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Lily's Eyes

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Lily’s Eyes
As sung by Severus Snape
Original lyrics by Marsha Norman
Re-written lyrics by theNewDesire

Strangely quiet, but now the storm
Simply rests to strike again.
Standing, waiting, I think of her.
I think of her.

Strange, this feeling, I leave my rooms,
Yet remain, I linger on.
Something stirs me to think of her.
I think of her.

From death she casts her spell,
All night I hear her sighs,
And now a child has come
Who has her eyes.

He has her eyes.
The boy has Lily's emerald eyes,
Those eyes that saw me happy long ago.
Those eyes that gave me life
And hope I'd never known.
How can I see the boy
And miss those emerald eyes?

He has her eyes.
He has her captivating eyes,
Those eyes that closed and left me all alone.
Those eyes I feel will never ever let me go!
How can I see this child who has her emerald eyes?

In Lily's eyes a castle
My arms longed to be,
And I, her daring knight, become,
My lady fair was she.

He has her eyes.
He has my Lily's famous eyes.
Those eyes that loved that Potter - never me.
Those eyes that always saw me,
Never knew I longed
To hold her close,
To live at last in Lily's eyes!

Imagine me, a lover!
I longed for the day
She'd turn and see me standing there.
Would God have let her stay!

He has her eyes.
He has Lily's cursed eyes.
Those eyes that closed and saw me never more!
How can I now forget
That once I dared to be in love, alive and whole,
In Lily's eyes, in Lily's eyes!?