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Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter VIII

The Secret of Narcissa Malfoy 


The rain gave no absolute consolation to Hermione’s feelings that weekend afternoon.

Days were passing and there seemed to be no solution to what she and Snape had to face at the trials.

On the first weekend morning, Mrs. Weasley invited them over for breakfast.

When Harry noted that they couldn’t an owl returned and two hours later, Ginny, Fleur and Bill were by their apartment carrying with them a package for brunch.

Harry no longer refused but was glad of the effort they made in order to try and put Hermione’s mind off the case.

Despite her excuses to get out of bed because she was ‘feeling unwell’, Hermione greeted them in the dining and joined them for the meal.

While Bill and Harry finished their meal and joined together in the living room for some drinks, the girls were left in the dining where Harry was convinced that Ginny and Fleur could take Hermione’s mind off things and make her happy and cheerful even just for a while.

“You alright?” Bill asked Harry as he entered the living room carrying a bottle of wine with him.

“Fine.” Harry lied opening the bottle and pouring drinks for the two of them.

Bill was intelligent and observant enough to know that things were not well at their end and it wasn’t just because of the case.


“All is well, mate.” Harry said raising his glass and resting on the couch opposite Bill.

He looked back at Harry with a questioning glare.

“Really?” he asked. “Are things really well?”

Harry only mumbled and drained his first glass.

“I thought she wasn’t feeling well.” Bill said stating her refusal to her mother’s invitation that morning.

“Well, you’ve noticed it already.” Harry said with resignation in his voice. “She’s completely different since she’s returned.”

“Maybe she needs time.”

“I don’t know.” Harry said staring over his glass and refilling it again. “It feels.. different. She’s completely changed. I’ve really been trying but there’s just something amiss.”

Bill looked concerned over his story but he was more concerned on how alcohol was becoming Harry’s occasional bestfriend.

“Fleur and I are here for the two of you.” Bill suggested taking the bottle from his hands as he refilled his third glass already.

Harry nudged his hand and finished refilling it before handing it back to him.

“You want some more?” he asked him with a hiccup. “There are more bottles in the kitchen-“

“I think we’re already fairly well with just one.” Bill said taking the bottle out of his reach and staring at him.

He looked at his friend and could tell that things are not well even as early as this stage.

They’ve been friends and they know of the suffering he’s endured since Hermione’s disappearance.

Now she’s back, despite that they anticipated adjustment and changes, he seemed to sense that something worse was still to come.

“Harry, we’re here and you know that, right?” he said staring closely at Harry who seemed too occupied thinking if he would open another bottle.

“Yes, I know.” Harry mumbled at him. “And I thank you for that. Cheers mate.”

He raised his glass to Bill and waited.

Bill stared at first then toasted his glass to him which he’s barely touched at all.






 “It’s still raining so hard.” Hermione commented. “Is there news of a storm or something?”

“It’s September, Hermione. What do you expect?” Snape answered without looking up from what he was reading.

“I’m not sure.” Hermione irritably answered him. “I’m all locked up here it’s not like I can track everything down perfectly well.”

Snape ignored her.

It was half past eight in the evening.

Although he left very early that morning, he had arrived later than she had expected of him.

He left her a good breakfast and lunch and left her a note.

It usually scared her to just see a note from him telling her that he’d be back with no specific time.

She fear that he’d just abandon her for some ungodly reason.

He arrived late but atleast he arrived.

He was drenched in his traveling cloak but with large bags of groceries and other tools and kits and box complete of new fresh potions ingredients.

He left the living room and walked to their kitchen where she soon followed

“Where have you been?” she asked him.

He didn’t answer her.

He began organizing the table to prepare their dinner.

“I asked you a question.” Hermione demanded.

Snape looked up at her for a moment.

“I bought groceries, obviously.” Snape returned to the table and pointed his wand around where plates and utensils appeared and began arranging themselves over the table.

“Just groceries?” she asked him.

Her voice was somewhat accusatory but still, Snape managed his own temper.

He was silent but he was curious what answer she was seeking exactly.

“Just groceries?” she asked again.

“Is there something you would like to just ask me?” he lashed back at her finally losing his patience.

Hermione looked taken aback but she didn’t hold herself down.

Usually, she was never really allowed to inquire about his whereabouts and about anything at all.

But it had taken him hours to return and she was smart enough to know that it wasn’t just grocery shopping he had gone to.

Hermione didn’t answer him but he could tell that her eyes were still on him.

He continued to fix the table.

“I had to run a couple of errands.”

“Errands.” Hermione repeated blandly.

“It was last minute.” Snape said in a restrained voice. “I also saw a book in one of the bookstores I’ve passed when I crossed the town. I thought you might like it.”

Snape moved away from the table and went back to the living room.

Hermione soon followed him.

Hermione watched quietly as he rummaged for something in one of the paper bags.

“Here.” Snape said taking out something and walking back to her. “I thought you might like it.”

Hermione stared up at him and stared over the book he was offering her with a small smile over his face.

Without warning, she threw it away from her where it pelted off from his hand and landed back onto the carpeted floor.

 Snape’s black eyes widened at what she had done.

His fists clenched and he stared down at her shaking in anger.

 “Bloody hell.” he muttered, he bent over to pick it up but Hermione was fast and she quickly kicked it far from him.

His black eyes shot right up at her burning gaze. He sighed heavily and tried to hold his patience and he moved away from her.

 “I don’t have time for this.” he muttered but Hermione was really trying his patience. She moved about and Snape heard her throw away the bowl of food she had been eating from before he arrived.  

 He halted on his footsteps, rolling his eyes and sighing heavily, he slowly turned to her.

She was sitting on the couch and staring scathingly up at him.

 “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” he asked her and with a whip of his wand, he cleared away the mess she had made.

 “That’s it?” she asked him as she watched Snape move away from her after cleaning her mess.

“You’re just going to say that and walk away from me?” she asked with a smirk, “You’re not going to say anything else? Do anything else?” she asked provoking his patience further, “You’re not even going to punish me for this?” she asked crossing her arms.

 But Snape moved away from her waving his hand up in the air and ignoring her as best as he could.

 “Really?” she screamed after him.

When he continued walking away, Hermione stood from the couch and with an angry stance, she launched herself behind him and nearly knocked them both onto the slippery kitchen floor.

 “Bloody hell, Hermione!”

With a fierce movement, he snatched her arm and held her up painfully, “What the hell is wrong with you?” he angrily snapped at her.

 “YOU!” Hermione angrily screamed at him her eyes burning with anger, “You – you bloody hell – you bloody liar-“

 “Liar am I now?” he angrily spat at her, “Last night I was nowhere near-“

 “You liar! You told me that everything is alright!” she screamed against his grip, “You told me that everything is alright but it’s not!” she angrily screamed at him.

Snape stared at her in anger and then she angrily pulled something from beneath her pillows. It was a crumpled piece of paper and she threw it right at his face.

  “What the hell-“

 “Hell, that’s what this place is!” Hermione breathed out angrily watching him bend down to pick up the piece of parchment she had thrown right at him, “You tell me that you’re not a liar.”  

 He bent over and picked it up and smoothened it all over and read thoroughly.

The question in his sides had spread all over and a horrified look came over his face.

He looked up at Hermione who had tears in her eyes but was giving him a mocking smile.

 His face turned pale.

“Hermione, wait. I can explain-”

 “Now you would like to explain?” she angrily said, she backed away from him.

Snape tried to reach for her but she moved away from him.

 “You liar – you told me-“

“Look, if it was something sort of horrid, I would have told you-“

 “It says in that goddamn letter that you’ve been seeing Narcissa Malfoy secretly!” she screamed angrily at him, “You told me we are far from everyone – that it would be safe that way – but you’re seeing her – you’ve been seeing her!” her eyes were wild in question and in anger and Snape was unsure how to calm her down.

Snape did not know what to say. She was breaking down in front of him and he could understand why.

 “Severus, I have not seen my friends, my family – my parents in ages because you said it is unsafe if we go anywhere near any of them – any of the people you know!” she cried at him with such despair and hatred in her eyes.

Snape was at loss for words.


 “And now.. now you would.. she was.. “ she shook her head, her whole body shaking in anguish, “You said.. I don’t understand, I don’t..”

“Hermione, wait,” he said trying to follow her around the room to reach for her, “I can explain to you, it’s not what you’re thinking – please, just listen o me and I will explain to you why I’ve been seeing Narcissa, yes, I admit it now – I have been seeing her but there’s nothing to keep-“

 “Nothing to keep?” she wildly asked him back, she sighed heavily trying to dry her eyes from the tears that were streaming nonstop, “Now you’re going to tell me the truth because you’ve been caught?” she asked incredulously, she halted from moving around as Snape caught her arm and was staring at her in a pleading manner.

“Hermione please..”

 “If I’ve not known of the letter would you tell me?” she asked him turning suddenly, her brown eyes glinted as her gaze pierced his heart.

 “Would you have told me had I not read this letter?” she asked him shaking in anger, “Answer me, Severus!” she screamed at him with her fists clenched as she hit him over his chest.

  “Hermione, please-“

Hermione cried and he was sure that the sound of the pain was as unpleasant as how it felt.


Hermione’s whimper brought a heavy chain over his chest.

“Have I not been enough for you?” Hermione had asked sorrowfully. “Have you been keeping me just to be your plaything?”

 His black eyes suddenly showed fear like he had never shown her before.

 “No.” Snape quickly answered her advancing towards her and reaching out for her.

“Hermione, please.” Snape begged her.. “It’s not what you think of--“

“Are you just keeping me because you need someone to sleep with?” she cried at him.

“No, please.” Snape softly said. “Hermione, it’s not-“

“Severus, I cannot..”

“No, I have not been keeping you for that reason, Hermione, please.”

He grabbed her with both his arms and tightly placed them around her, keeping her in a forced and tight embrace.

 “Let me go – get your filthy hands off me – if you’ve been touching her, if you’ve been kissing – if you have been having-“

 “I have not been having anyone but you,” he struggled to say as Hermione fought against his tight embrace but to no avail, “I have not been lying to you – I might not have told you I’m seeing her but please.. please believe when I say that I have not been with anyone but you-“

 “You’ve been seeing her!” she cried in his arms kicking herself free from his grasp, “You’ve been – you’ve been keeping me here and you have been having that Malfoy woman-“

 “Narcissa is dying,” he suddenly said in a constricted tone that suddenly halted Hermione’s movements and protest, “Narcissa is dying, Hermione. I’ve been seeing her to keep her alive with the potions I make for her.”

There came some silence and Hermione completely went limp in his arms. He took a harder hold on her and began brushing her thick brown hair and gently kissing her forehead.

“Please, I have not been lying to you.” he whispered against her skin.


 “I couldn’t tell you because I swore to her that I would not tell a soul that she’s dying..”

 Hermione didn’t say anything. Her thoughts of his lies were suddenly diminished and were replaced by thoughts of question.

Narcissa? Narcissa Black Malfoy?

The powerful Malfoy woman was dying?

How could that be possible? She had last seen her perhaps at the battle or when she was at the Malfoy Manor a lifetime ago and she was nowhere sick-looking for her to just be dying right now.

 “Draco does not know.” he whispered against her ear.

Hermione seemed to lessen her struggle against him.

“Nobody knows about it Hermione. Not anyone else.. but not it’s just me and you.”

“But..” Hermione croaked out. “It can’t. Narcissa Malfoy.. but she’s..”

“A deep and old cruse embedded in her blood.” Snape slowly explained to her as he continued to grasp her.

“A curse?”

“She’s dying. Anytime soon she can die. I’ve been keeping her life longer with the potions I am making for her. That’s wy she knows where we are – that’s why she knows of my secret.”

“She knows about me?” she softly asked him.

There was silence.


“Yes.” Snape admitted to her. “She knows you’re with me.”


“I keep her alive and she will keep my secret.”

“She trusts you? And you trust her?” Hermione asked with a definite anger in her tone.

“She expects me to protect Draco in any way I could.”

Hermione was silent.

It was one of those revelations again that she didn’t expect.

What was really happening out there in the war?

Did the enemies she thought of are the real heroes?

They could only hear one another’s labored breathing.

“Does Draco know?” she slowly asked him. “Does Draco know about me?”

“No.” Snape answered after a while. “Draco does not.”






 “That’s a nice book,” came a voice next to her. Hermione shook her head and turned to her left side. Her mouth fell open upon seeing Draco next to her holding a copy of the one book she was holding.

She shook her head, closed the book and quickly returned it to the shelf.

“I have to go, I’m sorry.” Hermione said quickly closing the book and turning away from him.

But she wasn’t fast enough.

Draco had reached her in time and had blocked her way.

She looked up at him and then he let her pass.

“Granger.” Draco called after her following her aisle after another

Hermione didn’t answer him.

“Isn’t there a hearing?” he called after her. “At three? Why are you still here?”

“It was cancelled.” Hermione simply answered him. “They owled us two hours ago. I’m not sure when it would commence.”

“That’s good to know then.” Draco said. “Would you like to have lunch or coffee with me?”

“I’m not hungry.” Hermione answered him truthfully. “And I also don’t think it’s a good idea to be with you.”

Draco looked hurt for a moment and Hermione realized her mistake.

“It’s not entirely what I meant.”

“I get what you’re trying to say.” Draco said with a small smile.


“Maybe just a few minutes?” Draco offered her. “Just a coffee or something.”

She looked up at him with a reluctant look over her face.

Draco could tell that she was completely avoiding him and thinking of a reason out of his offer.

“I’m sorry, Malfoy. I have to go.” Hermione said completely turning away from him.

Draco didn’t know why, but he followed her and grasped her arm upon reaching her again.

Hermione turned and looked backed at him.

She looked uneasy so he quickly let her arm go.

“I’m sorry.” Draco quickly said realizing that he might be reminding her of some trauma she’s endured from Snape.

Hermione didn’t say anything but was rubbing her other hand over the spot around her arm that he had touched.

“I didn’t mean to.” Draco apologetically said. “I just thought that-“

“If I give you this hour while I wait for Harry will you promise not to bother me every again unless it’s entirely imperative?”

Draco’s eyes lit up.

That was new of her but he quickly accepted nevertheless.

“I swear.” Draco answered her. “Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know.” Hermione said looking away from him. “I haven’t been here for some time.”

“The same here.” Draco said with a smile. “But there’s a café that my mother takes me to when I was a child. I think it’s still around. Do you want to check it?”

“Lead the way.” Hermione said quietly.

He offered his hand to her but Hermione refused to take his hand and only nodded for him to move forward.






 “Happy Anniversary!” he greeted her with a small smile.

He placed his arms around her and kissed her neckline as she received him in her arms.

Her eyes were wide at the red bouquet of roses.

She was beyond delighted.

It’s been so long since she held anything so beautiful and so fresh at the same time.

“Thank you.” Hermione answered him with a soft kiss. “This is beyond beautiful.”

“Well it’s something to be celebrated.” Snape answered her. “And you are beyond beautiful than anything or anyone else.”

Hermione didn’t say anything.

She only smiled back at him.

It has been two years now.

Many things had come to pass and changed in the outside world.

Things has also come to pass and changed between the two of them.

Ron Weasley had come to pass away together with Order members and many other nameless casualties.

The Minister of Magic had been replaced by Kingsley himself.

Things were changed into order and despair in the outside world.

And yet to all these things, Hermione had been quiet oblivious and unknowing.

She knew only the things that Snape wanted her to know.

And she was aware that it wasn’t everything to be known out there.

It has been two years as she had traced down.

She kept a hidden spot in the cottage for which she created drawings and timelines and charts of events in accordance to whatever things Snape were telling her.

Some of the things aligned together which she concluded were truth.

But there were a lot that didn’t.

And so it confused her and she knew that there were things he still refused to tell her about.

It devastated her deeply but she knew that she had no choice.

It was this way of surviving or some worse situation she may come across with.

No real news ever reached her.

No newspaper nor any owl post – nothing.

She was in absolute isolation from the outside world and her life solely depended with Snape and everything she knew were only the things he preferred for her to know.

She had been so used into this kind of living that she even surprised herself that she was surviving this way.

But it was still survival and she desperately needed to survive.

They ate dinner and drank the expensive wine he had bought for them.

They kissed and she knew that things were to remain as it were for the coming days.

She knew he had some sort of job somewhere across town, some two hours from where the cottage was.

They never discussed it fully.

No, they never really discussed things over.

He would come and go and get back home to the cottage bringing in everything they or she needed – food, clothes and even books.

He tended to absolutely everything she’d ever need and look for.

He seemed to never run out of supplies as they were always abundant of everything they needed.

She got tired of asking as their discussions would always not end well.

“Sev?” she asked looking up at him.

He laid her over a beautiful white mattress by the fireplace for which he filled and scattered with both red and white roses.

He wanted to make sure that their anniversary wasn’t something she’ll likely forget.

“Yes?” he answered kissing her gently.

“I was thinking. It’s been quite long and perhaps we can.. you can allow me to see them?”

He stopped from kissing her and he looked down concernedly at her.

“Are you not happy here?” he asked her softly.

Hermione’s eyes quickly narrowed in panic.

“No, it’s not like that.” Hermione said reaching up to him. “It’s just.. I miss my mother and.. well the others as well-“   

“I don’t think it’s the right time to talk about this.” Snape said filling her mouth with wine from the glass next to them.

Hermione swallowed and stared up at him.

“But I was – “

“The last time I checked they were alright.” Snape simply said and she could already hear the irritation in his voice.

She kept quiet then.

She didn’t like it when she angered him.

She bit her lower lip and looked away from him.

He drained the glass first before returning to her.

He repositioned himself on top of her and began kissing her neckline again.

“It’s been two years. I thought maybe we can visit them on Christmas or something – “

“There have not been much changes, Hermione-“

“Not much changes?” she asked unable to stop herself from reacting.

He looked down at her and stopped kissing her again.

“Not much?” she asked him irritated. “Was Ron’s death not of any significance and difference?”

Her eyes were wide as she spoke and she pushed him off from her.

Snape was silent as he looked back at her stricken state.

“Of the deaths of the people out there? Of the fall of the Ministry of Magic? Of Gringotts? The attack on those Muggle states you’ve told me about – what about those? Are these things not important? Are they not big differences in the span of two years, Severus??”

He was silent as he looked back at her.

“I’m sorry.” Hermione angrily said. “I can’t toast tonight.”

Snape watched as she grabbed the blanket from the end of the mattress and began covering herself with it.

“I’m sorry.” Snape whispered grabbing her by the wrist.

“I want to go to bed.”

“Please, don’t go. I’m sorry.”

“Severus, let me go.”

“No.” Snape answered. “You’re staying here with me.. please.. Please don’t ruin the night”

Hermione stopped moving.

His hand had turned gentle as his voice did so.

She looked up at his black eyes that were seemingly longing deeply for her presence.

He began to move his fingers over her legs and gently caressed her at her most sensitive parts.

“Sev-“ Hermione moaned as he moved his arms around her and began kissing her again.

“Please, please don’t ruin tonight.” Snape whispered gently.

He placed soft kisses around her and soon enough, Hermione felt her body relaxing and responding to his touches.

The moment she did, he quickly captured her lips and once again enamored her into his passion for her.

Capturing her attention and her will easily, he kissed her deeply and gently pushed her back down on the bed of roses he had made especially for her.




  ‘Happy Anniversary’ Hermione read over the envelope in her hands.

“Well what do you think?” Harry asked watching her reaction at the large chocolate in her hands and the pair of tickets to the international book fair they were going to.

“Happy anniversary?” she said back with a reluctant smile back at him.

But before she could do anything else, Harry moved to her and captured her lips to his.

“Harry, stop-“ Hermione said pushing him from her.

His eyes narrowed at her sudden refusal.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t slept again since she returned to him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her restraining the anger in his tone.

Hermione looked up at him.

“Nothing.” Hermione said. “I’m not – I haven’t washed up and all-“

“It doesn’t matter.” Harry said advancing towards her again but Hermione moved herself away from him.

“Stop it.” Hermione said pushing him. “I’m serious, Harry.”

“I’m also serious.” Harry shot back at her. “Hermione, please-“

“Stop it.” Hermione said moving away from the bed. “I’m serious. I’ll meet you downstairs.”

And then without another word she left him in silence in the room.



The book fair was the best offer Harry could think of that would cheer Hermione up. But to his utter astonishment, it did very little to cheer her mood.

He was able to purchase tickets for the fair that granted them special access and purchase discounts in all the books in the great book fair.

Great selections after another were placed all over gigantic aisles – the Hermione he knew would have bought almost everything in within sight at the first few steps upon entering the large arena.

But they’ve already been walking for almost an hour, has met some old Hogwarts professors and renowned Ministry officials and some Hogwarts governors as well as some old friends from Hogwarts but still, Hermione had not decided on which book to get.

“The tickets will grant us the largest discount, ‘Mione.” Harry reminded her as they’ve barely bought anything at all. “Are the books not good?”

“They’re fine.” Hermione dryly answered as they walked down another long aisles at the book fair.

“I’ll buy you anything you want.” Harry cheerfully said taking his hand into hers and placing his other hand around her waist.

Hermione shifted and moved away from his arm.

“Yeah, I will tell you if I want something.” Hermione said.

Harry didn’t say anything as they continued to walk down the aisles of selections.

He didn’t understand it.

This should have cheered her up.

“Harry! Hermione!” someone had suddenly called from the other side of the aisle.

They both stopped and turned.

Old Quidditch Captain Oliver Wood came towards them with his wife behind him and a small toddler tagging along his arm.

“Yours?” Harry happily asked.

“Mine.” Oliver said in reply as he shook hands to the both of them. “My wife.”

They both nodded and smiled at the woman who smiled cheerfully back at them.

He took the toddler into his arm for a kiss and handed the child to his wife who left them.

“How are things?” Oliver asked them.

He had been away for years and he was in town for vacation.

“Getting better.” Harry replied taking Hermione’s hand into his.

Hermione smiled and nodded at him.

Ofcourse Oliver was aware of what has transpired to Hermione over the years.

He only smiled back at her.

“Just in the country for a short vacation. We’ll be back in Russia soon.”

The two others nodded noting that’s why she looked not like an English woman and had a different accent.

“I met her on a tour.” Oliver said. “She’s very patient and all.”

“She’s very beautiful.” Hermione commented.

“Thanks.” Oliver replied. “She’s half British. She’s writing about my team when I met and well we dated and that’s where it all began.”

“Good for you.” Hermione commented. “I’m sorry, I would like to check something over that aisle.”

Hermione squeezed Harry’s hand and then she walked towards the other direction.

Harry nodded at her and they both stared at her disappear behind aisles of books.

“Everything good?” Oliver asked Harry.

Harry shook his head.

“I’m trying.” Harry replied. “I’m trying to make things better but I’m not sure if it’s working.”

“Give her time.” Oliver said patting him over the shoulder.

“Have you read the papers?” Harry asked him “Have you heard?”

“I’ve heard.” Oliver answered him. “I don’t understand too why she’s defending him.”

“The fucking bastard manipulated her mind, that’s what.” Harry coldly said.

Oliver looked concernedly up at Harry.

“We’ve got all evidences down.” Harry continued. “But I don’t get why she’s all over into protecting him.”

“Maybe there is a reason?” Oliver suggested.

Harry gave him a glare but he didn’t say anything.

He shook his head.

“I don’t know.” Harry said. “I’m going crazy thinking of things to cheer her up but nothing seems to work.”

“Is she well though?” Oliver slowly asked him in fear of offending him. “Like is she well?”

“She’s fine.” Harry answered brushing his hand up in the air. “We’ve had her check and all.”

“To be honest I’m as surprised as everyone else to find her alive.” Oliver said shaking his head. “Everyone thought that..”

“Everyone else thought she’s died.” Harry said and there was something else in his tone.

“I don’t want to say anything because we all don’t know what really happened, Harry.” Oliver said as he reluctantly stared back at Harry. .”But you’ve got to admit that he did take good care of her and had helped her survive the war.”




“Mother, are you in here?” Draco opened the door and entered her mother’s bedroom. “Father is looking for you.”

His eyes scanned the empty room as he entered.

His burrows furrowed as he saw two open luggage over the bed, a paper bag of dresses and two other bags of goods and necessities.

“Oh, Draco.” Narcissa gasped as she entered the room from the bathroom.

She looked slightly stunned at the presence of his son in her bedroom.

She crossed the room and quickly closed the bag with dresses.

“Are you going somewhere?” he demanded of her as he walked closer to her mother.

“I was just.. I’m just packing some things..” Narcissa replied. “Do you need anything?”

“Father is looking for you.” Draco only repeated staring at her and then looking back at the bag she quickly stashed away.

“I’ll be right out.” Narcissa said.

 “You’re going somewhere.” Draco pointed out at her.

Narcissa looked up at him unable to hide it any longer.

“I’ll be back in two days. I just need some fresh air.”

“Fresh air?” Draco asked back. “You need to bring bread and blankets to get some fresh air to wherever you’re going?”  

Narcissa watched as her son scrutinized the contents of one of the bags and he even bent down and picked up a fallen clothing from the floor.

“I don’t think this will fit you.” Draco pointed out yet again.

He lifted up what looked like a night dress that was way smaller in size than of her mother’s tall physique.

Their eyes met.


“Where are you going?” he demanded again and this time there was hatred in his voice. “Where are you going mother? Where are you bringing all these things?”

Narcissa didn’t answer. Her gaze upon her own son was wavering and her hands were slightly shaking.

“It’s for a friend. I’m only visiting them for a few days.”

“A few days.” Draco repeated, folding his arms he watched as her mother packed away the rest of the objects. “Do I know this friend of yours?” he asked her.

Narcissa didn’t answer.

She continued rearranging the bags at the other side of the room and turned only when he heard Draco cross towards the end table at the side of the bed.

“Do I know this friend of yours?” he asked, staring at the small bottle in his hand with bluish liquid inside it. “Do I know these friends of yours, mother?”

Narcissa’s eyes turned to slits.

She stared at his own son who reminded him a lot of her husband.

Draco suddenly picked a small bottle from the bed.

Narcissa’s eyes widened as he held it in his hand.

“You see, that’s the thing, mother. You used to tell me everything. Now, you seem to lie to me.”

He threw the bottle up in the air –

“Draco, no!” she screamed at him but Draco caught the bottle back in his hand and stared from her mother and to the bottle and back again.

“What is this?” Draco asked her opening the lid and smelling its contents. “What is this mother?”

“It’s nothing.” Narcissa lied to him. “It’s nothing, give it back to me.”

Draco’s eyes turned into slits this time. He placed it closer to his mouth.

“You’re not going to tell me?” he asked her lowering it to his lips. “What is this mother?”

“That’s – Draco, put that down this instant.” Narcissa ordered coldly.

She tried to look authoritative despite that Draco already knew that she was lying and fearful that he was going to drink it.

“You’re not going to tell me?” he asked him with defiance in his voice.

“Draco, I am warning you.” Narcissa took a step forward.

“Well then.” Draco smirked at his mother. “If you prefer not telling me might as well-“


Both Draco and Narcissa turned and saw Lucius by the doorway with his wand. He was closing the lid once more and was staring angrily at Draco.

“I asked you to call your mother and not waste time dwindling on some nonsense.” Lucius entered the room and handed Narcissa the bottle.

Draco stared at his own father with pure hatred in his eyes.

“I also asked you to stay in the library because your dear aunt Bella will teach you a special spell today after our meeting.”

Lucius stared at him for a full moment before turning to Narcissa.

 “I need the key to the West Wing’s door that leads to the gardens. The Dark Lord has requested to make that area a place to store in some artifacts. I will wait for you downstairs.” And with that, he turned away from her and gave Draco a stern stare before leaving the room.

Narcissa was silent.

She breathed heavily and pocketed the bottle.

“Do what your father asks of you.” Narcissa quietly demanded of him.

She crossed the room to get the key from the drawer when Draco spoke.

“You know where he is.” his voice was low but meaningful. “You know where they are mother. I’m not stupid. Why are you helping them?”

Draco suddenly turned and faced her mother who looked both angry and stricken at him.

“What are you talking-“

“Mother, they’re looking for her!” Draco angrily said. “They’re going to kill you if they find out that you’ve been helping him keep her-“

“I don’t understand what you are talking about – Draco, let my hand go-“

“Mother, please. Let her go. I don’t understand why you’re keeping her – what’s going on -  why he’s keeping her-“

“Draco, let me go this instant!” Narcissa angrily said.

They stared at one another for a long while and Narcissa could see the desperation and fear in her son’s eyes. He was scared and unsure of their fate in the war.

She was seething in anger. Draco was stunned by the look that her mother was giving her. He had never seen her so angry with him before.

“Mother, you’re going to kill yourself if you help them.” Draco told him, walking to her he reached his hand out to her.

“Draco, stop this inst-“

“Mother, please.” Draco softly said and he got down on his knees and without warning, he had placed both hands around the hem of her mother’s dress.


“Mother, I beg you.” His voice was filled with worry. “Mother, please don’t help them. Don’t tangle yourself up to this war. Please, I don’t want you to die. Please, let her go. Let them find her. There are enough reason for those Order people to kill us –“

“Draco, I said let me go-“ she stopped dead as he looked up at her. There were tears in Draco’s eyes.

“They will kill you if they find out that you’ve been helping him keep her. Mother, please tell me where they are. I’m going to free her, I’m going to let her go.”

They stared at one another for a long while. Draco looked like he was a very young boy begging for some toy he had found in a shop.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Narcissa simply said. She pulled her dress away from Draco and turned away from her own son.

“Mother, please-“

“This is nonsense, Draco. I don’t understand you. I shall pretend we never had this foolish conversation. Go and follow your father’s order of you before he returns here.”

“They’re going to kill you if you-“ Draco cried at her. “I don’t want you to die!”

But Narcissa didn’t say anything. He couldn’t tell what she was thinking and she certainly wanted to keep her facial expression hidden. She didn’t turn to face him again.

“I told you to follow your father’s orders. A good son never disobeys her own mother.”

There was a long pause.

And then she heard Draco move behind her.

He still waiting for her to face him but she did not.

Soon after, Narcissa heard Draco leave the room without another word.

As the door snap shut and his footsteps faded away, Narcissa suddenly dropped to her knees.

“I’m sorry, Draco.” she burst out. “I cannot let her go for that precise reason. I do not want to die. And only Severus can extend my life.”