My pseuds:
Rana Eros, Rana Jones, ranalore
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This is blanket permission to translate me into languages other than English. If you would like to leave me a comment letting me know you liked the story enough to translate it, that would be great, but requesting permission isn't necessary.

I'm still working on getting all of my pre-AO3 stories moved over. I think I might have caught them all, but if there's one missing that you remember, please give me a heads-up (and a link to it, if you have one), and I will upload it when I can.

I don't care how old a story is, I will always welcome comments on it. That said, I consider comments along the lines of "write the rest" or "you should expand this" to be rude in the extreme. All the work I post is complete. All the work I post is the length I intend it to be. I might decide to post a sequel to something I wrote recently, but that will not be influenced--except perhaps negatively--by anyone commenting with "write more." You may be trying to say you enjoyed the story enough to want more, but phrasing like that sounds entitled and demanding. Kindly do not do it.