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The Pros and Cons of Being Aphrodite

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"Hey, isn't that Mikaela Shindo?"

"You mean that geeky looking kid over there? Ugh, look at those glasses and that outfit."

"I know, it's so sad. He'll never find a girlfriend looking like that."

"Plus he's the nerd of our school."

"Just because he's the top student in our school, doesn't mean he's a nerd. Still, it's a shame that he's a loner."

"So, are you going to ask Yuu out today~?"

"Girl, he's taken, remember?"

"So what!? He doesn't even look good with Shinoa!!"

Mikaela scowled as he scribbled notes down on his notebook while listening to those girls talk. He never thought he'd hate anything more than he hated hearing people talk shit about him and his best friend.

Well.... Ex best friend anyway.....

Mika, as he preferred to be called, and Yuichiro were once childhood friends and they practically did everything together. They were constantly attached to the hip, and everyone had thought that they were inseparable.

So what had caused their friendship to end exactly?

Well, when they were twelve, Mika had confessed his romantic feelings for Yuu, as he preferred to be called, and how did he respond? A shocked expression, a few blinks, several moments of silence, and then he walked away. They never spoke to each other again after that.

That experience broke poor Mika's heart and since then he's never been sure if he would ever find someone who would love him. This also resulted into him becoming a loner, and a lot of people left him alone because he would give them cold, icy glares. He became bitter at the thought of finding love, because he knew that no one would love him. Yuichiro didn't, so why would anybody else?

Although, that year was also the year he discovered his passion for finding love for others.

After his heart was broken, Mika had discovered that his neighbor had a crush on a very handsome lawn man and the woman had been too scared to approach him. So the little blonde helped her out by helping her cook good meals and used the saying "quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and it worked like a charm. They were married three years later.

The year after, Mika met a nice elderly man whose wife has passed a long time ago. He missed her too much to get back on the saddle. The boy had managed to find someone for the man that was much like his late wife. They stayed together since then.

In his last year of middle school, a girl had asked Mika to deliver a love letter to her crush, and he happily accepted the task. Unfortunately, he didn't feel the same, and the girl cried. Mika didn't give up on her as he saw that there was still hope for her. He discovered that her best friend had liked her for a very long time, and she was a bit hesitant. However, Mika was and to persuade her to give him a chance, and they've been together since. Their love is still going strong in high school.

When he was fifteen, he joined a website making club and was able to create his own online dating website "Chances for All". The background wasn't stereotypical and the questions were very simple. Pretty soon, over six hundred people joined the website, and it became the most popular online dating website all around.

Mika felt rather proud of himself. Even though his own love life didn't workout, at least he was still able to help others in finding love. Everybody deserved a chance at love, and the blonde will go above and beyond to make sure everyone else had their happy ending.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as he groaned at the annoying noise of the girls squealing. He didn't even need to look to know what the source was.

Yuichiro had become a very popular bad boy when they started high school, and tons of girls would be drooling all over him. His girlfriend was Shinoa Hiiragi, but everybody knew that their relationship was completely one-sided. The only person who didn't know that was the girl herself.

Mika turned to his phone after a signal went off. It sounded like his website has an update, so the blonde looked it over and grinned at yet another successful match.

Oh, yes. He was definitely proud of himself.

Meanwhile, said blonde was unaware of a familiar pair of emerald eyes watching him as they say with his friends and girlfriend. The latter was being her usual chatterbox self, but he didn't bother paying attention to her pointless ramblings. Not like he was going to anyway.

"You know, instead of staring, maybe you should actually grow a pair and apologize," Kimizuki said bluntly.

Yuu glared at the pink haired male. "Shut up, telephone pole!!" He said. "I don't need your stupid advice!!"

"It's not stupid if it's the truth," Mitsuba said, eating a chip.

The ravenette flinched at that. He knew it was the truth, but everyone knew he was too damned stubborn to admit it.

"Oh, leave him alone," Shinoa said, clinging to his arm. "If he doesn't wanna talk to that loner, then he doesn't have to~"

Yuu glared at the short female and shoved her off, ignoring the displeased look she gave him.

"I just think it's pretty damn pathetic that this dumbass can't muster up the courage to go over and make things right with Mika," the pinkette stated bluntly.

That earned another flinch from Yuu. God, as much as hearing those words hurt, he knew better than to deny it. He had hurt his best friend when he didn't give him an answer, that he knew. Still, it hurt hearing his own friends make a statement of him being a total coward for running away.

"Maybe we should leave it alone, like Shinoa says?" Yoichi suggested worriedly.

"Whatever," Mitsuba mumbled, mincing on another chip.

Yuu sighed before staring back at Mika, and for a moment, their eyes met for the first time in years. However, the blonde gave a hateful glare and turned away, never being able to catch the hurt in the ravenette's eyes.

He knew he didn't have a right to feel hurt, but Yuu honestly couldn't help himself.


After school

"Are you sure you'll be okay by yourself?"

Mika laughed into the phone. "Don't worry, Nii-san," he assured. "We'll be heading to the art museum by bus anyway, so you don't have to worry."

"Alright, but if anything happens, you call me okay?" Shinya sighed.

"I will," the blonde responded. "See you after work!"

"Alright, be sure to lock the door."

"I will, Nii-san."

With that, he hung up and continued on his way home to the apartment him and his big brother shared.

Ever since Mika could remember, it has always been just the two Shindo brothers. When he was young, their mother had run off with some other guy, and their father took his frustration out on his sons. Shinya would get most of the beatings so that Mika wouldn't be hurt, often having to shield the youngest Shindo from their father's fists. When he was eight and the oldest was sixteen, Shinya had shot their father in leg when he had started to strangle Mika. A friend of Shinya's had called the cops after the two boys had escaped their home. Though Shinya had a weapon on him, it had been written off as self defense and their father was arrested.

However, this also had the brothers separate for some time after they got put into foster care. Shinya hated it because he could barely keep tabs on his little brother to make sure that he was alright and that nobody tried to lay a hand on him. By the time he turned eighteen, the oldest Shindo managed to become Mika's legal guardian, and they had stayed together since then.

Mika had always felt guilty because his brother has always had to take care of them and make sure there was always food on the table. He felt like he was a burden to Shinya, despite the latter insisting that he wasn't. So, as a way of repaying his brother, Mika promised to get good grades and get into a good college so that his brother wouldn't have to take care of him anymore.

'I'll keep my grades up no matter what. I'm doing it for Nii-san.'

He was soon pulled out of his thoughts when he bumped into someone and they fell.

"Oh! Sorry! I didn't see you there!" Mika apologized, helping the person up.

Said person was a young woman at least two years older than he was with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Half of her hair was tied in a ponytail whole the rest staid down.

"No, it's fine," she assured, smiling. She gave him a once over. "Say, are you from around these parts?"

"Yes, I am," Mika said politely. "I live with my older brother in the old looking apartment."

The woman nodded before digging into her purse. "Well, since you're so thoughtful, let me give you this," she said before pulling out a necklace. "As a way of saying sorry."

"No!!" Mika panicked. "I couldn't possibly take it!!"

In has honest opinion, it was very beautiful. It was a rose gold necklace shaped into a flower with a rose quartz imbedded in the pollen area. It reminded Mika of the amulet of Aphrodite.

"Come on, I insist," she said. When she saw how hesitant he was, she grinned. "I'll tell you what. If it likes you, you can keep it."

Mika was a bit hesitant before reaching out and taking the necklace. As he did so, the necklace began to glow brightly as if it was a star shining in the palm of his hand, leaving him staring in awe. It then wrapped its chain around his neck before it stopped glowing completely.

"Well, it seems you have great potential," Aiko said, smiling brightly. "Consider this a gift. Goodbye."

"Hey, wait!" Mika called as the woman walked away. "What do you mean by that!?"

His call was ignored as she continued to walk away until she was completely out of his sight. The blonde sighed before staring at the necklace.

'Great potential? What does that even mean?'

With thinking much on it, he simply shrugged before heading home.


Next day

"Alright, class, right this way now!" The teacher said, leading Mika's class throughout the art museum.

Mika ignored the girls swooning over Yuichiro, damning the universe for putting the blonde in the same class with his former friend, along with his annoying as hell girlfriend. Instead, he paid attention to the at pieces and listened in on the history of them, all the while taking notes. He wasn't aware of a pair of green eyes staring at him in guilt.

"Hey, it's not good to dwell on the past," Shinoa said, clinging to Yuu's arm. "Especially when it concerns that loner."

Yuu glared and shoved her off. "Would you just shut up for five minutes, Shinoa?" He muttered.

"Why do you always do that!?" She demanded childishly. "I'm your girlfriend!"

"Because you're annoying when you talk shit about people," the raven haired boy said. "Now shut up, before the teacher lectures us."

Shinoa grit her teeth and glared at the blonde, who didn't pay attention to her.

Mika, however, did have to break his attention on the lecture to see his necklace glowing.


"Uh, sir, may I please use the restroom!" Yuu called, raising him hand.

The teacher sighed before gesturing to go on and Yuu left without another word. Mika didn't pay attention as he firmly kept his eyes on his necklace.

Before anyone knew it, a giant tail swept through the building and people screamed in terror. Mika had barely managed to dodge a piece of the ceiling from crushing him. However, he heard that someone else wasn't so lucky because when he looked back, one of his female classmate's legs was crushed underneath the debris, crying out in pain.

The blonde rushed over and knelt down to try and lift the piece of the ceiling up, though it was proving to be very futile.

"Don't!!" The girl cried. "It's pointless!! You're not strong enough to lift this thing!!"

"Shut it!!" Mika yelled. "You're not gonna be left here for certain death!!" He grunted as he tried to lift the ceiling piece. "Damnit!! Come on!!"

"Just leave me here!!" The girl begged. "I won't make it!! That's clearly obvious!!"

"Damnit, there are people who are waiting for you at home, isn't there!?" Mika shouted, glaring down at her. "You've got a mom!! A dad!! Hell, you've got fucking boyfriend for crying out loud!!! Those are people you have to live for!!"

The girl gaped up at him in shock before his necklace started glowing brightly.

"My, my... What a strong sense of justice you have there. It seems I have made the perfect choice."

Mika became confused when he started hearing a vice in his head.


"Tell me, despite your own broken heart, are you ever going to let others suffer? Are you going to make people miserable?"

He was silent.

"If not, then I shall happily lend you my power."

He soon became engulfed in a pink light.

"It's time to show the world the true power of love!!"

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"Damnit, why won't this thing die!?" Hades shouted as he swung his sword to chop off another head.

Hades was a young man with black hair and green eyes. His outfit was all black, and it looked as if he was from the Japanese military rather than a superhero. To complete this, he wore a black mask over his eyes and black gloves.

Was getting pretty frustrated as two more heads he back from the creature he was fighting out in the open. Said creature just so happened to be a giant Hydra.

"Idiot, when you chop one head off, two more grow back!!" Athena shouted as she defended the people on the side.

She was a young woman with blonde hair in pigtails, purple eyes, complete with a grey tunic and a grey mask and gloves to match. In her hands was a giant axe that was a matching storm grey color.

"What the hell!! How am I supposed to fight this thing then!?" Hades yelled.

"You have to aim for the heart!" Hephaestus shouted, blocking a fire blast from one of the Hydra heads.

Hephaestus had pink hair with a reddish brown mask over his eyes, a reddish brown military outfit, and matching gloves.

"Yeah, if we can get it!!" Hades shouted as he block an incoming claw slashing at him.

In the number one superhero's opinion, it seemed really impossible to kill a Hydra. I mean, look at that thing! It's already got twenty fucking heads!! Of course, that was the result of Hades being stupid enough to actually cut the heads off.

(Nice work, genius >:/)

"Can't we use our powers!?" He shouted.

"Your power could get the civilians killed!!" Athena shouted back.

"Then how the fuck do we--"

Hades was cut off as Hephaestus crashed into him when the pinkette was thrown by the Hydra. That crashed into a building as the beast roared in triumph.

"It's official, I hate hydras," Hades grunted.

"It's been nice working with ya," Hephaestus muttered as the Hydra raised its claws.

It came down at high speed to finish them off, but a bright pink light came and blocked the attack, making the monster stumble back.

*Insert Aphrodite theme song here*

When the light faded slowly, it revealed a stunning blonde with a red jacket over a black dress shirt, red pants, black thigh high boots that hugged his legs perfectly, white gloves, and a pink mask over his blue eyes. People stared in awe as they were memorized by the beautiful blonde before them. Said blonde was nodding blushing madly because the outfit felt so fucking girly.

The three other heroes gaped with mad blushes of their own.

"That is one nice piece of ass," Hades mumbled, looking over the person's figure with hungry eyes.

The blonde shivered in disgust as he felt someone eyeing him up. However, he ignored it and stared up at the Hydra as it roared at him. A small pink dove flew to his side and its forehead glowed as it bowed to him. The blonde reached out and such his hand into the light to pull out a sword that wrapped rose vines around his wrist and the blade glowed the color of roses.

The blonde gave a hard look to the monster and pointed his sword at it.

"Stand down, beast!!"

Said beast only roared in response.

"So be it," the blonde sighed before he thrusted how sword and struck the first head, pink vines wrapping around its mouth tight.

"Whoa!!" Hades gasped. "How'd he do that!!?"

The rest of the heads charged at the blonde male, but he leapt up to avoid the heads as he struck another one before it could breathe fire.

"Stupid Hades, isn't it obvious?!" Athena scolded. "It's his sword! That sword belongs to Aphrodite!"

"Wait, then that means....," Hephaestus muttered.

"That's Aphrodite!?" Hades shouted in shock.

The mysterious blonde, known as Aphrodite, continued to avoid the heads like he's dancing on air. Unlike since people, who would probably think they are having fun, the blonde in particular was freaking out inside.

'How the fuck am I able to do this!? When did I suddenly learn how to do this!?'

He couldn't focus on his thoughts, unfortunately, because he was busy striking one head at a time as they came at him and having vines wrap around their muzzle in order to prevent them from breathing fire. That was when another thought came to mind.

'More importantly.... Why do I feel so natural doing this?'

"How can a guy look so graceful when he fights?" Athena mumbled to herself.

"I don't know, but I can't stop staring," Hephaestus replied.

"Those boots really hug his legs nicely, don't they?" Hades asked, drooling a bit as he stared at Aphrodite's legs.

Hades felt like everything was going on slow motion as he watched the mysterious, and gorgeous hero fight the monster with grace. It almost looked as if a swan was dancing on air as the blonde avoided and struck the heads. How can someone look so sexy wife fighting a monster. Hades didn't know, nor did he care. He was far too busy looking at those sexy legs to pay attention to anything else.

Aphrodite shivered in disgust. 'I can feel the eyes of a pervert following me!!'

The Hydra heads were all finally tied by their mouths when the blonde landed on his feet. They desperately shook their heads to get the vines off, but it was no use. The vines had a tight grip and they weren't going to let go until the mysterious hero did his job.

"Looks like it's time to finish you off," Aphrodite said, raising his blade.

He then dashed up and started striking the monster at lightning speed. If the beast could roar in pain, it would. But it couldn't because its mouths were tied up.

People watched in awe at this mysterious hero's skills as pink lines decorated the Hydra.

Once The slashing stopped, Aphrodite gazed up at the monster as it was frozen.

"And now, I bid you adieu," he said lovingly, blowing a kiss at it.

This resulted into the Hydra dissolving into a petal of roses.

Everyone gaped in shock as the petals were blown away by the wind and they gaped at Aphrodite, who nervously fidgeted at the attention.

"Um..... Bye!!"

With that, he took off, leaving behind rose petals that floated in the air as he took off at high speed.

People took this time to whisper asking themselves about the mysterious hero and all Hades could think was...

'Man, I have a raging boner.....'


Aphrodite rushed to his apartment as fast as he could.

'Gotta get home!! Gotta get home!!'

Suddenly, his transformation ended and he flashed back to his original appearance. Mika yelled as he tripped all over himself before his back hit the brick wall. He hissed in pain before picking up his glasses and putting them on.

"Man... That really hurt," he groaned. He looked around to see if anyone saw it before sighing in relief when he found no one. "Thank goodness...."

He got up and started up the stairs to his apartment number. Thankfully, Shinya was at work, so he didn't need to explain anything. I mean, he left his classmates behind, but he'll just come up with a believable lie. He hates lying to his brother, but there was no way that he could possibly explain what happened at the field trip.

He unlocked the door and went inside before closing it behind him. Mika removed his shoes before heading to the living room to turn on the TV.

"Local heroes, Hades, Hephaestus, and Athena, were seen battling against a giant Hydra near Ikebukuro, but the beast had too much fire power on its side. However, a mysterious blonde hero appeared out of nowhere and was able to destroy the creature before it could do anymore damage."

"Seems like you've gotten pretty famous."

Mika screamed and fell on his bum before turning to the source, which just happened to be the pink dove who assisted him back at the fight.

"What the!? What're you doing here!?"

The dove tilted its head at him. "Isn't it obvious? I came home with you," it responded.

"Why are you talking!?" Mika shouted, pointing his finger at the bird. "How are you talking!? This can't be possible!!'

The dove hummed. "Perhaps I should communicate with you in a more appropriate form," it said before it glowed brightly and changed into the form of a short pink haired girl in a strange black dress.

"Whaaaaaaaat!?" Mika screamed.

The simply smiled. "Now, for proper introductions... My name is Krul, familiar of the goddess, Aphrodite~"

The blonde became confused. "Aphrodite...? As in the goddess of love and beauty?"

"And pleasure and procreation, yes," Krul said, nodding. "I must say, I never thought there would be a new replacement in only one year. Then again, the last one wasn't very promising." She looked Mika over. "However, you do have very promising potential. So I suppose you'll have to do."

"Wait, master?" Mika asked. "What do you mean? What was that earlier today?"

"Ah, I figured you would have questions, but it's a good thing I'm prepared to answer them," the girl said, sitting on the couch. "I can tell you are very intelligent, so you should be able to get it very easily, yes?" The blonde nodded. "Good. Now where to begin...."

"Many millennia ago, the gods of Olympus watched over mankind to bring order to those who wish to destroy them. The three brothers, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, came to realize that humans have become more independent than they expected them to be. They became rebellious and defied the gods.

"With that in mind, the three brothers came to a conclusion. The gods and goddesses would seal their souls into their most prized trinkets, and have them be descended down into Earth for a human to find. If the human that is chosen by the trinket comes in possession of it, then they will gain the power of the gods and become Earth's protectors.

"As eons passed, peace was brought safely to the humans. However, the humans that were chosen became more greedy and started using the power for evil.

"So it comes down to this... Whoever has great potential of equal power of the three brothers, shall challenge them into battle for their crowns, and will become ruler of the sky, sea, and underworld. So the fate of humanity will be in their hands...."

"So basically, the gods and goddess are trying to bring order by using humans as vessels, and the one who has equal power with the three brothers can fight then for their crowns?" Mika asked.

"Precisely," Krul said, nodding. "Though I never imagined that someone like you would have potential. Even though the agreement was made, not a single other god or goddess has ever had any great potential for eons. Until today, at least."

Mikaela stared down at his lap as he processed this information. Him...A god, or goddess in his case.... He never thought something like this would happen.


"You mean, the superheroes are actually gods?" He asked, looking back up at Krul, who nodded.

"Yes, and like you, they also have familiars," she informed. "As a familiar, we have the ability to transform into the sacred animal of one god or goddess. I can transform into a dove, the sacred animal of Aphrodite."

"And since I am Aphrodite, that means I'm your master," Mika concluded.

"Exactly," Krul said, smiling in satisfaction. "You're far more intelligent than I thought you'd be. Can't say I'm not complaining." She frowned when she looked him over. "Although, I must complain about your choice in style. Do you ever make yourself dress nice?"

Mika became confused. "Why would I want to dress nice?" He asked. "These are just my everyday clothes. There's nothing wing with that."

"My dear boy, you are the goddess of beauty!" Krul huffed and got up. "And I refuse to allow my master to dress in such hideous clothing." She grabbed his arm and started dragging him to his room. "Starting to tomorrow, you will be wearing contacts. Leave your hair as is, but your clothing must be burned in the fire."

"Hey!! What do you think you're doing!?" The blonde demanded, struggling in her grip.

"I'm going to transform you from a lonely nerd, into a gorgeous model~"

The blonde paled as his bedroom door was closed and locked.

'Oh God, I'm doomed.....'

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Gorgeous golden hair flowed with the wind as beautiful sky blue eyes stared back at Yuichiro. The pink mask matched very much with the creamy, pale skin that looked smooth and soft to the touch. The plump lips were a rosy pink, and he just wanted to kiss those lips right then and there.

Yuu blushed as Aphrodite stared back at him with a blush of his own. The gorgeous blonde smiled and twirled a piece of his hair with a teasing air about him.

"Oh, Yuu, do you think I'm beautiful?"

The raven haired ended up choking on his words as he gaped at Aphrodite, who walked up to him and traced circles on his chest in a seductive manner.

"Come on, big boy~ Why don't we have a little dance~"

Yuu growled and pulled the blonde against him.

"I'll dance with you any night, baby~"

"Um, excuse me?"

Yuu was suddenly pulled back into reality and he looked at his friends as if he grew a second head. He blinked before his whole face started to burn up from embarrassment.

"Keep your boner in check, dude," Kimizuki said, grimacing. "We all get that you're thirsty for Aphrodite, but keep your fantasies to yourself."

"Fuck off, telephone pole!!!" Yuu yelled, slamming his fist on his locker.

The pinkette simply scoffed and opened up his own locker to put his stuff up and grab his books for class.

"So do you think Aphrodite will make another appearance in the future?" Mitsuba asked curiously. "I mean, that can't be the last that he'll show up."

"I think he will," Yoichi said. "I mean, most of the other heroes never rest until evil is brought to justice, right?"

Oh, Yuichiro really hoped that was the case. He wanted to see that beautiful goddess again. Or god in this case. Man, he was so majestic out there, even for a rookie. The way Aphrodite moved, the way his golden hair blew in the wind, made Yuichiro freeze on the spot and gaze in awe. He wondered how soft that hair was, or how smooth that creamy felt, or how those pink lips tasted. He didn't realize he was drooling until Mitsuba cleared her throat.

"Close your mouth," she said, smirking. "You're drooling."

Yuu quickly wiped his mouth before his arm fell into the grip of his girlfriend.

"Morning everyone!" Shinoa sang. "Is everyone doing okay? That was really unexpected yesterday."

"I think most of our classmates ended up in the hospital," Yoichi said, completely worried. "I just hope they're going to be okay."

"I'm sure they'll be fine," Mitsuba said. "It's a good thing the heroes were there to stop the Hydra. Otherwise, God only knows what could've happened to everybody."

"I don't they would've defeated it if it weren't for Aphrodite's help," Kimizuki said. "Like, man, that was perfect timing."

"Oh, what's so special about Aphrodite!?" Shinoa huffed. "If you ask me, his fighting was sloppy! He obviously didn't know what he was doing!"

"Jealous much?" Yuu asked with an annoyed look.

"Yuu-san, you're supposed to be agreeing with me!" she whined.

"I'm not really obligated to do that."

"Yes, you are!"

"No, I'm not!"

"Guys, tell him that-- guys?"

Yoichi, Mitsuba, and Kimizuki were gaping at something, having deep blushes on their faces. Yuu and Shinoa looked around as saw that everyone else was the same way. Curious, they turned to the source, only to gasped in shock.

Coming down the halls was none other than Mikaela Shindo, but there was something completely different about him. His clothing consisted of a blue plaid shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows and dark jeans and long dark boots. He wore a dark wrist watch, and his glasses were completely gone from his face. His hair flowed a bit as he walked down the halls with a blank expression, looking a model going down a catwalk. Every student that watched him was blushing madly. One of the girls had dropped her book and he noticed it before kneeling down to pick it up for her.

"You dropped this," he said, his voice angelic.

The girl swooned as she took the book back and he continued forward.

"Hey, loser!" one of the local bullies called and threw a water bottle at Mika's head, getting him wet.

They laughed a bit before they gaped as the blonde flipped his wet hair to them.

"You shouldn't waste water," he said before the bullies had nosebleeds.

As Mika continued forward, one of the students handed him a towel and he dried his head before giving them a beautiful smile. "Thank you," he said kindly, causing the student to squeal and step back so that Mika could head for his locker. Which just so happen to be close to the squads.

Mikaela looked to their gaping, blushing faces and raised an eyebrow. "No fangirls today?" he asked. "That's a first..." He opened up his locker and gathered his books before closing it. "See you in class." With that, he headed straight for class.

"Was that Mikaela?" Mitsuba asked as the group continued to stare.

"I think so," Kimizuki said, choking on his words a bit.

"He looks different," Shinoa said, completely at a loss for words, despite speaking that is.

"He looks amazing," Yoichi said in awe.

Yuu could only stare in amazement. Was that really Mika? The top student in the class? The local nerd? His ex best friend whom he hasn't spoken to in years? When did Mika have those type of clothing? Has he always had them and just chose not to wear them? What happened to him?

And why did Yuu's heart beat at a rapid pace? How come he didn't notice how beautiful Mikaela was until now?

More importantly...

Why did his pants feel tight?


Mika felt completely embarrassed. He laid his head down on the desk to hide his blush. He should've fought off Krul a little better than before.


Mika's wardrobe was hanging on a long rack, makeup was sitting on top of his dresser, and he was sitting on his bed all tied up and completely at the dove's mercy. He was completely terrified of what was to come, and Krul stared at him with no intentions of showing him any form a mercy.


"You'll thank me for this!" she said before grabbing hold of the clothes on his body. "It's time to free you from those lifeless rags!!" With amazing strength, she slipped every last piece of clothing off of him, save for his boxers of course.


The blonde was horrified as his familiar tossed the clothes he had into the garbage and lit them on fire.


"Let's have you cleansed of your filth!!"


Krul then threw him into the bathroom and sprayed him with water. Mika tried to talk, but couldn't because the water was in his face.


"Remove those hideous objects from your face!!"


She kicked away his glasses, but somehow they managed to bounce all the way to end up in their box.

'How did they not break!?'

He nearly screamed in fear as Krul held scissors and a raiser.

"Shave that unibrow!!" Mika's eyebrows was perfect in a flash. "Shave those legs!!" The same with his legs. Did this woman even touch him? Before he could think further, Krul suddenly turned into a dove and used her wings to somehow create a giant gust of wind to dry his hold body in miliseconds. How was that even possible for such a small dove!?! She then dragged him back into his bedroom and then took a comb to his hair into a messy perfection.

"Now to finish off your transformation~"

It felt like a whirlwind had formed because Krul was giving Mika the finishing touches at the speed of light. He didn't feel the gloss being applied to his lips, he didn't feel his lashes get curled, he didn't feel the lotion being applied to his skin, didn't feel the contacts being placed in his eyes, didn't feel his nails get a manicure, and he certainly didn't feel his new set of clothes be put upon his body. Was Krul even doing anything? Everything was happening way too fast for the blonde's liking.

"It is complete!"

Mika blinked. "That was fast... Hey, I can see clearly now..."

"Now, little caterpillar, gaze upon your reflection as you have now become a beautiful butterfly~"

Mikaela blinked when the mirror was placed in front of him and he looked at his reflection. However, what no one expected was for him to show unadulterated fear on his face and he screamed a bloody murder scream.


Mika groaned as anime tears fell from his eyes. He remembered how panicked Shinya had been when he had busted down the door in complete worry about his little brother's safety. However, when everything settled down, Shinya had gotten a good look at Mika and immediately glomped him, telling him how adorable he really looked. The blonde sighed before taking a good look at himself. He had to admit, Krul did a pretty good job. He completely forgot he had these clothes until the dove had discovered them in the back of his closet. The boots? He hadn't worn them in a long time. Not since two years ago when he tried them out. He felt the skin on his arms and found that they were very smooth. Plus, his nails looked wonderful after that manicure she gave him.

"This feels so weird...." He sighed. "Well, might as well get to studying before the class starts..."


"Grrr... What a spazz that boy is," Krul grumbled, reading a magazine. "He didn't even thank me for his makeover. Ungrateful little brat..." She sighed before putting the magazine away and getting up off the bed. "Well, might as well get something to eat."

The dove ventured into the kitchen and looked around to see if there was anything good to eat. That's where she caught sight of picture of the Shindo family on the fridge door. However, the parents had stickers covering their heads while a nine year-old Shinya held onto a smiling toddler Mika.

"Huh... He actually looks adorable," she mumbled as she raided the fridge and got some yogurt. "Do they have WiFi?"

To answer her own question, she went back to Mika's bedroom and got his laptop before coming back to the small table in the dining area and setting it down and turning it on. She saw that there was a password needed, and she typed random numbers to see the hint.

What conquers all in this world?

Oh, Mika, too easy~

Krul typed down "love" and it got in. "Lets see what your social life is like, Mikaela Shindo," she mumbled to herself before looking over his history. "Huh? Chances for All?" She clicked on it and saw that it was an online dating website, which Mika created it seemed. "Wow, so many successful matches. Now I see why Aphrodite likes him so much." She decided to go to one of his files for school. "Huh, a web design club? Didn't know they had one of those." She looked at the list and there one thing that caught her interest. She typed something down and it took her to a social list website in the school. "Hmm... Yuichiro Amane, number one hottest bad boy? Pffft! I'll be nice enough to give him a three." She looked a little more and saw that Mika was named the biggest nerd and loner in the school. "So that's how it is? Poor thing." She stretched. "Well, no big deal. His transformation will make very decent changes for his social life~"

She dug into her yogurt. "Now, do they have Netflix?"


"Hey, Mika?"

Mika turned to one of his female classmates, who was fidgeting nervously.

"Umm, is it okay if I borrow your notes? I left mine at home..."

The blonde gave a kind smile before handing her his notes. "Sure, just make sure to give them back okay?"

She smiled brightly. "Thank you!"

Mika nodded as he watched her take off and then looked at the time. "I better head home," he mumbled before making his way to the exit.

That is, until Yuichiro stepped in front of him.

"Hey, Mika," he said nervously.

Mikaela have a blank stare. "What do you want, Yuichiro?" He said neutrally.

Yuu couldn't help but feel a little hurt by this, but he shrugged it off. "Umm you look different..."

"Is that seriously all you have to say?" Mika asked, grimacing. "Typical..."

As the blonde made his way around him, Yuichiro tried to reach out to him until he was stopped by his girlfriend.

"Let him be, Yuu-san," Shinoa said. "I'll give you my full attention~ not like the way he would~"

Mika stopped at this and turned to glare at her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He demanded.

At this, everyone in the halls stopped to see what was happening. The squad made sure to stay close in case things got really ugly and they would have to stop then before the situation got out of hand.

"Oh, you know," she said, smirking. "All you'll do is be angry with him, like always~ It's not like it's his fault that he's straight. You should've figured that out long ago~"

"I get it," the blonde said, gripping his shoulder bag. "He's straight. However, I think I have a right to be angry when he is the one who stopped talking to me"

Yuu flinched at the harsh glare that Mika had given him, and guilt washed over his features.

"And I also have right to judge him on his poor taste in women."

"He doesn't have poor taste," Shinoa said, clinging to Yuichiro by his arm. "I'm his world~ his everything~"

The blonde got even more pissed off before he gave a blank stare. It was there for a few seconds before he smirked.

"Then his world is laughable," Mika said, making Shinoa confused. "Because not only is it short... But it's also flat"

Shinoa turned completely as people gaped in shock at that.

"Oh burn!!!" Someone called.

"If you'll excuse me, I have to head home," Mikaela said, feeling proud of himself as he walked out.

The squad gaped as everyone whispered to themselves before the group busted out laughing.

Shinoa glared at them. "You're just going to let him talk to me like that!?"

"Hey, you deserved it!" Mitsuba laughed.

"Come on, I'm hungry," Kimizuki said, chuckling.

Yuu followed everyone out before looking at Mika's direction. He felt the wave of guilt come back as he remembered what he said.

'I'm sorry Mika...'

Chapter Text

Mika sighed as he opened the door to his and Shinya's apartment.

"Welcome home, my goddess," Krul greeted teasingly.

The blonde glared. "Can you not call me that?" he asked. "It's like you've mistaken me for a girl."

"It's not my fault that you look girly," the dove snickered.

Mikaela only sighed and removed his boots to walk to the kitchen. "What have you done all day anyway?" he asked.

"Just watched shows on Netflix and ate some yogurt," Krul said simply. "You and your brother certainly have some weird tastes. Even your diary is strange."

The blonde froze and looked at her in horror. "You read my diary!?"

"Well, I had to get to know my new master somehow," the dove said bluntly. "Besides, I also looked up your social status. Was anyone ogling you at your school~?" Mika grumbled, but he didn't deny it, making the dove smile smugly. "See? Giving you a makeover wasn't so bad. You're welcome~" Mika sighed and opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water and take a swig. "By the way, I'm surprised that you play matchmaker despite your own heartbreak."

Mika froze at that and gave her a hard look. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked carefully.

"Well, most of the Aphrodite's before you ended up becoming bitter and depressed, not to mention determined to ruin other people's love lives," Krul explained, chin on her hands. "They became so spiteful to other couples that they eventually got a little crazy. You, however, you gave support to other people in their quest for love, and you got rejected."

Mikaela gave Krul a blank look before sitting down at the table. "Well, I guess you could say that," he said. "Sure, I got rejected in the worst way possible, but it doesn't really give me the right to be spiteful to other couples or people who are still searching for love. I believe that, even though I didn't have a chance at love, that other people do. I wanna be able to give them that kind of hope. Because everyone deserves a chance at love."

Krul gave him a long stare before smiling. "You really are a goddess of love~ Aphrodite made the right choice~"

Mika gave her a glance before going over and sitting down across from her. "So, is this where I'm supposed to train to use my powers a little better?" he asked curiously.

"Well, now that you mention it, you're a natural fighter, but your timing with turning back to your civilian self does need some work," the dove hummed in thought. "Since you said something about training, you've made a good suggestion. I'm glad that you're very eager to learn to control your powers~"

Well, it's not that the blonde wanted to learn to control his powers. It was more a necessity than anything. Even though he didn't plan on being a superhero like ever, Aphrodite was the one who chose him. So, in a way, he really had no choice. Might as well get to training because he didn't know how to transform, or turn back for that matter.

"So, do we start tomorrow?"


Mika blinked. "Huh?"

"Tonight, we're going out on a little trip around Tokyo," Krul said. "Night time is always the best time to harness your gift. Plus, there's more crime in nighttime, so it'll be very good practice. You can even watch over the city to make sure everyone gets home safely."

"But my brother will be home at the time," the blonde said in concern.

"So we'll go while he's asleep," the dove scoffed. "He won't know anything."

Mika sighed, but he knew that his familiar wasn't going to let this go. So, what other choice does her have?


It was around midnight when Mika had snuck out of the apartment through the front door and headed straight for the rooftop. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Krul?" he asked in uncertainty.

"Mika, stop being such a spaz," Krul said, rolling her eyes in her dove form. "Everything is fine. Shinya is asleep. He won't notice that you're gone."

The blonde gave a slight glare at his familiar. "okay, how do I transform, or whatever?' he asked.

"Simple," Krul started. "Touch the gem of the amulet, take a few deep breaths before exhaling the last time."


"That's it?"

"What? Did you expect it to be like all the magical girls you see on tv?"


"Unbelievable, just do it already!"

Mika mumbled about Krul being moody before placing his finger tips onto the amulet delicately. He took deep breaths...




After exhaling for the last time, he was engulfed in a bright pink light, just like the--

(*intense attack on titan music starting* Why did this music start? *booming in the background and looks behind the wall* Um... Bertholdt?

Bertholdt: *looming over the 4th wall*

Me: O_O Bert no!!! Don't do it!! We can talk about this!!!

Bertholdt: *lifts his foot*

Me: BERT NO!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!)

After exhaling for the last time, he was engulfed in a bright pink light, just the first time at the museum.

(Bertholdt: *knocked out with a bump on his head*

Me: *holding shovel in triumph*)

It took a few seconds before the light disappeared and Aphrodite stood before Krul. Mika blinked as he looked himself over in awe. "Wow...." he mumbled.

"Easy, right?" the dove said smugly. "Nothing fancy needs to be done. Just a few deep breaths and voila!"

"This is way faster than magical girl transformations," the blonde said. "Or even power ranger transformations..."

"Now, let's go patrol, shall we?" Krul suggested.

The blonde nodded before disappearing in a blur of rose petals. Aphrodite felt like he was flying as he ran around the city. The wind brushed through his golden hair, and it felt amazing. He felt like he could do this forever. He made sure to look around to make sure there wasn't any trouble lurkign around the city, but surprisingly, he found none. he spent at least thirty minutes searchm and he still found nothing out of the ordinary. After that, he stopped on the tallest building in Ikebukuro and frowned.

"I don't understand," Aphrodite said, crossing his arms over his chest. "We've spent thirty minutes searching for late night crimes, and we haven't found anything. What gives?"

"Because the night belongs to me~"

Aphrodite and Krul immediately put their guards back up and they looked around.

"Well, well, do my eyes decieve me, or do I see the beautiful and ravishing goddess of love~"

Emerging from the shadows was none other than Hades himself. Aphrodite internally groaned, because this guy was the last hero he wanted to see tonight, or any night. In fact, he thought he wasn't going to personally meet him at all!

"What the hell do you want?" he asked, glaring at him.

"Ooh, sassy, I love it," Hades said, smirking as he strode over to the blonde. "It seems you know who I am~"

"Um, your face is all over Tokyo, so yeah," the blonde stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "It's not hard to figure out who you are."

"Ah, I see my reputation precedes me," the god of the underworld hummed. "Tell me, what is a gorgeous little thing like you doing here in the middle of the night?"

"Now? Getting away from you," Aphrodite sassed before stepping up on the ledge of the building, only for his left wrist to be grabbed from behind and be pulled down. Instead of landing on his back, however, he got into a dip position as Hades held him to keep him from falling to the ground.

"Oh, but you just got here, baby~" Hades said huskily. "What's the rush~?"

Aphrodite cringed and nearly gagged at how much cologne this guy had on him, and he could've sworn he heard a guitar playing in the background with a violin. Hades brought the blonde into a standing position, making him take a few steps back as the former took a few steps forward.

(tango anyone? :D)

"I'm in a rush to get away from you," the blonde said with a glare as he tried to push Hades away and leave, but he ended getting pulled, twirled and up against him with his left leg wrapped around the other's waist.

"Oh, but the night is still young, beautiful," Hades purred. "Let's be partners for tonight."

Aphrodite glared before slapping him across the face, causing him to let go. "In you dreams!!" the blonde said before huffing and walking away.

Once Aphrodite was gone, Hades only stood there as he held his cheek. And he felt like Cupid's arrow struck his heart.


"Ah!! The Valentine's Franchise was a success!!" Mika cheered, looking over the update of the dating website. "There's even more matches than before!!"

Shinya chuckled at his little brother as he served breakfast. "You're awfully proud of that website of yours," he teased lightly.

"Why wouldn't I be!? Do you have any idea how popular my site become when there was a successful match? It skyrocketed the moment it succeeded! Of course I'm proud of my website!!"

The oldest of the Shindos chuckled at this. He was really proud of his little brother creating something that gave him great joy. It was better than when they were younger and they had to deal with... But they weren't in that situation anymore. They were together and working hard every day.

"Well, eat up, you won't be able to focus on an empty stomach," Shinya said as he sat across his brother at the table, only for a pink box was placed before him.

Mika gave a sheepish smile. "Um, I know only girls give chocolates on Valentine's day, but... I wanted to give you something, as a way of showing how much I appreciate you," he said.

The white haired man was touched by this. He reached over and grabbed Mika's hand to give it a firm squeeze. "Thank you, Mika, this means a lot to me," he said, smiling. "Tell you what. I've been saving up some money for the past few days. Why don't we skip work and school and go to the hot springs?"

'A-are you sure!?" Mika asked meekly. "What if I get written up!? Or you get fired!?"

"We'll call in sick and sneak away from the city," Shinya laughed. "Relax. It's Valentine's Day! I think we both deserve a break, don't you think so, too?"

The blonde gave it a hard thought before smiling. "Okay!"