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Spring Time Record

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Yesterday and today, the weather’s been great,
So we watched the clouds
The warm sun made me feel lazy,
So I closed my eyes like a tired cat
Even now, we can’t forget
Everything that happened back then,
Even though we’ve moved on
And tried to make our own lives

In all of our obscure plans,
We let slip curious clues
“This is a top-priority investigation!”
You always cried and grabbed my hand
The horrific and tragic was normal
And shoved upon us, the broken
Hurt as I was,
It made me want to cry and run
Part the red curtain,
Gape at a million stars,
And you, you said it best,
“If you’re lonely, read a book!”
Even the joy we’d forgotten,
Buried beneath our grief and rage,
Resurfaced and purified us
“Did he include his despair?”
Gathered at a book room,
We both enjoyed reading Izumi
Let’s remember those hectic days
And pass our stories on
A java finch chirped in it’s cage,
And you cried, “It’s so cute!”
Have you let down your hair since then?
I truly don’t know,
But I can’t wait to find out

Once we found their sugar,
Our stories dashed off to make more
The conclusions we chose were abnormal,
But we can all smile and live in them
Today and tomorrow are ephemerally sweet,
Though adults never seem to understand
Even back then,
We knew that
The countless stories in this world,
A narrow, harsh gate above
I could feel you whispering,
“Don’t cry. Now, write on.”
Filled with regret,
We dreamt repeatedly of the past
There’s no going back, but in the future,
“We’ll be that kind of person!”
It’s all over
Our book club and those days,
But no matter how corrupt we are,
These stories will never die
Lonely, we children
Plotted out our various schemes,
And, one after another, we set them off
“May we meet again.”

“Congratulations.” I smiled at you
The cherry blossoms poured down like rain
I caught my breath, dried my tears,
And gave you a goodbye kiss
Gathered at our book club,
We saved each other that spring
“Carry it within your heart,
And we will meet again!”
So I’ll write about it