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Of Tasers, Gods and Men.

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Chapter 1. Health kick from Hell.

Monsters. Abominations. That's what they were calling them now, and very scarily “them” became an “us”. Darcy had only herself to blame.

A few days into her health kick she signed up for a yoga class and on advice from Natasha AKA ‘Black Widow’ also put her name down for self defence classes. Rediscovering the benefits of fish oil and went and bought herself a bottle, because why not?

Now she had always favoured her taser, so taking on a similar element to that effect should not have been surprising.

But when she had broken out of what can only be described as a stone cocoon she was looking at the remnants of the broken stone on the floor, she could feel her body hum with what confused and freaked her the hell out.

Looking down at her hands, little bolts of what reminded her of lighting. Her head unable to get around not feeling the pain she guessed she was supposed to feel, she shook her hands to try and shake the bolts arcing between her fingers off in a panicked rush.

This only resulted in the toaster on the bench getting blasted, and start to smoke a little....ok a lot.

“No fucking way! This can't be happening in my life right now.” She gasps out, watching the grey smoke rise.

Jane her science sister from another mister comes running in at the noise. Sliding to a stop on socked feet she blinks with a gaping mouth at the now slightly smoking, blackened toaster and then the chunks of stone on the kitchen floor surrounding Darcy.

She's worried now that the neighbors heard the noise, but hopefully thinks that it's just one of Janes machines having a slight malfunction could explain it away.

“What happened in here and what was that noise?” Knowing that if anyone should know what just happened to her, it would have to be someone that's she absolutely trusts and even have any idea of how to help her, it would be Jane and possibly Thor whenever he decided to come back.

The Avengers were an unknown right now. The names on the trustworthy list were very few. Only a handful of people that she would trust with her new secret. But they either had friends with abilities or had abilities of their own.

Seeing that Jane was waiting for an answer or and explanation of some sort, She says.

“Uhh. . .see Jane, it's a funny, totally terrifying story. I guess I have what you could say lightning powers.” She grins as she says it out loud. “now I really am Thor’s lightning sister, literally.”

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Chapter 2. The long road.

It only took Jane a moment more of staring and gaping like a fish before she started to pace like a mad woman, muttering to herself.

Thor was back on Midguard and had been since almost a fortnight after London. Her Lightning Bro was currently off with the Avengers on some mission. Letting the little science hurricane of a woman to her own devices for a moment, Darcy took to her laptop.

Ideas floating through her head, she pulled up google maps to start planning herself. Her current dilemma being so shiny, she didn't think that even S.H.I.E.L.D could even know about her powers yet.

Deciding that they should ‘go dark’ as Natasha had told her to do if Anything happened. Starting to plan routes to the cabin the her grandparents left behind, only to let out a small sigh at the traveling time.

It would be about two days and that was if they left today. Pulling away she started to turn off all the machines, that were almost crammed into the space they had. That’s when Jane came rushing back in.

“Darcy! What are you doing? I need those machines on! You haven't even entered the data or transcribed my notes yet.”

Knowing without a doubt that if She didn’t explain with bluntness that the Situation need immediately, she pointed to the neat pile of paper at the end of the table and says in a Taut voice.

“Yes I have Jane. That's exactly what I finished, before somebody snatches shit happened and I blew the everloving crap outta the toaster! Now we so need to disappear for awhile. If we don't, we can count on S.H.I.E.L.D to find out about me and come take me away. I don't have a lot of people that will miss me and no one will understand your notes or even be able to read that chicken scratch your call handwriting. So please, please just pack some stuff a we can go”

With wide and shocked eyes, she says nothing at my outburst and goes to gather what small and easily movable equipment that she thinks that she'll need.

Darcy watches only a moment as she takes her transcribed notes and slide them into the bag along with her laptop.

Turning to the kitchen, Darcy grabs all the perishables, a couple of canned goods and a few bottles water into a large gym bag and head to the small bedroom to pack all the clothes that She had brought with her.

Not knowing if they were still being watched, it took almost two hours to get the truck loaded up. When the last bag was thrown in, they both jumped into the old but well looked after dodge and headed around a few back roads before heading in the direction of their route.

It was going to be a long couple of days.

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Chapter 3. Day one.


Ok, so it was more then two days. It was almost three counting all the toilets stops and early yesterday morning they had to stop to replenish their supplies.

They also needed to stop for awhile, so Darcy could take a moment to calm down and not combust from the pressure she could feel building slowly inside her.

Darcy was awake as they drove in almost utter darkness, down the road to the cabin. The headlights of the truck were the only light they had, until they reached their destination.

About ten minutes later, Jane slowed the truck as they came up to the new roof over their heads for the immediate future. Both too tied from traveling, it was by a silent, mutual agreement they only grabbed the bags with their clothes.

Putting her bags down for a moment, Darcy hunted for the key that she knew was somewhere under the rocks. Finally finding it under the eighth rock, she grunted a little as she got back to her feet.

Unlocking the door, she had to shove the a little. Knowing her pops, the door got stuck on purpose.

Dumping their bags near the couch, Jane slumped herself on it only to pull a slightly dusty cushion and thumping it a couple of times. Curling up she lays her head on it and closed her eyes.

Darcy decided to leave her be and headed to the small bedroom at the back. Shucking her jacket off she sat on the bed and looked around. The spartan furnished cabin strangely felt a little like home. With mostly wooden furniture, they were meant to last.

Letting the tension leak out of her shoulders, she toed her favourite worn boots off and got under the covers and started the breathing exercises that had fast become a before bed routine. Counting them until she could feel the darkness start to encroach on her vision. Sighing she closed her eyes and let it take her over, Falling into blissful slumber.




Strangely, the silence was what woke her. Opening her glacier blue eyes an resting them on the ceiling, cataloguing the knots in the wood and listening for a minute longer.

She couldn't hear any movement in the other room, so Jane wasn't up yet.

Dragging herself out of bed, she shook out her bed hair and tried to finger comb her brown curls into some order but abandoned that as she came to the door.

Stepping out she silently made her way over to the coffee maker on the bench, going through the machinations to brew her nectar of life as she yawned into her palm.

As it started, Darcy turned and waited. Watching the slumbering form of her scientist on the couch as the smell of brewing coffee spread through the room. To be rewarded with a tired, resentful groan.

“I don't know if I should hate you for waking me, or loving you for your coffee.”

Muses Jane. Rolling over she uncurls herself from the makeshift bed and sits up. Giving her a ‘you love me smile’ I turn back to poor our coffee.

Stealing a sip of her own mug before She turns back to her with both brews in hand. Handing Jane the mug, she sits on the arm of the couch to watch her as we drank.

“ there should be canned food in the pantry, but I think it was good we stopped for supplies before we got here. Also, I think I remember pops had some fruit trees around. I’ll go for a walk to look for them later but we really should try to get some data…on me down.” She says, her tone somber.

Jane nodded into her half empty mug, then looked to me with an amiable look gracing her features.

“Look Darcy. This new power or even powers doesn't change and will never change anything between us. We just need to help you learn to control it a little better, and I will be right here to help you do that. No one knows we're here, so we have a little time. I am however, shocked that Natasha hasn’t turned up yet. She seems to know everything.”

Snickering, She chugged the last of her own cooling drink and rises to rinse it in the sink out of habit. Leaving the rest of the pot to Jane, knowing how much of the stuff she sucked back.

Grabbing the bags from where she left them, Darcy strode back to the room to change into some almost new gym clothes. With no mirrors really needed, Just kinda just stared off as she dressed. Taking the hairbrush She got my unruly curls to cooperate a little and gathered it into a ponytail.

Taking out her new iPod, she walked through the cabin to head outside. Choosing a playlist she made for jogging, she slipped the earphones in and set off a slow enough pace to warm up. It wasn't what she felt like doing right now, but it let her think things through without feeling like she's being scrutinised.

Unsure if the pond is still there, she heads in the direction that she thinks it's in. Laying the land around the cabin to memory.



The more that she ran, the more that she remembered. Picking a few apples for them, Darcy walked her way back to the cabin.

Glancing at the sky, she recalled a memory of Thor telling them about his friends and family in Asguard. Particularly the story of Hiemdall and how her watches over the realms, so Darcy finds herself whispering to the sky.

“ please. If you're listening, tell Thor where we are but no one else.”

Reaching for the door handle, she stomps her feet to shake loose the dirt from her shoes and steps inside.


Finding Jane looking around from the sandwiches she was making and at the door opening, Darcy smiles.

“It looks like we had the same idea then. Also, if he was watching over us, I just let Hiemdall know to tell Thor where we are. But no one else.”

Handing off a couple of apples to her, Darcy took the offered sandwich and sat on the couch to eat. Janes sandwiches were awesome. Taking a bite, she couldn't help but a let out a small moan.

With her hunger making itself known, she focuses on her lunch. Licking her lips as she finishes, Darcy rises to place her plate in the sink and turns back to Jane.

“Thanks, I really needed that. I guess we should start now”

At Janes nod, they head back outside an a little ways away from the cabin and she takes a notebook out.

“Ok, I think we should start to just see how much…power, I guess, that you have. Maybe just aim it at some trees at perhaps what feels to you different measures of your powers. I'll make observations and take notes to start with, Maybe some suggestions as well. Ok?”

Nodding, She turns to a tree and shake her arms a little. The feel of the power a constant hum running through her body. Sucking in a deep breath to try and calm herself, Darcy tries to focus on using it at will.

Gathering it inside of her, she makes a conscious effort to push it out of her hand as she throws it out of her palm aimed at the tree trunk. A passing thought has her worring at the same time that it might hurt because doing this at will was different.

Watching, a shocked little gasp escapes her lips as almost blue lightning bolts leapt between her fingertips and arched to hit a tree. But not the one she was aiming at. Shaking her fingers, she eyed the blacked marks of the tree that she hit.

Thank Odin that she read a little about breathing techniques for the yoga. She had developed a bit of stamina since she started all this wellbeing crap and yes she felt really good about herself and her self-confidence had about doubled. But this new powers thing was throwing a damn spanner in all her work.

Stretching her neck and arms, she turned to where Jane stood. Watching as she wrote almost furiously in her book and mumbling to herself to low to hear.

“Ok. Same thing again, but keep your eyes open and aim a little to the right and higher.”

Following her directions, Darcy went through the motions again but adapted to what she suggested.

The bolts arched through the air and hit the tree that she aimed at the first time. Eyeing the mark as it smouldered a moment, she got lost in her thoughts for a moment. The power didn't seem to be weakening, fading or going away. It felt like it wanted to be with her and she told Jane that, to add that to her notes to talk about later if Thor turned up.

That's how it went for the next couple of hours. Again, she noticed that her powers didn't feel like they were fading. But her body was another story entirely. By the time they got back to the cabin it was dark and she was exhausted mentally.

Jane seeming to expect this to happen, she headed to the pantry. Riffling through its contents, she found some pasta and set about making dinner.

Darcymust have dozed off to the sounds of her in the kitchen, because she's there nudging my awake to eat.

“Here, eat this. Thor said he likes this after a battle. It's just spaghetti with bacon in it.”

Her tone exaggerated at the look she sees on my face. Shrugging, She takes the plate form her and scoops a small amount into her mouth. Her stomach grumbles at the taste, wanting more So she obliges it.

Shovelling the last bits into her mouth, Darcy stumbles as She stands up and sees Jane smirk at her from the corner of her eye.


“It's nothing, its just familiar that's all. I got the dishes, you go get some sleep.”

Taking the plate from her, she shuffles to the bedroom and changes. To tired to really pay attention, She shucks off her gym clothes and tugs on a oversized t-shirt and slide under the covers. The darkness takes her over before she can finish counting down my breaths.

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Chapter 4. Breathing room.

Jane and Darcy develop a routine. The last five days they take down notes and record dater.

Darcy herself was getting used the her new abilities, that controlling them is now easier and becoming second nature.

Food though, was something that they would need to replenish. The fresh fruit was good, but they couldn't live on just that. They needed sugar, coffee was also becoming scarce.

Darcy was planning a supply run in the back of her mind, when a flash of black wings in the corner of her eye has her ducking for cover with a muttered curse.

Looking up from her position on the morning dampened grass, she sees a larger then normal raven sitting on a nearby tree limb.

The bird was eyeing her with an intelligence that seemed more then what was normal.

Eyeing it over with a more speculative look now, she watches as the raven looked to the sky and then back to her. Suddenly it clicked and with out a doubt she knew the bird was a message from Thor.

Smiling, she saluted the Messenger and it flew back to where it came from. Turning, she headed back to the cabin to tell Jane that Thor would be here soon.

She opens the door to see Jane at the sink, taking a break from the work and washing the dishes while stealing glances out of the window while she does.

At she sound of the door opening, she looks over she shoulder. “Hey, you're back earlier then I thought you would be.”

Darcy can't help but grin at her boss. “Yeah, I will go back out in a minute but I have some news. I think that Thor will show up here soon. A little birdie just told me.”

She let out a snicker at her own joke. Jane, obviously senses this is more ‘Darcy humor’ and just rolls her eyes. But if she smiles at the thought of seeing her space god boyfriend, Darcy won't hold it against her.

The very next moment though, the cabin shook at the boom of thunder and they both let out a high pitched squeak. As it quiets, Jane drops what she's doing and bolts to the door with suds dripping from her hands.

She follows Jane as she throws the door open and halts as she sees them. Jane having jumped at him, Thor dropping Mjolnir to the ground to catch her. They were now necking like a couple of teenagers.

Smiling to herself, she left the door open for them but headed out again. Darcy had a fair idea what was going to happen next and left them to what could only be called bedroom acrobatics, knowing it could be sometime before they came up for air.

So she hotfooted it over to the two fruit trees that shaded the pond. Having the mind to have grabbed her iPod, she plugged her earphones in and chose the Meditation playlist.

Starting off with FKA twigs, she sat against the trunk of the apple tree. Closing her eyes, she started breathing deeply. In 1,2,3. Out 1,2,3. Getting longer after each second round.

Slowly calming herself, she felt her mind go silent. Sitting there, her consciousness in what could be described as a room of white noise. Then as suddenly as blinking she was broken out of her zone with a shrieked curse.


Rubbing the spot on her lower back, her mind caught up to what happened. The god damned tree had zapped her. Scowling at the tree did nothing but it made her feel better.

Then her mind started working again, she bit at her lip as she ran through theories in fast Succession. Coming to a conclusion, she settles back down and starts her breathing again.
In 1,2,3. Out 1,2,3.

It takes a little longer to get back in that state, but she gets there eventually. Concentrating, she reaches out from the white noise. So slowly, she feels it. The where the tree is standing, there is a hum just like what she feels in her own body as a constant.

Darcy fighters to stay in that frame of mind. The hum raises minutely as she extends her reach farther out. Almost gasping at the feel of the surrounding area. Everything is humming, as if it's alive and it is almost energising feeling.

Opening her eyes very slowly, she stares around in complete wonder. Not for the first time, Darcy wonders how her life used to be normal. The Poli-sci intern. Transcribing notes, entering data and making sure her boss is functioning and mildly acting like a human.

It's after awhile she notices that the sun is getting lower and she checks the time on her iPod, to see its mid-afternoon. Mentally cussing out Jane and her Norse god of a boyfriend, Darcy stands up and stretches out. Only now knowing how long she's been sitting there.

Really, Darcy can't help but feel a little jealous. Don't get her wrong, she loved Jane as a sister. But she hadn't had the best luck with guys, and there was something just nice about having someone to hold you when you needed it. Or when you felt shitty.

Having taken her time walking back, she thinks before she opens the door and bangs on it, before opening. In case she got and eyeful of something that she could do without. Thor, being as close to her as a brother could be, that would set her retinas burning wit unneeded visuals.

The door opened, with Thor on the other side. A satisfied smile on his mug and before she could offer a greeting, he had her through the door and gathered in a rib squeezing bear hug.

“Darcy, my lightning sister! Tell me, are you well?”

As sudden as Thor embraced her, she is released and Darcy almost stumbles. Unsure if Jane has taken a moment to fill him in, or was just to engrossed in his presence, she offers a grin. Taking a minute to asses, she addresses his question in a certain way to gouge his reaction to see if he knows anything.

“I'm great Thor, how's the Avengers going?”

Keeping it short an sweet, she watches his expressive face. By the look he gives, she knows that he knows something she just doesn't know what. But she won't hide anything from her brother, if he wakes her.

“They Avengers are fine, tired but fine. We, minus my shield brother Steven and the lady Natasha got back from a mission not long ago. I left them to come to my Jane’s side. But you both were not where you said you would be and so I asked Hiemdall to open the Bifrost. When I asked if he knew where you were, he told me he did but things had changed. So little sister, tell me what has changed?”

Darcy sighs and tells the truth of it. “Well, we don't really know how it happened only that it did happen. I won't go to deep into it, because you know, traumatic. But I have powers now, like real powers.” She lifts her hand and shows him what She means. Seeing the little bolts dancing between her fingers, his eyes widen and takes a step back. Probably remembering the effect her taser had on him and not knowing how this will effect him now.

“Darcy, when did this happen?” His question almost demanding.

Frowning, She gives him his answer and ask a question of my own. “About eight days ago. Why does it matter Thor?”

Frowning to himself for a moment in thought, he shakes his head, the ends of his hair swishing at his shoulders. “It is of little, or no consequence. It matters only that you and Lady Jane are safe. I will enquire on it though, the next time I make a visit to Asguard.”

“Ok, Thor. Also, no one else knows that we're here except you and I guess Hiemdall. So I'd say we're safe enough for now. But we do need to get some more supplies, like food and coffee. So we need to go into the sad excuse for a town and kinda soon.”

Thor nods at me, but Darcy can see that he is distracted. “Aye, mayhaps I can help with that.” Surprisingly, he takes out a phone that can only be one of Starks and starts texting.

He comes back after a moment, with a happy smile. “Anthony, will have the supplies here tomorrow. You won't need to go anywhere”

It takes a moment to kick in and She let out a moan. “Please. . .please tell me you didn't tell him we were here Thor?” She asks, already knowing the answer but almost dreading it.

“of course. Anthony must know where to send the supplies to.” He got a lost puppy look on his face.

“Wait! Anthony as in Tony as in Stark now knows where we are.” At his nod, Darcy mumbles a few creative curses. Thor blushes and gives her a disproving look.

“Thor when we left the other place, we went dark. No one was supposed to know where we were. That's what going dark means. But. . .ok, I guess we couldn't hide for long. Just please keep my new development to yourself. I don't want to be taken and put in a tank.”

“Agreed. I would be most displeased if this came to pass. I will speak to Anthony about you both staying with me in the tower of the Avengers. It would be safer for you and ease my mind”

Seeing that what he was saying made sense, She can only nod. Glancing out the kitchen window, She sees that it's getting close to dinner and sends Thor out to pick some apples for the dessert tonight. Giving him easy directions, he sets off.

Mindful that Jane may be asleep, Darcy putters around the kitchen getting the food ready. Rolling the pie crust She had made this morning out, She places it in the pie tin and move it aside. Getting all the fixings for sandwiches out, She starts to pile them together with a couple extra for Thor.

Jane wandered out of the bedroom soon after, supporting wicked bed head. Seeing this, Darcy can't help but fall into a laughing fit.

Scowling at me, unimpressed she made an attempt to smooth it out. Combing at it with her fingers, She looks up at her from the floor.

“Oh it must have been good, for you to look like that” She grabs the edge of the counter to haul herself up.

“Oh shut it Darcy! Yes ok, it was good.” She watched as Jane tried to glare at the floor but she couldn't fight the eventual happy smile. Thor was back for the time being and she knew Jane would forget everything but him and enjoy it.

She decided to let Thor tell her that they could be making another move, this time to the Tower. Thor came in then, singing something that sounded like a jaunty little tune. Putting the requested apples on the counter in front of Darcy, he coaxed Jane out to look at the first stars of the night.

Leaving Darcy to peel and chop the apples for the dessert. Darcy new that they didn't have much time until, their location was common knowledge and their breathing room just ran out.

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Chapter 5. I'm not the only one like me?

Leaving Jane and Thor to theirselves once again, Darcy trekked out towards the edges of the property. Glad that they had made and ate their lunch before her lighting bro and shown up and flashed Jane with that look that was only for her, knowing exactly what that look ment, I had to make myself scarce.

Enjoying the heat of the afternoon sun, She kicked off her shoes to feel the grass brush the bottom of her feet as She walked. The research and data collecting had started to hit an end but Jane wanted to do another run through.

It was all well and good, Darcy didn't mind to start again. She had developed a control of her powers but other than basically throwing lightning (which made me kinda feel like the mythical Zeus) and sensing the buzz of life in living things, She didn't know if that was all She could do and Darcy didn't think that she wanted anything else to happen.

She wasn't ready for more changes, her life had already turned upside down with the lighting powers and their lives on hold for the foreseeable future while they tried to figure out what was in her or happened to her, to cause this extreme change.

Coming to a stop at the top of a small gully, Darcy looks over the rolling, grassy slopes and admire the landscape. Like one of those paintings of farmland, and the little dark blobs that are supposed to be cows under trees or something.

Turning to look in a different direction, She feels something change in the air. Looking over her shoulder, She sees smoke but it burns almost a neon blue colour and disapates when a man appears out of nowhere.

Almost shrieking when he smiles at her, She goes to step back but She loses her balance and falls down hard on her backside. Losing the smile at Darcy’s obvious distress, he takes a step to probably try and help her from falling but She scrambles backwards and stands by herself.

Gasping with surge of adrenaline, She watches him. Her whole body taut with tension, so she’s ready to run if he comes any closer. His lack of eyesight probably would not have bothered her...if he still had eyes. But there wasn't any. The man didn't have anything where his eyes where supposed to be, there was nothing but skin. Like he never had any to begin with.

The cabin was too far away for Jane or Thor to hear her, if she had to scream for help, but the stranger hadn't moved. Him being without eyesight, made her not want to use her powers of him. He was just waiting, possibly for her to say something. So after a second of scrambling for something, Darcy figured out what She wanted to know the most right now.

“Ok. I'll only ask once and if I don't like what you answer with, I'm gone. Capisce?”

He nods after a moment, as if he knows something but he's humouring her and until a few months ago, She would have tased him as She had with meeting Thor the first time. When he practically fell into the path of their camper back in New Mexico and freaked her out. But having no need for it with obvious reasons, Darcy had left it behind at the cabin.

“Who are you and what do you want? Are the two big ones right now. So you better give me an answer that I sounds like the truth, I may look like a curvy girl that needs a big strong man to come to her rescue and I do have one of those for a brother, but that's not the point. I'm not like other girls, so you better just be careful because I don't really want to hurt a blind man. Sorry for the bad manners but I don't really want to screw with my Kama, she's already punishing me for whatever she thinks that I've done wrong…and now I'm babbling. Please just ignore it and answer my questions please.”


“first, my name is Gordon. I'm not here to hurt you, so please forgive me for startling you. It was not my intention. But I felt it when you came through the mist and I knew that you were not in any danger, so that's why I haven't come until now. It may be hard to believe, but I'm just like you. You and me…we're different, unique. But we're not the only ones, different people with different abilities or powers if that's what you want to call them. But we call ourselves Inhumans.”

Blinking like an idiot, Darcy tries to process all of what he's just said. Deciding to focus one one thing She loses a little more of the tension that had started to ache along her back. By his own words, he said that he wasn't here to hurt her. Even if he just popped out of the air like it was nothing.

“Ok, so there are – there are other like us? How many are there? What do you mean gone through the mist? (I use my fingers to put them in air quotations) and Inhumans? It sounds like a bad boy band.” She sees his lips go thin, as he takes in her last comment. “So are you the only one that can pull the teleportation act?” She says with no small amount of sarcasm.

Choosing to ignore her snarky comments, He shakes he head fast once as if to shake loose his annoyance. “There are many that have been chosen to go through the mist, and many more that are still waiting. There are even more then that, who have no idea how special they are. The ones that are waiting are very unhappy, that you no nothing about what you are and have gone through the mist. No knowledge, no preparation, no one to help you through it. If you weren't like us, it would have definitely killed you. Didn't your parents tell you? Try to prepare you?”

As he keeps talking, Darcy feels her anger rise to replace the waning tension. Which changes to pissed off, the moment he talks about her parents. (Parents she couldn't remember and that was a pain she kept chained inside. It was a raw wound that She went to great pains to not let anyone see) “Don't you talk about my parents, you know nothing about me or them! Nothing!” The last word comes out as a hiss between her teeth.

Usually a girl that goes with the flow, (because really, at this point what hasn't she seen) which what she was. But no one has gotten her in a state like this in so long, She’d forgotten how bad it messes her up. Disregarding him and not really caring about him right now, she closes her eyes and tries to get her hot temper under control. Feeling the electricity crackling around her fingers, She clenched them into tight fists at her sides. Sight or not, she didn't want Gordon to know or sense what she could do.

Not seeming to get it or care, He interrupts.

“The reason that I am here, is to take you back with me. The elders are very interested in you. A girl by herself, going through the mist. They want to school you, help you. You need to understand and control what you are. They can help you understand what you are better than I can. If they decide that you're safe enough, you will be free to wander around the compound as freely.”

Snapping her eyes open, she glares daggers at him. He must have moved while She tried to calm down. “What makes you think that I would go with you? You're a stranger to me, as are your elders. You know about as much of me, as I do of any of you. What makes you think that I would choose to trust you, let alone go with you to wherever the hell you want to take me. I have friends - family here. Granted they're not my blood but they are the family that I chose and I'll not just abandon them.”

Obviously not likening what She just said. His body was tense with annoyance or anger, Darcy didn't really give a shit which. “You should reconsider, very quickly. My presence here has most likely been noticed and once I leave, I won't be coming back for you.”

“I really don't give two shits what you do Gordon” Darcy says, dragging his name out. “I won't be going with you, and I couldn't care if you don't come back for me. I have people that I trust to help me. I've been getting control of these powers myself. My family is helping me to understand them, so no. I don't think I need you, or any of your people.”

She could see annoyance, disappointment and a little anger all rolled into one painted across is face as She refused. “Very well. I hope that you stay alive, for what it's worth. Good-bye Darcy.” He turns and after a couple of steps, the neon-blue smoke envelopes him and he is gone.

Darcy’s brain catching up a second later, her hands start to shake. He knew her name. How the fuck did he know it? Thinking back over our conversation, She knew that She didn't tell him herself. Gordon may not have had eyes, but her blood went icy in her veins at what he could have known about her. What he must have sensed, because she sure as shit didn't tell him squat about herself.

Clenching her hands again to stop them from shaking, She starts walking in the direction of the cabin. Hoping that Jane and Thor were done with their bedroom shenanigans, but She didnt seem to care to much if she interrupted them. After her encounter with Gordon, Darcy needed to be near someone who She knew and knew her. She’s not to proud right now to admit that She was left spooked by Gordon's parting words.

Her only problem was, that She didn't think that could tell either Thor or Jane what had happened. Didn't think that She could offer anything other than his name, or the name that he had told her that they call themselves.

So Darcy did the only thing that She could, lifted her head and threw back her shoulders. Forcing her body to stop shaking and that nothing was wrong. That nothing had happened other then her taking a walk. Jane, hopefully deciding not to be to intuitive, can be distracted by her and Thor bringing up the offer that Tony had made to them.

Deciding to make a final move to the Avengers tower, would give them a place to settle more permanently and it would put Thor’s mind at ease about Jane’s and her safety.

Darcy can only hope that S.H.E.I.L.D doesn't find out about her powers.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6. I am not your damn science experiment!

*Three months later*

Having an unlimited supply of hot water was amazing. After moving into the tower two months ago, Darcy could honestly say that her shower was her new favourite place.

Standing with her arm bracing her against the tiles, she let the gloriously hot water run over her. The water sluicing over me to run over the drain, the water pressure is the best thing ever and to me, most problems seemed to just not matter. In the shower, they didn't seem that bad.

It was late morning and Jane having given me the day off, I planned to go shopping.

Deciding that I had enough time in the shower, I turn the water off and step out. Wrapping a big fluffy towel around herself, she heads back into the bedroom to get dressed for the day.

Pulling a Van Halen shirt over her head, She pairs it with black leggings and denim shorts. Heading out to the kitchen on socked feet, Darcy pours some coffee in her favorite mug and doctoring with some sugar, she breathes it in before taking a gulp.

“Miss Lewis, boss is expecting you in the labs.” The Irish lilt interrupting her small morning ritual. The AI sounded almost exasperated, but now knowing Tony well enough it didn't really surprise her. He was a good guy, but he sometimes acted like a jerk without knowing it.

“Sure Friday, tell him I'm on my way. And Friday, we've been over this. Call me Darcy.”

“Yes miss Lewis”

Rolling her eyes at the AI, she stood while she finished the last of her cup of goodness. Grabbing her bag, Darcy loaded her laptop, phone and keys into it and pulls her boots on and headed out.

The elevator was waiting for her at the end of the hall and not needing to say anything, Friday stops the elevator at the labs. Stepping out, Darcy walks to the doors and looks in. Nothing looks like it might catch fire but Tony could surprise her.

Walking in, the sound of her entering had him looking up from whatever he was working on and blinking tiredly. That was probably her first red light. Darcy knew what he looked like coming out of a science bender.

“Hey Batman, you called?” Smirking as She called him the nickname that She knew that would get her a reaction.

“I resent that short stack. Besides, I'm smarter and have more money then him.” He says, rubbing his eyes like he's trying to keep them from falling out of his head.

“So, did you call me down here for something other then to ride herd on you? Because I know that you've been bending again. I've been with Jane long enough to know what it looks like when she comes out of one. So, whatever it is, do it fast so you will eat and go to sleep.”

His eyes go round at her bossing him around, but nods and points as he leads her over to some machines. Deciding to humour him for the time being, Darcy sighs and follows. Hoping it doesn't take long.





An hour later had Darcy storming out of the lobby and onto the street. After the data collecting and the many tests, She had reached her limit. Picking a direction, she stomped down the street.

Not paying attention to the time or how far she had walked, Darcy grumbles angrily under her breath about Stark being a jackass and some of the other pedestrians somehow sensed that she really wasn't in the mood to be messed with and gave her a wide berth. Which was a nice change, usually She had various catcalls from random douche bags. That was why She had, had the taser.

Darcy still carried it with her sometimes, a) it was a habit that She’d had since college and b) She didn't want it known to the public that She was now different.

“We call ourselves Inhumans” Darcy could hear Gordon's voice in the back of her head. She hadn't told Jane about him and whenever she asked about that day, Darcy changed the subject subtly and she was distracted.

Lost in her own head again, She is jarred out of her mindless walking by a almost faint and startled cry.

“Agh! Hey let me go!”

Looking around, Darcy reaches into her bag for my taser. Gripping it firmly, She sees who had cried out. It looked to be a homeless man and what could be only described as a ‘Big dumb Thug’.

The Thug in question (because really, whoever dressed like that was trying way to hard) was in the process of dragging the smaller man into the ally. Glancing both ways down the street before jogging across the way to them was most likely a stupid idea, but she was getting more pissed off by the second.

No one seemed to care that a person was being attacked. They just kept going about their day, or heading home like it wasn't happening.

They must not have heard her coming, but when Darcy reached them, the Thug had the smaller man almost behind a dumpster against the side of a dirty building and attempting to pull down his pants.

The taser fully out of her bag and in her hand now, Darcy hears him whimper.

“HEY! Asshole!”

Looking over his shoulder, he scoffed. “Piss off tits, or you'll get some too” and goes back to what he's doing.

Grinding her teeth, Darcy is very tempted to use her powers on him. But years of experience have her coming up behind him and jamming the taser into his thick neck. Watching with anger and a little amusement as She turns it on, to watch as he releases the homeless man and fall to the damp and even dirtier ground.

Tasering him once more for good measure, Darcy helps the homeless man up from where he had fallen against the wall. Looking at her with unfocused eyes, he tries to wipe at the blood that had run from a cut at his eyebrow down the side of his face.

Darcy must have said something out loud, because he frowns and slurs something.

“What did you say?”

“I said that I'm not homeless. My names Malcolm and I'm not homeless.”

“Yeah ok buddy, I'll help you get home then ok”

Not asking, She hauls him up and starts walking him down the street. It was sad. He said that he wasn't homeless but he smelled like someone that didn't get to wash too often. With dirty clothes and stiff hair sticking up like a steel wool, who could really blame me for that assumption. Still, Darcy felt like a jerk.

Leading me to a building a few blocks away, She helps him inside. They stop at a door at the end of the hall and he tries to open it. He must have been high on something because there's no reaction from him when it suddenly flies open. Having a healthy self preservation, Darcy takes a step back.

With black hair and faint lines around her mouth, like she was just unimpressed or disappointed or both in the word that she lived in. Looking at Malcolm with something similar to annoyed exasperation she sighs.

“Damn it Malcolm, this isn't your apartment.” Turning from Malcolm to stare at me, a little frown forms between her brows. “Who are you?”

Still a little pissy, She raises a brow and says. “There sound like there's a ‘hell’ in there somewhere.” Getting the impression that even if She offered her hand, the dark haired woman wasn't trusting enough to shake her hand. So Darcy didn’t offer.

“I'm Darcy. Just doing my good deed for the day and helping him to get home.” Eluding the events that lead them there, it seemed like she knew that Darcy wasn't saying something. But she decided not to ask. Stepping out of the door, she took the keys that Malcolm still had in his hand and led him back down the hall to the door they’d just passed.

Opening the door she gives him his keys and gently pushes him inside and tells him to go to sleep, before closing the door again. Turning to Darcy, she gives her a calculating and expecting look. Like she thinks that Darcy would want something for her deed. Like She’d would want money or something.

Content to say nothing, Darcy stares right back. She has a look about her, like she's been trodden on, abused and she's had enough. That she'll fight back when cornered. But even with all of that, Darcy thinks that she's still attractive.

“Thanks for helping him, and getting him home. There are assholes out there and I know that your not telling me everything, but I saw the blood on his face and his sleeve. So I can put two and two together.”

Thinking about all the people that did nothing and just kept walking, Darcy nods.

“You're right, people can be assholes. But there are some good eggs out there.” She says, thinking of Jane, Thor and Clint and everyone that she’d met since coming to live at the Tower.

She nods and without offering her hand, she clears her throats and tells Darcy her name. “Jess. Well thanks again.” Turning abruptly she goes back to her apartment, she slams the door shut behind her and Darcy could hear an appalled gasp from upstairs.

That itself has a smile curling her lips. Her slamming the door must have been on purpose, or Jess just didn't care. But if they ever met again, Darcy would buy her a drink or two. They could be trolls together.

After that, Darcy heades back out as well. Once outside, She turns in the opposite direction from where Malcolm and She walked from. Not caring to come across the guy she’d tasered to help Malcolm. Paying a little more attention to her surroundings, Darcy started heading for home.