and the magic he has casted around their place becomes stronger again.

Right now, that wasn’t something she was deeply concerned about but how she was going to save his life.

His laboratory – where he kept most healing potions and bandages and other materials to save life – had been locked and heavily warded with magic. And for some bloody reason, his wand that she tried to use against it wouldn’t open the door.

The wand seemed to know that its master wasn’t the one using it for his sacred room.

She literary dragged him on the carpeted floor of their living room.

The hearth in the fireplace was still magically ignited as he would always leave it whenever he left her alone in the house so she quickly made sure that the comfort of a warm room was to be given to Snape.

Hermione ran back upstairs in his open bedroom and ransacked his drawers looking for new clothes for him and cloths or anything she could use to clean his body off blood and anything to stop the bleeding from his body.

Remembering the stashed excess old bandages he had used on her before, Hermione ran back to her room and opened the end table next to her bed.

She found several rolls and ran back downstairs.

Staring around his unconscious and bloody figure and the scattered objects around him, Hermione tried not to panic at the situation.

His wand was useless to her for some reason and her magic was nowhere useful at the moment since she did not have a wand herself and her wandless magic was very weak due to her suppressed ability to use magic for weeks now.

She could only heal him the Muggle way.

“Basin, water..” she whispered to herself running back to the kitchen and bathroom to look for a basin she could fill up with water.

Barefoot, panic-stricken and breathless, Hermione ran back and forth around the house looking for objects that could survive the life of her professor at that moment.

Minutes later, she was kneeling next to his still unmoving form over the carpeted floor.

She had first tended to the worst part of his body which was his shoulder blades that were severely wounded.

He looked like he had been whipped or cursed just right there.

She had cleaned his skin with water and the cloth and had quickly wrapped cloth and bandages over the heavily wounded area.

Then she focused on the rest of his body that was either dirty with blood and soil or had been wounded or bruised.

She was unconsciously crying as she rid him off all the damage over his body.

She was regretting every word she had yelled at him when she last saw him.

What was she going to do if he dies?

It wasn’t that she was going to be in peril or probably die alone in the cottage but the idea that she was going to lose her only ally. The thought for her at the moment was quite unbearable.

She had used every ounce of Muggle way knowledge she had to tend to all the wounds and give comfort to him as she created a small bed-like place by the fireplace using the sheets and pillows she had gathered from both their bedrooms.

The only consolation she got was that as she tended to the wounds, he would groan painfully giving her the impression that he was still very conscious and quite alive.

“You’re going to be alright, professor.” Hermione had said as she wiped the tears in her eyes with the back of hand.

She watched at his weakened figure that she was sure in deep pain.

“I’m here, I’m going to help you.” Hermione promised him not knowing if she could really do so without the magic that would completely heal him.

She knew the bandages weren’t enough and wouldn’t last for more than twenty four hours but she had no choice and there was nothing really she could do to close and heal the wounds without her or his magic to help the situation.

She gasped as he moved his body along the made-up bed she had created using several bed sheets and pillows from both their bedrooms in order to give him a comfortable position.

But she knew it was nowhere comfortable.

He was still slightly bleeding and the pain he had from the bruises weren’t really going to heal all on its own tonight.

His body was no longer used into healing the Muggle way but tonight, that was how it was going to be.

Hermione patiently tended and scrutinized every part of him that seemed not only bloody or bleeding but seemed hurt in any way.

She wiped and cleaned and rid him of anything that could say he had a rough night tonight with the damp and extra cloths and had only the bandages left over his wounds.

She could only guess that he was tortured by the Dark Lord and his fellow Death Eaters or they had a clash with most probably, Aurors of the Ministry or anyone from Harry’s side.

Momentarily, her mind wandered and remembered Harry.

Could Snape have seen her beloved Harry hours ago?

Hermione shook her head and quickly focused again at the task at hand.

 “This might help you, professor.” Hermione whispered as she opened a small bottle and had forcedly poured its contents to his mouth making sure he swallowed each drop.

She had found a small bottle in his room that was labelled as a pain reliever to be taken and had recognized it when he let her drink it before.

He only groaned and turned back over the bed she had created for him.

She tried to move him and talk to him but he was not answering nor making any sounds anymore.

Despite that his breathing pattern seemed rigid and heavy, she knew that he was slightly better and had most probably fallen into an uneasy sleep.

“Professor, I need to know how I can get rid of the wards in your laboratory..There must be something in there that could help you.”

He did not answer her.

She only heard him groan out something and he had completely zoned out after that.

Hermione had stared at him and was crying silently at his form.

Despite that she had tended dutifully to the first-aid needs, she was sure that what she did wasn’t enough and he could still be hurt in the morning.

She stayed up for another hour, watching him sleep and waiting for him to wake up to use his magic to help her find a way to help him. But he didn’t wake up.

His breathing was labored and heavy giving her the idea that he was still in pain but at the least, he was breathing. She only needed to make sure that it does not stop.

She was halfway into a nightmare from her half-awake state when she felt his rigid movements next to her on the carpeted floor.

Hermione opened her eyes and was quickly alarmed to find him slightly shaking.

“Damn it.” Hermione whispered, scrambling around the carpeted floor.

She stared at his form and wondered what could be wrong.

She quickly checked the bandages but he was no longer bleeding heavily.

So what was wrong?

She stared at him and tried to look for what could be causing his movements until it hit her.

He was having a feverish attack.

She placed her hand over his forehead and around his neck and she was right.

He was having some sort of convulsion from a fever that was clamoring up high. It could be due to his bleeding or some sort of infection from the wounds.

“What to do.. what to do..” Hermione silently cried trying to wake herself fully and thinking hard on what to do.

She limped and ran back up the stairs again to his room to grab the last sheet from his bed to cover on his convulsing form back in the living room.

Hermione quickly covered him with sheets after sheets of cloth in order to keep him from getting any colder from the fever that was attacking his body now.

Hermione stood and looked around her for anything else she could use.

She grabbed the last small cloth from across the floor and quickly changed the water from the basin and soon returned from the kitchen carrying new water with her.

She damped the cloth several times and placed it over his forehead to comfort him and to lower the fever.

He was shivering harder than ever.

“Professor! What am I gonna do!” Hermione cried out loud not really knowing anymore what to do.

She was forcing herself not to panic but it wasn’t exactly that easy. Not when she was with someone close to dying and there wasn’t any help she could get from nor any form of magic she could use.

She hated herself, she hated herself more than ever as she felt very stupid and felt that her so-called brilliant mind was of no use any longer.

She should not have fought him earlier and should have behaved as she was expected of her age despite their situation.

But he had angered her and he had left her for some sort of ‘work’ he had excused himself.

She knew he got fed up with her and she now regretted deeply all the words she had yelled right at him.

She regretted him finding out about the letters she kept for Harry.

“Professor, what do I do..” Hermione cried touching his hand beneath the sheets she had covered him under, “Professor.. please, please wake up..”

Hermione breathed heavily and tried to think straight and not panic at what she was doing.

She had tended well to the wounds, and she had stopped the bleeding but he now had a fever.

They were at the living room, next to the hearth of the fireplace that was already obviously warming and heating the temperature around them but the fever he was having was relentless.

Where else could she get heat to secure his worsening condition?

Hermione’s eyes widened at a sudden idea she had read somewhere before.

She stared at his suffering body and bit her lower lip.

It was the stupidest idea of it all but it could just save his life.

She was ofcourse reluctant, but it seemed logical seeing that the wand next to her was nowhere useful anyway.

Nervous and unsure, Hermione moved herself over the carpeted floor and had moved beneath the same sheets where he was on the bed she had made up on the floor.

“Uh.. professor.. I’m not sure.. I really don’t know what to do but this might help. This might just help and I swear I’m going to just do it for a few minutes.”

Hermione reluctantly moved beneath the sheets with an unsure head and a guilty conscience.

She slowly took off her clothes and left only her pair of undergarments.

She moved towards and closer her own professor and had placed her slightly shaking arm around him and slid it under the black long-sleeved shirt she found in his room earlier to change him into.

“Body heat.. body heat..” Hermione kept muttering and reminding herself that it was only for that very reason she was doing this and nothing else.

It wasn’t an easy decision for her though it seemed the most logical at the moment.

She had hated the idea of it but she had no choice.

But it did not make any less easy for her to decide on.

These past few days and weeks, she had been battling with herself about some ‘things and thoughts’ she had been having towards Snape – her professor.

She had reprimanded herself several times and had hated how these unwanted thoughts were crossing her head every time he was around or anywhere close her perimeter.

She wasn’t sure if she was having some ‘stupid crush’ over his intellectual side or if she was merely infatuated at the heroic deeds he was doing for them or if she was just completely running mad due to the course of their situation.

Nevertheless, she had tried her best to push these thoughts off her head and away from her and had kept her distance from him as much as she could possibly do so.

Snape seemed to be the same anyway – he was always distant if not indifferent.

But tonight, she would have to face these devilish and insane thoughts inside her head incase they attack her.

She was doing this for him, for his health and well-being.

She couldn’t let him suffer further and die with the fever.

Not when they weren’t alright and that the last time they’ve talked, they weren’t in good terms anyway.

She felt more guilty than ever.

Hermione moved her almost naked body beneath the sheets and laid herself next to him, securing him with the body heat she was giving off.

She placed her head behind his bandaged shoulder blades and had rested her arms tightly around him as she pulled the blankets closer and tighter around them.

“Professor, please be well.. please be well…” she silently muttered as tears came down her cheeks.

She couldn’t lose him. No, she just couldn’t lose him.

He was the only living being she had at the moment and if something bad does happen to him she wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

If he had been injured tonight by the Death Eaters or the Dark Lord himself and dies because of it, they will surely look for him if he stops reporting. And given that, they would surely trace him and his magic thus – tracing their place and finding her.

And everything they had gone through would be for absolutely nothing.

“Please be well.. please be well.” Hermione silently prayed, whispering words of comfort against his back as tears streamed down her face.

She felt both shameful and ridiculous at what she was doing but she didn’t really have a choice.

Her bare arms and legs were hung over him and she had pushed her body closer his so that the body heat she was giving off could be felt further by his.

She lay against him, silently crying and praying and hoping against hope that his fever would go down with this method and that he would also be well in a few hours because she did not know what to do without him.





Hermione’s eyes momentarily passed the bouquet of red roses at the foot of their bed and at Harry who was kneeling at the end of the bed holding it.

“I’m not seven or seventeen, Harry.” Hermione snapped returning her gaze at the book in her hand.

“I know you’re not.” Harry quietly answered.

Hermione did not say anything on the truth of his words.

“Hermione, I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“I don’t want either, Harry.” Hermione answered. “But you’re making it harder every day.”

“I’m sorry. I’m trying to change, aren’t I?” he asked her.

Although he knelt by the bed, Hermione could sense the struggle he had in him of holding back his anger.

“You’re trying but not hard enough. You’re angry all the time, Harry.”

“It’s not easy for me.”

“Neither for me.” Hermione answered her.

She kept her face passive and her eyes on the book.

She felt his movement across the bed.

He moved over the bed and laid himself by her legs that was across the bed.

“Hermione.” Harry gently whispered placing his hand over her knee. “I’m sorry.”

“I know you are.” Hermione said. “It’s fine. Let’s not talk about it anymore.”

“You’re not fine.” Harry answered. “And I know things are not alright.”

Harry moved closer and placed his hand over the book.

Hermione held it tighter.



“Mione please?” Harry said gently.

He moved his fingers on top of hers and gently caressed her.

Hermione heavily sighed and rolled her eyes at him.


“Please, let’s talk. This is ridiculous.”

“You’re being ridiculous.”

“You slapped me.” Harry had reminded her.

“Do you want me to remind you that you’ve done the same thing to me?” Hermione challenged him.

Harry’s eyes flashed in anger.

For a moment, Hermione thought he was going to do something again but he didn’t.

He only sighed and kissed the back of her hand.

Hermione let the book go so she could withdraw her hand away from him.

Harry moved further the bed and pushed the book and sheets away from him and advanced towards her.


“’Mione, please let’s talk..”

“Harry, let my arm go-“ Hermione gasped as Harry held both her hands by now and was holding her down against the bed.

Her face turned slightly pale at what he was doing.

He had moved closer her and was aiming to kiss her.

“Harry-“ Hermione warningly said. “Let my arm go if you want to talk-“

“No, let’s just make up for the whole thing-“ Harry whispered against her neck trying to reach for her and kiss her lips.

Hermione angrily nudged and moved him off from her and quickly scrambled to the other end of the bed.

She heard Harry angrily cursed but he didn’t do anything.

He slowly turned to her as he straightened his clothes.

He looked like he was struggling not to hit her again.

Hermione stared up at him, waiting for his hand to hit her or his words to be screamed at her face.

“I’ve tried, Hermione.” Harry spat getting himself off the bed. “I’ve really, really tried.”

She watched as he grabbed the roses from the end of the bed and hastily threw it on the carpeted floor.

Hermione watched him step on it on his way towards the door.

“Where are you going?”

“None of your bloody business.” Harry angrily yelled back at her as he exited their room and slammed the door very hard.





“Well?” asked a soft voice by the doorway. “Are you still going to deny it to me?”

Snape turned from the bed and saw Draco standing by her mother’s doorway.

He stood there with arms folded and a cold expression over his face.

He walked inside the room and stared over at Narcissa who was sleeping blissfully on the four-poster bed.

They were having dinner and had Snape and Bellatrix for the night when out of the blue, Narcissa began to rigidly shake and had collapsed in the dining hall.

Snape quickly tended to her while Lucius and Bellatrix Disapparated to the Dark Lord’s presence in order to ask permission and beg for Snape not to be summoned within the coming few hours or day because of what happened to Narcissa.

It was only Draco, Snape and Narcissa that were in the manor that night as they waited for the other two to return.

Snape stared up at Draco with a narrowed glare from his black eyes.

“It’s half past one, Draco. You need to go to bed.”

“I’m not seven.” Draco reminded him as he closed the door behind him and crossed the room.

He stopped next to the bed and sat at the edge and stared down at the sleeping form of Narcissa.

“She is only exhausted.” Snape simply said. “I’ve already administered the potions she needed.”

Draco did not say anything but Snape saw his fists were clenching at his side.

“Is everything alright?” he asked him.

Draco stared sharply up at him as if he was struggling not to hit him.

“When will you tell me the truth?” Draco quietly asked. “When she’s about an inch from her death?”

Snape sighed heavily and folded his arms.

“Like I’ve said, I’ve already tended to her needs.” Snape pointed at the table near the bed where bottles of potions were laid out next to a roll of parchment.

“What do you want me to do?” Draco angrily said. “Act as if everything is alright when I know it isn’t?”

“The instructions to the potions and which ones to be given and taken by Narcissa in the right hours and times of the day are on the parchment. I’m quite sure you know how to read and you can help your father tend to these things. Your aunt Bella would surely want to help out.”

“And where are you going?” Draco asked in a mocking tone. “Are you going to go back to your little pet?”

Snape’s black eyes flashed at him at the word he had used.

But he did not say anything.

No matter what Draco says, he wasn’t going to be affected. He was stronger than Draco in aspects more than one.

“I need to leave within an hour.” Snape simply said turning away from the bed and gathering some of his things from the table where he had quickly concocted a potion for Narcissa.

“What’s wrong with her?” Draco repeated and this time, it was in pure form of demand.

“Draco, I already told you that your mother-“

“You’re not fucking going to leave this room until you tell me what the fuck is wrong with her!”

Draco had drawn his wand out and was pointing it directly at Snape’s chest.

Snape wasn’t sure if he wanted to be amused at that moment or wanted to reprimand him for the stupidity he was doing.

“I’ve already told you that I am fucking not a seven year old you can lie to anymore!”

“Draco, lower your voice, your mother needs rest and she’s going-“

“You need to tell me and you would tell me right now what’s happening with her! What is fucking wrong with her!”

“Draco, I said-“

“I warn you, I’m going to use this against you if you don’t tell me – don’t give me bullshit that-“

“Draco, I said lower your voice and lower your wand. You do not need to do this. Your mother is well. She is only stressed and exhausted due to the things happening around-“

“She’s not a warrior or a soldier in this war so there’s nothing to stress her out there.” Draco pointed out at him.

Snape stared back at the boy, calculating his movements to ensure that he wasn’t about to hurt Narcissa on the bed between the two for them nor himself.

“Draco, I’m warning you-“

“I don’t give a damn if you’re keeping that Mudblood anymore, just tell me what’s going on with my mother. I have the right to know – I am his son and I have the right to know!”

“Draco, I said lower your wand before your hurt yourself or Narcissa-“ Snape warningly said seeing green sparks emitting from the end of Draco’s wand.

He stared back at his godson who was wearing a look of anger, fear and desperation over his face.

He knew too well what he was going through but he couldn’t tell him.

Narcissa made him promise and he has never broken any promise he had made with this woman he called as his only true friend.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Draco angrily yelled at him and another jet of green spark emitted again.

Snape had drawn his wand out now incase he had to suddenly attack or disarm him.

“I want you to bloody tell me the truth! She’s dying isn’t she?!” Draco demanded with tears forming at the lids of his eyes.

“Draco, calm yourself down and-“

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do!” Draco angrily yelled again. “Tell me about her! She’s dying isn’t she!”

Draco cried and glanced for a moment at Narcissa’s form.

She had gone very thin and face was always pale.

Despite her glamorous clothes and her finesse features, she had grown to be unrecognizable to those who do not see her often.

“She’s dying, isn’t she?!” Draco yelled at him. “Why don’t you – why won’t you tell me! I want to know! I have the right to know! I’m her son! I’m her son! I am her bloody son and I have the right to know if she’s dying! Please…”

Snape looked away from Draco.

He did not need to feel Draco’s anger and pain as well. He already has too much of that from the cottage.

“Draco, please. Your mother is-“

“She’s not well so don’t lie to me! I just want to know! I just want to  - I’m not a child anymore – I have the right to-“

“DRACO!” a cold and harsh voice had spoken.

They both looked up and saw Lucius and Bellatrix standing by the doorway.

He was looking very angry at Draco while Bellatrix looked very surprised at the scene before them.

She quickly moved towards Narcissa on the bed and held her close in her hand.

Snape looked disgusted as he moved away from the bed to make way for her.

“What foolishness is this?” Lucius asked as he walked towards the room.

One flick from his serpentine staff and Draco’s wand flew into his hand and Draco was left empty handed.

“I want to know what’s going on.” Draco asked in a controlled voice.

Lucius stared at his son and could read his thoughts through his angry and vulnerable mind .

“Your mother is well.” Lucius assured him firmly “This is her age catching up and her exhaustion from this war-“

“You’re going to lie to me too?” Draco angrily asked his father.

His eyes strayed from him then at Snape and back again.

“Draco, I suggest you go back to your room-“

“I said I’m not seven!” Draco yelled at Lucius. “You believe him?” Draco pointed at Snape.

Snape did not do anything.

He silently stood there watching Draco’s breakdown.

“You believe him father or you have completely no idea of what’s going on too?”

Lucius did not say anything.

He looked livid.

He never wanted to be thought of as ignorant from anything that he was supposed to know anyway.

“Draco, your mother is sick at the moment but she will be well. There’s nothing for you to-“

“I can’t believe you don’t know anything about it. And you?” he angrily turned to Bellatrix.

Bellatrix stared back at Draco with eyes wide.

It was the first time that Snape saw her as speechless and unknowledgeable about something.

“Draco.” Bellatrix whispered softly. “Sweetheart, your mother is-“

“You’re also going to lie to me?” Draco asked her.

Snape saw a glimmer of tear passed his face as he turned to his beloved aunt Bellatrix.

“Draco, sweetheart, no it’s just-“

“It’s either you’re going to lie to me or you also don’t know anything about what’s going on with her!”

Lucius looked like he had enough and Bellatrix looked stricken at Draco’s accusation

“I’m not an idiot!” Draco yelled at the three adults in the room. “I’ve observed my own mother. I watch her every single day and I see signs and see physical attributes in her that is not normal! I know something is wrong – I know something is terribly wrong – she’s dying! Why don’t you just admit it to me that my mother is dying!”

His cries echoed all over the large room of the manor.

Bellatrix looked away from Draco and stared at her sister on the bed as she held her hand.

“If she dies.” Draco slowly said as he turned to Lucius. “If she dies - you’re never going to see me again. I swear that. I swear that to her grave.”

And without another word, Draco left the room banging the heavy doors behind him.

Silence took over the room.

Snape heavily breathed and was the first one to speak.

“I’ve tended to everything, Lucius. Narcissa will be well as soon as she gets enough sleep.”

Lucius only nodded as he stared at the sleeping and pale figure of his wife on their elegant four-poster bed.

Snape nodded and turned to the door to leave.

“What are we not telling Draco?” Bellatrix’s voice suddenly asked.

Snape stopped from his tracks.

It was the very first time he had heard her tone like it.

There was no trace of lunacy, boast or anger in her voice or anything in particular that was her persona.

No, her tone was very low, clear and serious.

 It was as if it wasn’t her that had spoken.

“What is it that we are not telling Draco?” she repeated with her eyes focused on her sister’s sleeping form.

Snape closed his eyes and tried to control and suppress any possible expression from his face.

He wasn’t sure what to answer

 But before he could do so, Lucius had clearly spoken.

“Nothing.” Lucius’ tone was firm. “There is nothing for Draco to know because there is nothing to know.”

For a moment, another silence fell. Then to both Lucius’ and Snape’s surprise, a sound of what was like suppressed tears or the slightest hint of sniff came from Bellatrix.

“I am not Draco. I am not a child.” Bellatrix whispered softly. “I am not to be lied to about Cissy’s condition.”

Lucius and Snape stared at one another for a moment.

“I supposed that Narcissa will tell you if something is wrong with her.” Snape simply said. “You are her dearest sister. I believe that she would entrust you things she wouldn’t to others. I also believe that you would be the first to know if something wrong befalls her.”

A tear fell from Bellatrix’s eyes.

She did not say anything anymore.

And with that, Snape left the room without another word but only with a very heavy heart.






“Fuck.” Draco cursed staring at his godfather. “Fuck. How the fuck did this happen?”

He looked beyond angry as he stared at the bandaged head of his godfather.

He had visited prison in order to fix their discussion for the following trial only to find him with a bandaged head and a broken nose.

He pointed his wand over his nose and with a painful groan, his nasal muscles turned to its normal place as Draco fixed it.

“You bloody hell tell me.” Snape said shaking his head. “Or I think we both know how.”

Draco wasn’t sure if he wanted to break Harry’s nose at that moment.

He knew that he was desperate but he wasn’t particularly happy with how desperate he seemed lately.

His actions were becoming alarming by the moment and his main concern rests with Hermione’s well-being.

“We need someone to ask for a court order for Hermione to be out of Harry’s custody.”

“How brilliant.” Snape spat at him. “Potter is as good as her guardian. He’s her fiancé, remember.”

“If I can only summon her parents and all that shitload.” Draco said shaking his head.

“We both know you can’t.” Snape pointed out. “Remember that Hermione Obliviated them and last I know, it’s her decision to keep it that way. We don’t want them to suddenly remembering her and asking further questions. It will only further damage a lot of things.”

“I know that.” Draco said burying his face in his hands. “I don’t know what to do.”

Truth was that, he had a lot of things he could possibly think of doing but they were only going to complicate things.

“Can’t we have her in Lupin’s custody?” Snape suggested.

Draco shook his head. “And on what grounds?”

“For Harry’s unstable mentality.” Snape answered him.

Draco shook his head. “We have no evidence on that one. The evidence has to be a hard one.”

“Yeah, well right now we’re very short on that.”

“He not going to hurt her. Not to a certain point anyway.”

They both fell silence on the truth on that.

Harry might seem mentally unstable and he could be doing things that were beyond what was necessary, but they knew that he wouldn’t go overboard for what was at stake.

“So we’re going bank on the idea that he wouldn’t hurt her because he loves her?” Snape asked him.

“I think..”

You think?” Snape asked irritably. “Draco, the reason he’s hurting her is because he loves her – he’s obsessed with her!”

“Well I kind of have figure that one out, thanks!” Draco irritably said standing from the table and turning away from him.

Snape heard him curse over and over again.

“Calm yourself down.” Snape said seeing the frustration over his face. “This will not help us.”

Draco crushed the fine strands of his blonde hair and sat back down before Snape.

“Yeah, well I’m running out of things and ideas lately.”

“No, you’re going to find a way.” Snape replied. “We’re going to find a way. We must be patient.”

“Yeah, tell me about being patient. You’re the one in there.”

“Yeah, would you like to switch places?” Snape angrily asked him looking as frustrated as his godson.

“The trial is two days away. There must be another way of putting and tilting the balance off again.”

“Yeah, well while you figure that one out I need to go back to my cell.” Snape said standing up from the table.

“I just got here.”

“Yeah, well I’m not feeling well. My head still bloody fucking hurts.” Snape said and without another word he turned away from Draco and walked back to the door that would lead him back to his form of hell.






The door had burst open and all heads turned to the double doors.

“Is it true? Is this true? Where are they? Where is she?”

Everyone at the room stared at Harry who had come in three in the morning for the emergency meeting of the Aurors at the Minsitry of Magic.

He was on leave for quite some time now but a news unlike anything they have been expecting had suddenly come out several hours ago.

Remus Lupin entered the room after Harry and had closed the door behind them.

“Harry, calm yourself down. We’ve only been hinted about it.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” Harry angrily said. “I’m not seven goddamnit!”

They all stared at him and his loss of temperament once more.

It was becoming a habit and had become a trademark of him since Hermione had vanished without a trace many years ago.

“I don’t care what we got!” Harry angrily said as he turned to his old professor Lupin. “Something has turned up!”

Kingsley, the Minister himself, had stood from the head chair and had walked to Harry’s side.

The other Aurors began discussing things that Harry did not really understand at the moment.

“Harry, let’s talk. Calm yourself down first.”

“What did you find out?” Harry quickly asked staring around the room with wide eyes.

A Patronus from Kingsley had been sent to Harry but he did not really think that he would come down three minutes after sending it and that Harry would come down at the new Auror’s headquarters at that hour.

“What did you find out?” Harry repeated impatiently.

Kingsley grabbed a parchment from the table and nodded at it and handed it to Harry.

“Sources from this particular place had sent message that these names were triggered. We are still checking Harry to ensure that it is legit.”

Harry nodded vigorously and stared at the parchment he was handed.

It was a map and a parchment of message from another Auror at another place in Europe.

“It could be them-“

“No, it’s them.” Harry had said staring at the two names clearly written and scrawled over the parchment.

“Harry, we’re not yet sure. We need to check the legitimacy.”

“We’re going in right?” Harry hurriedly asked him. “This is sure, Kingsley. You’ve got to believe me.”

Kingsley stared at the boy in front of him. He could feel the tension from him and the anger that was slowly rising.

He was slowly regretting informing him about what they found out and had thought if he should have told him in a later time.

“I would have someone look in-“

“NO!” Harry angrily said.

People stared at them and Lupin had to walked behind Harry to grab his hand back gently.

“Harry, let’s talk-“

“No, Remus!” Harry said. “This is the first time – you hear me? The first time in a very long time that a source this informative and this precise and specific has been sent to us – it’s them! IT’S THEM! I’M QUITE SURE IT’S THEM!”

The Aurors around the room were all looking at Harry as if he had lost his marbles.

He turned back to Kingsley as he read through the parchment.

“Is this the place?” he asked them pointing at the certain point from the map. “Is this where?”

“We’ve traced that it came from this particular place.” Kingsley pointed out helping Harry understand the linings created around the map and the notes all over it.

“Who’s your source?” Harry asked as he created his own markings and notes over the map.

“Someone from the closest city from Beltane.”

“How did they trace it?” Harry asked reading through the travel guide at the side notes.

“The Ministry has connected office across the globe, Harry.”

“I see. How did their names come up? I mean, how come – after all these years?”

Kingsley stared at Harry then quietly at Lupin whom he had spoken to before Harry.

“Harry, perhaps we should leave the other particular details for the Aurors to study. What’s important is that we’ve already got a traceable location-“

“Where were they traced?” Harry asked Lupin and Kingsley in a firmer tone.

He looked at the two and knowing them for a long time now, he knew they were keeping something.

“Well?” he asked them both with a raised tone.

He lowered the parchments in his hand with his wand still firmly held in his other hand.

Kingsley looked like he did not want to answer and Lupin looked like he wanted to hit Kingsley for calling them at that hour.

“Their names came up at a smaller branch of an office that resembled the Ministry.” Kingsley said unable to keep it anymore from Harry.

“And?” Harry asked.

Kingsley nodded at Lupin who sighed heavily and gave Kingsley a threatening glare.

“Professor?” Harry asked turned to his friend, confidant and father-figure.

Lupin heavily sighed and walked closer to Harry.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked his voice shaking. “I want to know what’s going on!” he angrily demanded.

Lupin pointed at a certain location at the map and nodded at him.

“Their names came up from the office that had magical tracks and records that were connected in the Ministry of Magic were their births have been registered that quickly notified our Ministry that they are looking for their records in order to use them for something.”

“Use for something?” Harry asked turning to Lupin. “What office were they traced from?” Harry asked.

Lupin looked at him with a deeply concerned look over his face.

“Marriage Registry Office, Harry.”

No word came from Harry.

 Except that the next thing they knew, both Lupin, Kingsley and the other Aurors close to Harry had come running after him and were calling his name and yelling some warnings  after he blasted his wand on the floor from shock and anger and had stormed out of the room without another word.




A breakfast buffet seemed to have been laid out for Hermione as she woke up the following morning.

The previous day wasn’t well and this morning was another of those days they were going to try. Or rather, one of the days when Harry wasn’t going to force another ‘try’ on their relationship.

All her favourite breakfast dishes were laid in the dining table and Harry was wearing all smile in his face as he finished the platter of pancakes for her.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Harry said pulling up a chair for her.

Hermione did not say anything.

A frown was worn over her face as she sat down on the chair anyway.

She was getting tired of this routine.

They always fought and a few hours later, Harry would act as if he did not hurt her – physically or emotionally at all.

It was maddening her.

“Would you like to eat here or in the living room?” Harry asked her.

“Why would I want to eat there?” she quietly asked as she grabbed a plate across the table.

“I have a surprise for you there. You can go and check for yourself.”

Hermione stared at his kind face. It reminded her of the smile he always wore in their so-called ‘Hogwarts Days’ – a reality that was very far now.

“Go on,” Harry said, “I’m still finishing the bacons.”

Hermione nodded at him not wanting to stay in the dining at all anyway.

She quickly walked to the living room wondering what surprise that could be this time.

Walking in, she wondered what it could be until she saw it.

About seven really large boxes lay open on the carpeted floor.

Hermione walked over to the boxes and read the labels.

They were special editions and selections of various of books that Harry had obviously ordered.

He was spending more and more money everyday in order to please her.

Hermione knelt on the carpeted floor to check out the selections of books until her hand froze in mid-taking one of the books from the boxes.

Her eyes narrowed and she frowned.

She pulled the boxes nearer her and quickly went for the labels on each box.

Harry had walked into the room and he was wearing a proud smile over his face.

“Bacons are ready.” Harry announced. “You can take a book and bring in the dining or should I bring the food in here?” he asked happily.

Hermione was frozen on her spot on the carpeted floor.

It wasn’t the money Harry had been spending or wasting for her lately that was scaring or alarming her at that very moment, nor was it the smile he was wearing over his face that scared her at that moment.

But it was the titles and selections of books written over the boxes that Harry had just bought her.

They were all the very same selections, editions and titles of precisely each and every book that Snape had in their cottage at Beltane.

 The very same amount and titles of books that Snape had given and bought her through all those years they had spent together at the cottage of Beltane.






Snape heavily breathed as he walked down the empty white corridors.

 This was a suicide mission.

He wanted to turn back, he wanted to run away from it but he knew he couldn’t.

It was the right thing to do.

And she was waiting for him to fulfill his promise to her.

Despite that he had already passed scathed-free the main entrance and three more hallways as he reached the elevators that led to the twelfth floor, he still felt nervous as hell.

His only consolation was that Narcissa had come true to her word as always.

Her connections had made sure that his entry at St. Mungo’s would be untraceable and of completely stealth.

He had his entry at east and had not come across anyone along the way.

Her measurement of time and her ability to predict all possible obstacles and how to evade them all still astounded Snape.

He had reached the last floor as the elevator doors opened for him at the final floor.

He only needed to walk down this empty corridor and at the very end was the very room he was looking for.

Garbed in his travelling cloak and a hood that kept his face well-hidden, Snape continued to walk down the corridors with hand inside his cloak ready with his own wand if every something goes wrong from their original plan.

As he reached the last hallway that would lead him to the double doors at the end of the hallway, he had found himself walking opposite from two wizards that had just left the double doors.

He halted from his steps and had quickly stopped and walked stealthily closest to the wall watching them turn another corridor where a staircase could be found.

He had memorized the full map of St. Mungo’s and he was sure that unless they turn back from the staircase, he would not be found at all.

The moment they vanished from sight, Snape quickened his footsteps and soon he had reached for double doors.

He stared at the double doors and pulled out his wand.

As expected, the room was heavily warded.

But he did not come unprepared.

Uttering an incantation that only a very few people knew of from the hospital, Snape muttered the charm that turned down all spells casted to protect the room he was about to enter.

Snape took a mental note to congratulate Narcissa on informative, how resourceful and useful Narcissa’s connections were in comparisons to her husband’s.  

Snape breathed heavily as he pushed the double doors and entered the large room.

It was a very large room that held two long tables at the end of the room where potions of sorts were laid out and a smaller table where other necessary hospital supplies were spread-out.

Snape walked further to the room and halted only halfway through the destination he came from.

A very large bed with sheer white beddings was at the end of the room.

It took a lot more of courage and will from Snape for him to continue his halted steps.

He heavily breathed and walked forward and closer to the bed.

Once there, he slowly took his wand out and stared down at the person laid on the bed.

Harry Potter, unconscious and vulnerable as he had ever been was laid on it.

Wires of sorts were connected all over his skin like some sort of life-support.

Snape stood before the boy that had been there for weeks and weeks now.

The war was far from over and the light side of the war was not going to win until this boy recovers from the magical comma that embedded him into a very deep sleep.

Snape stared down at the boy and how he looked like his father more than ever only because his eyes were closed and the emerald orbs that resembled that of her mother were not visible.

Snape wasn’t sure if this was what he truly wanted but he knew that it was what must be done.

But what knackered his conscience deep down was that he knew he wasn’t doing this because the light has to win but because she had begged him to save his life.

Dumbledore had asked him to save anyone he could.

But he was about to save this spawn of the man he hated more than anyone all his life not because the headmaster has asked him nor because the world needed him… but because she desperately loved him.

Snape tried to suppress the emotions he knew were starting to show on his pale face.

Knowing he was wasting time, he slowly took out the vial from the innermost pocket of his cloak.

He stared at the bluish content shimmering inside of it.

It had taken him all his energy and effort together with hours and hours spent to create this potion.

It had also taken great damage on Hermione’s side.

But most of all, it had taken his last remaining memory of ‘her’ to create this potion.

A few hours ago, it was mere potion and a separate ingredient. Not potion and ingredient were one.

He stared at the vial in his hand and knew the contents inside of it, the effect it would provide and the memories now being held within the potion.

He pointed the tip of his wand over the stopped and it slowly dissolved and had turned into what looked like a very pointed end.

Snape stared at the vial and the glimmering bluish potion inside of it.

He could not help himself but think twice if he was going to administer it.

He knew it was the right thing to do.

But once the boy awakens..

There was no undoing it once the enchantment of the potion is administered.

Snape held the vial tightly in his hand.

He kissed it gently as if bidding goodbye to the last memory of his last love he had ever had with a tear forming within his black eyes.

Snape breathed heavily as he prepared to administer the potion to Harry still blissful upon the bed before him.

He was about to check his arms when he heard it.

There was commotion outside and he could hear hurried footsteps coming down the stairs and the hallways.

He was suddenly very alert at the sounds he heard.

He could not be seen there at all costs.

It would endanger himself and he would endanger the boy and will cost everything he had been working so hard for.

He grabbed the boy’s wrist and suddenly, an alarm had gone off in the entire room.

Snape cursed as red lights and a hail-like howl began screeching from the room.

He was going to get caught.

He turned back and let Harry’s limp arm go but the alarm did not stop.

There must have been some sort of protective charms within the bed’s perimeter that he had passed through and did not notice.

He looked around him and at both his arms seeing wires tangled all over him.

He would not be able to place the vial’s point at his wrists because it may collide with the other potions being administered directly through his veins.

The voices and hurried footsteps outside grew louder and closer the room.

Snape’s black eyes ran around him and all over Harry’s body looking for a place to administer the vial’s point.

When he no longer had any choice knowing time was running out and people would be bursting inside the room any moment now, he had come to sudden and unfazed decision.

Snape moved closer the bed and had grabbed Harry’s arm and with all his strength, had moved his limp and unconscious form to the side.

Holding it firmly so he could balance him and he would not fall back into place or would turn over his stomach, Snape used his free hand and took the vial in his hand.

He hurriedly inched up the white hospital robes he was wearing and had found a perfect spot right around his ribcage.

Without thinking twice as he knew he was running out of time, Snape stabbed the vial’s point thoroughly through that part of his body and watched closely as the potion slowly dried out from the bottle and had gone through the vial’s point and through Harry’s skin and had slowly administered itself through his body.