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Hi! My name's Snow and welcome to my AO3! I write mostly character studies, autism fic, and aro stuff. I also really like to explore underrated characters in fandom. I didn't even know you could set a profile on AO3 so I don't quite know what to put here tbh.

Everyone has blanket permission to turn my fics into podfics, or make any kind of derivitive work (such as fics or fanart) inspired by my works provided that you link back to or at least mention my work, and as a matter of fact, I'll love you forever if you do!

I don't usually reply to comments because I have depression and anxiety, and replying to them stresses me out more than it's worth. The exception is if someone asks me a direct question, or I just feel like a comment really requires a response. But regardless of whether I respond or not, please know that I love and appreciate every comment!