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"Not For Public Circulation"

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Parenting had initially flummoxed the both of them, but after sixteen years, they reckon that they’ve gotten the hang of it. Mostly. Because Sunny does tend to throw a curveball now and then.

Which shouldn’t be surprising because, well, she is half-American.

Sixth form is coming up (or twelfth grade, Liz insists) and the teachers think it’s a good idea to have the students submit mock CVs. Uncharacteristically, Sunny asks her parents to have a look at hers beforehand.

Finn goes through it with the jaded eye of a detective in a film noir. Not because he doesn’t care, but because he’s seen his fair share of job applications at the office.

‘Head of debating team, yes,’ he reads out as they sit together on the couch. ‘Languages spoken – uh-huh –’

‘Does she mention “proficient in bullshit and pop culture references”?’ jokes Liz. (On second thought, maybe she isn’t joking.)

‘Unlike you, modesty is one of our daughter’s attributes.’ He adds smugly: ‘But yes, I guess I taught her well.’

‘“You taught her well”? Look who’s being “modest” now.’

His eyes pause at the next sentence. ‘Voted “Most likely to become Prime Minister. Or alternatively, assassinate the Prime Minister.”’ He squints at the page. ‘That’s – that’s not out of character, actually. Highly inappropriate as it is to put in a CV.’

Liz nudges him gently in the ribs. ‘Admit it, you’d put that down yourself if you had the chance.’

‘She takes after you, I think, in this case.’

‘And you.’

Finn raises a brow. ‘And which one of us is which, pray? The PM or the assassin?’

She looks at him as if it’s a no-brainer. ‘Aren’t we also both, simultaneously?’

He sighs reluctantly. ‘Agreed.’