My pseuds:
Littera Abactor, thefourthvine
I joined on:


Contact: I am thefourthvine on LJ and DW, and you can email me at or tweet at me @thefourthvine. I prefer email or tweets to private messages.

Comments: I love getting them, and basically do everything short of printing them out and rolling around in them. Sometimes I suck about replying to them, though. Sorry!

Transformative works: If you want to remix, record, perform, or translate any of my stories, go right ahead - no need to ask permission. Just please link back to the original story when you post your work, and let me know (if you can; if you can't, I understand) so I can go revel in whatever awesome thing you've done. (And if you want to modify the story text to make it more suitable for podficcing, by removing the dialogue tags or whatever, feel free. Or email me and I'll be happy to do it. Just please say somewhere in the description that the text was edited for podfic.) Same goes for art or whatever other creative things you might feel inspired to do. Just don't use my work for anything commercial, please!