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Get Off Your Feet (and make this count)

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The medic tent was relatively empty. Two guys who probably had had too much to drink were lying down on their side, each one with a bucket at arm's length. Opposite them was another man, icing his swollen wrist. Kay was at the back, laid down on a bed. He was grimacing in pain as a medic was removing his boots and snow pants.

Jyn and Cassian approached him, only to be stopped by another medic.

“Are you injured?” she asked.

Cassian shook his head. “We wanted to know how he was doing.”

The medic squinted at them. “You family?”

Kay's voice rose from behind her. “They're my friends– Ouch! Yeah it hurts you sadist!” he snapped at the man who was examining his leg.

The woman let Cassian and Jyn walk to the bed and went to check on the man with the injured wrist. Kay was sporting the grumpiest face.

“Just my luck, fucking up my leg during the first event,” he mumbled, still glaring at the medic as he was touching his calf.

“It might not be so bad,” Jyn said, trying to be optimistic even though she wasn't convinced herself. “A bit of ice and anti-inflammatory gel and you'll be good as new.”

Kay snorted. “I find your optimism suspicious.”

Cassian chuckled. “Just try not to see everything in black immediately.”

The medic cleared his throat and they all snapped to attention.

“Ahem, so,” he started, squirming under their stares. “It's not really good. We'll need to do a radio and a scanner, but I'm pretty sure you just dislocated your knee and tore up your cruciate ligaments. I need to make a call, I'll be back in a few minutes,” he added and left them alone.

“Well, fuck,” Kay said in a flat voice. “Guess I'm done for the season.”

Cassian sighed. “Looks like it, yeah. Physio is going to suck, man.”

Kay winced. Draven chose this moment to storm into the tent.

“Andor, they need you for the podium bullshit!” he shouted in their direction before taking off as suddenly as he had arrived.

Cassian's shoulders dropped. He sighed again.

“Guess I have to go,” he said. “You gonna be alright?” he asked Kay, who rolled his eyes and made shooing motions.

“I'm not dying, go look pretty for the pictures.”

“I'm staying here anyway,” Jyn said. She gave a little push to Cassian who finally made his way to the entrance of the tent.

“He looks like he's going to be hanged,” Kay idly said as they were watching him go.

“Not everyone likes to be under the spotlights.”

Kay shrugged. “One more thing you have in common then.”

Jyn glared at him. How he could look so smug while being in what was no doubt a terrible amount of pain was beyond her. Maybe they had given him pain meds? He didn't have the typical glassy stare associated with painkillers, but maybe Kay wasn't affected by the fun side effects of the drugs. It wouldn't be the first weird thing about him.

“You sound like Bodhi,” she muttered.

“Well, Bodhi is a rational man who can both see and think, so it doesn't surprise me.”

Jyn really wanted to punch his satisfied smile, but it was probably frowned upon to further injure a man who was lying in a med tent bed with mashed potatoes for a knee.

“Did you tell Cassian?” she asked instead.

Kay snorted. “He's a very perceptive man for a lot of things but he's basically blind when it comes to romantic feelings. He wouldn't believe me even if I was explaining everything with a PowerPoint.”

Jyn released a breath she didn't know she was holding. She was about to ask Kay if he thought Cassian was even interested but the medic came back to Kay's bed.

“We're gonna transfer you to the hospital in Pamplona,” he said. “The helicopter is on his way.”

Kay rolled his eyes. “Is that really necessary?”

“Nothing in your knee is where it should be, Kay,” Jyn answered with a pointed glare. “So, yeah, it is necessary.”

“Ugh, fine. Tell Cassian I'll call him later. And make sure he doesn't exclusively eat hot dogs and pizza,” he said sternly.

“Yes mom,” Jyn mocked. “Take care,” she added as the medics wheeled him away.


Jyn joined Cassian at the podium area a couple of minutes later. The crowd was starting to clear up now that the entire event was over, and the competitors were easy to pick, being the only ones carrying some gear.

“They took Kay to the hospital in Pamplona,” she told Cassian before he could even open his mouth. “He said he'll call you later. And also that I have to feed you vegetables. That guy doesn't trust you to take care of yourself,” she added.

Cassian shrugged sheepishly. “I may have traumatized him with my eating habits, yes.”

Jyn cocked an eyebrow. “Such as?”

“Nah, you don't want to know,” he answered. He picked up his board and started walking toward the ski resort.

She caught up with him. “Oh, but I do. You have awakened my curiosity.”

He glanced down at her, a smile at the corner of his lips. “How about we talk about it around a drink? The Big Air challenge is in the afternoon tomorrow, right?”

Jyn gestured to the bars they were walking by in answer. They were all already bursting with people.

“My place? I still have some Patxaran left,” Cassian offered.

Jyn chuckled. “Trying to spread your bad life choices, are you?”

“Let's see it as sharing the local traditions,” he innocently replied. They turned away from the main street, the noise from the bars fading in the background. Jyn recognized some buildings. They were probably two streets away from his apartment. A knot of anticipation and excitement formed into her belly.

“Fine,” she said. “But if I have to run with a hangover tomorrow, you'll have to get up and come out in the cold as well.”

Cassian stopped walking, put down his board and extended his right hand.


Jyn shook his hand with a smile. They without a doubt looked like two idiots, standing in the middle of the street and shaking hands, but she couldn't care less. Being serious and concerned about the world could wait until the next afternoon.



Cassian's studio was empty when they arrived.

“Kes and Shara must be together,” Cassian said. He put his board on the balcony and started to shed the rest of his snow gear. “I'm gonna take a shower, help yourself to whatever.”

Jyn poked her head into the fridge. “Should I make something to eat?” she asked loudly so he could hear her from the other side of the studio.

“Starting Kay's mission already?” he answered, his voice closer than what she had expected. She raised her head and found him peeking from the hallway. Most of his body was hidden by the wall but she could guess that his torso was naked. She forced that particular thought far, far away to the back of her mind.

“I never said I'd make us vegetables,” she said, trying to keep her voice as flat and unaffected as possible.

Cassian leaned against the wall, his entire body now in plain view. He was thankfully clothed below the waist but it took all of Jyn's will to keep her eyes in the general area of his face.

“What do you have in mind then?” he asked and crossed his arms. His biceps bulged.

He was doing that on purpose. No other explanation was possible. Jyn turned away from him and opened a cupboard, its door hiding her face.

“Grilled cheese sandwiches?” she offered, holding out a bag of sliced bread without coming out from behind the cupboard door.

“Fine by me.”

She grabbed some cheese and butter from the fridge and looked around for a pan, not once looking toward the hallway until she heard him leave and lock the bathroom door. She leaned against the counter and released a deep breath. The guy was a menace with the most perfect air of innocence on his face.


He came back from his shower fully clothed in sweatpants and a Henley and Jyn wondered, not for the first time, why men in Henleys were so fucking attractive.

“Should we eat before, after or during your tales of terrible eating habits?” she asked.

“Depends if you have a delicate stomach,” he answered and sat down on the floor next to the coffee table.



They were done with the sandwiches and the stories–and no, Jyn could definitely not understand how someone could just consider eating a cheese omelette with Nutella on top a perfectly normal thing to do – when her phone pinged with a message.

She fished it from her back pocket and swiped it open.

“Everything alright?” Cassian asked. He had taken the bottle of Patxaran out and was pouring her a glass.

“Yeah, just Bodhi. He's having a drink with some magazine people. Just wanted to warn me he'd be home late.”

“With the Patxaran, he won't be the only one,” he said with a smile. He held out his glass. She took hers and raised it to his.



The alcohol was sweet and a bit thick, almost like a syrup in her throat. The burning came a few seconds later and her entire body felt hot.

She coughed, making Cassian laugh. “Holy shit. And you said it feels like drinking fruit juice?! The hell is wrong with you?”

His laughter doubled up. “I guess I'm too used to tequila and mezcal, nothing is wrong with me.”

She stared at him. “You think dumping nachos directly in the jar of salsa and eating the whole bloody mess with a spoon is a completely fine meal, everything is wrong with you.”

“If you don't believe me on that, you'll have to try it yourself,” he answered and got up.

She watched him go to the kitchen with a frown before getting up herself and following him. He grabbed a jar of salsa from a cupboard, a bag of nachos from the counter and dumped the content of both into a bowl. He stuck a spoon into it and held it out for her.

“You're not serious,” she said.

“I'm dead serious. C'mon try it. I usually add a bit of sour cream to it but we're out.”

She took the bowl from him and suspiciously raised the spoon filled with broken bits of salsa-covered nachos covered to her mouth.

“You gotta eat it fast otherwise the nachos soften too much,” Cassian pressed on.

She rolled her eyes and took a bite. It wasn't that bad but she didn't want to admit it. She wasn't sure he wasn't gonna make her try the Nutella covered cheese omelette next.


“Alright, it's not that bad,” she sighed.

Cassian smiled triumphantly. “You know what goes perfectly with this?”

Jyn raised an eyebrow. “Patxaran?”

“And a movie.”


Cassian grabbed a second spoon and they flopped down on the couch, the bowl between them, the bottle and their glasses on the coffee table in front of them.

“What are we watching?” Jyn asked.

“Do you know ELVES?” Cassian said with the face of a kid who was about to do the best prank ever.

She squinted at him. “...Should I be afraid?”

Cassian burst out laughing at that. “Probably? It’s one of the worst movies ever and it’s so awful it’s hilarious.”

“Okay I’m curious now. Bring it.”

For a movie he had described as absolutely terrible, Cassian still had it ready to be played on his DVR. Jyn chose not to comment on that, because she wasn’t sure he wouldn’t make her eat more of his weird kitchen experiments, but also because the movie was starting and it was already a massive shitshow in all its cheap 90s style glory. And it definitely was one of the worst movies she had ever watched. She could feel Cassian’s eyes on her, could feel how delighted he was with her reactions—reactions that were mostly comprised of muttered “what the fuck” and “bloody hell”, while steadying drinking the Patxaran and eating from the bowl of nachos without looking.

At the end of the movie, she was definitely a little drunk, but there was no way she would have made it sober.

“What the fuck was that.”

“Kes’ favorite movie.”

“I’m now seriously judging his life choices. And Shara’s,” she added, finishing her glass in one go. The Patxaran wasn’t burning as much anymore. “Wait, has he already tortured her with that shit?” Cassian shrugged. “If not, I’m gonna have to warn her. I can’t let her walk into a trap.”

His laugh was infectious. “C’mon, don’t do that, she has to know the consequences of boning Kes.”

She gasped. “Female solidarity! I can’t let her suffer through that like I did. Also you’re a terrible person.”

“Aww, thank you so much,” he cooed with his hands over his heart. She punched him in the shoulder. “Hey!” he protested, “Don’t damage the goods.”

She snorted and tried to ignore how his smile was doing all sort of stuff to her nachos-filled belly. She cleared her throat.

“I should go,” she said. “It’s late.” She tried to get up only to fall back on the couch, her head spinning and her legs feeling like jelly.

“You okay there?” Cassian asked, looking quite amused and almost smug.

“I might have had a little too much to drink. Jeez, that shit is strong.”

“Told you.”

“Going back to the hotel is gonna be fun. Not.”

Cassian bit his lips and shrugged. “You can sleep here if you want.”

Jyn might have been drunk but she was almost absolutely certain that Cassian was blushing.

“Are you sure? I have to wake up early.”

“I see to recall that we have a deal. I’ll have to wake up and brave the cold with you anyway.”


Her eyelids felt like they weighed a ton. She could feel herself drift almost immediately when she closed her eyes. She snapped them back open, only to meet Cassian’s soft smile as he was watching her, leaning against the couch backrest.

“Where do you sleep?” she asked, her voice much lower than before.

“The couch unfolds. That’s my bed. You can take it, I’ll brave Kes’ on the other room.” His voice had dropped too.

“Why Kes’?”

“Kay’s mattress is basically a wooden plank. That guy is weird.”

Jyn huffed. “You realize that now?” His only answer was a small laugh. “Also why are you saying you need to brave Kes’ bed?”

“Pretty sure there’s more dirty socks in it than in the entirety of this building,” he murmured, starting to fall asleep as well.

“We can always share the couch,” Jyn suggested. And okay, the Patxaran was certainly making her braver than her usual sober self, but sharing a bed with Cassian wasn’t the worst scenario she could imagine—especially now, all sleepy and soft and looking like the World Champion of Cuddling.

He opened an eye, seemingly unfazed by her offer. “I’m a snuggler,” he warned.

“As long as you don’t snore or punch people in your sleep.”

“No one has ever complained of that so far.”



After reluctantly getting up to unfold the couch, brush their teeth and borrow a t-shirt and some gym shorts for Jyn, they finally got into bed. They were both lying on their backs and Jyn tried not to think about the fact that it was a little bit awkward now that she was slightly less drunk and a tiny bit more awake than when she had suggested sharing the bed. She sent a text to Bodhi who only answered with a winky face and set up an alarm for the next morning.

“How are you feeling?” Cassian asked. His voice was a bit hoarse and low, barely above a whisper in the otherwise silent flat.

“The world has stopped spinning. But tomorrow is gonna suck.”

Cassian huffed a laugh and turned on his side, facing her. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

She glanced at him with a smile. “Please. You’re not even a little sorry.”

“Am I that transparent?” he asked, a yawn eating the end of his words, his eyes drifting closed.

She settled on her side as well. Easier than cranking her neck. “Right now? Yes, yes you are.”

A ghost of a smile danced on his lips but he otherwise didn’t answer.

She was pretty sure he had fallen asleep. She rearranged her pillows and sank into them, closing her eyes and appreciating how comfortable she was at the moment.

“Hey,” came a voice in front of her.

“Hm?” she answered without opening her eyes.

“I’m glad we got to know each other.”

She smiled and shuffled until her head met the arm he had extended in front of him.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“Y’said y’were a snuggler.”

Cassian snorted and came closer to properly cuddle her and rearranged their limbs in a comfortable way.

“Okay?” he murmured into her hair.




Jyn woke up to her alarm blaring way too loudly and way too close to her head. She reached out blindly to hit a button, any button to make the noise stop and turned back to hide her face into Cassian’s chest. His arms tightened around her as she did so.

“I hate you,” she mumbled against his t-shirt. He hadn’t lied. Patxaran hangovers were pretty fucking terrible.

“I know. I hate myself too right now.”

He pulled the covers and wrapped the end tightly around Jyn.

“Are you burritoing me,” she asked. Her mouth felt as if a mummy had settled in it and sucked up all the moisture. Tasted like it too.


“It’s not gonna make me forgive you.”

“You’re the one who forgot I was on your Don’t Drink With Them list.”

“Fuck you.”


She had a second alarm set for fifteen minutes later and snuggled closer to Cassian. The world could wait a bit more.


The second alarm wasn’t met with any more enthusiasm than the first one. The world was still too loud and too bright for Jyn’s liking and the only thing she wanted to do was go right back to sleep on her Cassian-shaped pillow.

“C’mon Jyn,” Cassian tried, completely unconvincingly. “We have a competition to attend.”

“Fuck that, I have a hangover to nurse.”

He started to disentangle himself from her octopus limbs. She groaned at the loss of human heat next to her and vowed to forever deny she had done so. She was hungover and waking up in Cassian’s bed after being the one suggesting they sleep in it together, but she still had some dignity to preserve.


“My hero.”

“Thought you hated me?”

“Shut up.”



Saw was in Bodhi’s and her room when she came back to the hotel. He and Bodhi stopped in the middle of their conversation to watch her walk into the room and they didn’t even try to hide the smugness on their faces.

“What?” Jyn all but barked.

“I honestly should be mad at you for sleeping over at a guy’s place before a competition but I actually feel like a proud papa right now,” Saw said, wiping imaginary tears from under his eyes.

She tried very hard not to blush. “I was just too tired to walk back here in the middle of the night.”

“Tell us everything.”

“We watched a terrible movie and if you keep being noisy fuckers I’ll tie you to some chairs and force you to watch it too.”

“Ooooh, someone didn’t get enough sleep last night,” Bodhi said.

Jyn glared at him. “I’m gonna kill you in your sleep.”

Her brother laughed and stopped abruptly. “Wait. You were not wearing this hoodie yesterday. That’s not even one of your hoodies at all!”

“Bravo, you’re a marvelous detective, can you get off my back now?”

Saw walked past her, ruffling her already messy hair. “Don’t kill your brother and be at the Big Air slope in an hour.”

As soon as the door closed behind Saw, Bodhi jumped on Jyn and pulled her to sit on the bed.

“What happened. I need to know.”

Recognizing a lost battle when she saw one, Jyn briefly summarized her evening and night, hoping Bodhi would calm down once he realized that nothing had happened. Instead, he squealed loudly and went on about how cute she and Cassian were and how much he shipped them together.

Jyn blinked slowly. “This is super disturbing,” she said.

“You’re wearing his hoodie.”



Her Big Air performance went flawlessly, much to her surprise. It wasn’t her forte and she was still hungover, but she nailed all the jumps she had planned to do. She would never be the best in Big Air, but she was happy with herself.

When she reached the bottom of the slope, she easily spotted Cassian who was smiling from ear to ear. She waited for her results—second place behind Leia, but she had no doubt she was going to get pushed back by a few of the next contestants. Cheers erupted from the crowd. She waved and smiled at the cameras and went to the tent to drop off her gear. Saw arrived a few moments after her.

“You were awesome, kiddo. You should do sleepovers more often.”

Jyn rolled her eyes but accepted the bear hug. She would have given her left kidney for a nap right here and then, but she unfortunately had to stay in the world of the livings until the end of the Women Big Air. Saw ushered her out of the tent, saying he was taking care of her stuff and telling her to find her boy.

“Not my anything,” she replied mechanically.

“Yet,” Saw pointed out and turned back to the tent.

She decided against trying to reason with him and went into the crowd to join Cassian. A few people congratulated her as she was trudging through the crowd. Her answers were only tired smiles; she was way too exhausted to try and chat with anyone. She finally caught sight of Cassian, flanked by Bodhi, Kes and Anakin. She avoided being crushed between two giant dudes in ice hockey jerseys—why they were here and wearing that she had no idea—and emerged just next to her group of friends.

“Hey sis!” Bodhi exclaimed, bringing the attention of the others to her.

“Cool tricks,” Skywalker said, “I almost feel bad about my kid getting a better score.”

Jyn scoffed. “No one believes you here,” she said with a smile, wrapping herself around her brother for support.

“I said almost.”

“You were really good up there,” Cassian said. She turned her head to him to give him a smile, that he returned with a soft one, a private one that felt like it was meant only for her. Next to her, Bodhi cooed but the announcement of the next contestant was loud enough to cover it. She hoped it was anyway. She jabbed her brother in the ribs, hard, and straightened up to watch Shara taking up speed at the top of the slope.

Jyn had little doubt that the Canadian was going to push her to the third place: the Big Air was one of the things she excelled at.


The event predictably ended with Leia, Shara and Ahsoka on the podium and Jyn abandoned her friend to go take a nap before the Men Big Air that night.

She wrapped herself into Cassian’s hoodie after her shower and promptly fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Bodhi woke her up a couple of hours later when he came into the room. He made himself comfortable next to her and showed her a few of the pictures he had taken that afternoon. Jyn had always been adamant that her brother was a talented photographer, but some of the shots he was showing her were just next level. Published in a magazine next level. Could be on the cover next level. Or a giant poster next level.

“Actually,” Bodhi said when she told him, “I’m meeting with a publisher tonight.”



Jyn was speechless. Snowboarder was basically the biggest magazine in the snowboard world. She and Bodhi had grown up reading it religiously. It was their own personal Bible, their walls had been covered with posters, cut out articles and pictures from it. Being published in Snowboarder was to Bodhi what winning the Death Star Ride was to Jyn: a lifelong dream and the crowning achievement of a career.

“Don’t scream, lose your mind or congratulate me yet. It’s just a meeting and I don’t want to jinx it by celebrating early,” Bodhi warned her.

She nodded slowly, a smile creeping up on her lips. “I’m still super proud of you.”

“Thanks. Now c’mon, get ready, we have to go cheer on your crush.”

Jyn punched him in the shoulder before he sauntered away to the door. She got up to slip on some pants, kept the hoodie, put on her snow jacket, her boots and grabbed her phone. She had a text from Kay complimenting her on her Big Air ride.


To: Kay

thanks. how’s your knee?


From: Kay

I’m getting surgery tomorrow morning. Hospital is boring but at least they have the TV channel for the Fest Tour.


Once again, the Men Big Air setup was way cooler than the Women one. The speakers were blasting Carpenter Brut, a tent was sheltering a bar behind the crowd at the bottom of the slope—Jyn could make out three or four different beer taps, and she was pretty sure the guys working on each side of the launching ramp were setting up pyrotechnic gear, because who doesn’t want to have fireworks going off when you’re jumping a Double Backside Rodeo 1080? Photographers and cameramen were huddled on the edge of the slope, ready to capture every single jump performed that night. Bodhi joined them and Jyn took a spot at the bottom of the slope with a good view on both the landing part and the giant screen.


Chet Baca was the first to go. The commentators started talking about his stature, and how it had been an issue for him, how being heavier and way taller than basically anyone else was preventing him from performing certain high-point jumps. Jyn tuned out the voices to focus on the slope. Sure, Baca wasn’t going as high as most snowboarders and he wasn’t rotating as much either, but his technique was ruthless and flawless. A few journalists asked him questions when he was done, but he wasn’t as charismatic as Calrissian or charming as Solo and he was mostly ignored. Snowboarding was a world dominated by appearance and coolness factor. Sometimes Jyn hated those dumb implicit rules urging the men to look like cool and laid-back underwear models, the women to be ready to pose for a pin-up calendar.

The screen showed a few of the next contestants waiting at the top of the slope. One was holding a wool ball for his coach who was knitting next to him—the Finnish team then. Cassian and Kes were sitting on a bench talking to each other and waved when they noticed the camera was on them.

Jyn couldn’t help herself but smile.


Shara found and joined her just when the third contestant—the Finnish guy—was getting ready to go.

“Congrats on your second place,” Jyn greeted her. Shara smiled and the faintest blush colored her cheeks.

“Thanks. I hope I’ll manage to beat Leia at some point.”

“That woman has supernatural abilities.”

“Amen sister.”

On the screen, the Finnish guy was attempting a Straight Triple Backflip, but he lost his equilibrium as he landed and crashed in a cloud of snow. Jyn and Shara winced at the same time.

“Remember the time when we weren’t trying impossible tricks?” Shara asked with a sigh. “There’s a rumor that someone is planning on doing a Switch Quadruple Underflip 1620.”

“Sounds like something Kenobi would try.”

“You think it’s gonna be a Luke Skywalker thing then?”

“Definitely. No one else is crazy enough for that.”

“I don’t know, Solo seems plenty crazy.”

Jyn laughed. “From what I’ve seen, he’s more of a show-off than a total daredevil with no self-preservation instinct.”

Shara conceded her point and went to fetch them two beers. Calrissian gave a neat performance, but it was definitely lacking some pizzazz to give him enough point to end up on the podium. He didn’t seem disappointed though, and addressed a dashing smile to the journalists shouting for his attention. Shara came back just in time for the end of Solo’s jump, a Frontside 1080. His name appeared at the top of the ranking but he didn’t whoop or celebrate in anyway: there were still quite a lot of snowboarders waiting for their turn and any one of them could eject him from his first place.

The next one was Skywalker who, as predicted, did the rumored Switch Quadruple Underflip 1620. He stuck his landing perfectly and the crowd went wild, roaring, cheering, whistling and all in all deafening. Luke was assaulted by his twin sister and Ahsoka as soon as he reached the bottom of the slope, not even waiting for the ranking to be updated. There were at most three professional snowboarders able to perform that particular jump in such a flawless way and he was now the fourth one. There wasn’t any doubt to have that he was gonna be at the top of the podium.

“That was...” Shara said, awestruck.

“Yep,” Jyn nodded, in the same state.


Kes landed the Straight Triple Backflip the Finnish guy had failed to and reached the third place behind Skywalker and Solo.

The wind started to rise just as Antilles was preparing for his turn. The screen showed him exchanging a nervous glance with Cassian. Wind and Big Air was not the best combination for riders. The organizers gave Antilles the go anyway. He performed a Double Backflip with a wobbly landing and exited the slope with an angry expression on his face.


Cassian was the last one. The camera zoomed on his face as he was getting ready. The mask was obscuring his eyes, but it was clear that he was worried. Jyn caught a flash of his teeth worrying his bottom lip before he pulled his scarf over half his face.

He launched himself onto the slope, gathering as much speed as possible. Jyn had seen him training for Big Air jumps when they were up in the mountain, but she had never seen him going so fast for a jump. When his board left the launching pad, the commentators went silent and so did the crowd. Nobody had been expecting what they were seeing. Jyn was gripping the metal fence so hard her fingers were hurting but it didn’t matter compared to the prowess she was witnessing. When Cassian touched ground again and didn’t fall, the spectators screaming as much, if not more, than they had for Luke Skywalker. Cassian had just landed a Quad Cork 1800, a trick that had been thought unachievable by most of the snowboarding world before being landed only one time in the past.

Without taking the time to overthink it, Jyn jumped over the fence and ran to Cassian, who immediately caught her in his arms. After a second of stillness around them, more snowboarders joined them, jumping around excitedly, screaming about how much of a sick trick it had been, followed by dozens of “DUDE” “what the hell was that” “DUUUUUDE” “so sick, so fucking sick” and other typical and very eloquent snowboarder exclamations.

Cassian’s name appeared at the top of the ranking almost immediately, provoking more cheers and more shouts from the audience.


The organizers asked them to clear the slope after that and they were pushed and pulled toward the podium and the mass of journalists and photographers.

Cassian squeezed Jyn’s hand before he had to go.

“You’re joining us for the celebration at the bar afterwards, yes?”

“You bet your ass I am.”

His smile was the only answer she got before he was kidnapped by his coach, someone who looked like a sponsor PR agent and a few dozens of reporters.