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I’d take you to a dance in our living room

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Aleksanteri Hakaniemi - Find me

I’m seeing you over there,
on the spot with a sticky floor.
I could disappear with you,
already before last call.
And first kiss would taste like addiction
I’d become intoxicated from your lips.

You would loan my shirts
and we’d reminisce together the past
when we were lost
and couldn’t stay still.
You would look always the same in my eyes
But I need to warn you

I’m so messed up,
that could you keep up with me?
I’m so messed up,
you’d have no idea what there’s to come.
And could you leash me to your bed,
when I’m trying to escape my dreams?
Finders, keepers, please find me.
Please find me.

Even when years go by nothing would change,
We’d be the same what we were when we’d be younger.
If you couldn’t see me from afar,
I’d come to you and
I’d take you to a dance in our living room.
I’d sing to you even if I couldn’t hold a note anymore.
Even if we’d be slow
we’d keep up the same pace.
Chanel no.5 would take me back in time;
You’d still look the same in my eyes,
you should get that.

*repetition of verses*