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Yoongi is used to his step brother having his friends over. Taehyung and Jimin were almost guaranteed to be at their house whenever he comes home after getting off work at ass o’clock in the morning. For the past almost 4 years since they all went to the same high school they’ve been permanent fixtures in Jungkook’s life and by proxy Yoongi’s. He doesn’t mind their presence, really. He’s used to hearing their laughter from down the hall and he’s used to them coming to him to ask for rides to places or food. There was a time when they were all at the same high school and the age gap between all of them didn’t seem so severe. Back then Yoongi didn’t feel weird hanging out with them when they hadn’t presented, going to the local court to play basketball and then for food after school.

Since Yoongi graduated 2 years ago though, he feels weird crashing his kid step brother’s hangouts so usually he tries to steer clear of them. Both of Jungkook’s friends had presented as omegas and Yoongi knows better than to hang around younger, inexperienced omegas and risk ingraining his alpha musk in their scents. He may have ditched most of the health classes in school, but he was there enough to know that it’s considered rude to mark unbonded omegas with your scent as an alpha when they haven’t consented. Something about it triggering non-regular heats and making the omega seem unavailable to potential bondmates. Jungkook, who’d presented as an alpha as well, seems to have no qualms with this. Though admittedly their scents had co-mingled long before they all presented with the amount of time they spend with each other.

So Yoongi tries to stay out of their way. He holes himself up in his room when they’re over. He’d overheard Jungkook telling Taehyung and Jimin that it’s because he watches porn while he’s alone in his room. Needless to say, they don’t really bother him unless they really need something. The thing is, though, that sometimes he runs into them when he’s coming home and their crowding the couch in the front room or when he goes to the kitchen for something and they’re there. It’s not a problem, per se, at least, Yoongi doesn’t think it’s a problem until Jimin wears this one shirt.

Yoongi goes downstairs to grab some water when he sees Jimin alone in the kitchen looking through the fridge. He should smell him coming into the room, but Jimin doesn’t turn around from the fridge. Yoongi snorts.

“Are you looking for something or did you just want to let all the cold out?” he asks and Jimin visibly startles before turning and closing the fridge. The abrupt shift of his body has the wide neck of his shirt slipping down the slow slope of his shoulder. Yoongi’s eyes follow it easily, taking in the expanse of smooth looking skin that’s not usually exposed. Yoongi’s never really understood why it’s a stereotypical thing for alphas to have some obsession with omega’s necks. He’d always thought that was kind of weird and just some macho ‘make your mate submit by biting their throat’ thing until he’s alone in the kitchen with Park Jimin and his damn shirt falls down his damn shoulder. His collarbone and the top of one side of his chest are visible and it makes Yoongi want to nuzzle him right in the junction of his neck and shoulder. Jimin turns red, probably from his staring, and then suddenly Yoongi wants to do more the nuzzle. And nope, that’s not something he should be thinking about his kid step brother’s friend.

“Hyung! I didn’t see you. I was just--ah, well, I think Taetae’s going to start his heat soon so it smells a bit strong up there,” Jimin scrunches his face up adorably at this. Yoongi thinks it’s cute. He’s always thought Jimin was cute, even before he presented as an omega. “I was coming down to get drinks, but the fridge was cold and it cancels out the smell a little.”

“So you were sniffing the fridge?” Yoongi deadpans and Jimin colors. Yoongi can’t help the laugh that escapes him. He steps closer to Jimin and adjusts his shirt before side stepping him to open the fridge and grab a water. He nods at a frozen Jimin before he goes back upstairs.


Yoongi kind of forgets that the whole encounter even happened for a bit. Weeks pass and he lets himself forget about his less than pure thoughts about Park Jimin’s shoulder/chest region. Soon, Yoongi will look back and realize his mistake.

He’s coming home from his night shift and Jungkook and his friends are all lying on the floor of the front room. They’re all cuddled up and there’s an empty bottle of soju on the floor next to them. None of them are quite of age to be drinking yet, but their parents aren’t home for the weekend and it’s only one bottle between the three of them. He’s about to make his retreat to his room the way he always does when he truly takes in the sight before him.

Park Jimin is wearing a tank top. Park Jimin is wearing a low cut tank top and lying on the living room floor. The strap is down Park Jimin’s arm and his face is flushed pink from the alcohol. Park Jimin’s full lips are parted and they’re shiny like he just licked them. Park Jimin--Yoongi has to stop his brain from cataloging every detail of Park Jimin. He stops ogling him for a second to turn to his step brother. Jungkook seems to be asleep and cuddling with a sleeping Taehyung.

“Oh, hey hyung,” Jimin greets when he realizes he’s been standing there. Yoongi nods at him. Jesus, he can’t believe the kid who he’s been calling cute for the past four years is capable of looking properly debauched by just lying on the floor with some drinks in him.

“Were you guys planning on staying down here all night or are y’all going upstairs to bed?” Yoongi asks because he’s really not sure he’ll be able to sleep knowing what’s going on down here.

“Mm, I don’t want to move. Carry me, hyung!” Jimin mutters sleepily with his eyes fluttering closed. Yoongi privately wonders what on Earth he did wrong to deserve this level of unsuspected torture. He glances at his step brother and Tae. He doesn’t want them to sleep on the hard floor. He sighs and sets about to carrying them upstairs. He takes Jungkook first and fuck, his step brother is not as light as he used to be. Yoongi is glad for his alpha strength. He deposits Jungkook on his bed before going back to grab Tae, who’s lighter, but still tall and difficult to carry. Yoongi places him next to Jungkook and watches them, subconsciously scoot closer to each other. He rolls his eyes at them and wonders when they’ll bond. Finally he goes back down to see Jimin on the floor. He appears to actually be asleep now which Yoongi isn’t sure he’s grateful for or not. He picks the younger omega up and can’t help but notice how right he feels in his arms and the sweet scent that wafts from him. Yoongi makes it to the foot of the stairs before Jimin shifts. He nuzzles into Yoongi's neck and inhales deeply.

"Hyung, you smell so good."

Yoongi tries not to drop him as the younger omega scent marks him. He's sure Jimin doesn't mean anything by it, especially considering the way him, Tae, and Jungkook all mark each other. Still, it's regarded as an intimate practice to some, like holding hands, it's not something you do with a stranger. Not that they’re strangers, but they’re not as close as they used to be. Yoongi doesn't let himself think too much into it. He's kind of tempted to let Jimin walk the rest of the way, but he's enjoying having the younger boy close. He walks to the guest room when Jimin is suddenly alert.

"No, hyung, I don't want to sleep in here! It gets too cold in this room."

"I'll give you an extra blanket." Yoongi doesn't want Jimin sleeping on the ground and there's no more room in Kook's bed. The alpha in him won't allow Jimin to hurt himself by sleeping on the couch either.

"And the A/C makes a scary sound, too! I can't sleep in here, hyung, I have to sleep with you in your room." Jimin blinks up at him from where he's still being supported by Yoongi's arms. Yoongi is tired from work and at this point he doesn't want to have to deal with a pouty omega. He brings Jimin to his room and drops him on the bed. Jimin laughs before he gets under Yoongi's covers and snuggles into the bed to get comfortable. Yoongi snorts before he goes into his bathroom to do his night routine. He casts a glance at the sleeping omega in his bed before he shuts off the lights and goes into the guest room to sleep.


Yoongi wakes up to Jungkook poking him hard on the shoulder.

“Hyung, wake up, why is Jimin in your bed? He smells like you now.”

“What?” Yoongi blinks up at him and slowly wakes up as he registers what he said. Oh, he’d been so tired that he didn’t even think about the scent in his room permeating Jimin’s smooth skin. “He didn’t want to sleep in here. Said the A/C made a weird noise. I don’t know, I was tired.”

Jungkook nods at this, seemingly approving his explanation. Yeah, Yoongi probably wouldn’t have let the omega sleep in his bed had he been thinking clearly, but Jimin had asked to, so he doesn’t feel bad about it. He goes back to sleep.


Weeks later Yoongi is coming home from work after taking his co-worker’s day shift. It’s around the time Jungkook and his friends get home from school so he’s not surprised to hear their voices when he’s coming up the stairs.

“Why not, Chim? He’s good looking,” he hears Tae say.

“What? You think he’s good looking? He’s so short…” And that’s definitely Jungkook. Yoongi snorts at his step brother’s obvious jealousy.

“He coos at me like I’m a baby, guys. I don’t want my alpha to think I’m cute like a baby. I’m not just some cute omega! I’m sexy!” Jimin says and Yoongi pauses mid-step. He hears his step brother laugh before hearing a slap and his pained noise. Jimin wants to be sexy? Park Jimin, cute, soft omega wants to be sexy? It’s not a word Yoongi connects to Jimin and Yoongi almost laughs before he remembers the unpure thoughts he had about the boy and his bare shoulder. Oh, shit. Yoongi thinks maybe he should just turn around and go for a walk or something. Clearly he’s not thinking right if he’s thinking about being Park Jimin’s alpha. He sighs, shakes his head, and continues up the stairs.

“Yes, Chim, you’re very sexy,” Tae assures him.

“Right, uh, you’re sexy, hyung,” Jungkook agrees tightly and Yoongi can see them. They’re standing in the hallway with their bags slung over their shoulders like they just got here and are just about to head to Jungkook’s room. “Hey, hyung!” Jungkook greets him when he sees him.

“Hey, Kook-ah,” Yoongi smiles at them. He’s about to greet Tae and Jimin when Tae looks at him like he got a sudden idea.

“Hyung! Jiminie is sexy, right? There’s an alpha in our class that asked him out, but Jiminie told him no because he thinks that the alpha thinks that he’s only cute and not sexy. But, that’s not true, right? Our Jiminie is very sexy,” Tae says in a rush and his whole mouth is blue like someone let him have sugary candy when they shouldn’t have. Yoongi knows it was Jungkook without even asking. Jimin hits Tae and his puffy cheeks flush.

“Hyung, you don’t have to answer that! It’s stupid anyway,” Jimin says shyly with his eyes downcast.

Yoongi doesn’t really know what to say, but he doesn’t want to leave the omega looking down like that and Tae is looking at him expectantly. Yoongi can’t bring himself to explicitly say that he’s sexy, so he settles on, “yeah, any alpha would be lucky to have you.” If it’s possible Jimin’s cheeks get even redder and they all scramble into Jungkook’s room. Yoongi can’t help but feel a little awkward. He shrugs and goes into his room.


Yoongi is in the kitchen hurriedly eating spicy chicken he’d picked up before he’s supposed to meet Hoseok and Namjoon at a show. It’s a Friday night so he’s not surprised when Jimin saunters in the kitchen. Yoongi nods at him and continues eating, probably really grossly, but he’s on a timed schedule.

“Hey, hyung,” Jimin greets him with a smile. His eyes crinkle up and it’s adorable. “That looks good. Can I have a piece?” Jimin asks looking at his box of chicken. Yoongi narrows his eyes at it. It’s the first thing he’s eaten today, but his alpha tendencies won’t let him stop from trying to provide for the omega. He slides the box over and lets Jimin pick a piece. “Thanks, hyung!” Jimin takes one bite out of the wing. He chews and swallows before he parts his now greasy lips and pants. “You didn’t say it was spicy!”

Yoongi thinks he must be about to go into rut or something. He has to be for his mind to take the sight before him and twist it into something really perverted. "Sorry? Do you not like it?"

"No, I was just surprised! I'll eat it, don't worry," Jimin says. Yoongi wasn't really concerned about that, but he nods anyway. Yoongi kind of forgets that he was in a rush as he watches Jimin nibble at the chicken. He pushes the box toward him when he finishes the first piece. Jimin puts the bone in the box before grabbing another. "Um, hyung, I was wondering actually, if you would scent me again."

Yoongi blinks at him. He knows he's going to be late to the show in that moment because well..."What?"

"I mean like a while ago when I woke up in your bed and Kookie said I smelled like you. The alphas at school left me alone after that. But, I guess your scent has worn off or something because they--"

"They've been bothering you?" Yoongi asks. He swears he thought Jungkook would look out for Jimin and Tae and if he's been getting harassed by alpha douchebags and Yoongi hasn't even heard anything about it then...

"No, no, nothing like that. They're nice about it, but I just, I'm not interested?" Jimin blushes at this for some reason. Yoongi thinks that not being interested is a perfectly valid reason to want someone to back off. He's glad to hear that Jimin's not interested in them. Yoongi tries not to preen at the fact that Jimin wants his scent on him because he totally has self-control. And yeah okay, he's coming to terms with the fact that maybe he's a little bit interested in being Jimin’s alpha and knowing he doesn't have competition is nice.

"Wait, so you want me to scent mark you so they think you're taken?" Yoongi asks just to make sure. "You know that I didn't before, right? I wouldn't without your permission. You just smelled like me because you slept in my bed."

"Yes, and what are you talking about? We've known each other for forever, hyung. It's just scent marking, you don't need permission with me." Jimin looks honestly confused. Yoongi is incredulous. What world is Park Jimin living in? It's common decency to ask or at least not assume permission before you scent mark someone. It's not like they're close or anything anymore. “Do you not want to hyung?” Jimin asks as he stops eating his chicken and looks at him with wide eyes.

Yoongi just stands up and walks over to hug him from behind so Jimin can stop pouting at him. He nuzzles into his neck, thankful that the shirt he's wearing offers more coverage and Yoongi’s thoughts aren’t immediately ‘claim, claim, claim.’ He lets himself close his eyes and breathe in his warm scent deeply. The omega leans back into him and he’s so warm and he fits into his arms so easily. Yoongi can’t help but nose Jimin’s smooth skin. Jimin whines and it zaps Yoongi out of his reverie. He lets him go.

“Okay?” Yoongi hopes he didn’t overstep any boundaries. He doesn’t want to take advantage of Park ‘you don’t need to ask permission’ Jimin. The younger omega had asked him to mark him to ward off alphas, not inhale his whole being for 10 minutes.

“Yeah,” Jimin says in a high pitched voice. “That should be good.” Jimin eyes the box of chicken and Yoongi just sighs and pushes it toward him again.

“Here, you can have it. I have to go. I’m going to be late.” Yoongi forces himself to take a few steps away from the omega. Jimin smiles at him with flushed cheeks. Yoongi kind of wants to kiss him which is...not ideal. Maybe his rut will come soon and he can just get all of this out of his system instead of having these thoughts about the cute, young omega.

“Sure, bye, hyung. Have fun!”

Yoongi nods at him before he ducks out of his room to put his shoes on and go to the venue.

He’s late by the time he gets there. Hoseok and Namjoon had waited by the bar for him instead of getting into the thick of the crowd. Yoongi buys them both a drink as an apology before they get up to watch the rest of the show.

It’s late by the time they get out and Hoseok is drunk with Namjoon on the way. They’re laughing at nothing as they walk down the streets to Namjoon and Jin’s apartment. Yoongi tries to focus on not letting Hoseok drunkenly stumble and fall to the ground. In fact, he catches him before he does just that and Hoseok catches a whiff of him and doesn’t have the mental capacity to have any tact when he’s off his face.

“Hyung! You smell like an omega!” he wiggles his eyebrows at him suggestively. That’s when Namjoon leans in to sniff him, too.

“Oh, he does! Shit, hyung, like a lot too? What were you doing, bumping uglies with an omega about to go into heat or something?” Namjoon asks and Yoongi rolls his eyes. Like he doesn’t smell like Jin all the time.

“No, that’s just Jimin.” Yoongi doesn’t elaborate further and he hopes that his friends are too drunk to remember this in the morning.

“Little Park Jimin? Like Jungkookie’s Jimin? All things soft and cuddly, Park Jimin?” Namjoon asks and Yoongi sighs. Of course Namjoon would ask that. The last time they all hung out together Jimin was like 14 and hadn’t even presented yet.

“He’s not so little anymore,” Yoongi grumbles and both of his friends widen their eyes at him.

“Hyung! You’re crushing on a child!” Hoseok says, suddenly more alert like this talk is somehow sobering him up. “And you still didn’t explain why you smell so much like him if you weren’t...y’know.”

“I’m not crushing on him,” Yoongi says. It’s not a lie. He’s not like pining or anything. He just looks forward to seeing him again and maybe making him smile at him again with those flushed cheeks. And okay, maybe he kind of wants to bite at his collarbones. So yeah, it might actually be kind of a lie. “He asked me to scent him so alphas at school would stop bothering him.”

They walk up to Namjoon’s apartment unit and wait for him to open the door. “Mm, sounds like a weak excuse to me, hyung. Maybe little Jimin-ah is a little more sneaky than you give him credit for. I knew I liked that kid,” Namjoon says as he finally unlocks the door after struggling to get the key in for several minutes. Yoongi snorts thinking about Jimin pulling something like that.

“I don’t think so, Joon-ah. Besides who says I’m even interested?”

Namjoon and Hoseok laugh at that. “I asked you why you smelled like an omega and your chest puffed out like some kind of displaying peacock, hyung. I think it’s safe to say you're interested,” Hoseok says loudly. Peacock? Yoongi resents that. Jin-hyung comes out of the bedroom to glare at them.

“Joon-ah, I have work tomorrow morning. Will you guys please be quiet?” he says and he looks like they pulled him out of bed. His hair is a mess. Namjoon glares at Hoseok like he wasn’t contributing to the noise himself and turns back to his bondmate before turning into a soft pile of goo, in Yoongi’s opinion. Namjoon was completely whipped for the older omega.

“Sorry, hyung,” Yoongi says because he has manners and he doesn’t want to get on Jin-hyung’s bad side.

“You’re fine, Yoongi-yah. It’s just these two loud idiots.”

“Hyung! I’m sorry, too, but wait! Would you ask an alpha to scent mark you to ward off other alphas?” Hoseok asks. Jin looks confused.

“Why would I need to ward off other alphas with a scent mark? They can tell I’m bonded,” Jin says like he’s explaining something to a small child, which to be fair Hoseok kind of acts like a small child when he’s drunk, but he’s sobered up a lot at this point.

“Not...Hyung, obviously, I mean hypothetically, if you weren’t bonded to Joon-ah.”

“Well, no. What happens if I meet Joon-ah when I smell like some other alpha? How does he find the courage to talk to the most handsome unbonded omega then?” Jin says and Namjoon smiles at him in agreement. Hoseok makes a disgusted face.

“See, he’s not interested in the alphas at school though, and that’s why he wants to smell like me,” Yoongi tries to reason. “I’m sure if there was an alpha he was interested in he wouldn’t have asked.”

“...Are you trying to be deliberately thick? Obviously you’re the Namjoon in the situation and that’s why he wants to smell like you!” Hoseok explains.

“Yah, I don’t want to be the Namjoon,” Yoongi says at first because Joon is a disaster of an alpha and he doesn’t know how he and Jin ever got together. Hoseok groans.

“Oi, I’m great!” Namjoon says and Yoongi snorts.


Yoongi continues with his life as if nothing has changed. He goes into rut and has to take off time from work to be miserable alone, locked in his room, but thankfully it’s only a couple days before he feels alright to be in the presence of others. It’s a few days later when he’s coming home from work. It’s 3 am and a Saturday night, so he expects everyone in the house to be asleep. He’s in the kitchen getting some water before he takes his ass to bed when he hears the front door swing open and hit the wall. There’s giggling so Yoongi figures it’s Kook and company. He doesn’t want to be overbearing or controlling, but it’s 3am and they’re making a lot of noise so he goes to check, just to make sure they’re okay.

Jungkook and Jimin are supporting a giggling and probably drunk Tae. Yoongi can smell the alcohol on them from the doorway. “Everything okay?”

Jungkook startles like he didn’t sense that he was standing there and clearly his step brother must have had a few drinks as well because he’s usually vigilant about people sneaking up on him. “Yeah, hyung, everything’s fine. Tae just had a little too much.”

Yoongi can see that. He takes in their disheveled appearances, clearly they must have gone to some kind of party because they’re dressed up and Yoongi can smell dried sweat like they’ve been dancing. “It’s probably more efficient if you just carry him upstairs, Kook-ah, instead of letting him hang on Jimin-ah like that.” Yoongi hints at his step brother’s lack of consideration, especially because he knows Jungkook can easily carry Tae, and Jungkook seems to realize it too.

“Oh, right, sorry Jimin-hyung. I’ll get him upstairs. Can you bring some water upstairs?”

Jimin nods and Yoongi watches as Jungkook picks up Tae bridal style and Tae snuggles into his chest. They disappear up the stairs and and Yoongi turns back to Jimin who is bending over to tie his shoe. The low cut metallic looking tank top he’s wearing sinks even lower as he does. Yoongi gets a whole eyeful of Jimin’s distinct pectorals and he dry swallows. Well, it seems his rut didn’t do much to stop his thoughts about wanting to ravish Park Jimin. When the omega straightens, Yoongi really tries not to stare, but he’s 100% distracted by Park Jimin’s cleavage.

“Uh, hyung, are you okay?” Jimin asks and Yoongi shakes his head and looks up. He nods.

“Yeah, just tired.” Yoongi thinks Jimin looks tired, too, but he seems to be sober at least.

“Go to bed! You need proper rest, hyung!” Jimin says sternly, but it looks like he’s pouting a little so it’s hard to take seriously. Yoongi just yawns and nods his head. He heads upstairs to go to sleep.

Yoongi is on the cusp of sleep in his bed with all the lights off when there's a knock at the door. He groans and hopes it's not Kook wanting him to clean up Tae’s vomit or something.

“What? It's open,” he calls and the door opens hesitantly, letting the light in from the hall.

“Hyung.” It’s Jimin and Yoongi feels the aggravation at being disturbed drain out of him a bit. The omega pokes his head in through the cracked door and Yoongi sits up, letting his blankets fall off his bare chest.

“What’s wrong?” Yoongi doesn’t think Jimin would knock unless one of them needed something.

“Um, could I, uh, could I sleep in here? It’s just the guest room is--” Jimin starts and Yoongi knows where this is going so he cuts him off as he moves to get up.

“Yeah, okay,” Yoongi says and the door is opened all the way. Jimin is backlit from the light in the hallway, but it’s all the light Yoongi needs to see that he’s just in one of Jungkook’s oversized shirts. Yoongi hopes he’s at least wearing underwear, but the shirt comes down past the tops of his thighs so he can’t say for sure. The omegas thighs look muscled and smooth and Yoongi kind of wants to sink his teeth into them. Yoongi gets out of bed dressed in just his boxers--his usual attire for bed.

“Wait, hyung, where are you going? I didn’t mean to kick you out of your own bed! We can share. I don’t take up that much space,” Jimin says as he bites at his lip. Yoongi glances down at Jimin’s pantsless smooth legs and thinks the fuck not. There’s no way. That’s a terrible idea and a setup for extremely awkward situations. Yoongi knows it’s not particularly brave of him, but he loves himself enough to not put himself in those types of situations.

Evidently, though, he’s waited too long to voice his opinion because Jimin just steps further into the room, closing the door behind him, and grabs his wrist to lead him back to bed. And fuck, if Yoongi’s not tired. The guest room is pretty drafty and his bed is warm from where he was laying in it. It’s easy enough to just fall asleep and save worrying about any dire situation this could lead to until later.  


Later, it seems, isn’t actually that much later. It can’t be more than a couple of hours before Yoongi is awake again. He has a leg trapped between Jimin’s and the omega seems to be riding it as his hips undulate. It’s not the movement that wakes Yoongi out of his much needed slumber, but the fact that the room is a few degrees too hot and the scent of the omega’s slick is thick in the air. He must have gone into heat at some point during the time Yoongi was passed out. Jimin seems to still be asleep despite his motions and pained sounding whimpers.

To say that Yoongi is surprised is an understatement. An omega’s heat is usually detectable by scent a few days out, but Yoongi hadn’t smelled anything. When his mind had conjured the worst case in scenario before they went to bed, he’d thought along the lines of waking up cuddling or with awkward morning wood. He definitely did not think of this which seems infinitely worse or better depending on how he looks at it.

Regardless, Yoongi tries to control himself in spite of the gorgeous omega in heat he has humping his leg. He tries to extract his leg so he can wake Jimin without embarrassing him too much, but Jimin’s muscular thighs are a force not to be reckoned with. Jimin’s movements only seem to be getting more frantic and the keening that sounds from his beautiful throat more desperate. Yoongi shakes him, “Jimin-ah,” he says gently.

The omega’s eyes flutter open, but they’re half-lidded and his face is flushed. He’s so warm against Yoongi. “Hyung,” he whines.

Yoongi would think it was cute if he wasn’t busy wanting to pound the omega into the mattress. He’s grateful when Jimin stops and seems to realize what he’s doing before his hips halt their motion. Yoongi sits up a little to knock his head back into his headboard. “Jimin-ah, you’re in heat,” he says pretty stupidly.

“Hyung, it’s early, so, so, so early. I’m sorry.” Jimin hides his red face in the crook of his elbow. “It’s your bed. It smells like rut.”

Fuck, Yoongi had forgotten about that. He’d obviously changed his sheets, but his mattress usually takes a while to air out after his ruts. It’s kind of embarrassing actually that the omega had laid in his bed and not said anything about it. He curses his own lack of forethought when he’s tired.

“Do you want me to get Taehyung or call your eomma?” Yoongi isn’t really sure what to do. He’s never dealt with an omega in heat and while he knows the basics, i.e. they get uncontrollably horny and wet for an alpha knot to breed and bond them, everything else he knows came from the depths of Namjoon’s omega porn collection in his pre-bondmate/pre-Jin era. Yoongi knows better than to trust the accuracy of porn, if for no reason other than the monstrous size of the alpha’s knots in the videos.

“Hyung,” Jimin pants and wow, okay, Yoongi should probably focus on the issue at hand. Jimin bares his neck and pulls at the collar of his borrowed shirt to exposed his flushed chest. Yoongi’s mouth goes dry and maybe focusing on the issue isn’t smart. Maybe he should just go get Taehyung despite the omega not answering him.

“I’ll just go get Tae-yah, okay?” Yoongi moves to get up but Jimin grabs his wrist.

“No, n-no, I just need to get off. Can you help me?” Jimin bites his lip as he palms his erection under the covers. Yoongi’s eyes widen. He's got to get out and go find help before he does something that Jimin will absolutely regret like tie them together with his knot. Yoongi's never thought much about knotting anyone before, but it's at the forefront of his brain right now, repeating over and over.

"Ah, Jimin-ah, you know I can't do that." Yoongi sounds as regretful as he feels when he says it.

"Hyung, you said any alpha would be lucky to have me. Were you lying?" Jimin's voice wavers like he wants to cry and Yoongi is so sorry that he has to tell him no, but Jimin's not in control right now. His hormones have warped his ability to think clearly and the last thing he wants to do is bond them when Jimin doesn't want it.

"No, Jiminie, no, I can't. Not now, you're in heat and you aren't thinking clearly." In fact, Yoongi's kind of surprised Jimin still has the brain capacity to be having this conversation. Omega heats, as far as Yoongi had seen, were always depicted as a time where little substantial thought could occur. Jimin seems to be doing alright if not for the bed rocking with his ministrations under the covers. Yoongi wonders how much of this he'll remember when his heat breaks.

"Yoongi, please, I'm not asking for your knot, I just want something, please. Just give me your hand," Jimin begs. He wonders where the cute and cuddly omega went and when he was replaced by this sinner. Yoongi wants to help Jimin through his heat if that’s what Jimin wants. Maybe it’s just the smell of Jimin’s slick getting stronger in the air by the second and the fact that his dick had been hard since he woke up, but as long as they don't do anything long lasting then Yoongi is struggling to see why they shouldn’t.

“Come here,” Yoongi says and he almost surprises himself by how low it comes out. The pheromones in the room are getting to him by now. Jimin throws back the covers, scrambles closer, and pretty much plops himself into Yoongi’s lap. His small palms are pressing into Yoongi’s chest to keep him sitting upright as he grinds into his lap. Yoongi can feel Jimin’s wetness seep through the couple of layers of clothing between them. He groans at the warm sensation.

Yoongi takes Jimin’s hands off his chest and the omega leans forward to press their chests together. He nips at Jimin’s throat as he slides his hands under the back of the omega’s borrowed shirt. His fingertips rub at the warm and smooth skin at Jimin’s sides just above the waistband of his underwear. He smells so good and the omega is working his hips just right, and Yoongi can’t help that his teeth come down harder than he means them to. Jimin whines as Yoongi tries not to draw blood. He wants to sink into the omega in every sense, his teeth, his scent, and his knot.

Jimin somehow has the presence of mind--Yoongi’s is rapidly declining--to sit up and take off his shirt. Yoongi blinks up at him where he’s grinding their hips together with his head thrown back. His bottom lip is caught in between his teeth and his whole body is covered in a sheen of sweat that makes him look like he’s glowing. Yoongi thinks it might be the most erotic sight he’s ever seen and his every instinct is screaming at him to sate the omega and show that he’s a worthy mate, but his brain is still having a hard time processing the fact that this is Park Jimin, cute and soft Park Jimin. Fuck.

“Hyung, please, do something.”

It’s all Yoongi needs to grab him by the waist and flip them over. He sticks his leg in between Jimin’s open ones and uses it to rub against his clothed crotch as he bites at the collarbones and chest that have been tormenting him for too long. Jimin’s legs wrap around Yoongi’s as his hips twitch and he desperately tries to get more friction.

It works for a while, Yoongi becomes more content with every bruising bite and sucking mark he leaves littered on Jimin’s chest. He sucks at the buds of the younger boy’s erect nipples, dips his tongue into the hollows of his collar, and bites at the meat of his pectorals and shoulders. Jimin moans, still riding his thigh, but then Jimin must get impatient. Apparently it isn’t enough for him just to grind against his leg because he pulls on Yoongi’s hair to direct his attention from his chest. His pupils are dilated and his lips are swollen from where he’s been biting at them when Yoongi looks up at him. He looks like he’s about to say something, but Yoongi can’t help but surge up to kiss him. There’s more teeth and force behind it then he imagines the omega would like, but Jimin gives back as good as he gets.

Yoongi shoves his hand down Jimin’s boxers without breaking the kiss. His underwear is a wet mess of precum and his slick--there’s so much of it, that it’s traversed down his thighs. When he grabs Jimin’s cock, it’s warm and weighty in his hand from the blood that’s filled it. Jimin breaks the kiss with a gasp and spills all over his hand before Yoongi can even create a rhythm. Yoongi thinks the omega looks so good coming for him with a light touch. His inner alpha is pleased, but Jimin’s cock stays hard in his hand.

“Oh, please, more, Yoongi,” Jimin cries. “I need more, hyung, it’s not enough, please.”

It hurts Yoongi as much as it turns him on to see the omega beg. It hurts because he knows he can’t give Jimin what he really needs. Fuck if he doesn’t want to, though, wants Jimin to sink down on his knot and stay there for as long as he wants.

“My thighs,” Jimin is saying and he’s bucking his hips up and trying to pull off his underwear. Yoongi moves from ontop of him and let’s him, taking in the full sight of the omega. It’s a sight to see, Jimin’s skin is flushed so prettily and his body is toned, but even his sweat soaked skin looks so soft and smooth. Yoongi wants to claim him as his omega so strongly. He purses his lips as he tries to tap down on the impulse, but it gets even harder when Jimin turns over and presents his slick soaked ass to him. “Hyung, fuck my thighs, please, I need--I need it.” Jimin lays down with his legs pressed together.

“Jiminie,” Yoongi hesitates because it’s so close to what he wants. Jimin arches his back and pushes his ass in the air to entice him. Yoongi’s sure it’s to entice him. There’s no way he’s doing it without knowing what it’s doing to him. “Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says warningly. He’s not sure this is a good idea.

“Hyung, please! I’ll make it so good for you. I just need more,” Jimin whines as he presses his ass further into the air. Yoongi swallows roughly. He can do this for Jimin-ah. It’s not like he’s knotting him and the omega is asking so nicely. Yoongi shoves down his boxers and doesn’t miss Jimin leering at him from over his shoulder.

He kneels on the bed with his knees straddling Jimin’s calfs. He grabs the omega by the hips and pulls him back so his ass goes further into the air. Yoongi takes a second to trace a finger from one of the dimple’s on Jimin’s lower back down in between his slick cheeks and over his pulsating hole. He pulls his finger away and it’s completely soaked with Jimin’s essence. It’s heady and the room spins for a second before he can regather himself.

“Yoongi,” Jimin whimpers as he wriggles back toward him, impatient. His movement spreads his legs a little like he’s trying to give Yoongi access to his wet entrance. Yoongi shoves his legs together again before his own brain can start to think it’s a good idea. “You don’t have to...inside if you don’t want--just, my thighs, or something, please.”

Yoongi thinks to how tight Jimin’s thighs had been around his leg when he woke up and he thinks they’ll be tight around his hard length. But fuck, he can’t stop himself from pressing their hips together and nestling his cock against Jimin’s ass. He doesn’t move, but he thinks if Jimin twisted just right and spread himself open then his cock might just slip and slide into the waiting hole. The thought turns him on so much and he has to pull back before Jimin can think of it on his own. The breathy moans that are coming out of Jimin are starting to make Yoongi think this isn’t going to last long.

When Yoongi presses himself in between Jimin’s slick thighs, he groans and Jimin’s breath hitches. The omega squeezes his legs together so tight that his muscles shake and it’s borderline painful, but there’s enough hot space in between his legs, just under his balls that Yoongi can thrust into perfectly. He spears into the area and loves the way it makes the omega’s ass jiggle when their hips meet. Jimin moans out so prettily every time Yoongi’s cock brushes against his balls. Yoongi stops Jimin’s hips from faltering at his harsh thrusts with two hands supporting him on the sides of his narrow waist.

“Hyung,” Jimin chokes out. “Wait.”

Yoongi takes a second to register what he said, but he slows down his movements before he stops altogether. Jimin whines at this even though he had been the one to ask for it. “Jimin-ah?” Yoongi hopes he didn’t hurt the young omega somehow even though he doesn’t seem upset or in pain or anything. He pulls out from in between the omega’s thighs and his entire length is soaked with Jimin’s slick. Yoongi’s dick twitches when he thinks too hard about it.

“I--I need something inside of me or my heat won’t break.”

Yoongi blinks. “Inside? You want my fingers, baby?” The pet name slips out before Yoongi can help it, but Jimin just nods enthusiastically. He pushes at Jimin’s side gently to get him to lay on his back. Jimin’s face is so flushed and his bangs are sweaty and sticking to his forehead in some areas. He’s still the most beautiful thing Yoongi’s ever seen. Yoongi can’t help but lean forward and kiss his bite swollen lips. He’s gentler now even though it’s harder to be since he’s so geared up. He wants to take care of Jimin and be good for him so that maybe he’ll ask him to help him through his heat again.

Finally, Yoongi leans back when he feels himself start throbbing in between his legs. He thinks briefly about how maybe he should get himself off before he starts in on Jimin, just to take the edge off and maybe prevent him from wanting to take something that isn’t his. Before he can do anything about it though, Jimin is whining and bucking his hips into the air. Yoongi can’t keep him waiting for that long even if it probably wouldn’t take all that long.

He shushes the omega before he nuzzles Jimin’s lower stomach and traces a finger around his hole. The young omega is so wet that two of Yoongi’s fingers slot in easily. He scissors them a little before he can get in a third. Jimin bucks his hips into them and whines as he fists the sheets. Yoongi watches Jimin’s face as he pumps his fingers in and out of the omega, loving the breathy mewls he emits. He crooks his fingers and Jimin’s back arches off the bed as he weakly spurts cum on his stomach. Yoongi leans down to take the omega’s still hard cock into his mouth to suck it dry. Jimin keens, but pushes him off. Yoongi releases him with a pop of his lips and pulls out his slick fingers.

“Hyung, hyung,” Jimin breathes and his eyes are wet like he’s so desperate he could cry. “I need more, please, I need your cock. Please Yoongi, I’ll do anything.”

“Jimin-ah, I can’t knot you,” Yoongi says and Jimin whines. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I want to, I promise, you’re not making this easy, but you know I can’t. Not until you’re done your heat and you say it’s okay. I’m not going to take you just because you wanted it while you’re in heat.”

“You’re such a gentleman at the worst time, hyung, I hate it,” Jimin pants out. Yoongi is once again surprised by his mental clarity. “You don’t have to give me your knot, but I want your cock. I feel so empty, please, just give me the tip or something.” Yoongi can feel his resolve wavering and Jimin must sense it to because he goes on, “just the head, hyung. I’ll be so good for you, I promise. Just need you inside me. Want to tighten my muscles around you and make you feel so good.”

Yoongi is still so hard and he’s been hard for far too long. Fuck, he’s about to get blue balls and here Jimin is promising to be good for him. It’s just the head of his cock. He’s not going to knot him or anything. He can do that. “Yeah, okay,” he’s saying before he knows it. He takes his length into his hand and guides his head to Jimin’s puffy, wet entrance. He pushes the head into the pliant omega’s body. He feels his breath being punched out of him when Jimin clenches around him. Jimin rocks into it and Yoongi feels more of his cock sink into him despite the hand he has around himself to prevent himself from going deeper. “Jimin-ah,” he tries to scold him, but it comes out as more of a moan.

“Hyung, you feel so good. You’re perfect for me, fill me up so good,” Jimin says breathily and Yoongi growls at him for the twisting movement he does to try and get more.

“Don’t be greedy,” Yoongi says and leans forward to bite at Jimin’s chest. Jimin just laughs and wriggles around so much that Yoongi needs both hands to pin him down. He manages to pin down his unyielding hips, but not before Jimin can sink all the way down on his length. Fuck, now it’s all up to him to pull out before he comes and his knot can inflate and lock him in the omega’s plush ass. Yoongi gives him a harsh thrust as punishment. “I thought you were going to be good for me, Jimin-ah. You’re being anything but. So naughty,” Yoongi grinds out between hard thrusts.

Jimin just makes choked noises at each impact. His eyes are just watching him half lidded and there’s a smug smile on his face like this is exactly what he had in mind the whole time. Yoongi doesn’t let up. He fucks into him until Jimin spills between them. Yoongi doesn’t know how Jimin isn’t having dry orgasms by now. He pulls out regretfully and uses his hand to finish. The ropes of cum that come out of him land on Jimin’s stomach, mixing together with the omega’s cum. He pumps himself until he’s sure he’s done before he drags his length through the mess and mixes it together.

Jimin hums contentedly and he seems to be finally spent. His heat seems to be broken, but he pulls Yoongi closer so he’s lying next to him despite the mess of slick and cum that’s somehow worked its way all over his sheets.

“You okay?” Yoongi asks because the omega seems sleepy, but coherent enough. He brushes Jimin’s sweaty bangs off his forehead and hopes he wasn’t too rough.

“Yeah, you did well, hyung,” Jimin flushes as he says it. It’s not exactly what Yoongi was asking about, but it’s not a complaint so he figures they’re okay.

“I thought heats were supposed to last longer than that.” They can’t have been at it for more than a few hours and Yoongi has read enough to know that most heats last anywhere between 2-5 days.

“It’s just a phantom heat, hyung. My body was making itself ready for you because I could smell your rut.” Jimin bites his lip. Yoongi narrows his eyes at him. He’s never heard of that, but Jimin doesn’t look like he’s making it up. Was he coherent the whole time? Yoongi should really educate himself.

“But you were so wet…?” Yoongi can’t stop himself from saying. There was so much slick, more than Yoongi had even seen in porn.

“Yeah, well, you turn me on, hyung, sorry,” Jimin apologizes and his face is so red like he’s embarrassed. That’s no good, but it takes a while before Yoongi can reply because his brain momentarily goes offline.

“No, fuck, don’t apologize for that, Jimin-ah. You’re perfect. I love that you’re so wet for me,” Yoongi assures him and Jimin hides his face in his chest. Yoongi laughs. “It’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, Jiminie.”

Jimin lets out a meep and tries to burrow his face deeper into Yoongi’s chest to hide his face. He just breathes into it, absorbing his scent until he turns his face and lifts a little to make eye contact with Yoongi. “You’ll give me your knot when my real heat comes, right hyung?” Jimin blushes and Yoongi doesn’t know how someone can be so cute and sexy at the same time.

“Let me at least take you on a date first, Jimin-ah.” Fuck, this kid is going to kill him.