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Have you forgotten me?

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Resting one side, watching her brothers, Jace and Alec play is Isabelle which likes to be call Izzy or Iz. She sings Mean by Taylor Swift while at certain times, her brothers will add on and pitch in with her. Alec use his water powers to create a shape or figure while Jace freeze it and Izzy spoils it all and heat it up.

While they were playing, they did not notice three silent figures watching them in awe. The tallest of the group spot something slicing through the water and nudge his other two friends.

Without another word, the girl of the group was flung backwards, revealing a black shiny tail. “Shit!” she scream out where a cut appear on her arm.

The golden one raise his hand and ice starts to form around the sharks. The girl raise her hands then clench it into a fist while the sea water boil roughly. The last boy, black colour hair, raise his hand and water rush towards the sharks. Another shark appear behind him and fling him on shore a few centimetres in front of the girl. He raise his hand again and the water create three spears and cut into the sharks and they swim away.

“Let’s go help them.” The tall guy which covers himself in glitter suggest to the group. They slowly walk out to show that they mean no harm to the group of mer-folk.

Fear sip into all three mer-folk eyes as they watch the mundane coming in on them. Izzy raise her hand, wanting to do some damage when her eyes lay upon the boy with nerdy glasses. He is so hot. She thinks with a slight blush that both her brothers notice and raise an eyebrow at her.

You do remember that we can chat through the mind? Jace shoots back and Izzy blush darken a little bit more. Though… the girl is pretty.

“Could you make an ice board?” Izzy shouts to Jace.

“Alexander!” Alec raise his hand as a huge water board appear and Jace freeze it. Izzy hop on first before Alec and Jace control it back to the ocean.

“Thank you Jonathan.” Alec says.

“That’s so cool.” The girl with red hair and emerald green eyes comments with a vibrant excited spark in her eyes.

“I’m Jonathan. My siblings, Alexander and Isabelle.” Jace introduce.

“A pleasure.” The sparkly guy smiles. “My friends, Clary and Simon. I’m Magnus.”

“Oh, what are you guys doing here?” Izzy smile then hiss when she when she place her injured arm in the water.

“Are you okay?” Simon raise an eyebrow.

“Y-Yeah. Fine.” She hiss again and quickly heal herself.

“We’re camping and it gets very bored. So we decide to walk around.” Magnus looks up to the star fill sky.

Suddenly, something vibrate on the rocks. Alec pick up his shell phone and frown. “Mum text me. We got to go.”

“Wait. Could we exchange numbers?” Jace ask Alec.

“Sure.” They exchange within each other and smile before the Lightwood sibling retreat back to sea.