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    Khenbish's Nerguitani (which translates as "Nobody's daughter, No Name Girl") is a talented but unusually sheltered hereditary shaman from the remote valleys of the Altai. Based on a seer's prophecy, she is called into the service of Great Khan Ogedei, son of the late Genghis (may he ride forever in the sky), as a rookie spy in the Greater Mongol Intelligence Agency.

    Her missions are extremely dangerous --- but to be fair, the 13th century Mongol Empire doesn't really have any other kind. It's the most extensive empire in history, before or since. Even as it continues to grow (in the name of uniting humanity and making the world safe for travel and trade) by both negotiated alliance and conquest, the annexed lands have to be provisioned and protected. "Conquest is easy," Genghis once told his sons, "The hard part is getting off the horse and governing." But by the grace of Tengri, anything might be possible...