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Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter Twenty 





“Master Malfoy?” asked a voice.

Draco looked up and saw his old assistant by the doorway of his office bringing in a tray of tea.

“Come in, come in.” Draco ushered as he looked up from the parchments all over his desk.

It was nearly two in the morning.

“You must rest.” the old man had said serving the tray before him and staring around the documents all over his table.

“I’m just finishing some things.” Draco said stretching up from the armchair. “ They are needed for the next trial. I also need to work on the document that will request extension for the trial.”

“You work very hard like-” he paused momentarily.

“Like my father?” Draco asked with a slight smirk as he looked at the tea tray over his desk.

The old man shook his head.

“Like your mother.”

Draco did not say anything.

He only smiled.

“She would have been proud of you.”

“You think?” Draco asked him with a sly smile.

The old man nodded.

“Very proud.”

Draco nodded only and stared at the work at hand.

He wanted to make her proud of him.

And he knew that releasing Snape of a crime he did not commit would make her proud wherever she was.

He knew how close they were and how important Snape was for Narcissa.

He knew her love for him as a dear friend and how she would do anything to protect him.

“They have been very good friends.” the old man had said. “Incredibly good friends. I remember the days when Mr. Snape would be here - when you were young and he would carry you over his shoulders.”

Draco smiled at him but he barely remembered the memory of it.

“Did he?” Draco asked with genuine curiosity.

The old man nodded.

“Your mother always said he would carry you onto his shoulders any time he would see it fit.” the old man said observing his gaze. “It was a joke for her but I know that Mr. Snape took that seriously. He was very fond of you.”

Draco did not say anything.

He could barely remember the good memories with Snape at their house when he was younger.

But despite not really remembering those days, it does not matter.

He knew they were true anyway.

“Do you believe he is innocent?” the man had asked him. “Do you believe in him, Young Master?”

Draco stared at him and at the documents over the table as he recalled the memories he’s been shown, the words and stories of Hermione and Snape.

He wasn’t sure what to do really.

“I believe he is.” Draco slowly answered as he stared over the parchments as if looking for something.

He looked up at the old man who stared at him with a knowing smile.

“I believe of his innocence but it will take me more than enough time to prove it. There must be something out of this.. an escape of some sort for him.”








“Miss Granger if you already feel sleepy I suggest you go upstairs.”

 “What time is it?” she sleepily asked him as she closed the book in her hand and lowered her legs from the couch in the small laboratory.

Snape looked up at her from stirring the potion by the long table.

“It’s time for you to rest.” Snape simply said without telling her the time.

Hermione stared and shook her head several times to clear her visions.

She must have dozed off for several minutes or so.

“Is it done?” Hermione asked him.

She put the book down on the couch and stood up and walked back to the potions table where the large cauldron had its potion at boiling point.

“Nearly.” Snape replied as he added what looked like some black powder over the mixture.

Hermione watched the powder disappear in the boiling solution.

The smell around the room had changed. It smelled like some sort of garden around the room.

“What’s that?” Hermione asked sniffing around. “Is that it?”

“It’s the Essence of Life.” Snape replied without removing his gaze from the cauldron he was continuously stirring.

“I need a smaller cauldron for the last stage.” Snape said pointing at the cabinet beneath the table.

“Oh, yes. Sorry.” Hermione quickly bent down and opened the drawers and found the one that held smaller cauldrons.

She pulled one and placed it over the table.

“What do I do next?” she asked, feeling completely awake now.

Snape continued to stir the solution in full concentration. He was counting the stirs.


“Give me a moment, Miss Granger.”

His black eyes were focused over the boiling potion as he stirred it in a perfectly smooth manner.

Hermione stared up at him and knew he had been up for nearly 24 hours.

His stamina was quite astounding and his ability to focus despite the exhaustion in his body amazed her.

“You should rest after we do this.” Hermione told him preparing the place where some of the potion will be transferred.

“I’m fine.”

“I’ll cook for you.” Hermione offered with a small smile. “The least I can do for you.”

“The moment we finish this I need to bring this to the hospital.” Snape simply said.

“As soon?”

“As soon.” Snape repeated. “It has to be taken at the least within twelve hours.”

Hermione watched him silently as he prepared to transfer an amount of the potion at the smaller cauldron.

“Have you figured out how you’re going to get there?” Hermione asked him. “I mean, how you’re going to get there without being seen?”

Snape did not answer her as he finished counting the stirs and lowered the rod.

He breathed heavily and a large towel from the end of the table and slowly began scooping some of the potion from the larger batch onto the smaller cauldron.

“I have.” Snape said as he settled the potion and continued to transfer certain amounts. “Getting inside is easy. It’s the getting out that might be a little tricky.”

“Do you..” Hermione slowly began clearing her throat. “Do you need..”

Snape stared at her momentarily and knew what she was going to say.

“You know you can’t.” Snape simply said.

Hermione bit her lower lip.

“I was going to ask if-“

“Hermione, you can’t come with me.” Snape said as he placed the final scoop of potion. “We’ve already talked about this.”

He lowered the towel in his hand and stared at her in a mixture of seriousness and suppressed impatience.

“Professor Snape, I’m only going to-“

“You can’t.” Snape said with finality in his tone. “Please understand the risk I am about to take. And I cannot risk you.”

“But how do we know?” Hermione asked him. “How do we know if it’s going to-“


Hermione stopped and nodded coherently.

His tone had already differed and she was sure to get the bad end of it if she does not stop.

“Things will be better after this.” Snape said. “You need not to worry.”

She did not say anything.

She watched him carefully read through the steps of the potion for the last time.

“Should I stir it now?” she eagerly asked him with a small smile. “It’s already the colour we’re waiting for.”

“A few more minutes. Three more stirs clock wise and fifteen counter.” Snape read out loud.

He lowered the paper and stared at the solution.

“I’ll stir?” she asked him staring at the colour of the potion that seemed to be ready already.

“Not yet.” Snape said shaking his head.

“But the colour-“

“It’s nearly there but not yet. There is a perfect colour and timing for it, Hermione. Wait for it.”

Hermione nodded and watched him walk to the other end of the room.

“Watch over it.” Snape said.

“I will.” Hermione replied.

Snape stared at her with a quiet warning.

He knew how much she wanted to finish the potion as soon as possible.

“Hermione, it’s not yet ready. I’ll go upstairs and get something. Where’s the final ingredient and the vial?”

“The second vial is here.” Hermione said pulling something out from the pocket of her pajamas. “The ingredient is in my bedroom on top of my desk on top of..”

“Why is the other one upstairs? I thought you were already holding it.”

“You told me to keep it away for a while until it was needed.”

Snape did not say anything but he looked slightly annoyed.

“I’ll get it upstairs if you-“

“No, stay here. I’ll get it. Just hold that empty vial.”

Hermione stopped talking and nodded at him.

“Don’t touch anything.” Snape warned her eyeing her suspiciously. .

He quickly left the small laboratory and headed upstairs.  

Snape felt beyond exhausted.

The potion had taken hours little longer than he had expected and this was the only time he ever had to make it and the steps weren’t quite easy.

The potion and the ingredients itself were complex. Creating it was another story.

But he had to make it.

He had to make it and in a few hours, it had to be delivered to its drinker.

Snape reached her bedroom and entered the room.

He inhaled the familiar scent of her dark tresses and the smell of the small vanilla-rose candle he had given her the previous night to help her fall asleep better due to her nightmares.

He walked over to her small desk and quickly found what he was looking for.

It was a smaller vial where he was going to transfer the ready-made potion later.

He was to place there the final staged potion and downstairs, in Hermione’s hand was the other half of the enchanted vials.

It was the most crucial part and ingredient of the potion that would make its drinker return to his or her former and complete state.

He held the bottle in his hand.

This last ingredient will never be available again once he uses it.

He took one glance at its contents with a heavy heart and soul.

“This is for you.” Snape whispered kissing the bottle gently. “For you..”

Snape breathed heavily and his eyes slowly fell over the parchment on the table where the vial had been.

Hermione’s familiar scrawl could be seen through it and the first word that catches his attention was the name ‘Harry..’.

It was a letter for Harry.

He slowly opened it just out of mere curiosity.

He knew that she had no means of communicating with the boy but perhaps she had hoped that his leniency and her luck these past few days could be pushed further.

He was about to open it when he heard it.

A loud crash and an ear-piercing scream that came straight from the depths of his small basement laboratory.

“Hermione!” Snape called in slight panic.

There was no answer but he could hear the cry of agony.

Snape quickly pulled up Hermione’s drawer and stashed the vial back inside it together with the parchment.

Her cries began to echo around the house.

Snape, driven by fear and panic, dashed out of the room and down the stairs as fast as his long legs could possibly carry him.

He had skipped most of the steps from the stairs and had seemingly flown down as he rushed back to the laboratory hearing the ear-splitting cries.

“Hermione! Hermione!” he called out in complete panic as he already had an idea of what had happened.

Snape pulled his wand out and reached the doorway of his lab.

The moment he entered and saw the scene before his eyes, his heart seemed to have stopped and his whole body shook in complete fear and panic.

Hermione lay helplessly on the floor crying and calling for his name.

The smaller cauldron had toppled over from the table, had fallen next to her and had spilled all its contents all over the floor and across Hermione’s legs.

The clothing from her pajamas had quickly burnt out and her skin was quickly melting, red and blistered from the boiling potion that spilled through her skin.

“Oh god, no.. Hermione.. no..” Snape’s voice seemed to have returned after a moment of being paralyzed by the doorway in shock of the scene before him.

He waved his wand around and the cauldron had moved away from the edged of the table and the spilling and dripping potion had slowly disappeared.

Hermione’s eyes widened in relief upon seeing him.

She opened her arms to him and was crying so hard in pain at the burning potion over her skin.

“Professor.. p—professor..” she wailed unable to stop the shaking of her voice upon the pain she was enduring.

“Hermione-“ Snape croaked out panic and fear growing inside of him as he saw the damage done as he tried to move Hermione. 

“Aaaaargh! It burns! It burns!” Hermione screamed as she dropped the second vial in her hand and had tried backed away from the cauldron.

“Evanesco!”  Snape commanded, and the caldron disappeared altogether.

 He ran over to her. “Let me see it.”

Hermione felt a hand trying to bring her to her feet. “I can’t walk,” she cried as the boiling potion scalded her thigh and dripped over her legs.

“I need to see it,”Snape said, roughly pulling her leg to him.

“I can’t stretch it out!“ she wailed as the pain burned deeper. “Don’t touch it. It hurts!”

“I said I need to see it!” Snape barked, and without warning, he scooped her in his arms and carried her back to their living room and set her on the couch.

“Granger, I need to see it,” he told her as he tried to stretch her legs, but she remained curled in a ball. “I need to—“

“It hurts when I move it—“ she cried, not wanting to see her own burning skin beneath her pajamas.

“I told you not to touch it! It was not yet ready!” Snape spat.

 He grabbed a pillow and placed Hermione’s leg over it.

“Really! You’re going to scream at me right now about what I did or didn’t do—aaaaah!” she screamed again. Her skin was blistered. Either he had to do something about it or they’d have to go to the hospital.

 Her impatience had ruined an important potion.

“Granger, look at me,” he said, kneeling next to the couch. “I need to see it so I can heal it. You need to stretch out your leg for me.”

“It hurts, I can't move it!” she wailed, trying to shove him away. “It’s burning my legs!”

“I can see it’s burning,” he spat, losing his patience with her.

He took out his wand and rolled up his sleeves. He tried to calm himself down so she wouldn't panic. “I need to see it so I can heal it. “

“No! It hurts.“ She tried to shove him away, but he grasped her wrists tightly.

“Granger.” He took hold of her arms, but she shook her head and refused to move. “Granger, look at me. Hermione! Please look at me,” Snape said softly. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him. He saw the pain in her eyes as the potion continued to burn her skin.

He breathed heavily .“Hermione, you need to trust me. You know I can't take you to the hospital. I need to see it so I can heal it now, please.” He was growing impatient, but he also knew that he couldn’t do anything without her cooperation. The seconds were ticking. The more she delayed, the more damage the potion would inflict.

“It hurts.” she whispered, reaching out for his arm as she shook her head. “It really hurts.”

“I know,” Snape whispered as he knelt closer.  He realized that he had to take off her pajamas  so he could fully see the damage. He looked at Hermione, and she seemed to sense what he was thinking. She closed her eyes and more tears spilled out.

“Please just make it stop hurting.” She lifted her upper body and started removing her pajamas.

Snape swallowed hard as he watched her. When they were halfway down her thighs, she refused to move any more. He slowly placed his hand over the waistband. “Hermione, I need to—“

“Just do it.“ Hermione said, biting her lower lip in pain and embracing the other small pillow he’d given her. “Please hurry.” She looked away, unable to watch.

Snape nodded and muttered an incantation as he placed the tip of his wand over her pajamas. He traced a line down each leg, and the material sliced itself following the path of his wand. He winced at the sight of her beautiful skin marred by the burns. He knew he could repair it, but it would take time for her to heal completely.

“Hermione,” Snape said, still reluctant to touch her skin. ”The potions I'm going to use are going to sting, but you need to just hold still and it will be all right.” She didn't seem to hear him. He whispered a Freezing Charm and pointed his wand over the burn marks.

“This will cool it down a little.” He carefully turned her face. “Hermione, look at me.”

Hermione stared up at the Potions Master. She’d never seen him so worried.

“I'll go get the potions.” It looked as if she was on the verge of passing out from the pain.

She nodded incoherently and pressed his wrist tightly. “Please help me,” she whispered, tears in her eyes.

“I will,” he said, and without knowing why he did it, he moved towards her. “I will, love. Just hold still. I'll take care of you.”

Snape’s voice echoed somewhere in her head as her eyes closed in pain. She blacked out after that.

 “I’m here.” Snape whispered, tears straining his eyes, “I’m here sweetheart.”

He gently kissed her forehead and unconscious form.

Despite knowing that she possibly couldn’t hear him anymore, Snape kept whispering words of comfort for her as his eyes strained with tears at the sight of her figure.

“I won’t leave you.” Snape assured her. “We’re going to fix this. You’re going to be alright. Just hold still.. just stay still, love.. I’m going to heal you. I promise you, you’re going to be alright, you’re going to be fine. I am here.. I am here.”




Snape wasn’t sure what exactly has happened in the last few minutes but he was sure that the pain caused to him did not even scare him the slightest bit.

He knew this was bound to happen sooner or later but he had to admit that he did fear it happening to Draco. He could only hope that he was better at that moment than he was doing.

He had been literary dragged by three individuals from his cell.

His hands were roped at his back, a cloth had been placed around his mouth and eyes but he knew that he was being dragged only to another room.

It was the middle of the night and it told him that it was going to be longer than usual.

He heard a door being opened and closed and then he was pushed back into a chair.

With his sharp senses, he could tell he wasn’t in another cell but in another room instead.

The temperature in the room told him that he must be in the upper floor of Azkaban.

He heard footsteps settling and then fading away before the door had closed.

He breathed deeply, waiting for any sound or movement around him.

He wasn’t sure what made him think so but he could sense that someone else was left in the room.

And then he heard it, a chair being pushed from the table just at the opposite side of his.


And out of the blue, he felt the sharpest pain as someone from the back had forcedly, strongly and purposely banged his head with face forward the wooden table in front of him.

He did not speak but he inhaled sharply at the pain that his forehead and nose had just endured.

He felt as if his nose had been broken and he could feel the leaking of blood from his forehead.

He felt dazed and had barely recovered when another blow came but this time, it was harder and stronger than the previous.

He almost screamed in shock and pain but he was still able to control his voice despite the pain.

His nose was now bleeding and he could feel like his brain was being rattled off its place.

“Did that hurt?” asked a very familiar voice. “Cause I’m not quite sure if the pain made any impression on you, professor.”

Snape sat still and shook his head with a small smirk spreading across his clothed covered mouth.

“What’s that?” asked the voice.

He heard a chair being pulled in front of him.

Snape shook his head again and felt more blood dripping from the side of his head and nose.

“Oh sorry. My bad. Here, let me help you there.”

Another sharp pain as he felt his face suddenly turn from the other side and back as the cloth from his mouth had been pulled away without the slightest warning so he could speak.

He breathed out heavily, coughing at the pain and the lack of air.

“You were saying something, professor??”

“Are you done now, Potter?” Snape asked calmly.

He listened at the unnerving silence around him.

The chair moved again.

“No.” Harry quietly answered him. “I’m just actually warming up.”

Snape smirked at his answer.

He moved his head side to side as the blindfold was kept over his eyes.

“It’s actually stupid. You putting this blindfold on me. It’s not like I don’t know who you are.”

“You don’t know me.” Harry answered him. “Not anymore.”

Snape did not say anything as he listened to the voice of the boy he had taught for so many years.

He could tell that there was indeed something different there.

Something almost sinister.

“So are you going to torture me, Potter?” Snape asked him.

Harry breathed deeply as he stared at the man he despised more than anything or anyone in the world.

He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with him.

Murder was ofcourse on the top of his list but that would give him a leeway; an easy way out of everything that he had done.

And he must pay for everything that he had done – slowly and severely.

“Why are you here?” Snape asked as the silence around him almost bored him. “Come now Potter, you wanted a brawl, did you not?”

Harry did not speak.

He stared at the man he wanted right now to kill with his bare hands but that would make his life easy.

He hated him for all that he was and everything that he had done.

“You’ve taken everything from me.” Harry whispered. “I’m going to make sure you rot in here.”

“By all means, Potter,” Snape whispered at him. “I’m more than ready to rot in here.”

“Are you happy?” Harry asked him. “Are you happy for what you have done to me and to Hermione?”

Snape did not answer.

He shook his head.

“Your arrogance makes you jump into conclusions. But then again, you are James Potter’s son. What is the difference?“ he silkily whispered. “Nothing.”

He almost laughed and it gave Harry another reason to want to hit him at that moment.

He stared at the man he despised so much.

He was there, at his mercy and yet he wasn’t sure what he really wanted to do with him.

“You sit there and feel like all of this is a joke?” Harry whispered. “You’re going to pay for what you’ve done to Hermione.”

“You know nothing so I wouldn’t waste my time answering to all of these.”

“Hermione does not love you.” Harry said. “She must be disillusioned but she does not love you.”

Snape did not say anything to that.

He remained quiet.

It made Harrry smile momentarily.

“She was scared of you.” Harry spoke after a while. “She had always been scared of you. Whatever you two shared in that cottage for all those years – you think she will love you? No, no professor - you’re disillusioned if you think she loved you. She might have followed your whims and wills but that was all because of her fear of dying and being murdered.”

“Suit yourself for the reality you want to settle into, Potter.” Snape said with such calmness in his voice that Harry wanted to strike again to just make him feel the slightest panic.

“Hermione does not love you.”

Snape did not say anything.

“Hermione will be well soon and she will wake up from this illusion you’ve made for her. She will realize what a monster you were and she will bring you down at Azkaban.”

Still, Snape remained quiet.

“Hermione has never and will never love you.” Harry’s voice came closer as he spoke giving him the idea that he had advanced a few inches forward him.

“She only followed you because she did not want to die. She only followed you because she pitied the man that you’ve always been.”

Snape’s fists clenched behind his back but he tried his best to not say anything to Harry.

“All those ten years?” Harry asked him. “Hermione is a victim. But that does not make her any less smart. She might have been traumatized but she would come around and she would see the monster that you really are.”

“A monster?” Snape asked him slowly. “Have you checked yourself on the mirror lately, Potter? Because you see, I heard otherwise.”

A sudden blow came as Harry reached forward across the table.

He grabbed him by his long hair and had banged his face forward another time.

He screamed in pain but Harry could hear his smeared laughter beneath his bleeding lips and nose.

“You’re the only monster in this room.”

“Look at yourself, Potter.” Snape said spitting out the blood from his mouth. “Take a good look at yourself.”

Harry’s fists were clenching at his sides and he was very much tempted to use the wand inside his robes.

He had managed to get inside Snape’s cell and have him out despite the precautions given by Kingsley and the warnings by the Ministry and other Aurors.

There were no rules against him seeing Snape but knowing their history together and Harry’s uncontrolled temper from time to time, they knew it wasn’t a good idea.

But Harry was Harry Potter, the Chosen One and the savior of the Wizarding World.

There was nothing that would ever be forbidden of him to gain for whatever favor he would wish to ask.

“If I could kill you now, I would.” Harry whispered dangerously. “The only reason you are still alive is because I know you would suffer longer in these celled walls and at the hands of the Dementors.”

“Suffering?” Snape asked with an insulting smile. “You are still as naïve as ever, Potter. You think that suffering is only gained by physical pain. Look at me now.” Snape said looking up at him. “Look at me now and tell me you are not enduring any form of suffering.”

Harry did not say anything.

He was shaking with so much range in him that he felt he could just kill him with his bare hands now.

“Suffering is not only physical pain, Potter.” Snape’s soft voice echoed around the empty room. “I’m quite sure that for the past years you’ve learned that. How long has that been-“

“Ten years.” Harry cut him short. “You’ve taken ten years from me and I’m going to make you pay for each of it.”

There was danger in his eyes that resembled that of what Draco had described of him.

The dangerous gleam in his eyes that was surely hurting and scaring Hermione – his Hermione.

“Hermione will never-“

Another loud strike from Harry’s hand.

His lip cut and bled and Harry’s fist hung up in the air.

He was breathing fast and heavy and ready to strike again but Snape looked nowhere intimidated by him at all.

“How could you do all those things?” Harry quietly asked him. “How could you do all of those things when Dumbledore trusted you! The man had trusted you with his life!”

This time, he did not say anything. Not a word nor expression from Snape.

It was the first time in a long time he has ever heard of the old man’s name.

The mention seared some pain in his chest at the memory of him.

If he had any choice, he would have done differently.

“He trusted you!” Harry angrily screamed banging his fists on the table. “He trusted you! I trusted you!”

There hung a silence right after.

A silence that was a result of shock from the two of them.

Harry did not expect himself to say that nor did Snape expect those feelings from the boy he had loathed for so many years just because he was the spawn of his greatest rival at school.

He did not say anything. Nor did he look up to stare at the familiar emerald eyes that gleamed of anger for him.

“If you have nothing else to say, Potter. I’d like to go back to my cell seeing that you are not planning to kill me at all tonight.”

Harry was breathless as he stared back at the man.

He wanted so much to kill him. But it would have been mere mercy.

“You must think this celled walls are mercy, Snape.”

“These celled walls are more than mercy, Potter.” Snape answered him.

Harry looked up at him with question in his eyes.

He did not understand it.

Snape’s voice seemed almost remorseful.

“I could kill you.” Harry whispered holding his wand inside his robes. “I could.”

“I know.” Snape quietly answered.

He actually nodded at his hand he knew holding his wand.

Harry looked at him with so much hatred in his eyes.

“How could you.” Harry whispered. “I trusted you.”

Snape did not answer him.

He turned his head away from Harry.

“Know that I will find ways and ways to make you suffer.” Harry’s voice was full of hatred that Snape knew if he could only Avada him at that moment, he had already done so.

“I do not deny anything, Potter.” Snape answered him. “I will not stop you from doing what you want to do with me. But I ask one thing of you.”

“You have no right to ask me of anything.”

“Mercy, Potter.” Snape said. “Give her leniency and mercy that you cannot show me.”

Harry’s eyebrow raised.

“I love her.” Harry said. “I have always loved her and you took that opportunity away from me!”

Without warning, Harry had suddenly attacked him.

He grabbed him by the neck and with all his might and force, pulled him off his chair and punch him twice.

Snape, with his hands bounded behind his back was unable to defend himself.

But he did not look like he wanted to fight back nor defend himself at all.

He fell back on the floor in silence.

His black eyes were staring out of nowhere.

Harry stood over him with such rage all over him.

He had pulled his wand out by now and was pointing it directly over his left temple.

“The only reason I’m not yet blowing off your brains right now is because I know that you deserve the Dementor’s Kiss.”

“I deserve nothing in life, Potter.” Snape whispered. “Kill me now if you wish.”

The wand over his temple was deepening and it pained him but he was not scared incase Harry does the Killing Curse on him.

Maybe it was really better this way. Perhaps it would have been better to die this way.

“Kill me now.” Snape repeated softly without any left expression over his face. “But spare her. Spare Hermione.”

His hand was shaking in anger.

The Killing Curse was already at the tip of his tongue.

“Spare Hermione, Potter.” Snape whispered. “Spare her from the anger you are feeling for me. She does not deserve to suffer the way I do. She has done nothing.”







Draco entered the study in the West Wing of the manor and was surprised to see Snape in the room.

He entered the room to get the book he had left the previous day.

Snape was quietly sitting over the long couch at the other end of the room and had not spoken a word to him since he had entered the room.

Draco had found the book he needed from the table but he wished to know why Snape was there.

There was no Death Eater’s meeting and his father was away with the Dark Lord.

The only possible reason for him being there is for Narcissa.

He was curious.

Draco moved about the room looking for books across the shelves despite that he was really not looking for anything.

When he could no longer take it as his curiosity was killing him already, he crossed the room and decided to talk to Snape.

“Why are you here?” he asked fishing as he continued to pretend that he was looking for something from the tall book shelves in the room.

Snape did not answer immediately.

 He finished the tea served for him.

“For your mother.”  Snape said.

Draco nodded and took out a book from the shelf and opened it as if searching for something.

“What for?”

“Excuse me?” Snape looked up at him with a raised brow.

“I said, why do you need to see my mother?” Draco answered continuing to flip through the pages.

“Should there be a specific reason for me to see her?” Snape asked back. “Am I not allowed to see my friend?”

Draco smirked at his answer.

Snape lowered the cup in his hand and stared at Draco with curiosity.

“My mother called for you for some reason.” Draco answered. “I want to know why.”

Draco snapped the book shut loudly and turned to Snape.

Snape did not say anything.

He walked over to where his godfather was and halted right in front of him.

“Why are you here?” Draco asked him. “What do you want from my mother?”

Snape looked up at him and wondered where all these curiosity and questions were coming from.

“Are you deaf?” Draco asked him.

“Have you lost your ability to be respectful, Draco?” Snape quietly asked him.

“I asked you.” Draco said folding his arms in front of him. “You are in my territory. I am permitted to know everything I want to know.”

Snape raised his eyebrow again and stared up at him with such amusement over his face.

“Go upstairs Draco.” Snape said. “Your mother and I would need to finish some important business that does not concern you.”

“Right.” Draco said with a spiteful look over his face. “It concerns her, doesn’t it?”

Snape did not say anything.

“It concerns only two things, right?” Draco asked him. “It’s either about that Mudblood’s whereabouts or about my mother’s health. I’m not stupid.”

Snape did not say anything. He was losing his patience.

Where the hell was Narcissa?

He had been waiting for half an hour in the room.

“I do not understand what you’re talking about.”

“Liar.” Draco spitefully said. “You know where she is and you know something is wrong with my mother and you wouldn’t tell me-“

“Draco, I suggest you go upstairs because this meeting really does not concern-“

“Where is the girl?” Draco angrily demanded. “Where is she – I know it, I know you know where she is and you’re hiding her and you know what the fuck is wrong with my-“


They both looked up and saw Narcissa enter the room looking livid.


“Go upstairs.” Narcissa ordered him as she walked to them. “Severus and I have something to talk about.”

“I want to stay here and hear about it.” Draco stubbornly said knowing that wasn’t going to work anyway.

 “I’ve just been telling Draco-“

“Draco, please go upstairs.” Narcissa’s voice was quiet but it was serious.

Draco stared at Snape’s gloating expression and back at her mother.

“Mother, please. I want to know what’s going on – nobody’s ever telling me anymore what’s-“

“Draco, I said go upstairs because Severus and I-“

“NO, MOTHER!” Draco yelled back at her with an enraged expression.


 “I WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!” Draco angrily yelled moving forward Narcissa.

“Draco, stop it!” Snape angrily warned as he stood up from the couch and quickly grabbed Narcissa from Draco’s advances.

Draco moved forward and pulled Narcissa from Snape’s grasp but he did not let her go.

“I want to know what’s going on!” Draco angrily said. “I know you know where she is and I know that you know what’s wrong with my mother!”

“Draco, I said go upstairs and-“

“Draco, stop it!” Snape warned and this time there was worry in his voice as he stared at Narcissa.

Her eyes had widened and she clutched her chest painfully.

Draco quickly let her go as she fell unconscious at Snape’s arms.


“Call Lucius.” Snape yelled up at Draco as he slightly shook Narcissa’s form in his arms. “Draco, call Lucius.”

Draco did not say anything. He felt like he couldn’t move a muscle.

Snape’s tone was alarming.

Draco’s eyes widened and tears filled them. He felt like he was frozen at the spot as he watched Narcissa’s unmoving form in Snape’s arms.

“Draco!” Snape yelled waking him from his reverie, “Draco, call Lucius! Use the enchantment that Bellatrix taught you-“

“What’s going on – mother – what’s happening to her –“

Draco did not know what to do but panic was rising inside of him.

Snape had taken his wand out and was gently touching its tip all over Narcissa’s body as if casting something to ease whatever she was enduring inside.

“What’s going on with her- what’s-“

“DRACO!” Snape angrily said looking up at him. “Send the enchantment to your father – NOW!”

Draco nodded and spoke incoherently and he pulled his wand out and began casting the enchantment that Bellatrix had taught her a few weeks ago.

He wasn’t sure what was going on at the moment. But he did what he was told.

Tears streaked down his pale face as his eyes watched Snape move Narcissa across the room while he began hurriedly chanting the spell from his wand.

He stared in horror as Snape carried Narcissa’s unmoving body on the couch and was casting charms after another with great fear and worry written all over his face.