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Ode to a Kerbal Astronaut

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Kerbal, Kerbal, falling star,
Fostered by a world so far.

Dreamt into a waking sleep,
Only darkness you shall reap;
Settled down in forgotten days,
A lonely tremble in your gaze,
The Earth beneath you loud and clear,
Gripping up in instant fear.

Voices crackle, their edges hoarse;
Screaming makes your throat feel coarse.
Drifting by on hollow wind,
Welcomed back to journey's end,
A stunning empty floods your eyes,
An endless view of fatal sighs.

Softened thoughts, beaten thin,
Yells and tears you're holding in;
Tearful rapture in cold embrace,
Filling you with outer space,
Breathing sins into each lung;
To each minute you have clung.

A broken smile, shattered pain,
Timeless nothing shall remain,
Beyond your years, beyond your time,
Beyond the etchings of your mind
A haunting silence, ringing true,
Deep down, you always knew.

Kerbal, Kerbal, falling star,
You wonder whether death is far.