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What's that, you say?

Well, it's to be insanely rich and wealthy (and I can only really achieve that by winning the lottery because I refuse to be that person who only marries for money, not because I have my dignity and principles but only because I don't want to deal with other people's shit and being married essentially means that you have to take care of your partner and all that shit and that life is not for me) plus I don't want to look for a job since I'm scared of job interviews, my anxiety will not leave me alone.

Anyway, so I win the lottery and I get rich. I buy a house in the middle of the city or maybe fix up my childhood home so long as I'm comfortable. Then I get myself super fast internet connection from a good internet provider and I plan on never interacting with the rest of the world. Like as much as possible, I would like to be left alone, no real people would be able to bother me because it's tiring. I'll just pay someone to do the things I should normally do (obviously personal and biological things I still have to do myself), it's more like the social aspect of my life. I pay someone to go outside and buy me something or do some relevant errands that may come up every now and then.

The point is that I want to be rich enough that I could barricade myself inside my home without worrying about the outside world and live my life how I want it to be because no one is around to judge.

PS The most important part of my plan (after getting 'insanely' rich of course) would be the super fast internet connection, since without that I would be bored out of my mind. Look, I don't want to go outside of the house so any outdoor activities will be banned. Youtube and video games will be enough to sustain me.