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Forbidden Rapture

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Chapter VII 

The Malfoy Heir 



Draco Malfoy sat alone in the extravagant living room in the Malfoy Manor. As it was, the Malfoy Manor was something he has inherited together with other villas and assets of the Malfoys being the only heir of their lineage. He was worth about a few billions for their estates, businesses and lands they owned in Europe and their expanded businesses across Asia.

Despite that he was not his father who was known to a tyrant business man, Draco Malfoy had inherited the business skills of his father and less the iron hand. He surprised even himself as he made good business after another and made quite some good money by his own skills and charm. Given these attributes, he was able to give justice to the name of Malfoys in terms of businesses and was slightly able to diminish their tainted name back in the reign of the Dark Lord.

It had been years since he had visited his own father in the god-forsaken place Azkaban. He had no regrets. The moment his mother passed away, every penny of the Malfoys was passed to the only living heir.

 Narcissa Black Malfoy died of an illness he had been unaware of. The death was thoroughly accessed by the government in case there was a foul play but given that she was living with a son she had loved so much all of her life, they had respected Draco’s decision to eliminate the investigation completely and made it known and publicized that the woman of the Malfoy Manor had simply died of an illness that they did not foresee coming. Narcissa’s inheritance as a Black all came down to be inherited by her only son, thus, making Draco Black Malfoy one of the richest bachelors in Europe. But despite the name and the worth of all his wealth, Draco felt empty and alone.


 It was the first time he had seen Hermione Jean Granger since he had gotten back from his business travel around the globe. He was aware of the night they were ambushed and that she had been missing or believed dead. She had been missing for the span of ten years – even before the war completely broke out and after the war had been dismissed, she was not found. They had all thought – even him – that the most precious girl of the Golden Trio had disappeared and had died in pursuit of the war.

He had heard of it from his father and the Death Eaters that were assigned to attack and ambush Harry Potter and his friends and the Order the night of his transfer. He was not there for he had been forbidden to join any other Death Eater activity. But he knew of the plan and has heard of the outcome – the deaths that came after it, the sacrifices made and the lives taken – he had heard and known all of it. And he did hear of the attack that had pelted straight towards Hermione Granger. But he heard differently – she had been attacked by a spell and seen by Order and Death Eaters alike, she was drawn straight towards the country of London they were flying across with an inevitable death coming upon her. And that was it. Nobody knew for sure what has happened to her – no body was found – for which they assumed she had died when she had fallen across the waters from where they were flying above the night of the ambush. She had died with the spell or had drowned completely or maybe both. But nobody found a body which everyone presumed for her death. That was the last of what he has heard of the brightest which of their age he had ever known of. But three months ago, news broke of her being found after a full decade of being abducted by none other than Severus Snape – her mother’s most trusted friend, his godfather, the so-called Dark Lord loyal servant and Dumbledore’s man. He had taken her for the long ten years and had kept her for god-knows-what reason.


He was in a hotel at Russia when he heard of the massive news that came to be plastered all over the globe of Hermione being found in a small cottage at the very end of London. He could not believe what he has heard of or read and so he cancelled everything he had been planning to do in the coming weeks and had ordered his assistants to grab him all possible reading sources of the news of Hermione Jean Granger being found after the abduction for 10 years in the clutches of their own Potions professor. He had spent three days reading about it and learning about the news and he quickly asked his servants to find him more sources of reading and tell him further news and updates of the case whilst he could not yet returned to London.

 By the time he was able to return to London, it had been a few weeks later and that the case of Severus Snape was being opened and will be heard at the Wizengamot. He was rotting for three months already at Azkaban and he was to be tried for the many cases for which he had been accused of.

Hermione Granger’s case was only one of the many but it was pursued more popularly because of the demands and depths of the scandal.

All these years, he had thought that his godfather had died the same night of the attack – the ambush was a suicide mission as he heard of. There were many Death Eaters that attacked that night of Harry Potter’s transfer, he knew that the Order’s fastest and best members were taken that night to ensure the safety of Harry Potter. And despite the number of Death Eaters juxtaposed to the Order members, he knew death in their side was also inevitable what with the people willing to die for their only Chosen One – their only hope of defeating the Dark Lord to ensure a future for everyone.


 When he first saw her in the court of the Wizengamot he could almost not believe his eyes. Ten years had passed and still, she was looking as young as he could imagine. Perhaps she was a little taller and some part of her hair seemed a little darker and her eyes were boring circles around and her weight had been thinner than he had last recalled or remembered of her, but definitely, she as the Hermione Granger he had grown up with from school. She seemed more quiet though than the know-it-all he knew of and had been annoyed of for years but now, he could not remember that part of her really that he hated. There brightness in her eyes had also vanished completely.


Draco could not help but think of her. How did the years change her? How was she when she was away? She had survived a full ten years living with only the Potions Master. He could not help what could have had transpired in those ten years. Not that it was really surprising what Snape could have done to her knowing the man but she had actually lived through it.

But what surprises Draco was Hermione’s protest and rally against bringing the very man that abducted her for so long into Azkaban. She did not wish him to be thrown towards Azkaban or be sentenced to death or any harm at all. She was actually trying to rally for him to be freed.

What had gotten into her? Did he use potions of sorts on her for her thinking to be tainted or somewhat control her? But that long? She could be dead by now if the strength of potions and spells alike were used on her upon those long years. She would definitely not survive – not with her extremely strong will and strength of mind she bore. Unless..


“She had wanted it,” Draco whispered to himself softly with his brows creasing at the thought of it, “Did she want to stay with him?” he thought to himself.

He was interested and he made up his mind. He was going to dwell and investigate personally between the two of them. Not that he wanted his godfather to be thrown and to rot and die in Azkaban or did he want him freed if he was really guilty of the crime. For all he knew, he was unsure for his reasons but definitely there was a reason. He knew there must be some sort of reason for what he found out a few weeks ago regarding Snape’s role in her mother’s foreboding and inevitable death.




“Harry?” Hermione gentle voice called out as Harry entered the dining room. “Yes?” he asked kissing her from the back of her neck and grabbing a toast from the platter she was making.

He grabbed a toast and grabbed some sausages and eggs and placed them on the table.

“Coffee?” he asked staring at the pot that was placed on the table.

Hermione nodded at him, “Yes,” she said smiling and finishing the rest of the toasts and the sausages and placing them altogether on the table.

 “Work?” she asked him as she grabbed a glass of juice for herself and was stirring the cup of coffee for him.

 “Some stuff at the Ministry,” he told her in a mouthful of toast, “I’m not sure what time I’ll be home. I should be home early tonight, “he looked up at her, “you seem all dressed and early. Are you going somewhere?”

“I was planning to meet with Ginny and Fleur,” she said with a smile, “we’re going to talk about the business we wanted to put up. I’m not sure if Ginny or Fleur had-“

“”The small school?” he helped out with a smile and nodded, “Charlie mentioned it to me before,” he said with a look over his face, “not that he’s against it. But Bill was really egging Fleur on it and Fleur found an ally in Ginny and so now I see they found ally in you,” he told her with a smile, “where are you guys meeting?” he asked taking a sip from the cup of coffee that she made for him.

“Diagon Alley,” she said with a smile as she sat opposite him and began on her toast and sausages, “Fleur reserved a café for us to meet. Then Ginny will be bringing in some of her materials she has brainstormed on and stuff-“ she said with a glow in her eyes and such excitement was flourishing all over her face.

“I’m going to bring in ideas for the group,“ she told him with a coy smile and Harry smiled more. He was glad that her thoughts were being occupied despite that three days from now, another court hearing will take place and he did not want her to be bothered by it.

He wanted it this way – that she was beginning to be really functional again, that she was beginning to be exited again with things and was beginning to be with people around her – she was living a normal life again little by little and he wanted that more than anything else.

 “Should I pick you up somewhere?” he offered her.

“No,” she said, “after the meeting Fleur asked us to go with her to buy some clothes. We’ll go and I thought of buying some for myself as well. Bill will be taking us back to Mrs. Weasley’s right after. Perhaps you can go there and have dinner?” she asked hopefully. “I’ll wait for you there until you finish work. I suppose you and Mr. Weasley might be going home together.”

“Brilliant idea,” Harry happily said, “Dinner then at Mrs. Weasley. Please just tell her I’d be there so she knows. Breakfast was good but I do need to go,” he said swallowing the last sausage and grabbing another toast from the table.

He lifted himself off and kissed her over the forehead, “I love you,” he whispered taking a close embrace around her, “I’ll see you later?” he hopefully asked.

Hermione kissed him and nodded.

“Later, Harry.” she said with a smile and Harry returned the gesture and lifted himself out from the dining hall and out of the house feeling completely blissful at seeing Hermione at this state now.







  The rain was very cold and hard outside. She had not remembered hearing a storm like that in many weeks that had been. How long had that been?

“Hermione?” Snape sleepy voice came in when he heard her reenter their room.

 “I just grabbed some hot chocolate for you,” she said placing the tray on the bed, she looked down at his exhausted and drunk form. Snape’s black eyes settled on the mug as he moved from his stomach to turn to her.

 “You did not have to Hermione.”

“I want to,” she insisted, scooting herself back on the bed with him with the tray before them, she looked up at him, “I know you were really tired. And really drunk might I add-“ she said with a small giggle, “But here, I want you to enjoy this. The storm outside is horrible. I also went down into the lab to make a potion to help with your headache, I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t,” Snape softly said, he reached for her and kissed her on the forehead, he stared at her with all beauty and glory for him, “Thank you Hermione..” he whispered gently, kissing her again, he laid his hand over her porcelain skin and gently ran his hand over her skinny legs, “I know that it has been very hard for you lately and..”

“I’m fine,” she said with a smile and he could not tell if she was lying or telling the truth, “I’m really alright, Severus.. I mean.. we’re doing well here – it’s not like you’re starving me here or anything..”

“I know,” Snape said with sadness in his eyes as he pulled her half-clothed body to his fully-naked one, “I know but it’s been a few months since..”

 “Ron was meant to go,” Hermione said with a forced smile and he saw the spark of sadness in her eyes, “and out there I know that soon things will become better too..and here,” she moved closer him and nuzzled face beneath his neck, “here, I am safe,” she placed her hand over his barechest, “I am safe here because I am with you. “

 Snape did not say anything. He could hardly tell her everything that was going on outside the Wizarding World. He could not tell her that the war was nearly over and truth be told, it seems that Harry Potter was going to win it after all. But with the relationship they now have, he was unsure if he was willing to even let her out of his sight.

 “Do you?” he softly asked although he gently moved the tray to the side and pulled her into his arms, he moved his lips to her neck and she closed her eyes at the sensation of his mouth over her skin.

“Do you feel safe with me, Hermione?”

“I feel loved when I am with you,” she answered with eyes closed as he gently pressed feather-light kisses around her neckline, “I know I am safe with you, Severus..” she gasped as he slowly laid her down back on the bed.

 “Severus,” she whispered to him as she halted his movement over her, she looked up at him with such love and sincerity in her eyes, “Severus, I..” but he covered her mouth with his, her body readying for his entrance and her hands clinging around his masculine arms.

Snape’s black eyes met hers and even though he knew that she knew that he was still shutting her out of his thoughts, he still reveled at the idea that she believed and trusted him.

Not because they had been sleeping together for weeks and months, not because she always showed her care for him, not of anything – but by the simple means and gesture of her trust with him. She had never shut him out of her thoughts and her life after all the things that came to be between them in the years of the war.

No, she had always been an open book for him – she had always been honest. Scared as she was with her thoughts, desires and ideas, but she had always showed it to him without hesitation. She had always trusted him no matter if she was blind to the true outcomes of the world around her. She had placed her heart and her life in his hands – it was enough for him to love her.

 “I know,” he answered back, tears threatening to come down from his eyes, “I know, Hermione.” he whispered back as he hovered over her naked form and had lowered himself to her.

He looked gently at her.

“I know you do.” Snape whispered back laying his lips over her and tasting her gently as if it was the first time they kissed. She closed her eyes but only before he saw the soft disappointment in them.

She had been telling him for weeks or months now how much she loves him and had fallen in love with him. But he had never – not in those many days and nights, weeks and months it could be counted – ever said the words he knew that she had been dying to hear.

No, he could not say it. Not that he did not feel the same way too or that the feeling was not mutual at all. But he was not brave enough to say it. No, he was a coward in that piece and part of him. He could not bear to tell her how much he has fallen in love with her. It would complicate things if things would go and end badly. He could not bear her hurt and the idea that she would left abandoned if he would die at the preceding of the war.

 Hermione gasped and moaned when he felt her enter her. She spread her legs wider as he came down to her, his face buried around her neck and his lips teasing, sucking and kissing the life and breath out of her.

 “Severus!” she gasped his name and he felt his emotions and his lust for her intensify as her lips uttered his name like it has never been called for before. He gasped in pain as he felt her nails digging and clawing behind his back out of the pleasure and pain they both endured in their leveled and heavenly intercourse.  

 Her lips were ravished by the Potions Master’s love and lust for her. His thin lips savoured the tears and the sweet sensation from her mouth. Their tongues entwined and his lips taking and sucking each part of her skin that he could probably reach for. His tongue had lolled in and out of her mouth, sucking her to the state where she could probably forget her name in the morning.

He moved around her with intensity, his strong arms pinning her down on the bed and securing her within his grasp.

 “I’m going – going-“ she gasped, eyes tightly shut and she was biting her lower lip as she clung around his arms for dear life. Snape gasped as he moved back and forth inside of her knowing that sooner he was also going to come and inside of her.

 “S-Severus!” she gasped loudly, “S-Seve-r-rus – Severus!” she gasped as his knees moved faster, buckling up and down, back and forth inside of her and rocking the senses out of her as hard as he could.

He let his eyes flew open despite that it was hard to do so in their condition. He breathed hard and heavy and moved his arms closer around her so that their bodies collided closely and perfectly well.

“Hermione..” he gasped her name nudging his lips towards her, “Hermione, open your eyes,” he softly told her as he knew their climax was nearing and he will no longer be able to hold himself further.

 “Hermione, open your eyes.” he gently commanded her.

Hermione bit her lip and did not want to but she slowly opened her eyes.

 Tearful brown eyes met the pair of saddened black ones. Her fingers clung tighter around him and she placed both her hands around his neck to pull his face closer to her, she spread her legs further and let Snape bury himself harder and deeper inside of her.  

 “Look at me.” he whispered to her making sure they do not lose eye contact as he gave her the sensation of a lifetime.

 “Look at me, Hermione.” Snape gently whispered to her and their eyes met – words and feelings unspoken but they shared a bond that neither knew where was going but knew that it existed in the deepest and most dangerous form they never imagined possible.

 “I love you..” she whispered back at him their eyes never breaking contact.

His black eyes seemed to glitter in tears.

 “I love you, Severus.” her lips muttered as tears streaked down from both sides of her eyes. Snape did not say anything. Instead, he slowly and gently took her mouth as if it was the first time he would ever kiss her.

He took her into a deep and passionate kiss and she accepted the kiss, closing her eyes at the sensation, her fingers closing in around his neck as he deepened himself inside of her, burying him as far and deep as he could possibly do so.

And in the moment that they both reached their climax and their feelings for one another reaching its peak and deepest distance, Snape’s eyes gently shed tears just as he came inside of her, gasping and screaming her name, his voice echoing all throughout the cottage before he collapsed on top of her completely knowing that she had first passed out before he did.

 “I love you.” he whispered back at her knowing she could no longer hear him because she was already somewhere halfway down the road of dreamland and bliss of life.

He ignored the warm tears still streaking from the sides of his face, leaking thoroughly knowing he was doomed forever. He gently forced himself to move from her, his hands taking hold of her inside his arms in a protective and possessive way, “I love you, Hermione.”







 Hermione sat up wide-awake . The thunder had awakened her from her restless sleep. She was alone I her dark room. The winds outside her windows were howling mercilessly and the rain was spattering hard against the roof as well. The storm was going nowhere tonight.

 She sat on her bed and took out her wand and pointed it towards the fireplace. She walked towards the window to watch the mayhem caused by the storm. Inside their house she was safe and sound and warm but a part of her still felt cold. She was wondering how Snape was doing at Azkaban. It was the dead and dread cold of the night and she wondered if he was going to be alright. In three days time another trial was to commence. They were soon going to finish the twelve trials and after that they were going to decide if he was to receive the Dementor’s Kiss or be a freed man. But at the moment, the trials’ outcome was not meeting his needs. He was going to go to Azkaban judging by the way the way things were turning and she no longer knew what she could do. If only she could talk to him just one last time.


“No work today?” Hermione asked a few hours later. She walked down the stairs and headed for the kitchen where Harry was already having breakfast. He was still dressed in his night clothes and was reading what looked like a slightly damp copy of the Daily Prophet and drinking his morning coffee.

  “Suspended.” Harry answered her. “There will be no work for two days due to this storm.” Harry smiled up at her and saw the slightly disappointed look over her face which she quickly flushed away by forcing a smile.

“That’s great then.” Hermine said turning away and pretending to make her own coffee.

“You can stay in and rest and all that. I’ll be out with Ginny maybe later or with Fleur. I’m still waiting for their note where we are going to-“

“Hermione, there is a storm.” Harry reminded her with a grin over his face. “Nobody is going in and out today or tomorrow.” he pointed towards the window where nothing could be seen or heard but the storm he was describing.

  Hermione swallowed hard. It meant that she was stuck at the apartment with Harry. It also meant that if he wanted to make love to her – for which she had been avoiding for god-knows-how-long there was no avoiding of it now.


“Oh, that’s great.” Hermione commented even though she felt the opposite. “I can general clean around here then and you can go sleep the day off and stuff. I’ll make you a wonderful lunch later and a nice dinner.” she told him while she finished making her coffee and attempted to make a toast for herself.

  Harry stared at her for a moment as if observing her gestures. He didn’t say anything.

“Actually,” he began and he sounded as if he was planting his words carefully, “I was planning that later this afternoon. I have other plans this morning.” Harry said and Hermione halted for a moment on what she was doing.

She looked up at him with a small smile, “Oh, that’s nice. Are you going to-“

“I’ve brought files with me.” he told her and pointed over the table by the living room. It was only now that Hermione noticed a large pile of folders and parchments over the table.

 “What are those?” she curiously asked him.

“Snape’s cases.” Harry answered proudly. His green eyes settled on Hermione for a moment.

“Snape’s-?” she asked reluctantly.

Harry stood from his chair and folded up his paper.

“Yes, I better start on them. It all the cases against him and that large pile is actually your case.” He pointed at a rather taller pile from the rest. Hermione stared at him with question in her eyes.

“Harry, are you going to-“

“I’m going to study all of it today. I’ll make a list and some thorough analysis on every case against him so I may understand yours better and be able to help them work on it.”

“Help them?” Hermione asked in wonder. This time, she sounded alarmed.

She walked over to Harry who was just smiling at her.

“Harry, what’s going on?” she asked him and there was distaste in her tone.

Harry rounded on her with the same determined look over his face.

“I’ve only figured there’s no going out today and since I don’t want to kill myself in boredom staring at books and at you the whole day, might as well put myself into good use.”

Hermione’s eyes lit up. She folded her arms and knew instantly where Harry was coming from.

“Harry, I already told you that I need some time before we can-“

“Take all the time you need, Hermione.” Harry answered him and she watched as he gathered all the pile of files in his arms and carried them out. He stared at her with a defiant smile, “I’m going to work in my study today, Hermione. Have fun cleaning.”

And with that, he walked away from her knowing he had infuriated Hermione’s mood for the whole day.