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Josef vaulted over the railing, pulling out his phone as he stuck the landing. Right thumb flying, he pulled up the LA Department of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure mainframe, accessing the nearest fire hydrant. With a roar, the surge in water pressure overwhelmed the metal cap, and the hydrant exploded. Car alarms rang, and he heard the policeman chasing him jump back with a curse. Dashing over to the nearest vehicle, asking God why his escape vehichle always had to be an ice cream truck, he pulled the driver out and floored it. Several police cars pulled out from the side streets, and Josef thought he heard distant helicopter blades. Taking a deep breath, he punched in his first speed dial and waited as the phone rang.

"Stevan here, how can I help ya mate?"

"Stevan, this is Josef." Narrowly swerving to avoid hitting a motorbike, Josef fumbled his phone, slapping it back against his ear. "I may or may not have started a firefight, and now-"

"You're on the run," Stevan finished for him. "Josef, what have I told you about calling in a gang strike, then calling the cops on the gang?"

"I'm just trying to be a good citizen!" Josef shouted, drifting around a police car and ignoring Stevan's snort. "Is this how they reward folks who bring criminals to justice!?"

"I won't even try to argue," Stevan sighed. "Look, what do you need? I'm kinda busy here."

Looking back, Josef uttered a curse. Just as he had feared, an unmarked green car had joined the police. "Stevan, there's a Hunter of my tail. You gotta come take him out for me. Smooth sailin' from there, I promise."

"Josef, it's two in the morning!" Stevan shouted.

"Yeah, so?" Josef grunted. Glancing back, he accessed the global vehicle directional assistant and tried to get a lock on his pursuer.

"You know I have a strict no murder rule until 8 AM. Call me then."

"You sonofabitch, don't you dare-" With a click, the connection cut off. Angrily, Josef returned to the directional assistant and swiped left. The Hunter's car swerved, hitting a police car and smashing through a storefront. He'd be after him again in a minute, but at least Josef had bought himself some time. "Fuck Stevan," he muttered as he hit the gas. He could probably do this himself, but he would've liked some help.