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Chapter One

“…One hell of a ride…”


The rail tracks and the trains gave out their usual sound; the roaring of metal that were grinding against each other, the interaction of a few passengers, and the sound of beeping that goes when the train stops at the station. Even if people from different walks of life pass through the metal doors, even if different universes and times collide at a fateful and a seemingly designated rate, the trains still go about their daily routine through the tracks.


Kat and Dante found empty seats amidst the hustle and bustle of the passengers on the train. Kat, before sitting down, looked around. It seemed like a few odd passengers had boarded. She didn’t mind it. This was New York after all. Well, she didn’t mind everything until a busty woman with fiery red hair and blond tips walked in front of them. Dante had to react.

The hooded girl followed the woman with her eyes. The woman looked like she had a merry bunch of students in her charge. ‘Was she a teacher?’ thought Kat. Impossible, given that she was dressed scantily in acid washed shorts and a red bikini top under a black jacket.

They all sounded like they were speaking a different language. Kat guessed it was an Eastern one but as they got farther, they were speaking English. Kat shook her head for the honest mistake.

Just right at the end of the train bunk the two were in, a duo of passengers that were starting an all too loud story telling session caught Dante and Kat’s attention.

“Tell you what Miria,” said a middle aged blond man, dressed in a cowboy suit, to a blond woman dressed in a cowgirl suit.

“What is it, Isaac?” said the woman, all too cheerfully.

“I’m almost very certain that the Rail Tracer won’t show up in here!”

“Why is that, Isaac?”

“Well, Miria my dear, it’s because I heard that the Rail Tracer doesn’t go to underground trains! It truly is a wonderful idea that we chose this ride!” He shot a finger to the air.

“Truly genius!” remarked the woman.

“Alright guys,” said a man in a green suit. He was obviously younger looking than the two. “Pipe it down will ya?”

“It’s fine,” said a redhead that was beside him. “It’s keeping the spirits up, don’t you think?” Kat’s expression looked like she couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman…and so did Dante’s. He scoffed anyway.

“Well, I guess you’re right there.”

Kat chose not to listen to that group’s fiasco any longer since the man in the cowboy suit started talking about an urban railroad legend. It was a bad omen.

To add to the commotion, a tall man dressed in an all black rider suit stumbled into the doors as if he were in a hurry. His bright yellow helmet with cat ears made Kat smile. Dante didn’t seem to mind it.

“You okay, dude?” said a random kid that was dressed in an orange shirt. He presented the rider his hand and helped him up. “Looks like you just got in time,” he grinned stupidly.

“Give him a break Percy,” said a blond girl companion who was dressed similarly. It was smart of her to notice that the rider was heaving softly, probably from the run.

The rider in return said nothing as he waved a reassuring hand, as if saying he was okay. He then slowly left without a word.

“Weirdo,” said the kid. “But I liked how colorful the helmet was.”

“Not as weird as you are,” replied the girl.

Kat was about to laugh when Dante yawned. His yawn sounded awfully like a grunt though.

"What is it?" she said.

“I don’t know. I’m having this strangest feeling,” he replied. “Don’t you?”

“No,” she shook her head slowly.

“Seriously? Demons? Limbo?”

Kat closed her eyes to confirm. “None.”

“Good because—HEY!” Dante spat out as his foot was clearly crushed by someone else’s.

“I’m very sorry!” said a girl who was covering her mouth in shock. She had light brown hair in a short bob. On the bridge of her nose sat nerdy square glasses. In Dante’s opinion, she was dressed like a mom. “I’m really in a hurry!”

“Just get to it,” he said, shooing her off.

Across him, a kid with long blond hair tied in braid, started to bicker with a girl in a uniform that wore yellow ribbons on her short dark brown hair. The kid was wearing a bright red long sleeved hoodie that was open on the front, revealing black clothes underneath. It sounded like they were fighting about seat space and something about height.

“God, someone control the kids,” Dante grunted, openly pertaining the two. Kat could see his annoyance form on his face.

“WHAT?! What did you just say pal?!” shrieked the kid.

The heat between the two was cut short when the announcer over the radio said, “The train will be leaving now.” With that, the kid withdrew and sat back grumpily. Dante was being all devil may cry about the whole thing.

Kat smiled. “Good, we’re leaving. The tickets said that this train was part of a special discount promo. I can safely say it’s a special ride.”

“Yeah, right. One hell of a ride,” replied Dante, leaning back on the train wall.

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Chapter two

“…Yes! An Overdrive!...”


“Miria, do you believe in the Big Bang Theory?”

“Why ask, Isaac? Nice says that any jolly old fellow should believe in the big flash bangs that her cherry bombs pack!”

“That’s very cheery, dear but that’s not the bang I’m talking about! The bang I’m talking about is the one that brought all life into this earth! What do you think? Have an idea?”

“Wow Isaac! Tell me all about it!”

“You see, way back… way even before the Ancient Egyptians created the pyramids, way before the dinosaurs walked the earth…”

“Dinosaurs! How fun!”

“…There was nothing!”


“Nothing at all! But then, BOOM! Suddenly everything just kabloomed into existence!”

“Well, there’s obviously a lack of knowledge in your story mister!”

The dynamic duo stopped to look at the person who this confident sounding voice belonged to. As they looked up, they saw a school girl with short dark brown hair that had yellow ribbons on both sides. She continued, “I believe that when there was nothing, that was the plane of the universe that contained anti-matter, thus nothing!”

The blond duo nodded in enthusiasm.

Raising an acknowledging finger, the girl continued, “In that plane of the universe, matter, for a special cosmic reason that I have to find out yet, wandered in and came into contact with the anti-matter, causing the explosion! Or might I say, the crack in the fabric of space! A riff!” she spread out her arms wide as if hugging the universe itself.

Isaac and Miria’s faces shone in delight.

“I see! So that’s exactly how the Bang came about! Listen to her Miria, she is definitely a quantum theorist!”

Both girls nodded: the ribbon donning girl all knowingly and Miria in rapt.

“What’s your name by the way, miss?” asked Miria.

“Haruhi,” she answered. “Haruhi Suzumiya.”

“Nice meeting ya!” The duo said in perfect unison, making Haruhi laugh out loud.

“You know what else I believe?” said Haruhi.

“What is that?”

“We want to know!”

“I’ve always believed in espers, fairies, aliens, and other creatures! I even created a club devoted to finding them!”

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Isaac. “What a merry club!”

“Yes! It is!” replied Haruhi. “I also know that they’re right here on in this very train!”

“What you say?”

“Oh no Isaac!” said Miria. “What if this train is…haunted?”

Both started to jog around in a circle and just stopped all of a sudden. “Fear not, Miria!” said Isaac. “You have me and Miss Haruhi here to depend on!”

“AYE!” she said, bringing her palm up to her forehead for a salute.

“I’m sure that this train is special! I’m just sure of it!” Haruhi continued. “How about we go explore right now? Who knows what we’ll find?”

“An adventure?” Isaac said.

“With Miss Haruhi?” added Miria.

Then in a perfect unison again, they exclaimed, “SOUNDS WONDERFUL!”

“You really think we’ll find some Isaac?” said Miria. For a moment, she sounded like an excited child.

“Of course Miria! We’ll even donate them to good non abusive circuses…the ones with licenses of course!”

Haruhi laughed and led the way. “I like your way of thinking mister! Now, let’s go!”

“Why, I feel a sudden surge of happiness and energy, Miria!”

“Yes! An overdrive!”


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Chapter three

“…Where you headed to?...”


Dante was getting irritated by the significant lack of noise between him, Kat, and some mysterious man in an all black rider suit with a yellow cat helmet. Seriously, the helmet was bad enough. Earlier, he had left to the little boys’ bathroom only to find that Kat was already sitting with the rider. There was no way to make this work other than just sitting beside him, leaving the ryder smack dab in the middle of the two.

“Hey man,” he said, to initiate conversation. “Where you headed to?”

The rider didn’t answer. He just continued, “Seems to me like you broke your bike or something.”

Without a warning, the rider showed him a PDA and some notepad app saying [My bike’s fine but I’m in a very unlucky situation. I’m getting off at Shinjuku-ku.]

“The heck are you talking about?” he said. “There’s no Shinju-ma-whatever to where we’re going.”

The rider only shrugged and showed him the PDA again. [I’m not sure. This is my first time on the train.]

“So’s mine,” he said, crossing his arms. For some reason, talking to this guy was kind of soothing. “I never liked moving metal things… other than my trailer van. No one touches that babe, right Kat?”

Kat nodded slowly, not looking at the two. Something about her gesture seemed unnatural and stiff.

“You okay, Kat? The leg room on this thing’s fine, ya know.”

“Yes I am,” she turned slowly to the rider. “You can’”

Dante frowned. “You don’t ask people those kinda stuff.”

The rider politely shook his head.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured.

[It’s alright.]

“Say, got a name, bub?” said Dante.

[You can call me Celty]

“Whoah!” Dante raised his arms up. “That’s a girl name. Now that you mention it, you do have them boobs.”

Kat snorted lightly. “Now, you don’t say that to girls, Dante.”

“What? Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you can’t point it out.”

The rider typed something again. [You just don’t.]

Kat laughed and tried to hold it back on that one. She felt that having a painstakingly long train ride would be a bit more comfortable with Celty but something at the back of her head was nagging at her. Other than the promo rate, she felt like something else made this train ride special.

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Chapter four

“…Do you even know who you’re dealing with?...”


Percy was getting too ADHD for this long train ride…again, and to ease up the chaos that was brewing inside of him, Grover cracked something up.

“Yo Perce, wanna hear a story?” said Grover, his ever faithful satyr friend.

“Will you play those pipe things while you do?” was his reply.

Looking confused, Grover said, “Uh, no, man.”

“Okay, go on,” he grinned.

“Geez so like, remember those two guys dressed in ranch clothes earlier?”

“Grover,” Annabeth scowled at him. “I thought we had a talk about listening in to other people’s talks.”

“I know! But they were too darned loud for me not to hear. So, they said that there’s this Rail Tracer thing that’s supposedly some kind of monster that eats people on trains!”

Annabeth fell silent. When she gathered herself up, she said, “I don’t know of any that does that.”

“Must be new Charybdis spawn,” added Percy.

“He actually made sense!” said Grover, looking all astonished.

“Nah, I just had too many Alien movies last night,” replied Percy.

While rolling her eyes, Annabeth said, “If she did get reanimated from you-know-where, it’s possible.”

“Is she after us?” asked Grover, his legs starting to shake.

“We don’t know for sure but be ready,” said Annabeth, giving them a nod.

“Oh HEY! Lookit this guys! Pokemon Red! I’ve never played this in ages!” Percy exclaimed out of the blue, only to receive Annabeth’s disappointed sigh.

“HEY MISTER, YOU’RE RUINING THE GAME-ah, I mean, sorry big brother, can you scoot a bit? I’m getting squashed,” said the girl that was holding a red Gameboy color in her hands. Her hair was in the same bright color and she had pale skin that contrasted the different shades of red in her choice of clothes.

“Just say so, kid,” said Percy, leaning away. “But really, I just got excited.”

“Really, big brother? You used to play this too? IT’S A REALLY OLD GAME, AS OLD AS Y-ah, I mean, big brother, can you tell me how to defeat this pokemon?” She showed him her Gameboy color but in a weird turn of events, she yanked it away and looked at them with a crazed expression and said, “GAH! Who am I kidding?! I can’t take this anymore! Who are you people?! You’re with the Yellow Radios, aren’t cha?!”

“As much as my ambition is to star in a radio show, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Percy.

“Let’s all calm down here, little girl,” said Grover.

Wrong move. That ticked of the red head even more.

“DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO YOU’RE DEALING WITH?! All you, just walking straight next to me with those retarded orange shirts! Y’all looking for a fight!”

“HEY!” A different voice joined in on the bickering. The trio, along with the red girl, found themselves looking at a blond guy with whiskers on his face. He too, was wearing an orange get up; more specifically, an orange and black jumpsuit of some sort. “What’s wrong with orange, huh?!”

Annabeth’s head was starting to hurt. “Please—“

“You got it from this guy,” said Percy. “Nothing wrong with orange!”

“Believe it!” added the whiskers guy, firmly.

“Naruto!” an enraged female voice entered the commotion. This girl was dressed in red and had short pink hair. Pink hair, Percy thought. “Let’s just go already! Sasuke’s been waiting.”

“Come on Naruto,” said a pale guy with black spiky hair and matching colored eyes.

“No way you two, I’m here to teach this squirt a lesson about colors!” said the whiskers guy named Naruto.

“And manners! Pokemon too!” added Percy, standing up next to Naruto.

“Naw Percy,” Grover said, waving his hands frantically.

The red headed girl just scoffed. “I see, a color lesson. NO ONE ELSE TO TEACH IT BETTER THAN THE RED KING!”

“Guys,” said Dante, sounding relaxed and well… devil may cry. “Stop the shezang and go get your asses back to where they belong. I’m trying to talk to my friends here,” he said, pertaining to Celty and Kat who were right beside him. He wouldn’t normally take charge like this but they just got too chaotic and he knew well enough that there’s gonna be some sort of balance for that later.

Celty turned to Kat. [I feel like this will be messy.]

Confused, she replied. “How so?”

Celty shrugged.

The first to blink out of the sudden intrusion was the red headed girl. “Alright. Getting back to that color lesson, you,” she pointed an accusing finger at Celty. “I’ve never seen any Nega Nebulous other than those three idiots. You must be with these retarded orange wearing guys.” The girl then purposely turned to laugh at them and Naruto just snapped.

“Let me at her!!!”

Then, everyone just started pounding someone. The others were trying to pry people off each other. Dante was too cool for this and just watched intently.

With all the rough housing that was going on and the significant lack of authority to stop it, Celty was frantically trying to get everybody to stop, in her own silent way--not until Naruto knocked her helmet off and when he did, they all stopped at once.

Celty herself thought that she just might as well use that feature of hers to stop the chaos.

“Naruto,” said the guy named Sasuke. “I think you just cut off his head.”

Her head,” Dante corrected. “What the hell?”

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Chapter five

“…Don’t go off too far…”


Rin wished Shiemi and Yukio were on the train with him but nooooo, he had to be stuck with good ‘ol Izumo and Konekomaru--not that there was anything wrong with that in the first place anyway. Rin sighed and tried to focus on acting normal instead. That was hard enough if you had a tail wagging behind you.

He also noticed that Shura’s been acting a bit weird ever since they got into the train. Shura has always been weird but this time’s she’s weirder than her usualweird self. Mephisto level, probably.

“Hey, Hey, Izumo, don’t you think Shura’s weird?” he said to the purple haired girl.

Izumo only scowled at him before answering, “She’s always been weird.”

Rin frowned comically and scratched his head. He stood up, stretched, and said, “Well, I’m gonna go look around the train.”

“Okumura-kun, I think it’s best if you stay,” said Konekomaru, his voice sounding very reassuring.

“I’ll only be a short while,” Rin grinned. “My legs were getting too tired from all that sitting down.”

“Oi, oi, oi,” Shura added. “Don’t go off too far.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he replied, waving his one hand and the other shoved in his jean pocket. Rin then proceeded on to walking away.

Konekomaru slowly looked at his teacher. “Sensei, you look…ummm...”

“…constipated,” Izumo finished for him. The way she formed her words sounded so sure.

Shura laughed and it definitely lightened the mood but in a sudden, she huddled her two students together. “Listen up ya two, this train is special.”

“Oh, you mean the promo rates?” replied Koneko.

“No, not that. I mean, something is on this train. I can’t exactly tell,” Shura shook her head. “Confusing shit, but I think something like Rin’s aboard this train.”

“Another son of…”

“Not exactly,” Shura said, leaning back to her seat, liberating her students from the huddle.

“Well, you’re not sure yet. What if it’s just another strong demon?” Izumo added. “Don’t you think we should check it out?”

“No,” she said, suddenly sounding authoritative. “Our mission was to get to Kyoto in the most covert way possible, so that meant no Infinity Keys.”

“Arriving in a train isn’t covert at all,” Izumo frowned.

“Where’s the fun in ya, kid?” Shura replied, her face distorting into a comical disappointed expression. Probably gone out the window when her mom gave birth, she thought.


Rin had already entered another train bunker and for some reason, he was irritated more than usual.

Must be friggin’ Shura; old boring hag. People were staring when they got into the train with those…those watermelons she had.

Back when Rin wished he could just grow up and relax, like that dude earlier who Shura made faces to, he might have still turned a cold shoulder to the world. Now that he’s attained a different purpose in life, even the smallest things bothered him. Part of that was because of his new heightened senses. It’s probably best not to ignore the small things like, you know, coal tars. Coal tars are bad news if they’re in large numbers.

He looked out the train’s windows, into the motion lines and the running shadows. Running shadows are normal, right? Don’t be stupid, Rin, he thought to himself.

Contrary to what he said earlier, about his legs getting tired from all the sitting, he sat down on an empty bunk and continued to stare at the window. He just couldn’t peel his eyes off of it, like his senses were telling him, ‘Just stare at it, boy.’ He shook his head. It sounded all too much like—meh, never mind.

A few moments later, he saw a reflection of a man in a tuxedo, on the window. The man looked like he was bald and very pale…and he was just standing there.

Okay, Rin thought. Time for me to bail.

He stood up and he finally noticed that he was alone in the bunker, save for the man in the tuxedo… probably. If there was a reflection, the man’s bound to be somewhere.

All of a sudden, there was a sound of banging. Must be the man.

Rin turned around. Okay, the man wasn’t there. For a son of Satan—no, Fujimoto—this was getting creepy. It turns out that some girl was just banging a fist on the train door, you know, the one for the next bunker. The girl had short light brown hair and nerdy glasses. It looked like she was pretty worried about something. Rin nodded and smiled. She must be friends with the man in the tuxedo. Duh, who wouldn’t be worried if a friend went pale?

“Alright,” he said to himself. “I get it.”

When he turned around, all he could see was black… no, he saw a tuxedo in front of him.

 “Huh?” he said. He even dared to look up.

Rin’s eyes widened and thanks to the training he received from Shura, his blue flames automatically roared to life.

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Chapter six

“…Something’s stirring up in here …”

Honami couldn’t believe her eyes when the freakishly tall man/monster tried to engulf the boy with pairs of tentacles. She was even more scared when the boy erupted into blue flames.

Standing aside was clearly not what a mage would do.

She took a few steps away from the door, whipped out her slender oak wood wand and pointed it toward the floor. Even if this was a moving train, there’s earth beneath all the metal, she thought. Honami took a deep breath. Tonight was supposed to be a half-moon. That’s enough.

With a clear blue blast of light pointed to the floor, she said, “Hail!”

In a few seconds, large wooden roots sprouted from a huge gaping rip on the train’s metal floor. Directing the roots’ movement with her wand, she pointed it to the door. The powerful roots shot straight through and blew the door away from its hinges. Lucky for her, the explosion caught the man/monster off guard.

With that, the boy had enough time to draw a peculiar sword. Honami noticed it. This person was no ordinary teen; the flames had confirmed that a while ago. The boy, still on flames, looked like he was scared to death as he slashed the sword in a very wobbly manner at the man/monster. The blade didn’t hit the man/monster at all, but the flames that spew out of the sword did.

Honami raised both her hands to stop the roots from erupting any further out of the rip on the floor. The man/monster was recuperating from the burns he got from the flames already. She speedily took a Welsh stone from her pocket and threw it at a good distance, right in between the man/monster and the boy that were both in front of her. The Welsh stone, moving on its own accord, formed a semi circle, leaving blue lines of light on the floor. The man/monster unleashed more of its tentacles for the boy, but to Honami’s relief, her barrier worked.

As the barrier was up, the blue flames that were engulfing the boy died out. “WOAAAAAAH! Th-th-that was awesomeeeeeee!” The boy exclaimed even though his voice was wavering and his knees were shaking. He gave Honami a shakey thumbs up and a really idiotic grin.

Honami caught sight of a bleed on his side and she reacted right away, pulling him by the hem of the white zip up jacket he wore, away from the scene. “You’re injured! Come with me. I can heal you up.”

“But,” he said, pointing weakly to the man/monster that just stood behind the barrier.

Honami took a second look at it. Her mind went through a possible spell wave contamination. Then, that would mean a spell caster was on this train. Was it the boy himself? Did he unleash the monster without knowing it? She crossed the idea out quickly, for the reason that this boy reminded her a bit of Itsuki. Don’t be such a bias, Honami, she told herself.

“It’s alright, he won’t be bothering us for a while but first, we need to tend to your…wound.” Not caring what the boy might think, she grasped her wand tightly in her hand and raised the hem of his shirt.

Honami’s heart skipped a beat. No wound. That’s impossible. The blood stains from the supposed wounds were on the shirt… but there was no wound underneath. It can’t be.

She looked squarely at the boy and asked directly, “What are you?”

The boy’s face looked confused “I’m a student.”

Honami shook her head and asked again, What are you?

“I’m just really sturdy,” he said, grinning like a little accomplished brat.

“That kind of regeneration,” Honami said. “That’s not normal. The only ones capable of that are mages and those that are not human.”

“Yeah, so what if I’m not?” he said, making it sound like a challenge to Honami.

“So what you’re saying is that you’re not human?”

“SHUSH SHUSH SHUSH!” he said, rapidly putting a menacing finger in front of Honami. He smiled again, “You saved me so I guess I owe you one. I’m part human.”

Honami tried to return the smile. “Believe it or not, I’m used to these kinds of weird. It’s my line of work.”

“Really? Well, yeah. You’re obviously a magician. My name’s Okumura Rin. You?”

“Honami Takase Ambler. Now, tell me Rin. What’s the other half?”

Rin’s cheery face turned serious. “Demon.”

“I see… but you know, that’s kind of common,” Honami replied.

Rin laughed. “I’ve been told.”

Standing up tall and dignified, Honami looked at him firmly. “Rin, I think everyone on this train is on danger. That monster can go for the other passengers too.”

Rin nodded, having a face that was a mixture of confusion and enthusiasm on.

Honami continued, “And I have a bad feeling with the atmosphere. Something’s stirring up in here.”

“You too?!” Rin exclaimed. “I also had a weird feeling about the train.”

The Celtic witch nodded, “But I can’t tell what it is since I’m in a place where there’s not much nature. I’m almost useless inside here but Rin, can you help me warn the other passengers?”

Rin looked like he cracked a wise idea. “How about we tell Shura?”

“Who’s that?”

“She’s kind of my teacher, I dunno.”

“Teacher,” Honami said, flatly.

“Yeah! In Exorcist Cram School!”

“You’re training to be an exorcist?” she spat out.

“Yep,” Rin nodded. “I’m doing it for my dad.”

Honami wanted to laugh. A demon? Training to be an exorcist? She had no right to laugh at his honest intentions. A few years ago, everyone doubted her when she wanted to study an old forgotten magic. Rin was no different. Instead, she smiled softly.

“We have to hurry before something else happens,” she said.