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I Will Always Love You (Mothballed)

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“Caitlin, for the last time, no. I can’t come with you tonight. I’m reviewing the script for a movie based off Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. I have to memorize the script in two weeks. I’m sorry, but find someone else.”
“Really? I thought you were my friend!”
“I’m not your only friend, you know.”
“But you the only one who isn’t going out tonight and has a car!”
“Fine. But you owe me one.”
“I love you! You’re the best! We need to leave in like 5 minutes though.”

Seb unlocked the door to his club, and walked inside, followed by Keith and some other members of his band.
“I’ll start turning on the lights while you guys warm up,” Seb said.
“Awesome, thanks man. Our staff are coming in 15 minutes, and we open at nine, so you guys have about an hour and 15 minutes hours warm up and ready to go. And no, Lucas, warm up does not mean burning alcohol again!” replied Keith.
“Dang it, man, no one got hurt!” retorted Lucas.
“But I lost my eyebrows, dude!”
“No, Keith, you didn’t. Though your reaction to the kid burning things was pretty funny.” said Seb, walking in from another area of the club.

Eventually the rest of the staff arrived, while the cacophony of instruments of the warming up band would make most people’s ears bleed. The sound drinks being prepped, food being cooked, and the staff reviewing their assignments for the evening added to the din. Soon, two young women slipped in from the back.
“Keith!” Caitlin all but screamed as she ran and gave him a hug, while Mia looked on in amusement at her friend. The thought of I want that kind of love too, but David’s not like that, hit Mia like a punch to the gut. As she looked around Seb’s, she saw the man himself talking with some kid she’d seen around the club before. Having finished the conversation, Seb

Seb turned, and his eye was instantly caught by an unusual sight for his normally upscale club