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Random Encounter

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He grabs her by the waist and before she is able to gather her wits to resist, guides her back-first into the small space between two meeting walls and the table. Doubly cornered, she lets out a startled yelp, but it is distinctly lacking the tinge of panic that threatened to form when she first froze before him. Trust re-established, she is his willing prey now.

He presses against his catch, pinning her against the wall, and slides both his thumbs under her pants to slide them downwards. Her breathing quickens, and he shifts position slightly to let her feel his stiffening member through his pants. Her lips part in a quiet gasp as he fixes her with a lust-filled gaze. It spells out "You're mine, and I'll have you right here".

She pushes her thigh eagerly against his groin, and with a final push, her pants are past the curve of her ass and fall to the floor. She now stands completely bare and shivering slightly against the wooden wall - from cold or anticipation, or both.

He glances at the table to gauge its sturdiness, grabs her by the waist and hoists her on top of it. Standing between her legs as they hang over the edge, he holds her gaze steadily, like a hunter staring down a defiant deer. He then slowly opens the belt around his waist.

She cannot help it but glance downwards at the deliberately prolonged movements of his hands, and he bends forward to whisper in her ear, "Eyes up here, little kitten. You don't want to be getting distracted, now." Even as she corrects her gaze upwards, he moves his fingers up her inner thigh and to touch her lower lips, noting how her warm, soft flesh is ready for him.

She moans at the tease, and her eyes roll back in her head. He flicks his thumb over her sensitive spot and grinningly reminds her again, "Eyes up here."

The little feline is not entirely tamed yet; when she looks at him again, her eyes gleam with mischievous challenge. "You tease me with your fingers, man of the wood, are you worried that I'll find your equipment lacking?"

He chuckles at her defiance; amused, steely resolve settles in his eyes at the taunt. Hers widen again as he eases his erection out of his pants and runs the tip along her thigh and prods at the growing wetness between her legs with it. She draws in quick, short breaths every time he moves against her sensitive skin.

"Maybe I'm just waiting for you to ask me nicely." Another light stroke, another shiver of lust from her, then he withdraws slightly again.

She peers at him, as if measuring his self-control against hers, and the amount of leverage she can apply while being perched on the edge of the table. Emboldened, she traces a finger on his chest, around the brand, past the symbol hanging from a strip of leather around his neck and down his sides. His gaze softens slightly at her touch, but he can also feel her scanning his defenses. The delightful cool, gentle fingers are looking for weak spots to challenge him. He smiles at the effort, and responds in kind by moving to ghost his lips against the side of her neck.

Her probing fingers pause from the distraction, then grab his shoulders. He lets his warm breath fall on the base of her neck, and she is primed enough by now to grip him harder just from that. His lips brushing against the path of her jugular, he absently queries whether there was something she was hoping he would do to her in particular.

Her moan seems to be directed at present deities, so he decides it does not count as asking yet. Maybe she needs a bit more warming up.

He moves downwards past her collarbone, down her sternum and between her breasts, where he shifts sideways to tease a nipple with his mouth. Her grip moves from his shoulders to the back of his head and she seems to be expressing something fervently religious again. She must be in good favour with the gods, calling them so eagerly.

He strokes the outer sides of her thighs as he works the tip of her breast with his tongue. Her fingers are lost in his hair, exploring his skull, and her resistance seems to be melting. But still she does not say the magic word.

He moves on to the other breast, and shifts his hands to cradle her pleasantly rounded rear instead. She is now forming some kinds of words that might include 'please' into the top of his head, but he is quite determined that this important communication will require more clarity of expression. His balls are voicing a minor protest at further delay, but he wills them to silence in favour of the pleasure to be gained from working the lady up just right first.

Maybe more direct methods can be applied, though. He drops down one knee and gains a yelp from her as her balance shifts in response. Just as she is regaining her composure, he places a kiss on her by now extremely sensitive clit, which is rewarded by a startled gasp and a "What are you doing?!"

"Me? I'm just waiting for you to tell me what you want; a poor simple man like me would not have an idea what to do with a wild huntress like you." He talks with his mouth so close to her lower lips she can feel his words against it.

"Bastard," she giggles, and he slips a finger into her. An "Ah!" seems to promptly end the statement she was planning to continue with. Another one of those follows when he gently rubs a thumb against the little sensitive tip where all the horny in her seems to be gathering.

"I don't think it's very nice to be questioning my heritage while I'm trying to be a well-behaved guest, now." He slides his finger in and out while lightly rubbing her clit further, and stands up again to kiss her on the mouth.

She pushes hungrily against his fingers with her pelvic muscles, while simultaneously her mouth opens, inviting him in. She can taste her own juices on him while he slides a second finger in to make more of them flow. The stubborn woman is now squirming helplessly in his hands.

He pushes his fingers a few times deep into her, earning moans that are quickly becoming more high-pitched. When he slips his tongue in her mouth to deepen the kiss, she gasps, tenses and he can feel her inner muscles flexing around his hand. The hasty commentary she makes at this turn of events seems to be directed at the majority of recognized deities in the area. It is as if she were directing her begging at them to avoid succumbing to asking him for anything. Oh dear.

He withdraws his now thoroughly wet fingers from her and his mouth from hers and she lets out a little whine before regaining control of herself. "No-"

"You disapprove, esteemed hostess?" He grins wolfishly at her.

"Don't stop!" she demands.

He flicks a thumb over her sensitive spot and collects a very serious-looking frown on his face. He finds the expression somewhat challenging to maintain while taking in the flushed cheeks and eyes burning with lust of the woman before him. But his profession has taught him plenty of self-control, which comes in handy now. "I'm not sure what you're referring to, was there something you wanted me to do?"

She erupts in helpless giggles and pushes her forehead against his chest. "Bastard..." She raises her head and tries to fix him with a stern glare, but starts giggling again and breaks eye contact once again. She seems to try to compose herself for a moment, and he barely resists the urge to distract her by stroking her with his cock some more while she is clearly trying to work on something. "Mmmh!" she harrumphs against his chest between giggles.

He decides he is willing to extend a bit of help if she is beyond forming coherent sentences already. "I might have a solution for your problem." He cradles her chin to turn her face towards his again, cocks his head to the side in an expression of concern and summons as much sincerity in his eyes as his poker face can muster. "Would you perhaps like me to fuck you now?"

The look on her face is priceless; the juices from her orgasming earlier are all over his hand and she still has the bashfulness to blush an even deeper red at his suggestion. His other hand still under her chin, he slowly and deliberately lifts his glistening two fingers and licks them. Her mouth opens and closes a few times before her eyes roll back in a desperate attempt to break eye contact.

Eyes all but closed, not looking into his, she finds the composure in herself to utter a clearly audible "Yes, please" a moment later. She continues this something more quiet that sounds like a "Hard, now," but he decides that clarification is not necessarily needed at this point.

He hoists her up again and carries her over to the bed in his arms. She goes a little wild-eyed at being hauled around, but seems to relax by the time he starts to lower her on the bed. When she is down on a stable surface again, she manages one more surprise for him by turning on her belly, arching her back and lifting her ass up before throwing an inviting look his way.

It seems that on the bed, she is feeling more in her own element again, and recovering quickly from giving in to him only moments earlier. He moves over to admire her derrière and she wiggles it at him invitingly. His already rock-hard erection responds very approvingly at the gesture, and he moves to rest the tip of his cock against the wet slit so eagerly offered to him. A savourable moment.

She first moves slightly forward as if yielding to him, but then quickly pushes her ass towards him, plunging his manhood deep inside her. He almost comes that very second, but grabs her ass to hold it still for a moment to regain control of himself. Sneaky vixen, indeed. But she is surrounding his cock in such delicious soft wet warmness that he is willing to forgive a little ambush... or three. He swats her lightly on her bottom as an acknowledgement anyway. She responds by wiggling around him delightfully.

Once convinced he can hold on a while longer, he starts to move in and out of her in slow, deliberate strokes. She occasionally tries to push against him to catch him by surprise again, but at this point he knows to expect it. He responds to such attempts by impaling her very determinedly on his following push, pushing his cock deep into her, which sends her into more unintelligible commentary with some contextually related terminology in it.

When her breathing and other sounds start to become more urgent and pleading again, he picks up the speed. Soon he is pounding against her thighs and ass, accompanied by rewarding smacking sounds. Meanwhile the pressure building in her makes her try to ever hasten the rhythm. He feels the same sensation of urgency growing in his groin.

When she comes again, her contractions push him over the top as well, and he sinks his cock deep into her one more time to send his seed on its merry way.

After shivering around him for a good length of time, she slumps down on the bed, exhausted and panting. Still inside her, he lowers himself down on one side and wraps her in his arms, which she gratefully accepts around her.

Glancing at the rabbits slowly stewing by the fire, he smirks and asks, "I gather you found the night's catch acceptable?"

She giggles and wiggles herself against him. "Oh yes. For this, I might even share my rabbits with you."

"Only 'might'? You drive a hard bargain, woman." He nibbles her earlobe hungrily. "A second round in the morning in exchange for splitting supper?"

She squirms in delight. "That and keep me warm tonight, and you got yourself a deal."

Fair is fair, he concludes. "So be it."