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Have you forgotten me?

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Third person P.O.V ~ 3 months later, Christmas Eve ~

Currently, Jace, Alec and Izzy are telling their parent about what happen from when they arrived till today on Alec’s shell phone. Clary and Simon went to Clary’s house to talk to the guardians while Magnus, Will and Jem plan a picnic for everyone with Hodge’s help who do not want to join in as everyone will be couples there.

~ Jace, Alec and Izzy ~

“Mother, Valentine is finally put to jail!” Izzy exclaim.

“That’s good to hear. How are you all?” Maryse smile as she convey the message to her husband.

“We’re all fine. Alec finally decides to grow up and get a boyfriend.” Jace tease and Maryse heard a skin to skin sound. “Ow!”

“Hey kids.” Robert laugh when Alec and Jace argue with each other.

“Stop it! Mother, Father, there will be a picnic today near the beach, as today is Christmas Eve. Do you want to come? Clary is going to invite her parent, Jocelyn and Luke.” Izzy question.

“Sure. It’s been a long time.” Maryse think back to the times where they have to escape from Valentine with help from them.

“Within this few months, we would like you to meet our partner.” Jace mention.

“The picnic’s later at night. Please be there.” Alec inform.

“We will. See you. Alec, could you come and pick us up?” Robert hug his wife from behind, emitting a squeak from her which made her blush a little as their children are listening.

“I will.” Alec dive into the sea while the rest go and help with the picnic.

~ Clary and Simon ~

“Mum, dad?” Clary call out when she arrive back home.

“In here!” Jocelyn call back from the living room where she and Luke are watching television.

“Clary, Simon.” Luke acknowledge.

“Mum, dad. Why didn’t you mention about you being guardians?” Clary sit down on the sofa beside Simon before she start on her conversation topic.

“You found out.” Jocelyn state. Not a question, but a statement.

“Yes. And I would like to tell you that it’s okay. I understand.”

“Sweetie -” Jocelyn start but was interrupt.

“Mum, don’t start. There will be a picnic later at night near the beach as today is Christmas Eve. I would like you to meet my partner and they will be inviting Maryse and Robert. Will you be able to make it?”

“How about we leave now? It is going to night time.” Luke suggest as he swings his car keys around his index finger.

They all pile into Luke’s sleek black Honda and drive off to the beach near the beach house of Hodge’s.

~ The group ~

“Are we done?” Izzy was beginning to feel restless. Her boyfriend went with her best friend or another term, her brother’s girlfriend and they are not back yet. Her blood brother is also not back yet. They only couple around here is Will and Jem.

There was a huge picnic mat that lays on the sand and it is very near the edge of the water. At the edge of the water, there are a few rocks that the mer-folks could sit or lay down on. The stones are beautifully crafted by craft men that are friends with Hodge. There are different names of the mer-family. Example, Maryse, Robert, Alec, Izzy, Jace and Will. On the mat, there are many different type of food, ranging from mundane ones to mer-folk ones.

Simon creep up behind her when they arrive and hug her waist as she let out an uncharacteristic squeak. “Simon!” she half growl and half exclaim as she turn around and kiss him.

“I rather keep the PDA to a minimum while we’re here.” A voice tease from behind that particular couple.

Sitting on the stone is Maryse who spoke up with a laughing Alec and Robert in their tail. “Mum, I think it’s okay if the PDA is just kissing or hugging.” Alec assure as his laughter die down.

The group laugh when Robert and Luke engage in a brotherly tackle. “Hey darling.” Magnus call out as he approaches with his glitter self but clad in skin tight shorts only.

“Hey.” Alec reply and smile at the reunion.

“Let’s eat!” Will shout as he places the final dish on the table. “While eating, we could take about our partner then play truth or dare.”

That night, everyone had fun. Even the adults as they talk about their history, their moments and their love. They all went for a swim even Jocelyn and Luke with help from Maryse, Robert and Clary, they get to go underwater. At midnight, they all kiss under the moonlight as it shines down on them, showing off their wonderful and beautiful tail and power.

Alec could manipulate water.

Izzy could make water hotter or to boil.

Jace could make water colder or freeze.

Magnus could understand and speak with marine animals.

Jem could stir oxygen underwater creating bubbles at any time.

Simon could change anything into water.

Will could change water into a gel substance.

Clary could control underwater plant life.

They all had plenty of fun and went back to the beach house after packing up. Everyone is happy as they cuddle up with their partner and fell asleep, waiting for Christmas to show their presents to each other.