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The Bittersweet Taste Of Buttercups

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I suppose that deep down I always knew that my time with the Dreemurrs would be cut short, like it had so many times when my life was ended and time rewound back to the day I fell. But I hoped anyways, and it left me all the more broken in the end. But for all that I wish it never happened I cannot deny that it was all too necessary, I had never been on this track before, I had never gotten this far. It was uncharted territory and so I was bound to make mistakes. I just never expected what was born from such a simple one.

Birds were singing, Flowers were blooming, and it was a bright new day. Winter was ending, and spring creeping quietly upon the underground. The bitter winds and harsh storms of Snowdin had quieted to a calm breeze and a gentle flurry of fresh snow that brought a smile to every young child's face. The incessant chilling rains in waterfall were letting up, making way for days of peace and light showers. And even Hotland which had become mostly dormant with the arrival of cold and the stilling of the lava flows was beginning to stir and the few bravest heat-lovers had already set up shop and opened the channels in preparation for the spring rush. And up in New Home, up where the King and Queen lived and raised their family, were two giggling kids, Asriel and Chara, both the children of the Dreemurr's and as close as if they were siblings by blood and not by choice. "Chara! I know what to do to celebrate your Birthday!” The Dreemurrs had decided to celebrate Chara's birthday on the day of their falling down, as not even Chara knew exactly when they were born, not finding it particularly necessary to know before their falling.
Chara huffs, rolling over and shoving Asriel onto the ground. He flips over onto his side and stares at Chara, barely containing his excitement. “...what exactly is the plan?”
Asriel squeals and lurches up, grabbing onto Chara and swinging them around. “I knew you'd agree! You're going to love it!”
“Yes but what is the plan.”
“Okay, okay, so.” Asriel composes himself, plopping onto the ground. “we're gonna make Butterscotch-Cinnamon pie for dad!”
Chara blinks. That... that sounds like an amazing idea! They gasp in excitement. “Azzy! That's brilliant!” They swoop down and try to lift him off the ground, quickly crumpling under his weight.
“Then what are we waiting for!” Asriel snatches up Chara's hand and lurches forward. “let's goooooooo!”

"Are you sure it says buttercups?”
“Yeah, what else could it be? Now, did you get the flowers?”
“Well, yeah...”
“Awesome! The only thing left after this is the flour!”
“...And the cinnamon.”
“we are making a Butterscotch-Cinnamon pie, Not a Butterscotch pie Azzy.”

“My children... please... get... your mother...”
“ha ha hA HA HA HA he he he...”
*Drip... Drip...* tears cascade down your face as you laugh hysterically, face contorted into a horrified smile of anguish. You made your bed, now its time to lie on it.

---------POV SWITCH----------
Toriel's paws tremble as she dips a rag into the bucket of water by her side, wiping her husbands forehead in a desperate attempt to cool his forehead. She had never seen such a horrible illness, one that caused awful convulsions and blisters around the mouth. She could only imagine the pain her poor, sweet Asgore must be in. It pains her to see him like this. He had always been so stalwart and strong in the face of danger, even at the cost of his own health. it was a nightmare trying to get him to take a sick-day normally, even when he was so weak he could barely eat. But now Toriel would welcome a fight, just for a sign that he was alright, that he might be getting better. Toriel paused, releasing a long, drawn-out breath. There was nothing she could do now. She could only hope and wait, something she had always struggled with. Why wait when you could act? It had always seemed cowardly to her.
She breaths out in one big gust, fur fluttering in the wake. The halls of her home seem empty, devoid of the thudding of small paws and the floor and the calm humming of her husband. It just seemed so wrong to be in a house so quiet. Homes were meant to be bright and cheerful, full of life and laughter long after anyone had been there.
Toriel's ears twitch minutely, she could've sworn...
someone is laughing. No, not just someone, a child. Anger bubbles to the surface of Toriel's mind, anger that she knows is absolutely pointless. But, still, how DARE someone be happy at such a time? When their king lies in what may be his deathbed? When the underground seems dark and hopeless to even those who see the light in any circumstance? Toriel's teeth grind together as she stalked towards the noise. Towards... Chara's room. Her eyes widen in shock and she reaches up, pushing open the door with a trembling paw.
And just like that Toriel's soul drops right to her feet. what she had feared most was true, her child, Chara, was betraying their father. How... How could they?! How could they laugh as their kingdom mourned?! How could they laugh when the one who had taken them in gasped desperately for his last breath?! Unless... Toriel's eyes widened at the thought that had suddenly crossed her mind, horror stabbing through her at just the mere idea. Perhaps... perhaps Chara never loved them, never trusted them, perhaps it was all an act.
NO! Surely that was not it, it had to be a misunderstanding! Perhaps Chara had mistakenly poisoned the pie, a-and their laughter must be about something else! Th-they must be reading a joke-book! *You can't see a joke-book* M-Maybe they are reading a nice book! *They aren't holding anything* B-but...
“ha... w-who woulda th-thought?” Toriel's eyes snap up to Chara's head, all her attention focused on her child. “The king of all monsters, King Asgore Dreemurr, falling to a mere human child! One that he trusted nonetheless! How pathetic...”
Oh stars... what is Chara saying?! They... they couldn't mean it! ...Could they? Toriel backed slowly out of the doorway, desperate to escape detection, colors blurred together as she tore out of her house, mind reeling. Chara, whom she had trusted, taken into her home, adopted as her own, her tried to assassinate the one they had just hours earlier called father! How could they! As Toriel ran her mind focused on one thing and one thing alone, the burning anger in her gut and the rising wish for revenge on the human who had dared to harm those she loved, whom she had foolishly allowed into her heart. Hadn't humans always proven to be heartless beings incapable of love, only LOVE?! Hadn't she learned this lesson before?! And she had let a human near her only child, her dear Asriel, what if they had not desired to kill the king, what if they had settled for the prince! Oh, how close had she come to loosing her little darling, the light of her life?! How could she have let this go. Well, she would no longer. It is time for her to don her battle gear once more to save all that she loved from yet another human menace.