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Cat lover. Potterhead⚡️. Slytherin🐍. Stargaryen 🐉🐺. World traveler. Music enthusiast. Avid reader. Atheist. History buff. Movie and television watcher. Disney fan. Peculiar. Joker. Philadelphia Eagles 🦅 fan.

College graduate with a BA in History. And I am obsessed with some subjects of history like Vlad the Impaler and Hitler. Both are fascinating individuals. I read about serial killers. I love books involving horror, suspense, mystery, some romance, history.

I am a gigantic Harry Potter, Buffy, Riverdale, Supernatural fan. Drarry, Scorbus and Wolfstar are my OTPs. Supernatural is my favourite tv show still running. I also read Destiel, Delena, Klaroline stories. My Riverdale OTPs are Falice and Bughead. My Buffy OTPs are Spuffy and Tillow.