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Yoongi could watch Jimin dance all day. Sitting back against one of the mirror wall, Yoongi eyed the omega’s form hungrily as the latter rolled his hips to the beat.

Jimin was gorgeous. Yoongi knew that. Everybody knew that. The young man’s raven hair softly framed his delicate face and his lips were naturally pink and plump, perfect for Yoongi to nibble on. His longer eye shape only added to his beauty with how they turned into perfect crescents when he smiled, and Yoongi felt his heart skip a beat when Jimin made eye contact with him.

“Hyung, you have to practice too, you know,” Jimin said, panting a little as he moved to reach for his water bottle. Yoongi found himself transfixed as Jimin drank, his eyes trained on the smooth skin of Jimin’s neck as the omega swallowed greedily.

“Jimin, come here,” Yoongi said, patting his open lap. Jimin raised an eyebrow but didn't question his hyung, putting his water bottle down and clambering into Yoongi’s lap. Yoongi’s hands gripped Jimin’s hips tightly and the omega’s small hands came to rest on Yoongi’s chest.

“What is it, hyung?” Jimin asked. His cheeks were slightly flushed and Yoongi wanted nothing more than to kiss them so he did before nuzzling his face into Jimin’s neck and breathing in deeply. He felt Jimin shiver and he simply tugged the omega closer to him.

“Your heat’s coming soon. I can smell it,” Yoongi told him, nibbling on the exposed skin of Jimin’s collarbone. Jimin whined and squirmed in Yoongi’s grip, his skin sensitive to the touch.

“I know,” Jimin responded, grinding himself down on Yoongi’s hardening cock and eliciting a growl from the older man. “You'll mate me, right? You promised.”

“I will, baby,” Yoongi assured him before pulling Jimin off of him.

He had yet to have sex with Jimin. They wanted to wait until the young omega went into his first heat and they'd agreed that that would be when Yoongi would finally claim him. That wasn't to say that they hadn't done other things, though. After all, Yoongi found Jimin to be incredibly irresistible.

“Can I suck you off, hyung?” Jimin asked, looking insanely adorable as he batted his eyelashes at Yoongi. “Please?”

“Fuck, of course, baby,” Yoongi groaned, moving to stand. Jimin immediately got on his knees, viciously tugging Yoongi’s jeans down until the alpha’s cock was exposed over his briefs.

Jimin parted his lips and let out a puff of breath against the leaking head of Yoongi’s cock, causing the alpha to groan and push his erection closer to Jimin. Jimin grinned up at the silver-haired alpha before slowly taking the head between his soft, fat lips. Yoongi moaned and braced his hand on the mirror wall, watching Jimin suck him off in the reflection.

Jimin brought one hand up to stroke up and down Yoongi’s cock as his tongue worked over the head, swirling and sucking loudly. He could feel Yoongi hardening and was encouraged picked up his pace. He moaned as he dug his tongue into the slit and tasted his alpha’s bitter precome. He couldn't wait to taste the rest of him. He paused for a moment and then relaxed his throat before slowly taking more of Yoongi into his mouth. His alpha panted above him and gently gripped the soft strands of Jimin’s hair.

“God, Jimin, fuck,” Yoongi moaned, watching in the mirror as Jimin took more of him into his mouth until he was deepthroating him. “Yes baby, you're doing so well. You're so perfect, fuck,” he groaned. He bucked up into Jimin’s mouth, and the younger choked slightly around his cock.

The first time Jimin had deepthroated him, Yoongi had felt incredibly guilty for moving around so much; he had no intention of ever hurting Jimin. But since then, Yoongi found out how much his omega got off on being manhandled so he let himself have the pleasure of thrusting down Jimin’s throat.

“God, if this feels good, I can only imagine how good your ass will feel around my cock,” Yoongi said, thrusting down Jimin’s throat. Jimin made another choked noise that vibrated against Yoongi’s cock and the latter closed his eyes, simply listening to the hot slurping sounds Jimin made as he bobbed his head up and down his alpha’s length.

Jimin pulled off of his cock for a break, a mess of spit and precome slick against his lips. His eyes were filled with lust and he looked downright sinful, waiting to be praised by his hyung as he gasped for air. Yoongi groaned at the sight and gently held Jimin’s cheek in his hand, running his finger against his omega’s wet lips to admire how beautiful they looked shining with his precome.

“You're such a fucking slut, Jimin. So good for me. So perfect, baby,” Yoongi breathed and Jimin moaned, letting Yoongi smear their fluids together on his lips with his long fingers.

“Hyung, I'm not done with you yet,” Jimin whined, taking Yoongi’s cock in his hand again and jacking it. Jimin licked his lips when he saw more of his hyung’s precome leak out of his tip, and he couldn't help himself from lapping it all up with his tongue as his hand continued to move against Yoongi's spit-slicked length.

“Baby, let me cum on you,” Yoongi growled, and Jimin winked at him. He began pumping Yoongi’s cock faster in one hand as his other hand skillfully tugged his own pants down. Jimin moaned at the feeling of slick soaking his briefs, and he pulled his underwear down to give himself some relief. His slick trailed down his thighs and Yoongi grunted in approval.

“Can’t wait until your heat starts. My cock will feel so good inside your hole, won't it?” Yoongi asked, panting as his orgasm approached, “God, you smell so good. You're dripping everywhere like a fucking slut.”

“Only for you,” Jimin moaned, pushing his own fingers against his hole and crying out when the digits penetrated the muscle. “Yoongi!”

Jimin let out a mess of cries as he fucked himself on his own fingers. Yoongi cursed as he watched Jimin and thrusted harder and faster into the omega’s hand. Yoongi threw his head back as he came, streaks of his cum painting Jimin’s face beautifully. Jimin left his mouth open and greedily swallowed the cum that landed on his tongue. Jimin continued to milk his alpha through his orgasm, pumping Yoongi's cock in his hand until all of Yoongi’s seed was dripping on his face.

“Fuck, Jimin,” Yoongi moaned, taking his own cock in his hand and smearing the cum on Jimin’s face with it. Jimin whined and Yoongi got down on the floor with Jimin, turning his omega so the younger was on his hands and knees.

“Ass up,” Yoongi commanded and Jimin eagerly followed his alpha’s instructions, leaning on his elbows so that his soaking hole was in Yoongi’s line of sight.

“Please eat me out,” Jimin said, looking over his shoulder at Yoongi. He looked downright sinful with globs of Yoongi’s cum all over his face. “Please, hyung, I was good, right?” Jimin was startled when Yoongi slapped his ass, and the feeling went straight down to his cock. “Hyung…” Jimin whined, pressing his ass back for more.

“Beg for it,” Yoongi growled and Jimin bit his lip.

“Hyung, please! I was so good and I deserve a reward don't I? Please, please, please eat me out,” Jimin begged, forcing tears to well up in his eyes. Yoongi closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath before reopening his eyes. Jimin shivered under Yoongi’s dark gaze and spread his legs even more as Yoongi grabbed his ass with both hands.

“Soon, you'll be mine,” Yoongi told him, kneading his ass. Jimin bit his lip, still feeling a bit insecure about their future mating. He knew Yoongi wanted him, but he was always worried that Yoongi trade him in for someone better last minute.

“You promise?”

Yoongi’s tongue ran through the slick leaking out of Jimin’s hole. “I promise.” Yoongi’s tongue pushed past the tight ring of muscle and Jimin cried out in pleasure as Yoongi began to vigorously eat him out. Jimin pressed his ass back into Yoongi’s face, sobbing from how good his alpha was to him. Tears streaked down Jimin’s face as Yoongi’s tongue rammed again and again against his prostate.

“Yoongi…” Jimin whined weakly before he released, his cum shooting onto the floor of the studio in short spurts. Yoongi kept going for a bit longer until Jimin whined from the overstimulation, and the alpha got up to grab a towel to clean them off with.

Yoongi pulled out their spare changes of clothes and tugged off his now-sweat soaked shirt before throwing a clean one on as Jimin did the same next to him. They dressed quickly, with Yoongi buttoning up Jimin’s shirt for him. Jimin didn't meet Yoongi’s eyes, his hands fisted into Yoongi’s shirt as Yoongi’s hands caressed his face.


Jimin looked up and his eyes locked with Yoongi’s, the alpha’s heart breaking when he saw the insecurity in Jimin’s gaze.

“Jimin, I promise,” Yoongi repeated gently, his eyes soft as looked down upon his future mate. “Soon you'll be mine and I'll be yours. You're the only one I'll ever want, always.” He pressed his lips to Jimin’s forehead and the omega sniffled.

“You think Tae is pretty,” Jimin said, forcing himself fully into Yoongi’s arms. “I know you do.”

“Taehyung is pretty,” Yoongi confirmed, wrapping his arms tightly around Jimin, “but I've fallen for a different omega. One with small hands and amazingly soft lips.” He kissed Jimin, feeling the younger smile against his lips. “And cute eye smiles and chubby cheeks.” He kissed Jimin’s closed eyelids and each side of his face, and the omega proceeded to hide his face into Yoongi’s neck.

“You’ll be with me forever?” Jimin asked.

“Forever.” Yoongi nuzzled his face into Jimin’s neck and almost all was right in the world.

“Hyung, don't think I've forgotten that you still need to learn the new choreo.”

Extra emphasis on almost.




The day started off completely normal. Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok had to go to an early meeting about their new track, leaving the vocal line in the dorm alone for a few hours. Seokjin set about making afternoon snacks for the remaining four members while Taehyung argued with Jeongguk over which movie they would all watch.

“Kookie, we’ve already seen that! Like seven times!” Taehyung said, exasperated.

“Hey, Iron Man is great!” the alpha responded, waving the disc in his hand. “And you’re the one who wants to watch Zootopia for the fifteenth time! How do you not get tired of that ?!”

Taehyung gaped and put a hand to his chest, looking personally offended. “Zootopia is amazing and I won’t hear you say otherwise!”

Jimin sighed, flopping down onto the couch on his stomach. His head had been killing him all day and he just wanted some peace and quiet. “Let’s just watch Bob Ross,” Jimin spoke up, pressing his face into the plush couch cushion. “Art is good.”

“I vote for Ratatouille,” Seokjin said, walking into the living room with a tray of cut up fruit and veggies. “It’s actually a movie.” He sat down on the couch and Jimin lifted his head onto the other omega’s lap. Seokjin carded his fingers through Jimin’s soft black hair before looking down at the young omega with concern. “Jimin, your forehead feels kinda hot.”

Jimin barely registered Seokjin’s words, his pounding headache making blood roar in his ears. “Hmm? Yeah...Don’t feel good.”

Jeongguk lifted his head and sniffed the air. The alpha froze, catching the first clear whiff of Jimin’s heat scent: a mix of roses and vanilla and heavy arousal. “Fuck.” Jeongguk began to feel himself hardening in his pants. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Taehyung looked over at Jeongguk in alarm, smelling the young alpha’s lust. Jeongguk was breathing heavily out of his mouth, his hand covering his nose to keep out Jimin’s sweet, needy scent. “..Kookie?” Taehyung asked hesitantly, reaching for Jeongguk. Jeongguk pushed him away and headed towards Jimin. His mind was screaming at him to stop but his instincts were demanding that he pull the omega into his room and fuck the heat out of him.

Jimin whined from where he was lying on the couch, pressing his face into Seokjin’s thigh. “Alpha…”

“Jeongguk, no,” Seokjin said, holding Jimin closer to his body. “Jeongguk, c’mon. Fight it. He’s Yoongi’s remember?”

Jeongguk paused and struggled to control his breathing. He stumbled back from Jimin even though his mind was clouded by the need to breed. Jimin wasn’t his and he knew he didn’t want Jimin like that outside of his heat.

“Fuck. Fuck,” Jeongguk pressed his face into his hands and Taehyung took hold of Jeongguk’s arm. The alpha looked back at the purple-haired omega, who had an unreadable expression on his face.

“Kookie, please,” Taehyung said, voice so soft that Jeongguk wouldn’t have heard him if he weren’t currently so attuned to every smell, sound, and movement in the room. Jeongguk stepped towards Jimin.

It was at that moment that the rap line decided to return to the dorm. As soon as Namjoon cracked open the door, all he could smell was omega and heat. He wasn’t as affected by it as Jeongguk because he was already mated with Seokjin, but it was enough to have him hesitant to open the door fully.

Yoongi had no such problem. His eyes were wild as he burst into the dorm, nose immediately following the scent of his omega, his sweet Jimin. He found Jimin in the living room, lying on the couch against Seokjin, Jeongguk’s hand reaching towards the raven-haired omega.

Yoongi saw red.

He forcibly grabbed Jeongguk by the collar of his shirt, snarling and roughly shoving him away from the couch Seokjin and Jimin were sitting on. Jeongguk stumbled back before locking eyes with Yoongi, who moved to stand between his future mate and Jeongguk.

“He’s mine ,” Yoongi growled, eyes flashing. “Get the fuck out of here before I fucking kill you.”

Jimin whimpered from the couch, causing the two fighting alphas to snap their attention to him. “Don’t fight...please.”

Jeongguk looked like he was going to protest but then Taehyung’s hand was on the back of his shirt, tugging him away. “Jeongguk.” Taehyung’s eyes were filled with unshed tears, and he was biting down on his bottom lip. Jeongguk was snapped out of his trance, his heart breaking as he took in Taehyung’s shaking form. “Come with me. Now.”

Jeongguk somehow managed to follow the other omega without question, and they heard the slam of Taehyung’s door as the purple-haired omega pulled the group’s youngest alpha into his room. Yoongi then proceeded to scoop Jimin up in his arms and Jimin immediately bared his neck for Yoongi, who growled in approval and carried his omega down the hall. They heard a bang as Yoongi kicked his room door shut and the remaining group members stared at each other in the living room.

“Thank god I’m a beta,” Hoseok said.




Yoongi slammed Jimin harshly against his door, his hands flying to disrobe the omega. Jimin squirmed from his touches, and each brush of Yoongi’s fingers ignited a fire under his skin.

“I love you,” Yoongi gasped out, breathing heavily as he mouthed at the hot, exposed skin of Jimin’s collarbones. “So fucking much.”

“I love you too,” Jimin breathed, just as eager as he practically ripped Yoongi’s shirt off of his body. “God, is this what heats are like? I need you so fucking bad, hyung.”

They both got completely naked and Yoongi took a moment to admire the gorgeous omega in his arms. Jimin’s tanned skin shined with sweat, and his eyes were blown wide with pure want . His pink lips were already shiny with spit and Yoongi could see the river of slick gushing down Jimin’s thighs as the omega’s body prepared him for Yoongi’s cock. Some of the slick smeared against the door and Yoongi picked Jimin up to press him down onto his mattress. Jimin whined and spread his legs, pulling his knees to his chest to give Yoongi straight access to his leaking hole.

“Hyung, just put it in,” Jimin begged. “I need your cock so bad. Please, hyung, please. It hurts. It hurts so bad.”

“I'm sorry it hurts, baby. I'll make you feel better,” Yoongi promised, running a hand up Jimin’s hip. The latter shivered in anticipation. “I've waited so long to bury my cock inside of you.”

Yoongi moved so that his body was pressed against the back of Jimin’s thighs, and the omega wrapped his legs around Yoongi’s slim waist.

“Hyung,” Jimin moaned, grinding his ass against Yoongi’s rock-hard erection. There was so much slick and Jimin was so loose that the head of Yoongi’s cock slipped right in without any resistance.

“Fuck,” Yoongi groaned, closing his eyes in pleasure as Jimin cried out and clenched around him. He began to slowly push in, trying to control himself from slamming all the way down into the omega’s dripping hole. Jimin seemed to have other ideas, thrusting himself down on Yoongi’s cock and letting out the most relieved sigh of pleasure.

“Oh my god, Yoongi,” Jimin breathed, back arching as the head of Yoongi’s dick rammed against his prostate.

Yoongi growled and slid himself all the way out before harshly pushing back in. The slick made it so easy for him to breed his omega. He and Jimin moaned in unison, and Yoongi repeated the motions as he nipped Jimin’s neck, trying to find the perfect spot to claim him.

“Yoongi hyung…” Jimin moaned as the alpha picked up a fast rhythm.

Yoongi snapped his hips, shaking the bed with the force of his thrusts. His hands bruised Jimin’s hips and the omega pulled Yoongi in for a kiss. Their tongues tangled together and Jimin allowed Yoongi to take over. He wanted nothing more than to be submissive for Yoongi. He wanted to be good for his alpha.

Jimin whimpered when Yoongi thrusted particularly hard, seeing stars behind his eyelids. He could feel his release fast approaching and he hadn't touched his dick once. “Y-Yoongi hyung, please. I'm close.”

Yoongi growled and nipped at Jimin’s neck. “You gonna cum just from my cock, baby? You're such a little slut.”

Jimin moaned, hands scrambling for purchase on Yoongi’s back as the alpha slammed himself inside of Jimin. His nails raked down Yoongi’s back, breaking the skin and causing Yoongi to hiss. Jimin felt like he was swimming in hot lava and Yoongi was the only thing keeping him alive. Yoongi was the sweet relief he was chasing after, and with each thrust the pain of Jimin’s heat lessened.

“C-claim me. Please,” Jimin breathed, baring his neck for his alpha. Yoongi growled, nose pressing against the smooth, unmarked skin and inhaling the thick, needy scent that was Jimin. Jimin was breathing heavily, tears at the corners of his eyes as he pressed his neck into Yoongi’s mouth. “Alpha, please.”

Yoongi grunted, nosing at Jimin’s neck and pausing in his thrusts. “You're sure you want this? This is your last chance to back out, baby,”

“I'm sure,” Jimin said, turning his head to face Yoongi with a hurt expression. “Please, you promised. Am I not good enough?”

“You're all I've ever wanted, baby,” Yoongi reassured him, sucking a dark hickey into Jimin’s collarbone. The omega made a noise of approval and pressed his skin towards Yoongi to let him leave more marks. Yoongi began to litter Jimin’s shoulders and collarbones with love bites, his cock still buried in the omega’s loose hole.

Jimin began to move his hips again, the slick making a crude wet sound as he moved against Yoongi. Yoongi grunted in approval and picked up his pace again, but this time his hands went to Jimin’s shoulders. Yoongi breathed against Jimin’s neck, the hot puffs of breath making the omega squirm in anticipation.

“You're mine, baby. Only mine. Forever,” Yoongi growled. He bit down into Jimin’s hot skin, blood roaring in his ears as the omega screamed.

All Jimin could feel was white hot pleasure coursing through his veins followed by utter relief. He didn't even register he was cumming until he opened his eyes to see himself stain Yoongi’s abdomen with streaks of white. Jimin moaned and whimpered, overwhelmed by the presence of Yoongi and only Yoongi, and he came again when the alpha released his hot seed into Jimin’s hole.

Jimin’s neck pulsed from the claim bite on his neck, and all he wanted to do was be good for Yoongi and only Yoongi, always. He rocked his hips against the alpha’s, milking his cock and letting Yoongi’s hot cum fill him until he couldn't take any more. Jimin felt Yoongi’s knot swelling at the base, and he whimpered but stayed still as the knot plugged up his ass and trapped Yoongi’s cum inside of him. The feeling was too much and had the needy omega cumming for a third time, just on Yoongi’s knot.

The alpha pressed an open-mouthed kiss to his new mate as he came again inside of Jimin, the heat and the new mating allowing him to pleasure his omega over and over again. He slipped his arms around and under Jimin’s waist, stopping the omega from moving too much so he didn't hurt himself on his knot. Jimin whimpered when he felt more cum spill into his hole.

“You’re so good, baby, letting me breed you like this,” Yoongi praised. “My sweet mate, only good for me. I love you so much, Jimin.”

Tears began streaking down Jimin’s face from pure happiness. “I love you too, Yoongi hyung,” he said. “I waited so long but it was worth it. Thank you.”

Yoongi maneuvered them so Jimin was laying on top of him, and they fell asleep like that, his cock still buried inside of his omega, his knot still pulsing as he bred his mate.

His arms wrapped around his omega protectively in his sleep, and Yoongi dreamt of Jimin, belly swollen with life, smiling up at him with flushed cheeks.

Yoongi’s so glad he kept his promise.