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  1. Summary

    Nothing is safe. Nothing is sacred. Everything is... pirates vs. ninjas. Possibly with a bit of 'saving the world' thrown in for good measure.

    A collection of stand-alone short stories written as a running gift for Beltenebra. Each can be read on their own, but as time goes on, they'll all be cohesive if you start at the beginning (and possibly funnier that way). The seminal fic was inspired by fanart by zelas. That said, the rest is me taking the pirates and the ninjas and running amok, with a slightly higher percentage of gratuitous adult content than you'd find in most of my other works.

    You can blame this series on Tsubasa and xxxHoLic if you want, but everything is fair game (and I do mean everything). This is the only series for which I will make promises about when a story will post, as the entire AU is a gift. Every December/January and every March, you'll see new chapters (usually about four). Most of the time, these will be a complete story, but I reserve the right to split longer ones. Bonus fics may also be published outside of the normal schedule at undetermined intervals as deemed appropriate.

  2. Summary

    Several decades-worth of boys playing tennis, falling in love, and occasionally being brilliant morons.

    It's my habit to keep details from one story as "history" for others. This doesn't mean you have to read them all, or that you have to read them in order. I also like to keep the individual stories readable as self-contained units. Comedy, drama or what have you, I've taken every effort to make this timeline fit 100% into my personal fusion of the manga and anime realities -- although I make no guarantees for events in Shin Prince of Tennis, since the series started after my timeline was constructed.

    I call it "Serious" although most of the stories are written as fluffy humor (and those that aren't will still have happy endings). The term isn't so much a title as a way to separate this universe from the crack stories I've got simmering on my back burner. There's more to it than that (see Series Notes), but that's enough to be getting on with. You know, it's "my serious stuff".