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The first time Taehyung brings up children is on their first date. Yoongi is twenty one years old, a third year music student, and Taehyung is nineteen years old, a first year math student.

Yoongi only knows Taehyung because his neighbour from when he used to live in Daegu, Kibum, had also moved to seoul for university and Yoongi had helped him settle in as a favour to his mom. But Kibum had come with a friend who hadn’t left Yoongi alone until he agreed to a date.

It’s their first date and Taehyung plainly asks Yoongi if he’d ever be interested in kids in the future and it freaks Yoongi out. He stutters over a “maybe in the future” and wonders what kind of a weirdo he is on a date with when Taehyung just nods seriously in response, like his answer is very important and he’s interviewing Yoongi as a marriage applicant, a potential father, before resuming their previous, lighter conversation.

Yoongi isn’t sure why he agreed to go out with some kid who’s practically three years younger than him and five centimetres taller. He should be at home, crying over his composition essay due tomorrow and drowning in coffee.

And Yoongi honestly isn’t sure why he invites Taehyung to come back to his apartment after the date. It probably has something to do with how Taehyung still hasn’t fully lost his daegu satoori and it kind of makes Yoongi ache for home.

And Yoongi especially isn’t sure why he agrees to a second date with Taehyung. It’s probably has something to do with the ache in hips and ass the next day and how Taehyung, despite being as skinny as Yoongi, somehow knows how to move his hips like some kind of sex god.

Actually, it’s probably because Taehyung asks him before he’s had his morning coffee and isn’t coherent yet.


Almost exactly a year later, Yoongi is instead helping Taehyung move in with him.


The next time Taehyung seriously brings up kids Yoongi is expecting it even less. Yoongi is twenty three years old, has a stable job at a small producing company, and Taehyung is twenty years old, starting his final year of university.

Taehyung slumps down beside Yoongi on their small but comfy couch while Yoongi is drinking his morning coffee. Taehyung only ever asks Yoongi important questions when Yoongi is half awake and at this point Yoongi has gotten used to it but that doesn’t stop him from actually spitting out his coffee when Taehyung stretches out on the couch beside him and then casually tries to ask, “Do you think once I graduate we could have a kid?”

There’s a moment of silence in response before Taehyung plainly observes, “Wow, I didn’t know people actually did that.”

“I’ve only ever seen it in movies,” he goes on to further comment, looking focused for some reason while Yoongi quickly hands him his mug and rushes to the kitchen to get some paper towel.

“You do know we’re both men,” Yoongi reminds him as he gets on his knees and starts trying to get the coffee stain out of their carpet and couch. He suddenly feels very, very old but still not even close to old enough for a kid.

Taehyung pouts, crossing his arms as he watches Yoongi clean up his spill. “I’m not stupid, hyung, I’ve been gay for a while,” he complains, stretching his legs out but away from the ground where Yoongi is furiously scrubbing, sipping at the leftovers of Yoongi’s coffee. “I looked it up when I was like sixteen, we could adopt. There’s a centre just a couple streets over.”

Yoongi leans back on his heels once he’s satisfied that the carpet and couch are coffee free and freezes up slightly because he suddenly realizes this isn’t another one of Taehyung’s ridiculous ideas, but something he’s actually been planning. Yoongi doesn’t want to let him down, he’s seen how excited Taehyung gets whenever he interacts with a kid, so he ends up just rubbing at his face while mumbling something about the future being a possibility. Then he yanks his coffee out of Taehyung’s hands and attempts to resume his normal morning routine of hating everything while burning his tongue. Unfortunately, his coffee has already cooled down.


Taehyung starts attempting to casually bring up the idea of kids whenever possible. He’s not very good at being casual and it’s painfully obvious to Yoongi but he can’t find it in himself call Taehyung out on it.

Whenever they pass by a kid’s toy or clothing store, Taehyung twitches and mentions something about how the store is so cute, how he can’t wait to shop there one day. Whenever they pass by a park, Taehyung mentions how nice it would be to bring a kid there. Whenever they go home to visit their parents and Taehyung sees how well Yoongi gets along with his hyung’s new dog Holly, Taehyung mentions how cute Yoongi would look playing with their kid.

It’s like he’s trying to build up Yoongi’s tolerance to accepting the idea of a kid and Yoongi has to hand it to him because it’s working. Even if Taehyung is horribly awkward every time, Yoongi starts silently agreeing with each comment.

But Yoongi doesn’t voice anything in response to Taehyung’s unsubtle hints until they’re out couch shopping.

Taehyung is paying for it because his latest ridiculous idea, involving a certain Park Jimin and a large amount of wine to celebrate finishing their final thesis project, somehow ended up in a massive tear down the centre of their couch.

Yoongi wants the smaller option, he thinks it’d fit better in their one bedroom apartment but Taehyung is insistent on the bigger one that would barely fit in their living room and would take up most of the space.

“This one is big enough to fit both of us,” Yoongi argues, not wanting to make their small apartment even more crowded.

They discuss it for a bit, Taehyung insisting the small one isn’t right until he clenches his fist, turns a bright pink, and argues, “Yeah, but it won’t be big enough for all of us if we end up getting a kid.” And Taehyung expects Yoongi to scoff, brush him off, say they have more than enough time to get a new couch when they get a kid.

But Yoongi pauses because he can actually already imagine that, can clearly see him, Taehyung and the nameless face of a child all cuddled up on the couch, maybe watching some stupid disney cartoon. Yoongi finds himself agreeing, quietly, “Yeah, you’re right,” and when he looks up Taehyung is smiling so bright it kind of hurts his face and he pulls Yoongi into a tight hug.

“Does that mean we can get the bigger one?” He asks, burying his face in Yoongi’s dark hair, squeezing him even tighter when Yoongi agrees although his response is muffled by Taehyung’s shirt.

Yoongi doesn’t even complain when they have to call Jimin to help them transport it and squeeze it through the door in their tiny apartment and then somehow orientate it. They scuff up a bit of the walls accidentally and even if their living room looks ten times smaller, Yoongi can’t help but smile slightly every time he looks at the couch.


Taehyung graduates and Yoongi throws him a small party. Taehyung’s lucky enough to have a job already lined up at a decent sized finance company where he crunches numbers all day. Yoongi doesn’t know how he manages it, it’s not something he could ever do daily from 9 to 5 but Taehyung likes numbers.

Actually, Taehyung really likes numbers. Around the start of their relationship, Taehyung had once spent hours talking about the colour of numbers, the taste of numbers. He had even described each number’s personality in depth and explained his hatred of the number ‘5’ because “he’s a bitch”.

Yoongi is sure the only reason they worked out is because Yoongi finds Taehyung’s insanity cute.

Taehyung graduates and Yoongi proposes the next day because he can’t control himself. Their wedding ceremony is small and short and inexpensive and Yoongi thinks it’s perfect. It might be short but Yoongi spends most of the time feeling nauseous and by the end of the day he’s just proud he didn’t puke.

Yoongi’s so proud of Taehyung, so in love with Taehyung, so happy with Taehyung. Yoongi doesn’t know what he would do without Taehyung, doesn’t know how he would sleep without Taehyung suffocating him to death with cuddles, doesn’t know how he would wake up in the morning without Taehyung’s rough voice coaxing him out of bed, daegu satoori leaking through from his fatigue.

Taehyung graduates, gets a job, and now combined they both are able to afford a slightly larger apartment. Their friends help them move and it’s nice because finally they have space for the massive couch Taehyung bought.

There’s a small spare room that is currently just being used as storage and sometimes an office and Taehyung hasn’t said anything but Yoongi recognizes the look in his eyes.

That doesn’t mean Yoongi is ready when he comes home one day and Taehyung is sitting on the couch clearly waiting for him. He’s sitting cross legged, hands in his lap holding some papers and the look on his face is too serious.

Yoongi’s already nervous because Taehyung has never sat down for a serious conversation, he always tries to initiate serious conversations when Yoongi isn’t paying attention.

Taehyung says, “I just want you to listen to me fully before you do anything,” and Yoongi can feel himself freaking out as he nods slowly in agreement. He takes off his shoes and jacket before coming to sit down beside Taehyung and there’s a lot of space because their couch is way too big but Yoongi still hides his shaking hands in his lap because he doesn’t want Taehyung to know he’s worried.

“I kind of stopped by that adoption centre down the street - you know, the one with “sunshine” in the name? It’s really bright and obvious, but anyways…” Taehyung trails off, clearly struggling with his words even if they sound kind of rehearsed. His face is bright red and he looks scared and Yoongi just wants to hold his hand but Yoongi already promised not to do anything. “Well, I was talking with a woman there and she was really helpful and nice and let me look around and gave me all these handouts-” he holds up all the sheets in his hands and they kind of fall out of his hands and scatter everywhere.

Yoongi feels his heart ache at the lost look on Taehyung’s face as he sorts through all the sheets of paper. They all read things like “Your Guide to Adoption”, “Parenting a Foster Child“, “The Adoption Process Visualized“, and “How to Find your Match“. Yoongi wants to ask Taehyung to stop because it’s all too much suddenly and his head is pounding but he promised and he wants to be supportive even if he feels like he’s dying.

Taehyung eventually finds a sheet which is actually a packet and looks a lot more professional than all the other ones. Yoongi realizes there’s a photo of a little boy stabled on the top when Taehyung hands it to him.

“His name is Jungkook and he’s six - which means we don’t have to experience when he’s five years old, thank god - and he could take your name, I don’t really care, and he’s kind of short for his age but he seems strong and his hair is a bit too long and he’s kind of shy and quiet but not in a bad way and he’s been tossed around from home to home and - and….” Taehyung says in a rush, trailing off when he realizes he’s rambling and Yoongi still hadn’t look up from the info sheet.

Yoongi realizes he’s gripping the sheet tighter than expected and he forces himself to set it down. He looks up at Taehyung, trying to control his emotions but Taehyung looks so hopeful that Yoongi smiles slightly to reassure him.

“We can go meet him,” Yoongi agrees and Taehyung smiles so brilliantly Yoongi feels the warmth inside his chest and soon enough Taehyung’s tackling him, hugging him and laughing and rolling around on their oversized couch.


The moment Yoongi sees Jungkook he knows he’s already made up his mind.

Jungkook clings to the back of the adoption centre volunteer that brings him out, clearly shy and probably scared because he keeps peaking out with these wide, nervous eyes before ducking back when he notices Taehyung and Yoongi are still watching him.

Taehyung immediately crouches down to Jungkook’s height and smiles brightly whenever Jungkook risks a peak. “Hey, Kookie~” Taehyung taunts, giggling when Jungkook sticks his head out in response. “Do you remember me?” Taehyung asks quickly before Jungkook can go back to hiding.

When Jungkook starts stepping out in response, Yoongi considers that they might have more in common than expected because Yoongi’s pretty sure that was the exact same smile that convinced Yoongi to go on their first date. The volunteer looks equally wooed, smiling brightly as Taehyung manages to coax Jungkook out.

Jungkook takes a step forwards, glancing nervously at Yoongi who’s standing behind Taehyung and then down at his hands as he fiddles with them, mumbling shyly, “Yeah… Do you, uhm maybe… want to play with me and my toys again...”

“Of course! But first I want you to introduce you to my husband,” Taehyung explains, gesturing back at Yoongi and Yoongi reaches out to hold Taehyung’s offered hand because Yoongi’s shaking slightly. Yoongi takes a deep breath before crouching down beside Taehyung, trying to smile slightly but not scarily to comfort Jungkook.

Jungkook looks up at Yoongi but glances back at his hands the moment they make eye contact but he has this small smile that shows off his two front bunny teeth and Yoongi thinks he’s already whipped, already convinced Jungkook is the cutest kid ever. “So… he’s important to you?” Jungkook asks Taehyung, finally looking up and making eye contact with him with a serious look on his face.

Taehyung glances at Yoongi and his eyes are so full of love they’re practically sparkling and Yoongi feels like throwing up. “Yeah, he is,” Taehyung responds, rubbing Yoongi’s hand with his thumb to comfort him because he can definitely feel the slight tremble in Yoongi’s hands. He only looks back at Jungkook a couple seconds later, smile brighter than before if that was even possible.

“Oh… ok… Then...” Jungkook stutters at first, before a determined look comes on his face. “Then he can play with us too! I mean… if he wants to.” Jungkook looks up at Yoongi, a hopeful look on his face.

Yoongi sighs, practically feeling his heart leaving his chest and being transferred to Jungkook. “Yeah, sure, I’d love to.”


The paperwork takes longer to fill out than Yoongi expected. They have to fill out form after form and constantly have their relationship and themselves evaluated and it’s using up a large chunk of their savings.

Applying to be foster parents would be easier, would involve less commitment and less hassle and less work but Taehyung is insistent that they need to fully adopt Jungkook. The adoption centre volunteer tells them that it actually increases their chances because Jungkook has been tossed around a lot, constantly switching homes, and their social worker says that Jungkook needs stability to develop properly now. He’s too quiet, doesn’t speak well enough for someone his age. But it also means that Yoongi and Taehyung need to prove their commitment, that they can afford to and are qualified to provide for Jungkook for the rest of his life.

Taehyung starts getting demotivated when they reach the month mark since he promised Jungkook they would adopt him. They still get to visit him sometimes but Yoongi can see how leaving gets harder and harder for Taehyung. Around their third visit, Taehyung managed to coax a hug out of Jungkook and each time the hugs last longer and longer, Taehyung lingers more until Yoongi is forced to basically drag him out.

The most recent time they’d gone, Taehyung had actually gotten into a small argument with the volunteer for telling them to leave slightly earlier than planned. Yoongi’s just grateful he managed to calm down Taehyung before the volunteer got angry and their chances for adopting Jungkook plummeted.

But Taehyung doesn’t speak to Yoongi on the entire ride back, storms out of the car before Yoongi has even turned it off, and disappears into their apartment building.

Yoongi sighs, turns off the car, and follows Taehyung. He slips off his shoes at the door, walks inside and eventually finds Taehyung in their bedroom with his shoes still on. Taehyung is silent, covering his face but his chest is heaving in a way that makes it obvious to Yoongi he’s crying.

Yoongi sighs, takes Taehyung’s shoes off his feet and sets them down by the door. He crawls onto their bed which is slightly too small for two grown adults. Taehyung is taller and he enjoys cuddling more so he always tries to be the big spoon but Yoongi wraps up Taehyung in his arms from behind and holds him to his chest. Taehyung is shivering against him and Yoongi still can’t see his face but he can hear the soft sound of his sobs and Yoongi hates the sound.

They lay like that for a couple minutes, Yoongi just trying to support Taehyung and running a soothing hand through his hair, not sure what to do.

Until Taehyung suddenly turns around, buries his face in Yoongi’s shirt and wraps his arms tightly around Yoongi. It kind of hurts but Yoongi doesn’t care because he caught a glimpse of Taehyung’s face, bright red and broken, and he’s crying but he’s still beautiful and Yoongi loves him so much that he feels a sharp pain in his chest in response. Yoongi’s grip on Taehyung tightens and he wraps a leg around the back of Taehyung’s, trying to bring them even closer.

“Shh,” Yoongi whispers against Taehyung’s soft brown hair, leaving little kisses on the top of his head. “It’s okay, we’re almost there, his room is ready and they have no more reasons to delay it,” Yoongi tries to reassure, rubbing small circles along Taehyung’s spine. “Kookie’s so lucky to have you as a parent.”

Taehyung just sobs louder in response, clings onto Yoongi more, and they stay like that for a couple hours until Taehyung wears himself out enough to fall asleep. Yoongi can’t sleep, Taehyung is rarely ever sad, he rarely ever cries, and it hurts Yoongi more than he expected. He also realizes there seems to be something that feels empty around him when Jungkook isn’t with them.


Two weeks later, Yoongi and Taehyung go to see Jungkook at the adoption centre for the last time and for the first time they take him home with them.

Jungkook seems nervous when they arrive, surrounded by a couple boxes of all his possessions. Yoongi looks at the limited number of boxes he has and he already feels like spoiling Jungkook excessively.

Taehyung’s excitement is uncontrollable though, Yoongi spent most of the ride over trying to get him to calm down to no success. But it’s contagious, and soon enough Jungkook is smiling widely with his little bunny teeth sticking out and then Yoongi’s also smiling because they already kind of feel like a family.

But Yoongi’s also afraid because every movement, every action, every sentence in Jungkook’s first day at their apartment is critical.

On the car ride, Taehyung sits in the back with Jungkook and chatters excitedly while Jungkook stares out the window with wide doe eyes.

“You’ll get your own room and we’ve already set up most of it but you can change anything if you’d like it better that way,” Taehyung explains, voice a bit too loud and fast but all Yoongi can do is smile at him through the rear view mirror. “We’ve been talking with the elementary school down the street and you’re all set to start there for the new term in two weeks, the teacher there knows to help you out if there’s anything you missed and I’m sure you’ll get along with all the kids there. And until then, both me and Yoongi don’t have work so we can spend all the time together!”

Taehyung pauses when he notices Jungkook isn’t really responding. “Does that sound good, Kookie?” He asks, leaning over to ruffle Jungkook’s hair and draw his attention back to inside the car.

Jungkook glances back at Taehyung, stares at his face for a couple seconds before looking down at his hands with a small shy smile. “Yeah, it does.” Yoongi tries to tear his eyes away from the rear view mirror and instead focus on the road.

Luckily the trip isn’t long. They soon arrive at their building and Jungkook nervously vibrates in the elevator ride up. Jungkook is like a bunny, terrified of everything. But when someone else gets in the elevator with them and Jungkook’s eyes go even wider, Taehyung immediately distracts him by asking what Jungkook wants for dinner. When the elevator beeps loudly and Jungkook flinches, Taehyung suddenly remembers to mention that they bought him a million toys to stuff into his room, isn’t he excited to see them? When Jungkook fidgets while Yoongi is opening the door, Taehyung describes all the places they can go tomorrow if he wants.

Yoongi already knew Taehyung was his own special brand of perfect but he feels his heart throb slightly at the adorable duo that is now his family.

Taehyung shows Jungkook his room and they leave him alone for a bit with the door open after depositing his few possessions and telling him to unpack. Jungkook runs around his room for a bit, opening and touching everything. Taehyung starts making mac and cheese per Jungkook’s request. Yoongi sits down to check his emails because he had to promise his boss he would still be reachable. After replying to a couple simple questions, Yoongi’s freezes when he realizes how desperately domestic they are.

“Jungkook! Yoongi! Dinner’s ready,” Taehyung calls and Yoongi isn’t sure how everything already feels so normal. The table is set and the smell of cheese travels slowly through their apartment and Jungkook comes running. Yoongi and Taehyung rarely use the dinner table, usually just eat on the couch while cuddling, but Taehyung has spent weeks reading parenting books and apparently a stable schedule of meals and activity is important for Jungkook to feel comfortable.

Yoongi doesn’t have any problems with it, he’s been whipped for Taehyung for years now and Jungkook has already won him over, and he’d probably do anything asked. He already can’t imagine their dinner without Jungkook’s happy, bunny smile when he realizes they actually get to have mac and cheese. He struggles to get onto his seat, a little bit smaller than average, but refuses Yoongi’s help and stubbornly gets onto the seat himself.

This becomes a pattern for the rest of the day, Jungkook insisting he can do things himself when it takes double the time Yoongi could have done them in. Cleaning up the dishes after dinner, Jungkook brushing his teeth, Jungkook getting into his pyjamas. But Yoongi doesn’t mind, because when it’s finally time for bed Yoongi gets to tuck him into bed while Taehyung reads him one of the books they bought. And Taehyung uses these adorable exaggerated voices for each character that have Jungkook giggling like crazy.


On Jungkook’s second day, Taehyung makes a big deal over gifting Jungkook an ugly, old doll. To be fair, it used to be Taehyung’s and Yoongi is pretty sure it also used to belong to Taehyung’s late grandma but Yoongi doesn’t expect Jungkook to care. Yoongi had warned Taehyung ahead of time.

“I have a surprise for you,” Taehyung explains over breakfast as Jungkook painstakingly attempts to eat all his cheerios before he can drink the milk, now chasing after the last couple left that float away from his spoon. “But you can’t have it until breakfast is over and you brush your teeth.”

It works perfectly because Jungkook gives up on eating his cheerios immediately, chugs the rest of his milk and then hops off the chair and runs towards the bathroom. Yoongi just laughs while he starts clearing the table, Taehyung running off to get the present and make sure Jungkook properly brushes his teeth.

Once Jungkook’s breath is minty fresh, Taehyung pulls the toy out from behind his back with a loud “Tadah!” The thing is ratty, horribly cared for, and it has somehow magically survived Taehyung as a child and Yoongi isn’t even sure if it’s supposed to be a boy or girl. Taehyung’s mom has told Yoongi all about how much of a havoc he wreaked as a kid and Yoongi’s kind of surprised the doll still has all four limbs.

But Yoongi’s surprised when Jungkook takes the doll, eyes sparkling like he’s looking at something actually with value. Taehyung skims over the history of the doll and Jungkook mumbles, quietly under his breath, “Thank you,” and his voice is awed.

Taehyung later brags to Yoongi that he was right and Yoongi has to concede because for the rest of the week, Jungkook barely lets the doll out of his sight. He even develops a habit of sucking on it which Yoongi tries to discourage but Taehyung doesn’t mind.


Later in the afternoon, “uncle” Jimin comes to visit and Yoongi and Taehyung are both nervous over Jungkook’s reaction. Jungkook hides in his room when Taehyung tells him they have a guest coming over and they let him stay there until he feels comfortable.

Jimin and Taehyung both settle down on the couch while Yoongi resumes replying to stupid emails on his laptop on the kitchen table. Yoongi’s been listening to Jungkook’s giggling for a while but he doesn’t glance towards the living room until he hears a burst of laughter from Jungkook’s room. He glances up just in time to see Jungkook fall out from behind his door, laughing while Jimin makes a ridiculous face, fingers up his nose and contorting his face weirdly, in Jungkook’s direction.

The sight of Jungkook laughing so freely makes Yoongi feel warm inside, and he can’t help but lean back and watch Jungkook finally come out from his room, holding on to Taehyung’s doll by the leg and dragging it on the floor behind him.

Taehyung and Yoongi are both immediately glad they invited Jimin over.

“Oh that’s a pretty doll!” Jimin immediately compliments Jungkook, sliding off the couch and sitting on the floor so he’s closer to Jungkook’s height. Yoongi is pretty sure Jimin knows who the doll originally belonged to, he’s probably known Taehyung since he was born. “Can I play with it?”

And Yoongi expects Jungkook to refuse, he hasn’t even let Taehyung touch it since he received it, but Jungkook shyly nods and holds it out for Jimin. Jimin cradles the doll and talks to it a bit as Jungkook sits down in front of him, legs crossed, an eager expression on his face.

“You know, it’s cute,” Jimin explains calmly, setting the doll down beside the both of them. “But not as cute as you!” He cries suddenly, leaning forwards to tickle Jungkook. Taehyung and Yoongi lurch forwards to stop him, they’re always careful when having physical contact with Jungkook and Yoongi knows Jimin’s going to scare him. But he’s surprised when instead of crying or running away, Jungkook falls back laughing loudly and screeching playfully at Jimin to stop. But he’s smiling, all his teeth showing and Yoongi feels his heart throb at how cute it is.

Taehyung and Yoongi are both immediately jealous and regret inviting Jimin over.

But later that night, after Jimin’s left and Taehyung has helped Jungkook get into his pyjamas and brush his teeth and Yoongi has had a turn reading him his bedtime story, Yoongi doesn’t feel any jealousy when he gets to kiss him goodnight and turn off his light.

And before they can even walk a couple steps away from Jungkook’s room, Jungkook swings the door open and runs up to them. He hugs both Taehyung and Yoongi, his small arms barely wrapping around their knees, mumbling something about how much he loves his new home and then runs back to his room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Yoongi definitely isn’t jealous anymore.


Raising Jungkook isn’t all that simple, unfortunately. He rarely tells Yoongi and Taehyung what he’s thinking, rarely speaks at all sometimes. Whenever Yoongi tries to help him get dressed in the morning, Jungkook just shakes his head slightly at every suggestion. Eventually, Yoongi gives up and calls Taehyung who immediately picks out an outfit that has Jungkook nodding in agreement. Yoongi fails to see a difference in between the white shirt Taehyung picks and all the other ones he offered but Jungkook’s finally dressed so he can’t make himself care.

And the first time they take Jungkook to the park, he refuses to talk to any of the other kids playing in the sand pit with him. One girls asks him politely to borrow his shovel because she’s almost done her sand castle and Jungkook flushes bright red, grabs all his tools and runs back to hide with Taehyung and Yoongi who are trying their best at socializing with the other parents.

The second time they go to the park, Yoongi is exhausted from being called into work the night before for an emergent deadline and instead watches Taehyung and Jungkook have fun on the swings from his comfortable position on a nearby bench.

Someone sits next to him and Yoongi glances over, smiles and nods politely before looking back, mildly concerned as Taehyung tries to convince Jungkook to go on the slides despite the look of fear on Jungkook’s face.

“Which ones are yous?” The man sitting beside him asks and Yoongi glances over. He has platinum blonde hair and looks like he could be handsome on a normal day but currently his hair looks flat and dead, like he hasn’t slept in a while. Yoongi immediately feels like he can relate.

“Those,” he points at Taehyung and Jungkook. Taehyung has finally convinced Jungkook to go on the slide, and they’re both sitting together at the top. Jungkook is sitting in Taehyung’s lap, holding onto him tightly while Taehyung holds on to the top of the slide. It’s kind of comedic to look at because Taehyung is so tall that his feet are already half-way down the slide but Jungkook clings to him like his life is flashing before his eyes. When Taehyung lets go and they slide down, Jungkook is screaming but by the end he’s also smiling.

Yoongi’s slightly nervous because he never knows how people will react to him and Taehyung having a child. One parent had yelled at him for being “immoral” and Yoongi’s only happy that Jungkook wasn’t nearby for that but it still scarred him. He glances at the man out of the corner of his eyes and all he sees a small smile on his face as he watches Jungkook beg Taehyung to go again.

Yoongi is hopeful enough to venture and ask, “What about you?”

“Those,” the man replies with a smile, pointing at the other side of the playground where a boy with a big, bright smile is laughing as he gets pushed on the swings. He looks a bit older than Jungkook and Yoongi already gets the impression that he’s a sweet kid. But what surprises Yoongi is the man pushing the kid, tall and broad shouldered and handsome in a way that used to be Yoongi’s type before he met Taehyung.

When he looks back at the man sitting beside him on the bench, he has a bright smile and is holding out his hand.

“Kim Namjoon.”

“Min Yoongi,” Yoongi stutters a bit, eyes a bit wide in surprise as he shakes his hand. “Are you…?”

“Yeah, you too right?” Namjoon asks, looking slightly embarrassed as he glances back at Taehyung who’s supervising Jungkook as he goes on the slide by himself for the first time.

“Yeah,” Yoongi replies, sighing happily as he leans back on the bench, watching Jungkook trying to work up enough courage to let go of the slide, Taehyung waiting at the bottom to catch him. “Do you get a lot of weird looks from other parents too?”

“Yup,” Namjoon agrees, his attention focused on his son who’s now running around in circles while being chased by his other parent. “It’s not even the looks, though, it’s the excessive questions?”

“Uh huh,” Yoongi grunts in agreement, sitting up as he felt a small burn of anger. Taehyung never really acknowledged the looks they got, in fact he had laughed in the woman’s face when she told them they were committing sin. Yoongi realized it was nice to finally let it out. “And always so intrusive.”

“Yeah, and the worst is being required to respond pleasantly so Hobi can still be friends with their kids…” Namjoon complains, jaw tensing as he also sat up. They seem to share a sort of moment of anger before it passes and they slump back down against the bench in exhaustion.

“Hobi? Is that your kid’s name?”

“Hoseok, actually, but he’s too cute to not have a million nicknames,” Namjoon explains, as if it’s entirely reasonable. Yoongi agrees, he’s been calling Jungkook varieties of “cookie” for the past week. “My husband’s name is Seokjin.”

“Cute,” Yoongi replies with a smile, glancing away from Jungkook making a mess of himself in the sand to Hoseok. “My kid’s Jungkook and the husband is Taehyung. How long have you, uhm… had him?”

“We’ve had him for almost a year now,” Namjoon sighs, a lovestruck expression on his face as he watches Seokjin spin around while holding Hoseok before setting him down in the sand pit. “I can’t imagine life without him, he’s the only one who can wake me up in the morning.”

Yoongi laughs in response because he can already relate. A week ago and he would’ve given Namjoon a weird look, not understanding how an attachment could grow that fast, but he’s pretty sure Jungkook has stolen his heart. “We only got Jungkook a week ago.”

“Ahh,” Namjoon nods sympathetically. “First week was rough.”

“Definitely worth it though,” Yoongi comments, watching Taehyung help trying to stop Jungkook’s sand tower from collapsing and he hears Namjoon hum in agreement.

“Hobi had a lot of nightmares at first, he was a bit traumatized from-” Namjoon starts explaining, but both of them immediately stand up as they watch Hoseok, dizzy from being spun by his dad, accidentally walk into Jungkook’s sand castle and then fall onto it.

By the time Yoongi makes it to Jungkook, he has his face buried in Taehyung’s shoulder as he sobs and Taehyung looks like he’s in pain because of the sound. Taehyung is doing his best to comfort him, standing up and bobbing him up and down slightly, rubbing his back and whispering to him.

“I’m sorry!” A little voice exclaims and Yoongi looks down to see Hoseok with tears in his eyes, standing up determined with his fists clenched. Seokjin is crouching behind him, rubbing his back in support with a concerned look in his eyes as he watches Taehyung hold Jungkook. Yoongi and Namjoon share a look of shared hopelessness and desperation.

Jungkook has stopped sobbing now, only small tears leaking down his chubby face as Taehyung starts petting his hair. “Shh, Kookie, it’s ok,” Taehyung tries to soothe, “It was an accident. Look, he apologized, it’s ok, we can rebuild the castle.”

“No!” Jungkook screams in response, pressing his face harder into Taehyung’s shirt which was probably getting nasty by now.

“You have to accept his apology,” Taehyung sooths, not being able to handle the look of devastation on Hoseok’s face despite wanting to calm Jungkook down. Also, he reasons that it would be a good lesson for Jungkook to accept someone’s apology.

“No, I hate him!” Jungkook cries, voice muffled by Taehyung’s shirt.

“I’m sorry!” Hoseok cries before any of the adults could intervene, tears starting to leak down his face and Yoongi wonders if he looks as broken when Jungkook cries as Seokjin does right now. “Please, stop crying. I’ll help you rebuild it! We can make it even bigger, a sand palace instead of a sand castle, I promise!”

Jungkook’s back stops shaking, which Yoongi hopes means he was done crying. Then he peeks out from Taehyung’s shirt, eyes red and raw but with a hint of hope.

“Really?” He asks, voice quiet, amazement leaking out in his tone. Yoongi can’t resist stepping closer to them, rubbing Taehyung’s arm soothingly in support, wondering how Jungkook is going to react.

“Yeah!” Hoseok replies, and he’s still crying but he’s also smiling and it’s so adorable Yoongi feels a small smile break out on his own face despite the situation. When did kids get so cute? Is it just Hoseok, or were they always this cute and Yoongi just couldn’t appreciate it before?

“Taetae let me down! I want to build a sand palace!” Jungkook cries, starting to squirm and kick his legs and Taehyung’s laugh is kind of wet when he sets him down.

The pair run off to gather all of Jungkook’s sand toys and Hoseok is detailing the plans for their sand palace and Yoongi turns to smile at Namjoon. He has a good feeling about this. Taehyung keeps saying Jungkook needed to learn how to make friends.

Yoongi introduces Taehyung to Namjoon and they’re both introduced to Seokjin and Yoongi feels kind of weird to be standing with another pair of parents, talking and watching their kids play in the sand. It’s nice and bizarre and Taehyung is immediately getting along with the other pair, chatting excitedly and asking for tips and generally playing the role of father perfectly. Yoongi keeps to himself, quietly watching the way Jungkook smiles brightly in response when Hoseok introduces himself, and how he smiles shyly when Hobi insists that he’s going to call him “Kookie” and that Jungkook should call him hyung.

Taehyung is talking to Namjoon and Seokjin about how happy they are to have Jungkook, how much he means to them, and Yoongi likes to think Jungkook feels the same about them.


Despite all the struggles, their first couple days pass elatively smoothly. Until Taehyung offhand mentions to Jungkook that he was starting school in two weeks and Jungkook immediately runs away to his room and slams the door shut behind him.

Taehyung and Yoongi both just stand in the kitchen, confused and watching each other for a moment before Taehyung slowly sets down the knife he was using to chop the tomatoes for their salad. Yoongi watches him rush over to try and talk to Jungkook and he stands in the kitchen, one hand holding a pan on the stove, not sure what to do.

He can see, partially, through the doorway, that Taehyung is standing at Jungkook’s door, lightly knocking and talking through it. Yoongi isn’t entirely sure why he doesn’t just open Jungkook’s door and go in, Jungkook’s door doesn’t have a lock, but Taehyung sits down next to the door and tries to convince Jungkook to open it.

And when Jungkook eventually does open the door, Yoongi realizes that it means so much more that Jungkook was the one to open the door himself instead of Taehyung, showing he was willing to talk. But Yoongi isn’t sure he would have ever come up with that himself. Sometimes Yoongi is both proud and jealous of Taehyung, of how much better he gets along with Jungkook.

Yoongi tries to refocus on finishing dinner once Taehyung disappears into Jungkook’s room, hoping that even if he can’t really help Taehyung talk to Jungkook, maybe he can help them once it’s over by having dinner ready.

Yoongi finishes dinner and leaves it on the stove to keep it warm and he sets the table and then wastes time positioning the forks and knives nicely when they usually just throw everything on and eat. But Yoongi doesn’t know what to do when Taehyung and Jungkook are still in the room and he doesn’t want to interrupt.

When Taehyung and Jungkook leave the room, Jungkook is holding on to Taehyung’s thumb and Yoongi is relieved because he was starting to go crazy sitting at the table alone and fiddling with his fork. He gets up and starts rushing around the kitchen, moving their dinner from the stove where he was keeping it warm and bringing the pot over to the table.

Yoongi glances over at Taehyung nervously when Jungkook sits down at the table, and Taehyung just smiles and nods at him so he assures himself everything is fine. Dinner passes normally, with Taehyung leading most of the conversation as usual.


Yoongi rarely allows Taehyung to be the big spoon, but he feels kind of isolated and needy currently and his walls are low. So that night, when Taehyung joins him in bed and cuddles up behind him and wraps his arms around him, Yoongi doesn’t even pretend to fight it. He doesn’t like cuddling like this because Taehyung makes him feel small. Taehyung’s chin is resting against the back of his head but his legs are still longer than Yoongi’s down where they’re wrapped around each other. Taehyung’s arms are long and they wrap around Yoongi fully, and Taehyung’s hands are big and Yoongi has normally sized hands but when Taehyung holds his hand like he is right now, Taehyung’s hands dwarf his.

With a sigh, Yoongi moves into what he convinces himself is purely a more comfortable position, but is actually just him cuddling closer to Taehyung. He can hear Taehyung giggling as he holds Yoongi tighter in response and it’s so warm and comfortable Yoongi can’t even try to stop how soft his voice sounds when he asks, “What happened with Jungkook?”

For a second, Taehyung tenses and Yoongi feels it with how close they are. He can feel the sigh that leaves Taehyung, brushing against his hair, and it makes him nervous.

“Basically, he’s nervous about school,” Taehyung eventually responds, shifting down on the bed so his face is now against the back of Yoongi’s neck and Yoongi can feels his lips brushing his skin as he speaks. It’s distracting and Yoongi’s trying to focus but he can’t muster enough annoyance to complain.

“What did you say?”

“Told him that we’ll visit his classroom before the term starts so he can feel more comfortable, that we’ve spoken to his teachers, the usual,” Taehyung mumbles, voice getting harder to decipher as he starts to fall asleep and his satoori starts leaking out.

“And he’s okay now?” Yoongi questions and Taehyung groans. One of Taehyung’s hands slips under Yoongi’s shirts, tracing small circles over his stomach in a way that is so deliberate Yoongi doesn’t even need to question if Taehyung is trying to distract him. Taehyung knows all of Yoongi’s weaknesses and Yoongi is immediately melting into the bed as all his fatigue hits him.

“Taehyung,” he manages to complain, voice soft and muffled by his pillow, and he nudges his elbow into Taehyung’s chest as prodding to keep talking.

“He’s better,” Taehyung responds, pressing himself harder against Yoongi’s back so his words are almost inaudible but he’s close enough to Yoongi’s ear for him to hear. “Still nervous, but he agreed to go look at the school, so it’s progress.”

Yoongi grunts in agreement and then lets sleep take them.


Yoongi expected that the first week would go way worse than it had. But it’s almost been two weeks and Jungkook had yet to react negatively to them or the house, hadn’t had any nightmares like the orphanage had warned them and Taehyung had managed to convince him to eat his vegetables daily.

So of course, everything has to go horribly wrong while Taehyung is out grocery shopping and running other errands and Yoongi is at home alone with Jungkook.

Everything is fine and Yoongi is relaxing on the couch and waiting for Taehyung to come back. Jungkook is in his room, playing with his toys, and Yoongi can hear him making crashing sounds which means he’s probably playing with the toy cars that Taehyung’s mom had brought over the day before when she had visited.

It’s been quiet for a while but Yoongi isn’t concerned because Jungkook is a quiet kid.

Everything is fine and then Yoongi hears screaming coming from Jungkook’s room.

Yoongi is off the couch and at Jungkook’s door before he even has time to process what’s happening. He’s already yelling at himself for leaving Jungkook alone, for not being as good a dad as Taehyung, for how angry Taehyung is gonna be when he comes home and realizes that Yoongi has no parental ability.

He arrives at Jungkook’s door, panting heavily, swinging it open in desperation. He calms slightly at the sight of Jungkook just sitting on the floor, surrounded by all his toys. He’s not hurt, there’s no blood, everything will be fine and Taehyung won’t divorce him.

Except Jungkook is crying and Yoongi doesn’t know how to deal with it. Jungkook may have cried a couple times since they got him, but it was always light crying that was just a normal child temper tantrum. This time, he’s full out sobbing and the sound is so loud and wet that Yoongi swears he can feel physical pain just from the sound.

He slowly enters the room, not wanting to scare Jungkook, but also wanting to help him. Yoongi can’t find anything in the room to cause such a strong reaction in Jungkook and Jungkook won’t look at him even when Yoongi tentatively sits down beside him.

Jungkook doesn’t usually initiate physical contact and Yoongi and Taehyung are nervous to but Yoongi needs to do something to quiet the sobs because he kind of feels like he’s dying. Taehyung would know what to do, Yoongi knows, if only Taehyung was here. He would already know why Jungkook is crying, he would be making jokes to make Jungkook smile despite the tears on his face.

“Hey, Kookie,” Yoongi tries to draw his attention, voice quiet like he’s trying not to scare away a bunny, but Jungkook won’t look up from the doll Taehyung gave him that he’s holding onto as a lifeline. “What’s wrong?” Yoongi ventures, hesitantly raising a hand and rubbing Jungkook’s back because his entire body is shuddering with the strength of his sobs and Yoongi can feel it burning inside him.

The moment Yoongi touches him, Jungkook throws away his doll, turns, jumps at Yoongi, and fists his little hands in Yoongi’s shirt while he cries into Yoongi’s chest. Yoongi can already feel a mild dampness on his shirt and he couldn’t care less, immediately wrapping his arms around Jungkook and lifting him.

Yoongi stands up because his knees are killing him, bobbing Jungkook up and down slightly like Taehyung did at the park to calm him. It strikes Yoongi that this might be the first time he’s held Jungkook and he kind of wishes he could actually enjoy it because he’s too busy panicking.

“I broke Taetae’s toy,” Jungkook replies eventually, his sobbing having quieted slightly as Yoongi continues to rub his back but Yoongi can tell that he’s still crying. And Yoongi looks over at where Jungkook threw the doll and he then notices that it’s missing an eye.

Yoongi sighs, shifting Jungkook’s weight because he’s not that strong and his arms hurt. He sighs because the doll is so old, basically all of it’s body parts are barely hanging on, and Taehyung wouldn’t be mad but Jungkook sounds afraid. Yoongi walks over to pick up the doll and eye, barely avoiding stepping on all Jungkook’s toy cars, shoving them under his elbow as he takes Jungkook out to the living room.

Yoongi tries to set Jungkook down on the couch but he refuses to let go.

“Come on,” Yoongi encourages lightly, not trying to actually force Jungkook to release him. “I can’t fix your toy unless you let go.”

With enough prodding, Jungkook releases him and lets Yoongi put him on the couch. He looks so small on the massive couch, fists rubbing into his eyes to try and wipe away his tears, his eyes rimmed with red but still looking up at Yoongi with hope.

“You… can fix it?” Jungkook asks, no longer crying, and Yoongi feels relief was over him.

He forces out a smile, the best he can do for now, and nods. “Of course,” he reassures Jungkook, going over to get the small sewing kit that they keep for minor emergencies before sitting down beside Jungkook on the couch with the doll. Immediately, Jungkook shuffles over to sit as close as possible, completely pressed up against Yoongi’s side.

Yoongi immediately loves the feeling of Jungkook’s smaller body resting against his, watching with wide eyes as Yoongi threads a needle and slowly starts sewing the doll’s eye back on carefully. He’s focused on making sure that the eye is correctly placed and will never fall off again. Jungkook watches like he’s trying to learn. Yoongi would let him try sewing it if he wasn’t terrified of Jungkook using needles and he reminds himself to make sure he puts the sewing kit out of reach when they’re done incase Jungkook decides to do it himself next time.

Eventually, Yoongi ties off his thread and uses a small pair of scissors to cut off the excess, replacing all the sharp tools into the kit before handing Jungkook the doll back. The doll is hideous and Yoongi still doesn’t understand why Jungkook loves it but he’ll do anything to keep it together if it means Jungkook will keep smiling the way he is now.

Jungkook hugs his toy tightly and Yoongi is kind of scared Jungkook might accidentally pop it’s head off. Then Jungkook looks at him, smiles at Yoongi bright and wide with his two bunny teeth and climbs onto Yoongi’s lap and hugs him as tight as he had been hugging the now abandoned doll.

And this time, Yoongi can enjoy it when he wraps his arms around Jungkook because his chest isn’t shaking, Jungkook is smiling and giggling and Yoongi feels a real smile break out on his face as he leans back, closes his eyes and let himself enjoy the moment.

Yoongi isn’t sure how much time has passed when he notices that Jungkook is snoring lightly against his chest but it’s so adorable he has to almost restrain himself from expressing it physically and waking Jungkook up accidentally. Yoongi also isn’t sure how much time has passed when he feels a weight slowly drop on the couch beside him and his eyes flicker open.

The first things Yoongi realizes is that the sun has started setting, the living room is a lot darker and his neck is aching. Yoongi doesn’t even know how he managed to fall asleep in such an uncomfortable position but he’s Yoongi and he’s always had a knack for napping whenever possible.

The second thing Yoongi notices is that Taehyung is scooting up to him and Jungkook, and that he’s crying. Yoongi feels his chest lurch for a second before he realizes that Taehyung is smilingly slightly and that the tears are tears of happiness as he wraps himself around them, Jungkook still sleeping. Yoongi can see out of the corner of his vision how Taehyung raises a hand to run through Jungkook’s hair and how Jungkook shoves his head against the hand in encouragement in his sleep.

“You’re such a sap,” Yoongi whispers when he feels Taehyung’s tears on his neck.

“Shut up,” Taehyung whispers, but he’s also giggling as he places a small kiss on Yoongi’s neck.

And maybe today was a traumatic day for him and Jungkook and Yoongi needs to talk to Taehyung about how strongly Jungkook reacted to the doll but for now, it’s Yoongi’s favourite day. They all end up falling asleep on the couch and Yoongi doesn’t regret the purchase anymore.

Eventually, Jungkook wakes up and Yoongi wakes up in response which wakes up Taehyung. All of them are still sleepy and sluggish for the rest of the day, and when they eat dinner it’s a lot quieter than usual but it’s the kind of comforting silence where everyone just knows that there’s nothing to say.

Yoongi comes by to tuck Jungkook in before he goes to sleep after Taehyung has read him his bedtime story, and if the kiss he places on Jungkook’s forehead lasts a little longer than usual, none of them have to mention it.


The next morning, they take Jungkook to see his new school.

It’s still technically break so the school is empty beyond Jungkook’s teacher who comes to greet them and Jungkook doesn’t seem that nervous. It helps soothe Yoongi’s nerves when Jungkook sits down at his assigned desk and looks around excitedly at his classroom. Taehyung gets along well with the teacher and Yoongi is pleasant but quiet as he tries to accept that Jungkook is already big enough to start going to school.

It’s stupid because of course Jungkook is, it’s not like they had Jungkook as a baby, but Yoongi kind of feels like Jungkook is leaving their nest and is going to leave them behind. The orphanage had said that Jungkook was smart, just lazy at school work, but Yoongi has faith Taehyung will make sure he does all his homework.

Yoongi tries to tell himself everything is fine, especially when Jungkook doesn’t cry and seems less nervous when they tuck him into bed at night.

Jungkook is even fine in the morning of his first day, packing his backpack with an adorable look of determination while Taehyung supervises. Jungkook demands that he gets to carry his own backpack and lunch bag (cooked by Yoongi) and they let him even if the bag is a bit too big and dwarfs him in comparison.

Jungkook is even fine on the drive to the school. Yoongi is calm because Jungkook looks excited.

But Jungkook is fine until he gets out of the car. Yoongi can see the excitement melt off of Jungkook’s face the moment he realizes how many people there are, kids and parents and teachers everywhere as they all prepare for school to recommence. Jungkook hides behind Taehyung, holding on to his hand, and now Taehyung also looks nervous.

They manage to coax Jungkook into the building and they get him to his classroom but Yoongi wishes they had arrived late just so it wouldn’t be so loud. The teacher is busy talking to parents and the kids are just running around, having yelling and screaming as they catch up over what everyone had done during the summer. Jungkook’s teacher approaches them once she’s free, and Jungkook seems willing enough to take her hand.

Except apparently Jungkook didn’t realize Yoongi and Taehyung couldn’t stay with him, because when they say their goodbyes to the teacher, Jungkook immediately lets go of her hand and throws himself at Yoongi who just happens to be closer than Taehyung.

Yoongi knows he’s supposed to be strong and make Jungkook let them leave but then he realizes Jungkook is crying. He won’t let go of Yoongi and before Yoongi is even aware of it, he’s holding Jungkook to his chest and trying to comfort him. Taehyung is right beside him, rubbing a soothing hand on Jungkook’s back, whispering to him, and Yoongi notices that Jungkook’s teacher is watching them with a small, sad smile.

“Don’t leave me,” Jungkook whines and Yoongi’s attention is immediately refocused on the crying ball of their kid in his arms.

“We’ll never leave you, Kookie,” Taehyung reassures him immediately. But Jungkook keeps crying, no matter what Taehyung can think of to say or to bribe.

Just when Yoongi isn’t sure that Taehyung is ever going to be able to convince Jungkook to let go of him, he hears a small voice ask “Why is Kookie crying?” and when he looks up from Jungkook Yoongi makes eye contact with Namjoon. He then notices Seokjin is standing beside him, holding Hoseok’s hand.

“He’s just nervous,” Seokjin assures Hoseok in a soft voice, squeezing his hand to comfort him because Hoseok looks kind of like he wants to cry too.

“Don’t be nervous, Kookie!” Hoseok immediately shouts, leaving his parents behind as he runs up to make eye contact with Jungkook who is peeking out from Yoongi’s shoulder. “We’re in the same class, I’ll take care of you,” he explains, a bright smile breaking out on his chubby face.

Jungkook immediately stops crying, rubbing at his swollen eyes, and leans over Yoongi’s shoulder more to look at Hoseok. “Really, hyung?”

“Yeah! I’m your hyung, that’s my job,” Hoseok insists, holding out a hand.

“Let me down!” Jungkook immediately demands, turning back to Yoongi, who sets him down safely, and then watches as Jungkook takes Hoseok’s hand as they run into class together. Yoongi overhears Jungkook insisting, “Also I wasn’t crying! Only babies cry!” as he followed Hoseok into class and now Yoongi kind of wants to cry because he didn’t get enough time to appreciate Jungkook as their baby before he entered his rebellious phase.

Yoongi then realizes that this means Jungkook is starting school and will one day leave them like he is right now but just more permanently.

Yoongi feels kind of sick.

“I thought Hobi was two years older than Jungkook?” Yoongi overhears Taehyung ask, after a moment of awkward silence where all four parents just watch Hoseok teach Jungkook his way around the classroom. Jungkook is starting grade 1 and his class may be a grade 1 and 2 split class but that still doesn’t explain Hoseok.

“Oh,” Seokjin says, immediately realizing the confusion, and turns to smile at Taehyung. “He’s only in grade 2 because of some issues there was with…. The adoption.” And now his smile is gone and none of them miss how Namjoon steps closer, and taking hold of one of Seokjin’s hands.

“Well, I can say I’m relieved Jungkook has a friend,” Taehyung replies, a small smile on his face that the other couple returns. “But me and Yoongi have our first days back at work today too, so I hope we’ll see you at the end of the day when we pick him up? Maybe we can take them both for a treat to celebrate.”

“That sounds perfect,” Seokjin smiles and once Namjoon agrees, Yoongi realizes everyone is waiting for him to reply. And Yoongi knows he’ll be exhausted at the end of the day, doesn’t want to know what kind of messes happened without him at the studio, but he knows how much it will mean to both Jungkook and Hoseok so he just nods and lets Taehyung say their goodbyes before they return to their car.

Yoongi drops Taehyung off at his office and then heads to his own work but despite the constant messes he’s forced to deal with, all he can do is worry about Jungkook. He’s constantly checking his phone to make sure the school hasn’t called with some emergency and realizes he’s kind of losing it when he counts down the seconds of his last minute before he can clock out.

Then he realizes he’s wasted five minutes worrying about his own sanity when he should be getting in his car, picking up Taehyung and then getting Jungkook.

When they pick up Jungkook, Yoongi realizes he was right because his smile in response to finding out they’re going for ice cream is so bright it makes up for how afraid he was that morning. Yoongi even surprised himself with how well he gets along with Hoseok’s parents. He’s determined to be pleasant because he doesn’t want to ruin Jungkook’s first chance at a friend but conversation flows a lot smoother than expected.

Jungkook spends the entire car ride home talking about all the exciting things he got to do in school today and how much fun he apparently had. Yoongi immediately loves Jungkook’s teacher for allowing Jungkook to switch desks even without consulting them, and he smiles and laughs while listening to Jungkook recount all the books they got to read, how he coloured a picture and wants to show them but can’t show them because his teacher hung it up on the wall.

“We’ll get you your own crayons for at home,” Taehyung insists. “So you can draw something for us and we can hang it on the fridge.”

“Really?” Jungkook asks, mouth open wide in wonder, and he’s so happy it makes Yoongi uncomfortable. He’s tried not to think about or ask about Jungkook’s life before them. He knows the technical stuff - how many foster parents he’s had, how long they lasted, why they gave him up - and it already hurts to think about. So he doesn’t want to know the details, doesn’t want to know why Jungkook looks so happy over the idea of a $2 box of crayons.

“Of course!” Taehyung immediately insists. “What kind of things do you want to draw?”

Jungkook doesn’t have an answer for this, and the rest of the ride is spent in quiet as Jungkook thinks over his response.

He comes up with an answer that night when Yoongi and Taehyung are leaving his room after saying goodnight.

“Wait!” Jungkook shouts, immediately sitting up and ruining the image of him going to sleep. Yoongi and Taehyung both pause and turn around to look at him, Yoongi tilting his head to the side in confusion. “I know what I want to draw!”

Taehyung breaks out into a smile immediately, and prompts, “What is it?”

“I want to draw a photo of me and-” Jungkook hesitates, looking down at his hands nervously as he fiddles with the edge of his blanket. “Me and my dads,” Jungkook finishes, his voice softer than before, his chubby cheeks flushing a mild red.

Yoongi stands there, shocked, and doesn’t realize he’s crying until Jungkook looks up at them mildly panicked.

“Why are you crying?” Jungkook asks, voice quiet and afraid.

“Don’t worry, Kookie,” Yoongi rushes to reassure, despite Taehyung not even moving or responding since Jungkook called them dad. He smooths a hand through Jungkook’s hair, kneeling beside him and kissing his forehead again just because he can. Because he’s Jungkook’s father. “These are good tears, it’s ok. Me and Taehyung really happy to be your dads.”

“Ok, daddy,” Jungkook replies, hiding his face slightly with his blanket, but Yoongi can still see the hint of a hidden smile.

“Goodnight, Kookie,” Taehyung manages to whisper, voice choked up as he tucks Jungkook back into bed and then both him and Yoongi leave, quietly shutting the door behind them.

They stand there for a while, just looking at each other silently, before Yoongi turns around and almost runs back to their room. Taehyung immediately follows him and isn’t surprised to find Yoongi sobbing, crouched down near the door with hands covering his face.

Taehyung sits down beside him, pulling Yoongi into his arms, not even caring that they were sitting on the floor.

“Shh, shh, everything’s going to be fine,” Taehyung whispers despite his own tears, rubbing a soothing hand up and down Yoongi’s back and rocking them both slightly like he would with Jungkook. “Don’t freak out.”

“Everything is fine, that’s not the problem,” Yoongi manages to reply, voice hoarse as he desperately rubs at his eyes to try and stop the tears that were leaking out. “I’m just so… happy? I don’t know, why can’t I stop crying? Taehyung, I’m not sad,” Yoongi begs desperately, giving up on his face as he buries it in Taehyung’s neck and lets the tears flow, hands moving to cling on to Taehyung’s shoulders.

Taehyung laughs a bit in response, a couple more tears streaking down his face as his hold on Yoongi clenches, pressing Yoongi even harder against himself as they both lose their composure on the floor. He kisses the top of Yoongi’s head, a hand running soothingly over his black hair, as they both realize how happy they were.

“I love you,” Yoongi whisperes, once his tears stop, always nervous when telling Taehyung despite how many times he’d already said him.

“I love you too,” Taehyung replies easily, leaning back and pulling Yoongi into a chaste kiss. “Let’s get in bed, we have a big day tomorrow of being the best dads,” Taehyung teases, helping Yoongi up before they both crawl into bed, and Yoongi doesn’t protest when Taehyung immediately cuddles up behind him.