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Konoha's State of The World

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The hope, words, and stories that were brought together
And experienced by all
Seem to be reviving a burnt-out author

This is a tale of his past
Every single one of them is screaming
“I want to see you again!”

The final story in this twisted town
Ended better than anyone could have predicted
But why did she go through the gate all alone?
Only two people understood why
As they kissed and turned away

Contrary to expectations, at the end of the tale,
His little soul grew strong
As he saw the book girl brought down to normal
Kana’s story finally blew apart,
And those blinded by the illusion could clearly see
The dream came to an end

The hope, words, and stories that were cobbled together
Filled him with inspiration
“I want to write it all down for her.”

This is a story about him and her
With hearts like consommé,
Words can’t change how they feel

The white Magnolia tree
And the book that got nibbled on
Were what pulled him into this story full of twisted hearts
Even if The Angel helps her,
Belle loves someone else,
So The Beast’s curse won’t break

Contrary to expectations, she didn’t eat his story,
A fortune and his skill keeping them apart
He watched as a new page was turned on the future,
One where he would be an author again
And wouldn’t lament the past
Thanks to her words

The book girl vanished somewhere
Spring has come and gone yet again
Will a future where they live together
And say “I love you!” exist?
Contrary to expectations, in a nook of the world,
The rain that all predicted didn’t fall down
The sun smiled, the sun smiled

Though they can’t turn back time,
The future’s..