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The Light Inside

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Actually working together, they often disagreed, mainly about the endless list of crazy ideas that spilled out of Colin’s mind, that David thought were impossible or too dangerous. But whenever a discussion threatened to turn his intern away, Colin changed.

Subtle at first, but after a few disagreements, David learned the pattern. No longer feverishly arguing on behalf of whatever project they were working on, he shifted his focus, from appealing to David’s scientific curiosity, to trying to appeal to David. He’d start joking and smiling, ruffling his hair, or start a tickle fight.

And David never struggled too much then, not even when his laughter made his body ache and tears welled up in his eyes, unwilling to push Colin away, relishing a feeling he didn’t really want to describe back then. But the longer they were toge- were working together, the stronger his doubts became and with that, his desire to please.

If Colin did this, it meant that he really needed him, right?

If David wasn’t important, he could just get rid of him, not try and keep him by his side, right?