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Leaves of The Heart

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Back when my window was covered in this sprawling town,
I holed myself away and hoped that people would forget about my novel
Even so, my story kept on turning
I just wanted a grey, peaceful life
My words only hurt others-
That’s how I used to think
I wrapped my little heart in white wool
I didn’t want to hurt others, and nor did I want to be hurt
But though I was rude and cold in my shell,
You pulled me along,
And that changed me

No matter where,
I remember your happy voice
It’s fine if I screw up sometimes,
So I won’t ever cry again,
As I keep climbing towards the gate
With every new experience,
With everything I learn,
All the more
Do I come to love the stories you gave me
“I’ll never forget you!”
You, I, and everyone else was affected
And every time I recall, I adore those times even more
And I think that, by now,
I’ve come to love writing a lot more

I looked out my little window,
And I saw the cherry trees blooming,
And I remembered that, even if they fade,
Memories never die, right?
So people will remember me,
Still accept me,
And be willing to save me
We can all still smile from the bottom of our hearts

Everyone can change!
Always, with a dreamy smile,
You were there for me,
So I won’t ever cry again
On that day, I found an answer,
And whether or not it was the right choice,
The more time passes,
The less anyone can say
“That day, I decided to write!”
A message to my past self:
Even if you mess up,
Everyone’s there for you
And I think that, by now,
I’ve come to love writing a lot more!
Because of you,
My heart’s full of tea leaves once more

It’s alright, even if you’re a corrupted fool