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    Central State University is about as par for the course as any other military school transitioning to a state-funded college might be, but to be fair, no one expected a school year quite like this one.

    [Or: arson and essays, stolen bikes and beer pong, $5.20 Venmo requests and late-night phone calls, coffee and happy lights, getting caught in the rain and wondering if their eyes were always that bright, parking tickets and standing up for yourself, the thrill of the chase and the fear of what's missing, nicknames and codenames, emojis and grants, pop divas and insurance fraud, cutting all your hair off and being haunted, different kinds of art and different kinds of success, joining the orphan's club but making your own family, drag queens and falling out of trees, masks and sex in the Dean's Office and minimum wage jobs, wanting to be better but not knowing how, making the winning point and saying you're sorry, making mistakes and making the same mistake over and over and over and making it right, not being able to see or believe but trying anyway, losing who you were but finding something better, and a mysterious drug called "The Philosopher's Stone". It's called college.]