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    I started writing Reprise in November of 2015 after... well, I can't remember the details. I remember being hellbent on reading a good time travel AU, and not finding any that featured Ben Kenobi physically going back in time instead of mentally reappearing in the body of his younger self. So, naturally I decided to write one myself.

    If you want something done...

    I was fresh into a new graduate program, stressed, and lonely, and this monster came tumbling off my keyboard faster than I have written anything, ever. After I hit 100k words, I figured I should start splitting it up into easier-to-chew chunks. It's been my pet project ever since, and frankly, I did not know I had the ability to write this much this quickly. This story has taught me how to critically edit, how to cut chunks and rewrite them, how to listen to an editor (and voice of reason, thanks dear), how to use at outline, and how to plan a long, long plot.

    Ten months after penning the first page, I'm 230k words in and gearing up to start writing the third (and hopefully final) installment of this AU. Hopefully, it'll go as smoothly as the first two parts.

    Have fun reading!


    07 Oct 2019