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keep it classified, all or nothing

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“Alright, squad. There appears to be a new source of Gigglepig. All sources point to this bar.” Holt switched to the next slide, and a nighttime picture of a bar appeared.

“The Femme Mystique? What is that, a lesbian bar or something?” Gina interjected.

“Yes, it is,” Holt replied in his singular monotone. “Sadly, it’s one of the few lesbian bars left in New York City. However, if it is used being used as a front to push Gigglepig, it will have to be shut down.” He paused. “Next…”


 “You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Yes, Rosa. Gina, I’d like you to stay for this also. Close the door.”

“Oooh,” Gina said, eyebrows rising. “A secret.”

“Not quite. You’ll recall that lesbian bar I described during today’s briefing that our colleagues believe is distributing Gigglepig. I believe that two women could successfully infiltrate the bar and determine where the drugs are being stored and who specifically is dealing them. Knowing that will make it much easier for us to get a warrant.”

“And you want us to go undercover?” Rosa asked.


“Awesome!” Gina said.

“But she’s a civilian,” Rosa pointed out.

“That’s why Gina is going to agree not to sue the NYPD should any harm come to her, and will go through some basic training to ensure her safety.”

“Will I get a gun?” Gina asked, pointing at random things with her hand and firing.



“No. You shouldn’t even need weapons. You and Rosa would just be there to gather intel.”

“Sir, can I please speak to you alone for a second?” Rosa asked tersely.

“Absolutely. Gina?”

Moments later, the two police officers were alone. Despite this, Rosa leaned closer to Captain Holt.

“Captain, with all due respect, why not just get Amy or someone from another precinct to do this op?”

“Amy’s on the brink of overworking herself as it is. As for the other precincts…” Holt shook his head. “There are many officers who’d rather be fired than enter a lesbian bar. No one’s volunteering to do this.”

Rosa grimaced understandingly. “Fine. I’ll go with Gina. She better not screw this up…”


A few days later, Gina had gone through all the requisite training and paperwork, and all that was left was for the two of them to update their looks. Rosa bought a lesbian keychain (two Venus symbols intertwined) and put on her leather jacket. Gina clipped her nails and donned a flowy dress.

“You’re going to wear a dress to a bar?” Rosa asked, eyebrows raised.

“I am clearly the femme to your butch, girl!” Gina said, twirling.

Rosa scoffed. “Let’s just get this over with.”

Rosa tried to ignore how tightly Gina held her on the way over, dismissing it as nervousness out of never having ridden a motorcycle before. She managed to restrain her anger until they arrived.

“You know, it’s generally a bad idea to limit the driver’s breathing during the ride,” Rosa huffed.

Gina giggled. “Oops. Sorry. I guess I love holding you sooooo much.” And her arms were around Rosa’s waist again.

Was Gina already in character? Impressive.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.”

Inside, some sort of electro-pop nonsense was blaring, and the lights kept flashing from pink to green to blue to…

The fake couple made their way over to the bar.

“Two beers, please.”

“Thanks, hon,” Gina said, punctuating her words with a kiss to Rosa’s cheek. Her arm was around Rosa’s waist, her hand drawing circles on Rosa’s side.

Rosa made herself smile. “Sure thing. Just remember you owe me a dance.” The drinks arrived. Gina’s hand left her side. Ignore that cold feeling. “To two months!”

Oh, that was horrendous. Rosa almost hoped the people running this joint were selling drugs so that she had justification for drinking some of the worst beer in her life.

Thank goodness, the song was finally changing. A slow dance. Fantastic.

Rosa grabbed Gina’s hand. “C’mon.”

Soon enough, they were on the dance floor. Gina’s hands were on Rosa’s shoulders, and Rosa’s hands were on Gina’s waist. Sway along, focus on Gina’s face, ignore the awful aftertaste of that beer.

I’m never gonna dance again. Guilty feet have got no rhythm though it’s easy to pretend…

“Are you one of those people that can’t dance so you just sway your way through slow songs?” Gina asked.

Rosa faux-grimaced. “I…haven’t danced with anyone in years.”

“Oh, honey, I am honored to be the one to end that draught. I couldn’t imagine not dancing for so long.”

That made Rosa smile. “I know.”

They kept swaying like that until the song started drifting to a close. Then, out of nowhere, Gina kissed her. Gina’s lips were soft, and she tasted like strawberry. As soon as it happened, it stopped. Rosa dimly grew aware of the music changing back to pop.

Blink. Refocus. The mission.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom. See you in a sec.”


Now was the moment their plan would really kick in. Rosa was going to check out the bathroom, while Gina would grill the bartenders.

She wandered over to the bar and practically threw herself on it. “Hey. Have you got anything that’ll make the place spin? My last guy got arrested.”

The bartenders exchanged looks before looking back at Gina. “Yeah, we have something.” The other bartender went into a back room, and returned with a small bag. “Twenty bucks.”

Damn. Inflation really has gotten bad. “Alright, but this better be good,” Gina said, slapping a twenty on the counter and grabbing the bag. “I’ll be in the ladies’.”


Rosa, meanwhile, had locked herself in a cubicle and was examining the wall behind the toilet. If she could find a weak spot….

Nope. All the tiles seemed perfectly normal.

With a sigh, Rosa flushed and let herself out. She was washing her hands when the bathroom door swung open.

“Stephanie! I was just thinking I wanted to take this party home.” Gina waggled her eyebrows suggestively. “You know…”

Stephanie was Rosa’s code name. Rosa nodded. “Just a sec,” she said, turning off the faucet. She dried her hands quickly before following Gina out.

Soon enough, they were on Rosa’s motorcycle again, heading to the police station. Rosa didn’t say anything until Gina broke the silence.

“Sorry about the dance. I usually don’t-”

“It’s fine. It kept up our cover.” Rosa knew Gina wasn’t talking about the dance. “Let’s just get Holt his warrant.”


Gina and Rosa turned in the Gigglepig and their testimony, Holt got his warrant, and the precinct got to search the place. Several pounds of Gigglepig were found, but most of the suspected dealers got away.

A week later, Rosa got a note on her desk that just said Babylon. Gina wasn’t at her desk.

There was a sign on the boxes that read KEEP OUT that Rosa ignored. Fortunately, Gina was the only one inside.

“Oh, finally. I thought I’d die if I had to see Charles again.”

“What is it, Gina?”

Gina paused and looked away from Rosa. For the first time ever, she seemed…shy.

“So, I may not have told you the entire truth that night. Um….” Gina’s foot scuffed the floor. “I kissed you because I wanted to, not for our cover.”

“Okay.” If Gina wanted to try something for one night, that was fine. The night was over now, and Rosa didn’t see what the big deal was.

“I’d, um…I’d like to do it again.” And now Gina was looking at Rosa again.

Oh. Okay. Rosa could work with that. After work.

“Shaw’s Bar. Eight o’clock.”

With that said, Rosa took her leave. She had cases to work on.