Shhhhh no.

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Porto, Portugal.


Virgo, 23.
I can't believe I'm in fandoms (mostly the same ones) for more than 10 years now. Living a life how a person in fandoms should be;

*Eating fanfiction for breakfast, then lunch, then dinner. Then still staying up all night for some more;
*Fanarts gives me strength to face my life in a society doomed by capitalism;
*Reclist-ing is more than a hobby now, it's a pro skill, people should let me put this in my curriculum;
*Crying over all those not-cannon shipps;
*Aching for unfinished works;
*Being amazed and wondering how unfair it is that all of the good writers I've found here through these years don't make a living out of it.

God, sometimes I wonder how I got here. One day I was 13 yrs old, asking out loud to myself what the fuck a 'twilight pwp fanfiction" was, and then I'm 23, and I can actually make a full text using fandom-stuff abbreviations. Wow.

No regrets.