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  1. Summary

    This is a collection of My Hero stories that all take place in an alternative parralel universe; events play out very similarly to main story- universe if you will- but in this one there is differences. The stories may or may not be linked in any way, and there only connection feature is they take place in the same universe.
    Specifically in this universe, there is new characters, as well as altered mental states of characters that might differ from the original work. Also, it's more highlighted that the world of My Hero is in the *real world* but this world has quirks. As such, there might be plot points that tie into real world events; the timeline of stories will *roughly* coincide with real world events or people.

    Parts in Series:
    1- "Angel Down" - Coincides with Manga passing.

  2. Summary

    This is a series of stories intended to depict an alternative life of Itsuki Koizumi based on the alternative universe made in The Disappearance of Yuki-Chan by Puyo.

    List of stories in "Itsuki Koizumi Series":
    1-"The Disappearance of Itsuki Koizumi"

  3. Summary

    "Wonder's Land" is a series of stories that all take place in the same universe, The Wonderland Universe, that the God Wonder has created. In each story it focuses on a different journey lead by individuals that ultimately uncovers more that lies within Wonderland.

    The goal of this format of story telling is to expand the vast number of ideas that I can display using the same lore. There is no prerequisite per-say to read any of the other stories in this series specifically to understand what is going on in any of the others, nor do they have to be similar in anyway. However, each story holds different importance, use similar lore, and they all do overlap in someway. Please see notes for lore that is static throughout series. The stories in this series' will be listed below in chronological order they were made in;not when they take place historically (Not all may be uploaded currently on site).

    List of stories in "Wonder's Land":
    1-"Wonder's Land: Nightmaria Brigade"
    2-"Wonder's Land: The Wrath of The Plutus"
    3-"Wonder's Land: Bingraq"
    4-"Wonder's Land: A.S.T.R.O. Verses"