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Dream A Dream

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Lost in a winding maze
And everywhere I gaze
I see more of the same

I never had a dream
That felt so real to me
Even though it all seems

The twisting pathways
The backwards halls
If I were to take one wrong step
I would fall

The checkered floors amaze
The spindly window frames
It's left me in a daze
I'm lost and all

And all that I can see
The path in front of me
I'm terrified but step by step
I heed the call

I come upon a door
It wasn't here before
I don't know what's in store
But I reach out my hand

I taste the air of war
The wind rushes and roars
A scene straight from old lore
I cannot understand

Then there
In front of my eyes
Floating in the sky
Something to terrorize

I dare
To step into the light
And watch this horror fight
My friend...

Broken by the memories I make
I hear a voice that's calling me awake
And as I watch I take a step away
I dare to pray
That I can make a better day

I don't remember what I wished that day
I never had a thing to do or say
But I will not betray
I know we'll find a way
To beat the danger in the skies and stay

I give to you a shining light
So let me be your guide tonight
You no longer need to fight
Let me show the way
I won't rest until everyone's safe

And when I wake I'm nowhere near the dream
I can't believe my mind made up that scene
I remember everything
I've no clue what it means
So I get out of bed and put my mind at ease